Tuesday, August 09, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - August 9

Never pick your nose on camera

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Ignorant Imbeciles:
  • Hey ... to start this off ... has anyone seen ANY of the HoH blogs this season? The hamsters keep talking about them and I'm not finding them this year. I see the tweets, but not the blogs. I can't even find them in a Google search -- only the ones from previous seasons.
  • That aside, a good portion of the awake time last night was spent discussing breasts, real and fake.
  • I won't go into detail. I don't care. 
  • They played pool.
  • They played chess.
  • Both are as boring as the breast talks were.
  • Paulie told Zakiyah that, if not before, Michelle sealed her fate today by blowing up someone's game.
  • Of course, he has always preferred Zakiyah stay.
  • So he's happy that he's influenced the rest of the house to his will.
  • Once again.
  • Zakiyah told Paulie that she'd like to put Victor on the block. After all, he was gone and shouldn't have come back.
  • And ... she doesn't know why he put her on the block!
  • In other news, Natalie put sea salt in James's water because he deserved it.
  • Okay, I can go with that one.
  • Natalie also told Bridgette it was Paulie's decision that James put her on the block with Frank.
  • Bridgette is still of the mind that James did it and he didn't have to go along with the others.
  • But that seems to be the name of the game the last several seasons. I'm tired of people going with the house and house votes.
  • We all know that the house is actually divided. They shouldn't be sheep unwilling to play their own games!
  • Speaking of which, I fully expect James to jump in soon. He did the same thing last year, sitting back for some time, then winning. Alas, his competition was too great. This year, the chief problem is Paulie. As obnoxious as he's become, the guy can win just about any competition he wants to win. Someone (likely James) needs to rise up and lead the charge to get him out of the house or just sit back and have BB write him the check.
  • They're sheeple, I tell you ... sheeple!
  • Natalie really tried hard to flip Bridgette into trusting and working with James. Now, that would be a good game move in my mind.
  • Bridgette told Natalie that Paulie told her he doesn't really want to win HoH this week. Good. Maybe someone who will make the big move will win!
  • A bit of an unconfronted rift is developing betwixt Paul and Paulie regarding Paul talking about the couples in the house and Paulie being one of said couples.
  • Will Paulie turn and set his sights on Paul and Victor next?
  • I can see it eventually coming that they will turn on each other -- Paul and Paulie.
  • Technically, both have already turned on Victor and labeled him expendable, use and discard.
  • Nicole thinks Paul makes up stuff in his never-ending storytelling.
  • Y'think?!?!
  • Nicole is also a bit concerned about Zakiyah not seeming all that upset that Paulie didn't save her with the veto. She thinks Zakiyah is a very needy person, always wanting someone to do things for her from preparing her food to giving her comfort.
  • (Says the woman who seems to be using BB to find a husband.)
  • Paulie told Victor he wants Zakiyah gone ... after Michelle, but before Nicole.
  • As it stands, it looks like Michelle will go to jury on Thursday. She claims she'll "blow up" Paulie's game on the way out.
  • But, even if she does, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

She knows Michelle is gunning for her

Has she no pride? All over Paulie once again.

Not sure which is more boring - chess or pool


Sharon N said...

My vote is for Chess being more boring! Really.. not moving and staring at a game board for long periods of time? With Pool, at least they are ambulatory, even if it's just to move around the table. LOL

Jean in Tampa said...

If Bridgette receives the next care package, omg, we will see steam coming out of Michelle's ears!

monty924 said...

Answering a comment on the previous post. Sharon, I'm not really sure who to vote for on this next care package. I think I'll vote for Bridgette to get the third care package or maybe Victor. I just don't know.

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

I vote for Bridgette to get the care package . Then Victor the next time. I don't want to see "Z" getting one. I just want to see her out. I hope Michele tells all she knows about Paulie esp. How he uses LITTLE MISS HOT TO TROT.

Sharon N said...

I decided to give votes to Victor yesterday, but changed my mind and gave them to Bridgette today. Mostly because Bridgette seems wising-up lately... not that I trust she'd do anything about her suspicions. But still think I'll stick with Bridgette for this week, especially if she continues to show some inclination towards getting out Paul, Victor, or even Paulie.

Michelle could spill spout some verbal bombs this week, and talks a big story as though she's inclined to do it... not that it would be news to the other HGs since the formerly unenlightened have started having more 'light-bulb moments' lately. They all realize Paulie is running the house, but so far, none have shown any inclination of going against him, and nobody in the house really cares that Paulie is using Z... including Z.

monty924 said...

It's really a crap shoot because we don't know who will go out in the second eviction. We could all vote for Bridgette and watch someone we don't want to get it slip in a win it because they were the second place vote getter, lol.

Sharon N said...

So I guess that means we should vote for 2... and hope.

monty924 said...

New post up, but I'm going all in for Bridgette on the vote. You never know how this will really impact the game and I definitely do NOT want Zakiyah to win it.