Sunday, September 04, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday - September 4

What? I'll be on the block next week!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Want a Waffle With That?:
  • Okay, we all know Victor is HoH and he wants James out with a passion. After all, it's James who last evicted him.
  • But, if Victor is HoH, we all know that Paul is HoH.
  • It should go without saying.
  • Corey won veto.
  • We didn't see the veto comp itself on the live feeds. It was obviously a dirty veto comp and physical.
  • They all talked about how Michelle would have done poorly in it.
  • But they got rid of her.
  • I guess Natalie gave 'em a run for the money in the veto.
  • Now Nicole is pushing for Natalie to go instead of Victor's prime target James.
  • Oh my.
  • Paul took up her cause.
  • His reasoning is that Natalie has come close to winning against Victor in more than a few comps. James has not done as well. Plus, if they pull a total blindside and evict Natalie on Thursday, James will be alone and bereft going into the HoH comp and lose.
  • Corey is agreeable to it all.
  • Victor is reluctant. But we all know he'll do what Paul wants until Paul puts that knife in his back for the win.
  • In other news, Corey won a trip to Atlanta in the veto comp. How special is that?
  • And, it yet other news, remember that Victor took Natalie aside and told her that she would be going on the block but wasn't the target this week? Well, James keeps telling her that once Victor sets his sights on a target, that's it.
  • Guess what?
  • Victor doesn't have a vote this week -- Corey, Paul and Nicole do.
  • Victor is sure that, if James stays and wins HoH, it will be him and Corey on the block.
  • Nicole thinks that, if Natalie stays and wins HoH (a better chance than James winning), she will be on the block and go home.
  • Victor doesn't think Natalie is any threat to him while James is.
  • But it's not his vote, not his decision.
  • Meanwhile, James still feels the need to protect and mollycoddle Natalie.
  • Sheesh.
  • Natalie turned on James, saying that she knew she would be going home and suggesting that James and Nicole had an alliance.
  • She roughly threw James under the bus to the others.
  • Keep in mind that no one has confirmed the "blindside" to her. She just suspects it.
  • All along, James is sure he's the target.
  • It's a lot of days between now and Thursday.
  • We'll see.

The new target? Shh ...

Well, her hair always looks like that.

Will he stay? Too soon to tell, I say.


Tami said...

I hope Nat goes home/jury this week. Let us see what James does when he is alone

tbc said...

Totally agree, Tami. I've been hoping for that for awhile now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so over this seasons BB! Can't wait for it to be over. Paul is a vulgar, little man.

monty924 said...

Same here to tbc and Tami :)))

Anonymous said...

Paul has a vile mouth and no manners. Don't let him win anything. He has ruined BB for me.

Judi Sweeney said...

In with you Tami, tbc and Monty.... Now it becomes a little interesting I hope...

Chacha said...

It really doesn't matter who goes home. If James stays and Nicole happens to be on the block next week with him and James wins veto, then maybe there would be a little excitement. With the crew that's left Paul deserves the 500,000. I don't personally like him but he has adapted through all phases of this game.
As I stated before victor has been voted out twice. This is why I hate that they bring someone back....

As I have stated for two weeks. I am so over this season.
Bring on the online edition. At least it will be something a little different.

Sharon N said...

Natalie has turned into quite a little back-stabbing sneak. First she goes to Paul/Victor and throws James UTB. Then last night, she was fishing James to find out if he had a F2 or F3 with Nicole/Corey. I'm glad he said no because I have a feeling she's inclined to use it against him.

James remains infatuated... despite getting his feelings hurt multiple times.
Deep down, I think he knows that Natalie isn't serious about him, but he can't seem to let it go.

Vanessa Crick said...

I must say that's this season I've been more interested in stopping by and read Jackie's blog than the feeds, it has been way too mellow/boring for me, also I can't stand watch Nicole ("sweet family girl") Cory ( Mr Horny) making out under the blankets.
With that being said, I am a Vic&Paul fan with Victor #TheUn-evictable to win! But, Nicole is finally playing some BB game and starting using her noodles (instead of her hands in Corys pants) by choosing to keep James that will be a good game move.

Anonymous said...

For those upset with Victor because he was evicted twice and came back into the game..............get over it! He didn't make the rules, and I doubt he has any way to make them do it just for HIM, and this shouldn't be held against him. I personally and feel many others would like to see him win the 500k vs the others remaining in the house. Stupid showmances, and Paul is playing the game, but is a number of reasons not tolerable. I hope Victor survives against this group and wins it all! Hell, he would be overjoyed to have the 50K.

Sharon N said...

As much as I dislike Paul, if I was on the Jury, I'd have to vote for him to win.
As good as Victor is at winning comps, without Paul leading him by the nose, he would have been poof, again.

If Paul wins HOH, he might decide it's time to vote out Victor (while he still can).
That is, if he doesn't realize that Nicole/Corey and James might team up against him!

Ha! I jokingly called it on Corey yesterday.. reaching F3.
Wouldn't that be something: Nicole, Corey and James as F3?
All of Paul's plans/schemes being replayed in great detail... in Jury! LMAO

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm with you Anonymous! Victor didn't make the rules... He went by the rules and fought his way back! People need to get over he shouldn't be there! The fact is, he IS there and he wins a lot!

Jackie H. from NC said...

If they bring James back in, I would think more of them. It would make the show more interesting. It needs something. Lord only knows. Pauls foul mouth doesn't make people like him. Victor is as bad. James has to win the money. I think he is an honest man.

Judi Sweeney said...

Paul would have been gone long ago if Victor and Paulie weren't winning all their competitions!

You can't be a bug in someone's ear IF that ear isn't there!

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree Jackie H. I would think better of them if James remained in the play... It would definitely become more interesting!

Vanessa Crick said...

I agree that James is a good honest man, but I think he is desperate to find his "true love" we all can see what matters for him the most in the game. So, as much as I think he deserves to win I do believe that if isn't Natalie the next "true love" he gets himself involved with will wipe that 500k in a blink of eye, he won't know what happened just like now. What makes me sad is that I know he is capable to win comps and he seams to (for the most time) know what he is doing when playing BB, but all this illusion of finding a happy forever after relationship takes over his ability to think straight in or out of the game.
James my friend, you are IN THE WRONG SHOW!!

Anonymous said...

James is a big boy. I don't feel one bit sorry for him. He made his bed. He played the same way before....never really stepping up. Just keeps a low profile. Always has a girl by his side. Not good game play the second time around. Fool me once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Well, Anonymous, you aren't in there... So, we would never know if you could be fooled once or twice! I hate Showmances... But, most BB winners usually don't win by themselves... They are teamed with someone at least part of the way.

We will all know by Thursday night if his game play boots him out this week. He played too low key last week... With too much trust. James is a low key guy in general... He isn't a raging bull, that's not his style!

IF he remains in the game, it will be extremely interesting especially if he also wins HOH... As they say in baseball "That's why they play the game"...

Sharon N said...

In the case of James, everyone pretty much agrees they can't help but like him, however...
Unless he reaches F2 with Nicole or Corey, I don't think anyone can honestly say he 'deserves' to win the game. Yes, James is a nice, honest guy, and I agree. He's in the wrong show. Being nice and honest won't win a game that promotes and encourages lies and deceit.

Even if James did win (by some fluke), he might spend a bit on Natalie as friends (more if they became romantically involved), but I don't see him blowing it all on her. Basically, James is stable and honorable enough that he will always want to make sure his daughter's needs are ensured. He showed that last time when he received AFP.