Thursday, September 15, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday Evening - September 15

She has Corey's doggie pillowcase!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dragging Days:
  • BB woke them up way early (for them) to have their champagne brunch memory "walk" for the season.
  • That, of course, was blocked to the live feeds.
  • They were still imbibing champagne (mostly Paul) and snacking on food when the feeds returned.
  • Paul made a huge 22 year old boy kind of deal about how drunk he was. 
  • To me, it looked like, unless they had other bottles, they really didn't drink a lot of champagne.
  • But, I guess I should say to his credit that I don't drink champagne -- something about the bubbles seems to make me woozier than actual hard liquor.
  • They pretty much have nothing to do except eat, drink champagne, nap or play cards.
  • Heck, even the kitchen looks cleaner than it ever did when Victor was there! There isn't a ton of food left out among cleaning supplies all over.
  • James and Nicole washed up all the dishes from the caterer and put them in the supply room. That was James's idea and he did most of the dishwashing.
  • Paul sat and drank some more.
  • They rehashed comps, memories of the season, what and whom they expect at the wrap party and yada-yada-yada.
  • They napped.
  • They played cards.
  • Most of their time was spent together or napping, so there wasn't much insight to end games except ...
  • ... in a few moments alone, Paul and Nicole talked about going to the final two together. Nicole told Paul she'd never take James.
  • (We know that Nicole told James that he needs to throw Part 2 of the HoH comp to her and she has a better chance of winning the last part against Paul and she will pick him -- James -- for the final two.)
  • I'm kind of up in the air what she does plan to do. Obviously, she can't take both to the final two.
  • I do think Paul just might take her to the final two.
  • I don't think James will be in any position to take anyone, but has a good chance of one of them taking him.
  • They still have no clue about the schedule changes for the television show from now until the finale.
  • I think that Part Two will probably happen tomorrow. But, with no show on Sunday or Tuesday, it could happen later as it probably won't air until finale night. 

James always stands at that table

"I'm SO drunk!" - 11am-ish their time

They got the tiny table


Sharon N said...

Same here Jackie, the carbonation in Champagne buries me quickly.

Paul appeared to be the only one wanting to drink after the brunch. Nicole & James didn't seem like they were drunk, so Paul may have low-tolerance to carbonated alcohol. In any case, Nicole/James didn't want any more to drink, but Paul was pushing for them to join him with the bubbly.

This evening, Nicole is starting to show evidence that she's having Corey withdrawals. If the guys see her crying, it'll be confirmation (in their eyes) that she's "checking out."

monty924 said...

Bringing a thought over from the other thread... What do you think the jury vibe is in the house now that Polly isn't the only man in there? He has Victor and Corey now so I'm wondering what kind of a charming guy, that he is and has always been, he is??? Still no sympathy for the way he acted in the jury fight. Sorry but NOT sorry. I'm sure Vic and Corey are keeping the peace and Polly is still the complete douchebag he's been all season. Codey and Derrick have already said that he's going to get the 'personal/family type ribbing' from them. America, me included can be mean with our comments on all of them, but when a member of your family says 'I'm going to call you out brother'... well, you know! js

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you so much, Jackie. Greatly appreciate this.

I'm wondering what they all thought when Corey walked in to the Jury house?

Sharon N said...

Victor probably better half Sitting Duck is going to win! LOL

T-Town Chick said...

Jackie thanks again for another great summer. A couple questions I've been thinking about......
1. Not sure if you have answered this already but Jackie will you be doing updates for Big Brother 19? (Please, please, please say yes:) I can't imagine watching Big Brother and not having your witty insight.
2. Speaking of Paulie in jury, I wonder now that he has his "boys" back, how fast it will be before he drops Z. In a weird way I wish we had more time to watch what a nightmare it would be for Z when he starts calling her clingy, trash talking her behind her back, and making her feel like she's worthless and crazy. Unfortunately, we all know she still wouldn't learn her lesson. I really do hope that after everything is over and she's removed from the game for a while, she watches the show, reads a few news articles, and takes a good hard look at Paulie's behavior toward her and every other female in that house. I hope she can learn that she really does have worth, and she finds someone that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Jackie said...

They aren't calling the soon to arrive CBS All Access only season BB19. The one with that official title is the one set for next summer. (CBS has renewed for both BB19 and BB20.) The online only one is being called BBOTT - Big Brother Over the Top. I'll be trying to cover it but I'm not sure exactly how at this point. A lot of what I do with the show has to do with spoilers -- with everyone watching online, there won't be people running three days behind watching only the aired show. SO, yes. I plan on doing something with BBOTT -- I just don't know what yet!

Chacha said...

Corey was only in the Jury house for the roundtable if this season is like past seasons.
Victor would have been there for one or two days only.
After the roundtable the jurors are brought to a hotel and stay there for the week.
This is how it was done in the past.

Anonymous said...

Nicole confirmed James is playing for AFP. Has been for a long time. I guess doing dishes last night was a move to make sure no one could say he never did dishes. Too late James.
Such a bump on a log.

chrob61 said...

Paul may be my poolboy, but AFP?? It's gotta be Victor!

Petals said...

I love Jamesy, but Victor has been my AFP♥ all season. I'm hoping James gets 2nd place.

Regarding James' game play, or lack thereof, I disagree with the idea that he has done nothing all season. He actually has won comps, he's won an HOH and evicted a powerful player. He actually won TWO HOHs, but he handed one of them to his friend, Nicole.

He does have a great social game, and he didn't have any blow-ups with anyone, and he treated everyone respectfully.
Sure, he fell for a person totally out of his league who will never date him in real life. But didn't Nicole do the same exact thing? Play the same exact game?

Show James some love - he was invited back b/c he's a nice guy, a country boy, a father, and America's Favorite from last year.
And he is still there! *YAY*

Sharon N said...

Petals, re James. I love that 'nice country boy' too. Yeah, he can toss foul words around too, but notice it more when he's with Paul. Same with Victor. Which 'should' have been telling both James/Victor who is actually the Leader of the Pack.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that James would have won The Wall and beaten Nicole... if he hadn't thrown it to her. Yes, he was throwing comps left and right all season, but that, in itself, can be called "playing the game." People can say what they want about James pranks, but they worked for him last time and the crew [that time] didn't seem to mind his pranks. They even joined in! This time, James quickly realized that he couldn't be the prankster that kept everyone in the house going because Victor absolutely hated his pranks and started to focus on getting James out. Whether people like James' style of game or not, it was brought down to pairing with Natalie, and throwing comps, and sleeping to stay out of the limelight.

James knows that those who play hard and win a lot are normally taken out fairly quickly. So laying low made sense for him, especially for someone not good at mental comps. Look at Victor. A nice guy who constantly touted all his wins, kept himself in the limelight, and would blatantly make it known who he liked/didn't like and wanted out. Those actions only brought it to everyone's attention that he was dangerous and needed to get-got. After his 2nd reentry, I was actually surprised they kept him around as long as they did, but Victor was great 'cover' for Paul, so Paul worked to keep Victor in the game.

chrob61 said...

Sharon- while I agree on your assessment of Victor, there's something about him that I just plain LIKE.

He is way too open and honest for his own good, and that hurt his game, but I really liked his energy in the house and fiery competitiveness. For me, those traits are why he's my AFP.

Becky said...

I am still pulling for James as a final two, and not because he is my pool boy. If he does not get to final two I will vote for him to be AP.

monty924 said...

You could make a case for anyone of the final three to actually win it. I'm not sure who will win at all. I think that Paul and Nicole have the best shot at it, but you never know what sort of game the jury will reward.

Chacha, I forgot about Corey only getting to roundtable and right back to the hotel. How could I have forgot that? I think if he had the full week in the house, it would have been like T-Town Chick described it.

Petals said...

Chrob61 - Yes! It's difficult to not like Victor, isn't it? I'm glad he eventually won-over the audiences, he is ranked #1 on Jokers and has been for many weeks.
I think Victor's charm is what a good sport he's been about it. PLUS - he was respectful of Natalie even after their showmance ended. He didn't kiss-n-tell (unlike a certain other jury member, who bragged in graphic detail about his dilly-dalliance).

Why is Paul hating James so much now? Every chance he gets, he makes hateful gestures, sneers, and bad-mouthes him to Nicole 24/7. WTH?

Sharon N said...

chrob61, agree with you.
Victor IS a nice guy and a breath of fresh air, and I intend to give my AFP votes to him as well. It's understandable that Victor was proud of all his accomplishments, but he shouldn't have been quite so vocal. Paul helped control some of Victor's honesty, and his planning saved them both more than once... until it was down to nit-n-grit, and then Paul was done saving. Victor finished himself off with his own words.

Like it or not (and most of us don't), the best all-around player this year has been Paul. Nicole appears to be the only one studying, so if Part 2 is a mental comp, it's likely she will win it. Since Part 3 is live, it won't be a physical comp, which means Paul and Nicole could be fairly equal.

monty924 said...

Paul's doing it because he gets one of them alone when the other goes to the DR and he's doing the same thing with both of them. He's convinced both of them to take him to F2, but I don't think James will have any say in it. It's playing the game...

monty924 said...

I think Paul will win Part 3 easily because unlike Nicole, he actually talked to and hung out with this jury. Nicole doesn't know them like Paul because she was always in bed with Corey.

monty924 said...

So the roundtable was held last night. Interview with Dr. Will :)))

Sharon N said...

IMO, Paul has Short Man Syndrome, along with a huge Superiority Complex, and convinced he's smarter than anyone else (in or out of the house). Oh, I think Paul will still want to play Big Shot and show everyone around LA (as he said), but only so he can still play Big Shot.

Deep down, I doubt Paul actually likes many (if any) of the HGs, and that includes Victor (jealousy). Victor was merely his 'shade' until Paul didn't need him anymore. But James might top the list of HGs Paul doesn't like. Eventually, he will say his actions/reactions were "a lack of respect for James because he hasn't been putting forth the kind of effort required, so James is not deserving to win anything." Actually, it's probably more that Paul is afraid James would win sitting next to him in F2 (everyone likes James), and thinks Paul/Nicole are both disliked by the Jury, so he'd have a better chance sitting next to Nicole.

Sharon N said...

In "short" .... I don't like Paul. LMAO!!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Victor gets my AFP votes just because I like him!

I loved James last time round, but to me he just didn't do much game talk with anyone but Natalie and now a little with Paul. His social game seems a lot less during this rodeo!

Nicole has been planting seeds and talking game (whether subtly or actively) with a number of people... Thus them linking her to the snake title.

Dang I wish I could like Paul! There are times (few) I like him. Yes, he has played the game... I just can't get past how foul he is and his little respect for women (except his mother). I keep trying and I wouldn't be shocked if he did win.

It is such a toss up for different reasons!

Russ said...

I have to agree with Sharon N. I don't like Paul. At he beginning of the game, he was "bullying" some of the other players. My wife said but it was only kind of bullying. I asked her "What about when that happens to our 4 year old son when he starts school next year?" She said "I will become Mama Bear." I just can't tolerate a bully. A bully is a bully is a bully.