Sunday, September 04, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - September 4

Natalie wasted those tomatoes!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Duplicitous Dopes:
  • Okay, so last night Natalie threw James under the bus in her ploy to stay in the game.
  • She doesn't have a clue that Nicole, Paul and Corey think Natalie going this week instead of James is better for their games.
  • Now, Victor is the Head of Household. Actually, keeping Natalie would be better for his personal game than keeping James would be.
  • But he's only HoH ... why should his personal game matter to his Final Four Ride or Dies?
  • THEY vote.
  • HE doesn't.
  • So, whether he's putting on a show of things and going along or whether they really have him convinced that Natalie is more of a threat, he's on board with the plan.
  • Then Natalie goes up to Paul and Victor today telling them how James deserved to stay in the game more than she does.
  • Heck, if they hadn't already decided to switch it up and target her, that talk would have done it.
  • Paul thinks she's trying to use reverse psychology.
  • Both laughed about her turnaround from the conversation last night.
  • Paul and Victor also discussed what happens after both James and Natalie are gone.
  • Who to cut first? Nicole? Corey?
  • They decided Corey would have to go first.
  • It's nice they can make all these plans, isn't it?
  • The only plan I can rightfully predict is that the veto won't be used tomorrow.
  • Beyond that, who knows?
  • Maybe if James stays, he'll come to life.
  • Maybe Victor will lose a comp.
  • Maybe Corey will earn a doctorate degree.
  • BWAHAHA! Like that will happen!
  • Until tomorrow ... 

Natalie using reverse psychology?

Stop picking at yourself, Paul! Disgusting!

Has he any fight in him if he stays?

Yeah, enjoying their last week together.

Corey naps. Nicole worries.


Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!! Yup... They think they can predict all the outcomes... All the way to the final 3. Silly boys!

monty924 said...

LOL, blog comment of the week: Maybe Corey will earn a doctorate degree. BWAHAHA! Like that will happen!

^5s Jackie :)

Just catching up on the feeds and need to go back on flashback for Natalie's conversation with Paul and Vic, but I have to say that the turn of events since the veto comp has brought life back to the end of this season. Yay!

David said...

What I would like to see happen is Victor get Corey to use the Veto on James or Natalie saying he is going to backdoor Paul so they can get further in the game. Then he put up either Paul as he said or do a double backdoor and put up Nichole.

I just wish something crazy, unexpected, devious, and underhanded would happen. This has been a boring season.

monty924 said...

That's definitely reaching for the stars, David. :))

I had to go way back into the feeds to even get caught on the Natalie throwing James under the bus to Vic/Paul and it was actually Saturday morning in the house and yes, she did. I know James was coaching her on what to say to them because he was convinced he was the target (he was correct), but Natalie doing that didn't win her any favors because Paul and Vic saw it as, well what it was. But... I'm sure James put her up to it. You know, I'm falling on my sword for you babe. Now I think that James has an inkling of an idea that him and Nat will never be MORE than just friends. If he doesn't, he's completely clueless on women. Sad and true. When she grilled him about if he had a final 3 with Nicorey or if he had a final 2 with Nicole, he was upset and good for him to be. If he doesn't wake up soon, he never will.

Stormy said...

If anyone here can watch the whole 3 hours of BBAD of Corey and Nicole will be up for the Noble Prize for patience/endurance.

David said...

I can see Natalie is definitely making excuses to get mad at James and pulling away from him. Blowing up on James just for playing 1 game of pool with Corey and telling him to go hang out with his new friends is really just too much.

I don't have the feeds so if she has been that way with him the whole time I can see why his game tanked. She doesn't want anything from him but friends but also doesn't want him socializing with anyone else. Sheesh

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

So funny and true, Stormy. I've had BBAD on the TV with the volume down and watching AC/DC videos that my brother shot tonight in Columbus. I like to multi task as I catch up on things, lol.

David, she hasn't done this the whole game, but she's been a different animal once she got to the realization that she could indeed go home. Reality hit her and she's been so hot and cold that I can't get a read on her. I still think they will be friendly after BB, but she's put the brakes on hard the past two days. I think James gets it at times but they go right back to Jamesee and whatever later. In my best Dani Donato (Briones) voice... IT'S SO FRUSTRATING

Sharon N said...

The read I get of Natalie lately isn't favorable. Nat has figured out that she is leaving, so she doesn't need James for anything more than companionship. Nobody else is talking to her very much.

The things she has been saying to James the last few days make it clear that she has no intention of having a romantic relationship with him. Corey and Victor are/were more her type, but Vic dumped her before the show even started (I'm beginning to think he saw through her), and Corey was snagged up by Nicole. So she "settled" for James as her game partner. Heck, with the vibe she's emitting lately, I'm starting to think she might not even want to be friends when this is over.

Ugly, but that's the way I'm seeing her... for now.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Oh, I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, but I think Natalie does really like James in just FRIEND way. The way you like/love a really great guy but don't want anything romantic with them. Yeah, she's been stringing him along with the Jamesee and long talks, but she's not into him in the sense that a gal 'get's' into a guy. The problem is, he doesn't see that. Girls, and I mean that with no disrespect, know how to work people/guys and I was a little like that in my early twenties looking for something (didn't know what I was looking for back then) and looking back now, I played some of those games myself. Not proud but I did it. I think it's just a matter of where she is and what she knows she can do... kind of like the tools you have in your tool box. Again, not proud of it, but that's what some girls do when they are young and Natalie is YOUNG. Cute, spunky and young. Attractive to most men and yes, Victor didn't fall for it early on and good for him.

I don't think she has any ill intentions and believe they will be great friends for life after this unless he gets weird about it. A lot of interweb folks out there say that James has passive aggressive tendencies on Twitter. I don't know that because I only see the twitter feed from the feeds, but it's been mentioned out there.

In reality, I think we "out here" take this game and what is going in "there" much too seriously and more than they do. That's why I love the post show interviews and catching up with past house guests on podcasts. Their reality of what went on, went into their decisions, etc is always different from what we see (even on the feeds) and react to. Just sayin'

Petals said...

I agree with you, my friend.
Pretty girls have always "done this". Are we proud of it? No, but we can't help ourselves.
Our hormones are going crazy, we are looking FINE as frog's hair, so we do what we do...
It's like learning to drive a stick-shift: we play with the gears until we master it.

Natalie is driving James like an old jalopy. Sad, because I love James. Sad again, because James has been played like this his entire life.

Petals said...

But can I also say - how COOL has Victor turned out to be? Sure, I liked him for his looks, but he's proven to be a great guy. He never even kissed-&-told about what happened with Natalie (which is very classy).
I love Vic and, aside from his association with the human beard monster, he's been fun to watch this season.
♥ Vic for the win

Sharon N said...

Monty and Petals,
I hope you are both right about Natalie. Maybe I never learned how to use those 'gears' so my view is skewed? I agree that James has probably always been treated like this, and cudos to him that it hasn't warped his romantic side. I only have BBAD to watch (w/o BB's editing) but have to say, I've never seen him as having passive-aggressive tendancies.

JimmyB said...
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Judi Sweeney said...

Natalie ran very hot with giving James token kisses when he had the power to knock out two votes.... Once that was accomplished she has been preparing James for "friendship only" reality... She has spent a couple of weeks sending mixed messages depending on what she needs him to do. NOW..: it's a hard m or her situation and she drew first blood darts at James. Time for James to truly put his daughter before Natalie.

monty924 said...
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