Tuesday, September 06, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - September 6


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boring Boredom:
  • I really have almost nothing for you today.
  • If there was any game talk, it was off camera.
  • There were no kerfuffles, fisticuffs or brouhahas.
  • Victor got his HoH camera.
  • And fun was had by all.
  • One interesting note is that Natalie and Nicole talked.
  • That in and of itself is a bit unusual these days.
  • But they weren't talking game.
  • They were talking marriage and children.
  • Nicole wants both before she's 30.
  • Natalie isn't interested in either marriage or children.
  • Things that make you go, "Hmm ..."
  • I wish I had more.
  • Maybe there will be fisticuffs overnight.




Judi Sweeney said...

I agree.... Boring but at least you aren't Jackie! Thanks!

Jackie said...

Thank you. I definitely need better material to work with, though.

monty924 said...

Watching them play dominoes is as boring as watching them play chess @@

Sharon N said...

Who'da thunk we'd ever miss the days of Rachel. At least she'd think of things for everyone to do. Remember the playing cards she from nail polish on teabag tags? lol

BB hasn't been doling out very much alcohol this year either.

Sharon N said...

I had to laugh when Paul entered the HOH room earlier today.

Victor: Notice how clean this [HOH] room is?
Paul: Yeah
Victor: Keep it that way!

Victor is SO sick of cleaning up after everyone and wants to keep "his space" clean.
I can't help notice that Paul isn't tossing his stuff all over the room, so Victor got his point across... the HOH room isn't messy again! LOL

monty924 said...

Lol, on the booze. No sooner than you posted that, BB sprung for four beers and one bottle of wine. Good grief, BB. This has to be the season of prohibition. I can't remember a season where BB was this cheap with the booze deliveries and they've always brought great feeds in the past.

I have to go to bed anyway, but just a few more smiles and laughs in there was nice a minute or two, lol.

Sharon N said...

Yup, saw that Monty. BB gotta do something to loosen these dolts up!
James at the table having a beer.. his eyes look so sad. No more twinkle. :(

Nickelpeed said...

Thanks, Jackie.

Well, James, when you find out she really has no interest in you, you'll kick your butt over and over again. You threw your game away for a showmance that will turn in to a no-mance. Sad.

David said...

The way Natalie is going about this is almost guaranteed to leave hard feelings on both sides of this. What I saw as a possible good friendship with James I now think will end with her eviction on Thursday.

Both Victor and Paul were pretty much hitting the nail on the head tonight when they discussed what will become of Natalie/James and Nichole/Corey.

Petals said...

3:40am - James laying it all out for Natalie. How she has gone from man-to-man, etc. He was holding back, you could tell.
James calls himself "sloppy 3rds" (after Vic, Corey). Truth is, Natalie wanted PAUL. Paul was her #1 choice for showmancing, but he turned her down.

Natalie is playing this argument like "poor me", and James is still sounding desperate. It's so frustrating.


Petals said...

Grr - whenever James makes a valid point, she whines, "Jammmmmess, I cant do this right now".
The gentleman in him is staying calm.