Monday, September 05, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, PoV Meeting - September 5

Hang down your head, James Huling

Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, James Huling
And kiss your game goodbye
He met her in the BB house
He thought he met a spouse
He met her in the BB house
And went from a man to a mouse

 Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loose Lips Sink Ships:
  • First off, my apologies to songwriter Thomas Land, popular performers The Kingston Trio for mangling the lyrics to 'Tom Dooley'
  • When I last left you, it seemed the tides had turned and Paul, Corey and Nicole would rather keep James over Natalie.
  • As I said, nothing is ever certain until it happens.
  • We all know that James threw whatever game he had in him in the gutter in his showmance with Natalie.
  • Well, this time he blew up game he didn't realize he had.
  • While the powers that be decided to keep him, they didn't tell him.
  • They let him think he was still the target.
  • James STUPIDLY for some reason decided to throw Nicole under the bus to Paul.
  • Who told Nicole.
  • Who told Corey.
  • I'm wondering if James's intent when telling Paul was to "save" Natalie.
  • Because that's what it looks like he did.
  • Now the three votes that were going to keep him are all focusing on evicting him once again.
  • We have until Thursday for waffles, though.
  • Oh, yeah ... the one thing I said was for sure was --
  • The veto was not used at the veto meeting.
  • Natalie and James remain on the block.

Oh noes! I blew up my OWN game!!

I see dead people

This is a skinny baseball bat!

I see dead people, the saga continues

Getting antsy as the end nears


monty924 said...

Another boring day in the neighborhood, lol. The BB house neighborhood. I was fascinated that a group of adults couldn't figure out if it was Memorial Day or Labor Day, but we are talking about these hamsters. @@

Can't watch the ongoing soap operas of Jatalie and Nicorey too long because I lose brain cells at warp speed.

Waiting on Wednesday to get here to see the POV comp and then Thursday to see what happens with the eviction and HOH comp.

Judi Sweeney said...

I found myself singing along with you Jackie... Now I can't get the song out of my head! LOL....

What will be interesting is if Julie did say she would see them on Wednesday AND meant it... Could there be an eviction on Wednesday and then again on Thursday as James seems to think?!!

Funny... "Brain cells at warped speed" Monty!

Jackie said...

She said Wednesday, September 21. That's finale night. I heard Paul say the date on the feeds.

Sharon N said...

Yep, James blew it again, but I can't tell if he blew it intentionally or not either.
In any case, it caused Paul & Nicole to start looking at evicting James again. Victor would be happy.

Paul doesn't like Natalie, so it has to be hard deciding to keep her... even for game purposes. I wonder if he realizes Nicole started talking to Natalie today? I think Nicole is starting to try and "make up" with Natalie so she can shore up having 3 vs Paul/Vic.

When it comes right down to it, Paul/Victor are between a rock and a hard spot no matter which way the vote goes. Now that Nicole is making-nice with Natalie, she could side with Nicole/Corey (her best bet). Of course, the same could be said if James stays. Despite his lack of game-play this summer, without Natalie as his sidekick, it's more probable that he'd swim on over to Nicole/Corey too.

monty924 said...

It's hard to decide who Natalie would side with if James is evicted. I honestly think she will side with Vic/Paul before she would with Nicorey. She feels personally betrayed by them because they talked her into the Paul/Victor nominations with Michelle and look where it got her??

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks for the clarification Jackie! Smiling....

Glenn said...

When did Natalie throw James under the bus? I want to see the replay on the feeds but don't know when to look. It's not listed in the highlight

David said...

Glenn, Monty said it was Saturday morning when she did it a few posts back. I don't have the feeds so can't help you there with the time. Said she did it to Vic/Paul.

Glenn said...

Thanks David.

Sharon N said...

Monty, I understand what you're saying and can't honestly disagree. If Natalie stays, she 'might' go with Paul/Vic because she's never trusted Nicole. It's hard to know what will happen until someone is actually evicted, but Paul/Corey are talking and it sounds like they still want to evict Natalie... because it will mess with James' head for the next comp.

And... James may have saved himself again while talking to Corey.
James said Nat is mad at him because she thinks she's going home. Corey thinks that's stupid. James said Nat is mad because she listened to James, and they shouldn't have betrayed Paul/Victor. Now it's his fault for being so dead set on trusting Nic/Corey.
hmmmm... I'd like to think there's a chance James is finally getting a gut-full of Natalie's 'attitude' towards him.

monty924 said...

Glenn, I think it was around 10:00 am on Saturday. I'll go look it up and get back with it.

Judi Sweeney said...

Glenn, between 10:01 a.m. and 10:54 a.m. on Saturday Natalie went up to the HOH where Victor and Paul are supposedly looking for OK... Then started apologizing while throwing James under the bus.... Later on she try's reverse psychology on V and P.

monty924 said...

Glenn, 10:01 am Sept 3 cams 1 and 2. There wasn't a flashback timestamp when I found it. I had to go back through three pages of the Jokers update transcripts to even find a convo between the three of them.

Judi Sweeney said...

I think James is starting to get tired of Natalie's mood swings.... Of her blaming James... And now he has found out that she threw him under the bus with V and P! James even asked out loud "why a showmance James"... There was some frustration when he said it.

monty924 said...

She did the reverse psych on Sunday morning. That's why Paul and Vic freaked out over it. She did what she did on Saturday and then came pleading to them to save James the next day.

monty924 said...

Glenn, then on Sunday morning 9/4 11:50 cams 3 & 4 when she tried to campaign for James. Watch their reaction when she left.

monty924 said...

Glenn, *1150 am

Glenn said...

Thanks Monty and Judi!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

You're welcome Glenn. I always want to check things for myself too when I see people talking about what happened and I didn't see it for myself. :))