Monday, September 19, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - September 19

Take James or Paul? Gotta win first!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Days to Waffle:
  • Once again, they stayed awake for quite a bit ... for them.
  • It seems that Nicole might be waffling and considering taking Paul if she wins the third part of HoH.
  • Paul, on the other hand, seems pretty dead-set to take Nicole if he wins the third part of HoH.
  • BB gave them some alcohol -- just about as much as they were issuing the whole house of hamsters earlier in the season!
  • Both Nicole and Paul imbibed more than James.
  • Nicole is worried that Natalie is influencing the girls' vote in the jury house and that James might have more votes than she had given him credit for.
  • And, (due to alcohol?) she pretty much said the same to James.
  • He said he won't be mad with either way she goes.
  • I say he should have tried harder during the game and "gotten blood on his hands" instead of now sitting back thinking both will take him to the final two.
  • They still have three days or, as James would say, two days and a wake-up.
  • It still looks like, due to speech practices, Paul will take Nicole to the final two if he wins the last part of HoH.
  • Now Nicole's choice is looking a bit doubtful.
  • But that's subject to waffling. 

If he gets to final two, he could win it all.

On shaky ground with both now? Hmm.


Ed in Ohio said...

I don't have much to say about BB at this point. To be honest I 'tuned' out weeks ago. I figure Paul is going to win, but going back a month or so ago he was the ONLY one I didn't want to win (figures!) But I do always enjoy the Pool Parties and everyone's comments. Glad it's coming to an end and looking forward to Survivor.

OT: Jackie, Not sure of your proximity to Elizabeth or Linden but there must be a heightened sense of awareness when something happens the closer it is to home.

Chacha said...

I have been so over this season for weeks now.

I didn't want Paul either but now, the only one I want to win is Paul

Sharon N said...

Funny how it's worked out that way for most of us!!

Judy said...

Jackie, I have been wondering about you also, in regard to the explosions. I hope you're okay!

Jean said...

I was going to root for Paul to win. I remembered that he called one of the girls the C word. Am I correct? Was it Paul that said that word?

Sharon N said...

Jean, I don't remember, but probably. He's not the first though. I was looking at a youtube video with 'BB fights'... going waaay back. Looking at that brings back (with clarity) that there hasn't been a season without some pretty rough talkers.

monty924 said...

Yes, Paul called Michelle the C word when they were arguing after he and Victor were put up on the block against one another. As I said on Friday night when they replayed it... not a classy move there. Didn't like it when he said and still don't like hearing a man call a woman that, but that doesn't change my opinion that Paul deserves to when the game. Nicole does too and we'll all just have to see how it shakes out with the jury on finale night. I can't believe it's less than two days away. :((

Four years ago on this night, Ian won BB14!! CHEERS to Ian's win. One of my favorite wins of all time. Maybe not THE best winner, but I really liked that season and loved Ian and wanted him to win it all. I had the Facebook memories thing come up today on it.

Homie (Ed)... this avatar is for you... and ME :)))

monty924 said...

*Oh, and GO BUCKS!! :))

Jackie H. from NC said...

Do these three know they are on TV every night for 3 hours? Sometimes I wonder. Last night wasn't so bad. Except for Nicole running James down. I know she was drinking to much. You still don't put your friend down.

Judi Sweeney said...

Again.... I wish I could get past Paul's nasty mouth and like him.... But I just can't!

Still voting Victor for AFP...

Judi Sweeney said...

I think Nicole's running James down to Paul is game playing... She wants to work Paul up to make sure both guys want to take he to the finals... Game playing. She really like James and respects him....

Sharon N said...

Agree Judi. Down-talking James is game play on Nicole's part, especially at this point.
But sometimes things like that can backfire. Paul might decide the 'wise' decision is to take James, but as of right now, it looks like Paul is more inclined to take Nicole (doesn't respect James' game).

James has been pressuring Nicole for answers and she said that she might not take him to F2. Maybe it's the truth, maybe not. Bless his heart, he said he'd still be her friend, no matter what. :)

monty924 said...

OF course it is, but I honestly think it will not matter. I'm still saying Paul wins Part 3, but you never know, lol. I think it will be Paul's decision and I hope he takes Nicole to the Jury Vote!!

Thanks Jackie for all you do and I followed your FB posts about the bombings in NY and NJ and was relieved that you were okay.

See you all tomorrow in the comments. Night all!