Monday, September 05, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - September 5

The Up All Night Boys

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Not So Dynamic Duos:
  • First, I hope everyone has a fine Labor Day. I foolishly said I'd go in and work the office for a few hours. So, I'll be working. But not a full day. My sprained ankle doesn't want to go. Wah.
  • Things could be worse. 
  • I could be in the Big Brother House.
  • Not that I would ever do that, mind you.
  • Why am I just wasting space and time?
  • Because those hamsters are back to separating into their pairs and being BORING!
  • Nicole got all emotional fussing that she hasn't had her period since she came into the house and kept fussing and snapping at Corey.
  • Corey got ticked that she made a scene and it might be on television.
  • "Don't do that again! Bite your tongue if you're going to do that."
  • Then they kissed and made up.
  • How exciting is that?
  • Nicole thinks she really needs to study for HoH comps because, if it's days or something like that, Paul will win.
  • Hmm ... I thought she had trust in her final four?
  • They played dominoes.
  • Of course, the "they" who keep playing dominoes doesn't include Natalie or James. It's always a mix of the other four or all four playing.
  • Nicole cleaned the kitchen.
  • Not up to Victor's standards, I'm sure.
  • Heck, it didn't even look up to MY standards! I really don't understand leaving all the beverages which should be refrigerated, cleaning supplies, nail polish, etc. all over the counters!
  • James did mingle some, playing pool with Corey.
  • That's more of an attempt than Natalie made to mix and mingle.
  • James still thinks he's the one going home this week. Unless things change (which is very possible), he'll be staying.
  • Natalie acts like she thinks she's going home, but James is saying she's staying and Victor told her she's the pawn. I think she thinks she's staying.
  • Heh.
  • Both Natalie and James talked about the show not bringing them fame, but earning a place on their resumes.
  • Natalie said she considered going on The Bachelor but didn't want to kiss a guy sixteen other girls were kissing.
  • Well, when you put it that way ...!
  • I'm trying to think ... when I was her age, had there been reality television shows, would I have wanted to go on them? About the only one I'd have really wanted to go on at that age would be The Amazing Race for the worldwide travel and adventure, if not for the win.
  • The most game talk of the overnight was Victor and Paul confronting James with things Natalie said when she threw him (James) under the bus.
  • James looked hurt.
  • They told him that Natalie is playing the victim as a strategy and using him.
  • James looked hurt.
  • James later joined Natalie at the hot tub, still looking hurt.
  • Natalie asked if he was okay.
  • He told her he was just sad because one of them will be going home.
  • Maybe he'll wake up and PLAY THE GAME.

Hanging out with Jamesy

Less grumpy since he got off slop

They have straws. They could make shakes!


Witt said...

Have been away so I had no idea where this "Natalie is going home" came from, but thank goodness I have Jackie's blog to explain it all by going back a few posts! Would love to see Natalie exit and James get one more week.

Jackie H. from NC said...

Last night while watching BBAD. I noticed a pot of slop on the table that wasn't there before. Also outside there is a tub that reads cold drinks. I didn't notice that begin there before. Everyone walking all around these things.

T-Town Chick said...

Poor, poor James. I feel so bad for him. He really does care for Natalie and I hate seeing his sad face. I really hope when Natalie goes he kicks it into high gear and actually starts playing. Unfortunately, I think it's a little too late for it to do any good. Not a hug fan of Paul, but once James is gone I'm rooting for Vic and Paul. Again, not a huge fan of Paul but damm, he lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. And Victor.....he's like a cat! (Nine lives and always lands on his feet).

Petals said...

Fascinating question, Ms. J. At the HGs age(s) (23-29) WHAT TV SHOW WOULD YOU WANT TO BE ON?

Well, The Real World, for me. Or Love Connection,so I could meet Chuck Woolery ("we'll be back in 2-n-2).
There weren't many shows available to us back then. Maybe a good thing...

Sharon N said...

Excellent question! "What TV Show would you want to be on?"

Amazing Race: Yes, but only when I was much younger. What could be better? It's the opportunity to win big bucks, see many parts of the world, and do some daring (and sometimes scary) stunts!

Survivor: Nope, I don't do well without real conveniences, close at hand!! lol
Big Bro: Nope, not with all the back-stabbing. Had enough of that in my teen years!
Bachelor: Nope, agree that kissing a guy 16 other girls are having at is NOT appealing.

Petals said...

Just read where Natalie is worrying that she will be 'made fun of' for being involved with James. Well, you little SLAG - you were LUCKY to be involved with him at all! Take your wilted pom-poms and go back to shaking your chubby a** for money, you little hoochy slag.

Fade away, you nasty rag.

Sharon N said...

Yeah, I saw that too Petals.
It was one of the reasons that I posted what I did about her late last night. :(

Sharon N said...

Granted, it was Nicole repeating "what Natalie said" but... I doubt Nicole would have thought that up on her own...without Natalie spouting something similar to those words.

Sharon N said...

When Paul was grilling James last night, James made yet another tactical error by throwing Nicole UTB. It's either his attempt to save Natalie (still, grr), or a case of word-vomit.

Since that grilling, Paul has started to think more about evicting James, and told Nicole about James throwing her UTB. Now Nicole is telling Corey what happened, and she's leaning towards evicting James... but says she'll vote however Paul/Vic want (stupid). However, Corey still wants to evict Natalie, not James.

Just like a soap opera... lol

Anonymous said...

My dream would be DE saying good bye to Paul and Natalie. Dreams do come true don't they.

monty924 said...

Bringing a thought over from the last post. I also don't see any passive-aggressive behavior out of James in there this summer, but what was reported is that he has a history of passive-aggressive tweets on twitter. I don't have Twitter so I have no idea what he tweets on there. I read the twitter feed to the right of the feeds on all access so I catch #BB18 tweets only on there. If you watch the RHAP podcasts on youtube, the Live Feed Correspondents on there mentioned his PA tweets. That's what I was talking about.

Sharon N said...

Monty, that makes sense.
One-on-one, I don't see P/A tendencies in James at all. But I guess it would be easy to 'appear' that way online, depending on the subject. I think a lot of generally mild-mannered people could appear to be P/A online if it's a subject they feel strongly about.