Saturday, September 10, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - September 10

Why do guys do that with their hair?!?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Vindictive Voles:
  • Okay, they're hamsters, not voles. But hamster doesn't begin with a "v." Voles are rodents, so it's all the same family!
  • Although, for all of Paul's pacing about after the nominations went down ... after all of Victor's "you betrayed me, we can't be friends in the house" proclaiming ... the boys took a nap and woke up friendly with all once again.
  • Sigh.
  • Boredom.
  • It seems that the deck of cards went the way of the dominoes -- a BB ghost must have stolen them.
  • They're locked inside while the PoV comp set-up is being built in the yard.
  • All they have to do with themselves is talk, eat and sleep.
  • I think, between the two nominees, Victor is pretty certain he'll probably win PoV later today and save himself while Paul is resigned that he will probably be evicted if that's the case.
  • But he never cared. His life is tight, y'know. He has his wealthy parents, his world travels, his extensive life experiences and education. 
  • I have to wonder what that would have been like back when I was a child of 22. Maybe I'd be smug and arrogant, as well.
  • All of the hamsters, on the block or not, are wearing down as we get to the countdown to the end. So am I. I've gotten to the point where I'm irked at such things as Victor's annoying laugh or Corey's silly way of making his hair into a boy's faux-hawk.
  • Don't even get me going on Nicole's voice! 
  • Remember the days when the Have Nots had PB&J instead of slop? That's a popular late night snack in the house these days when they don't HAVE to have it.
  • All of the hamsters settled into an amicable pattern without any full-blown tantrums, screaming, fisticuffs, kerfuffles or brouhahas.
  • I'm disappointed.
  • James and Nicole retired to their separate rooms early while Corey, Paul and Victor small-talked.
  • Gah. Nothing to see here.
  • It will be interesting to see who wins the PoV. 
  • If Nicole, Corey or James win it, chances are that it won't be used.
  • If Victor and Paul remain on the block, will they campaign against each other?
  • Hmm. 

Reluctant acceptance of their fates

They like PB&J - never eat slop as a snack!

Jamesy lives on!

I used to suck my finger when I was five

Yes, you are making me yawn.


Anonymous said...

Its nice to know that someone else finds Victors laugh irritating. I have thought that all along...and its so loud. Bye Bye Paul. PLEASE PLEASE.

Chacha said...

Victors voice has annoyed me since the first time I heard that laugh..

Anonymous said...

Victor's very full of himself since day one but i have to give him credit on getting back in the Big Brother house 2X's. He kinda deserves to win.

Dolores in Hollywood

Stormy said...

I do not think Vic deserves the win Dolores. He has been voted out two times and BB had something for him to get back in. That just took away the importance of the one that had HOH that week and it completely voided their efforts. If anything he has had an unfair advantage to have three goes at it. I will give it to him that he had been able to win comps but there is more to the game than winning comps. Being able to stay off the block, make friends with people that will not put you up , etc... js

Chacha said...


I agree. If this game was based on comps and he wasn't evicted two times then he should win.
He has been evicted twice, doesn't have the best social game and has admitted that paul is his social game.
If he doesn't with POV then he is gone.

JonMD1267 said...

Team Victor lol now yes I am not watching the feeds non stop so I have that aspect to appreciate him more in small doses lol. I like him, he is who I am rooting for the remaining fools left in the house. Nicole and James have ruined any good feelings I used to have towards them this season. That's just me opinion with the silly little show that I love each year and getting to hang out with others here as well, I look forward to it always.

Sharon N said...

My personal opinion of the remaining HGs...

Victor's laugh doesn't bother me...maybe because he's 'real' and full of fun, and I believe he's one of the nicest guys who's ever been on BB. That doesn't mean he deserves to win just because BB had twists that allowed him back...twice.

It could be said that Paul is clever and he has played the game the best. But the majority of us dislike Paul enough that we don't want him to win. Nuff said about Mr. Braggadocio.

The 'formerly vacant' putz, Corey. It now appears it was all an act and kept everyone comfortable believing he didn't have much going on "upstairs." oops, all of a sudden, he's come to life and he's out of his Summer of Stupor. Could it be that Corey has fooled everyone and played this game the best? To quote Paul "never cared" and don't want him to win, mostly because of his incredibly evil youthful "amusement" stories!

Nicole actually plays a fairly decent game. She has most people fooled into believing she's nothing more than a ditzy blonde dingbat that whines. Actually, I think her whiney voice is more a nasal condition. Anyone else ever notice her pinched nostrils? She figures people out pretty well, and shecan win comps when needed...even if she had to wheedle one from James. Her biggest downfall 'might' end up being that she taught Corey too much about the game.

James is....James. A super nice guy who can win comps if/when he really wants to, and admits he purposely lays low for the majority of the game. He has a decent social game, normally, but got too emotionally invested in Natalie this time around. Even though many people didn't/dont like his pranks (either time), at least they were something that kept some form of action going in the house! He didn't do much of the pranking this season because he saw Victor got really mad and was going to focus on getting him out. So look what we ended up having. A Summer of Sleepers. And when they weren't sleeping we had.... Paul bragging. Often at the top of his lungs!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie! The POV should be interesting and if Victor and Paul stay up that will be really interesting to see who throws who under the bus... I think Paul will be the thrower!

If Victor wins POV I think he may fight to save Paul.... But I don't see Paul doing the same for Victor. Paul would rather someone else get Victor out.... We shall see

chrob61 said...

I agree with the above posters about how Victor has had an advantage coming back into the house twice, but, think about it...

The producers came up with these twists, so there were 2 challenges to try and come back into the house. So, I give credit to Victor for winning the challenges to come back. The way I see it, it was put onto Victor to win the comeback challenges, and he did just that- for that, I give him full credit. It's the show's producers that came up with the 2 battleback twists, so it's on them, not Victor if you wanna claim that it's unfair.

Even though Paul is my poolboy, I'm going to root on Victor, and James.

monty924 said...

I don't mind Victor coming back in twice because he had to win his way back and he's just playing by the rules and twists of the game. Paulie could have come back in on that comp and then people would be saying that BB rigged it for him. It's the game this season and folks should just accept it. Don't blame the player, or in this case the hamster. :))

I'll hold out hope that my pool boy wins the veto and Paul goes home. One of them is going home. Nicole and Corey would be fools to keep either Paul or Victor no matter the outcome of the veto.

If Corey wins the whole thing, he deserved it. It won't be the first time that someone I disliked won the season. Nicole and Corey did the only thing they could have at this point and good on them. I love the end game of BB. The HOH that follows this week is always a stand on the pedestal and answering a before or after thing, and that favors Nicole and Paul over James. If it's Victor left in there, I think Nicole has it. If it's Paul left in there, he could win it or Nicole... Toss Up.

It's anyone's game with the Jury and that makes it interesting too. Who knows if they will vote comp wins or social game? We definitely don't. There are all kinds of ways to win BB and only they vote.

Sharon N said...

I agree that it's not Victor's fault that BB created the twists that allowed him to "win" his way back in the house. Twice. If that's all it takes to win, more power to him!

Like many others, I find Victor very likable. However, I also recognize that the comps are all he has going for him (other than being a nice guy who cleans). He doesn't have a great social skills, and certainly wasn't smart by openly and repeatedly touting all of his comp wins. Paul has not only had to cover Victor's back socially, but he's the one who had to figure out how to save their butts each time.

Victor is smart, but he's way too trusting, and couldn't comprehend that Nicole/Corey would put him up with Paul. On the other hand, Paul wasn't quite so sure N/C would be 'that' loyal and, once again, Paul was right. Without Paul, Victor would have been gone again, probably soon after his 2nd return.

With that said, I hope Victor and James are F2. Heck, I wouldn't even mind Nicole in the F2 with James. I just don't want Paul or Corey to win. Unfortunately, the Jury doesn't always agree with us!! lol

monty924 said...

Sharon, you last sentence says it all. "Unfortunately, the jury doesn't always agree with us!!" :))

monty924 said...


Judi Sweeney said...

Chrob, Sharon and Monty... I feel the same way. Would love to be listening in on that jury house!!!

DKNYNC said...

I think Nicole won veto in BB comics competition. Corey is upset because everyone got their own comic but his had Nicole in it. LOL!

Sharon N said...

Corey's comic has given Nicole a clue that he's slamming her in DR.
Of course, he denies, but I predict this will eat at her.

I hope she will walk in a room while he's talking to the guys about NOT wanting to have any kind of relationship with her after the show. In fact, he's even said that as soon as she gets drunk at the After Party, he'll dump her and go off with the guys.

Petals said...


Yes, he's come back. Twice. But he had to win it, it wasn't by some blind 'vote' or some weird popularity contest: we got to see Victory actually compete to win his way back in to the house not once, but twice.
I am ALL about conspiracy theories, as anyone on this blog can tell you. But I don't feel like this has been a Pro-Vic conspiracy; the buy/battle-backs were offered to everyone and Victor was the victor. It was fair, whether I or anyone else likes it. (I like it, btw).

Corey is prolly a fratty-brat in real life, and will leave skid marks getting away from Nicole. BUT! His charity app idea is kinda cool, and I hope it takes off.
Seems that BB is trying to give Nicole a "heads up" re Corey's intentions. She got the message, loud & clear, but let the boys muddy it in her brain.

James/Victor for Final 2.

monty924 said...

Petals, I hate to say it, but my pool boy is going home for the third time. I've been in and out of the pool so many times, I'm getting vertigo.

Paul will be in the final 4.