Thursday, August 18, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - August 18

Still trying for sympathy votes

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Sorry Not Sorry:
  • Nicole headed to bed early, so was missing from the overnight "action." (Or lack thereof.)
  • The highlight of the late evening was Paul doing impressions of his fellow hamsters via Baldwin, the eagle puppet. He was entertaining indeed. Coincidentally, the timing was during the time BBAD airs.
  • That was a hoot until he decided to do production, "You are NOT allowed to talk about production!"
  • It went downhill from there.
  • Corey, Paulie and Michelle sat in one room discussing everything under the sun including make-up.
  • Of course, once Corey finally left for bed, Paulie hit on Michelle for a sympathy vote or even a regular vote. He told her the others told him that if he could get three votes together, let them know.
  • Like that's gonna happen.
  • In another room, there was Paul, Victor, James and Natalie hanging out, also talking many small talk topics.
  • They're all talking about running around the country visiting each other. Apparently, earning a living isn't a huge thing on their list of stuff to do. No wonder they can take the time to be on BB!
  • Michelle doesn't think she'll be able to go to Vegas with them all because she has nothing in the bank. 
  • Well, I would guess that the stipend may change that a bit.
  • But, for the most part, neither she nor Natalie really think of the future and being out on their own. Yet they both owe for college loans. Hmm.
  • Victor and company talked about how Corey has no strategy of his own in the game -- he does whatever Paulie wants.
  • They also talked about how Paulie ran a block of votes for most of the game -- Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole and himself.
  • Natalie said Nicole was mocking her at the party (when the feeds were blocked).
  • Paulie pushed for Michelle to open her envelope to see if her ticket was one-way or return. She's worried that BB will extend the expiration and said no.
  • Good.
  • Paulie needs to stop that.
  • Paulie also told Michelle that she should team up with Nicole and Corey when/if he leaves.
  • Corey told her he wouldn't put her on the block.
  • Hmm.
  • Michelle didn't commit to doing anything with them. She keeps trying to change the topic.
  • Paulie told her that if Victor isn't evicted, he'll steamroll through the game.
  • Well, wasn't that the situation with Paulie himself?
  • Tonight, tonight ... we get action tonight ...

Really wants to win HoH

Long talks about little

My strategy is to win comps and dodge bullets

He just needs to stop trying to be a character


tbc said...


Nicole Chenault said...

So far I've not cared if any HG had the RTT - tonight I care. I sooooo don't want Paulie back in! I'm going to enjoy watching him gone. :)

Petals said...

I agree Nicole (and Cheryl from prior thread)! With the Friday night carnival/concert thing being aired, it will show ALL the HGs. How will that work?

Chacha said...

I have a feeling that production has made a little switch-a-roo if Paulie didn't originally have the RT. After the way he crapped on production with his penalty I can't believe that they would do this.

The problem is that with the number of hamsters left in the house and days left after tonight they don't need to do a DE. If the RT us used tonight they will have a second DE.

I would like BB to be played out organically.

Chacha said...

I split my votes today between Michelle and Victor.

Chacha said...

Heath Luman ‏@HeathLuman who is helps create and designs challenges for BBUS and BBCA stated this last night.

Might be the most excited about the week's #HOH and #VETO than any other time this season

tbc said...

I agree about the RTT. I am sure they want it to be "used", so Paulie must have it. It will create the drama they want. He'll just be insufferable after he returns!!

Anonymous said...

I think Paulie either has the RTT or there will be no eviction. It's the only thing that makes sense knowing what the episode is tomorrow night. I hate to think about either one of those options, because as stated above, Paulie will be hard to live with. I'm sure he will imagine that they did it all to save him because he is so perfect and deserving of the win.

Chacha said...

Big Brother can always state this was recorded earlier this week. The penalty outfits were on.

Chacha said...

I am just willing myself to believe that Paulie wont be back but my brain tells me that isn't true. BB wants him back even after his threats of leaving and not doing the apple pie baking

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

Chacha, I agree with you. I wonder if Paulie has already opened his ticket and he sees its a one way. Maybe that's why he keeps asking Michelle to open hers. BB probably wants him back in. So the show won't be so boring. Someone had said that there might be two tickets and Julie picks the one who needs to go. You never know.

Petals said...

Jackie - you are SO right about Paul's caption: he needs to stop trying to be a character! Between the catch phrases (repeated ad nauseam), wearing the pelican pool toy 24/7, and the morning Paul Chats - he seems desperate to be remembered.

I tell ya', the most memorable thing about him is that animal he wears on his face (IMO) He's funny & all, and playing a good social game, but I wish he'd just be himself and calm down with all the other nonsense. {Caleb did the same was just as annoying then}

OK - So is there a show tonight? Or is it tomorrow?

Chacha said...


Yes the live eviction is tonight.
Tomorrow is the carnival show that is pre taped from earlier this week.

David said...

There sure are a lot of conspiracy theories flying around. lol Probably because we want Paulie out so bad.

Here's what we do know. This Friday special episode was announced before they knew who was the new HOH, so production knew ahead of time that one hamster could be gone when the show aired. So they had a good idea what they were going to do or didn't care. Sort of like a re-cap episode. The broadcast channels and most cable channels have not had anything new on the last couple of weeks because of the Olympics, so a re-cap episode is not out of the question.

There is a possibility of a reset of some sort or RTT ticket bringing Paulie back but I don't think production really likes Paulie and they know a majority of fans don't. So unless he has the RTT I don't think production will manipulate it for him to stay. Paulie himself has not been acting like he won anything that would help him stay this week during the party.

I think production wants him gone just as much as most people do. It would make for the feel good episode of the season. Even better if he throws a temper tantrum after Julie opens his envelope and it is a one way ticket. People will be dancing in the streets. They may have to call out the national guard with all the revelers going wild. lol

Petals said...

thank ChaCha.

*sigh* Then yes - I think Paulie, probably, is not going anywhere :(

I hope David is right.
See you guys later (if I can stay awake!)


Chacha said...


I sure do hope that he has a one way ticket. I just know that with BB we always seem to get "screwed".

I am hoping, praying, and getting my voodoo doll and pins out for this!!! LOL LOL

Chacha said...

Brenchal baby making her debut on BB tonight

David said...

Oh, I forgot to mention why I think production does not like Paulie. Because he single-handedly made the whole first half of the season extremely boring. They had to did deep to find things interesting to keep the audience entertained.

Petals said...

Wow, reading Jokers and seeing Paulie begging for votes up until the ninth hour. Guess his theory is that if he begs for a sympathy vote from everyone, and everyone "secretly" gives him one, he will stay?

monty924 said...

So agree with David on all points and he reminded me to get out my voodoo doll for the show tonight, lol. Thanks buddy... everyone should bring one to the pool tonight. :)))

Chacha, Adora is adorable (wait, that sounds funny but she is). They were on RHAP a few shows back and Rachel had her on her lap for most of the show. She is a cutie.

I have a different view/opinion of Paul now. I actually love his quirks now because he's one of the few who make the place seem alive. When the pelican (Pablo) went flying off the balcony last night during a Red Alert and he said, "Man down", it cracked me up. Funny how I couldn't stand him for so much of the season and now I want him to stick around for a while, not the long haul but a couple more weeks at least. :)))

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree... They have stated "24 hours prior" (etc) in the past.... So they saying that it was recorded earlier would be a surprise!

Judi Sweeney said...

I rewatched to see if Julie fumbled through the envelopes to slide one out... Even in slow motion and I didn't see any evidence of that happening in any of them. Because those stiff tickets fit in there pretty snug and it looks like the type of paper that the USPS uses (husband is a postal worker) they won't just easily slide out. Just what I observed....

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree with you David on all points!

ceemurph said...

Ugh lol