Tuesday, September 06, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday - September 6

Figuring days left vs. hamsters

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Paranoid Players:
  • When I last left you, James had blown his own game by throwing Nicole under the bus to Paul.
  • But, as we know, this is Big Brother and waffles are a favorite feast in the house.
  • We still have until Thursday evening for them to change their minds again ... and again.
  • All along, the HoH (Victor) has wanted James out this week. That was his intention when he put him on the block. He even told Natalie that she was a pawn.
  • The trouble with that is that the HoH doesn't have a vote. Not even a tiebreaker vote in sight this week.
  • The votes are Paul, Nicole and Corey.
  • They had swapped favor for James staying until yesterday when James blew up Nicole's game to Paul.
  • Now they're waffling back a bit ... again.
  • But first ... there's the Wednesday controversy. Y'see, Paul told the other that Julie had said she'd see them Wednesday, thus putting a panic into them that the eviction night changed for this week.
  • I saw (and heard) James ask Paul about whether he was certain Julie said Wednesday while Paul was playing pool yesterday. He said, "Yes, Wednesday, September 21st."
  • D'oh! That's the finale night and YES, she will see them all that night!
  • So, I'm not sure why they're all still fussing about the eviction night changing.
  • Out of boredom, Paul tried to access the tunnel from the phone booth to no avail. Poor Paul.
  • Paul and Victor had another talk with James. Hmmm. Now they're thinking that Natalie might be the mastermind of the pair and that James is just starting to realize what she's been doing.
  • Hmm.
  • On the other hand, Natalie went into one of her "no one talks to me" hissy fits with James.
  • Well, yeah. The rest are more likely to be talking about her rather than to her. But a lot of that is her own doing. James actually mingles more with the others and his results are different.
  • Paul talked to Corey.
  • It sounds like the Keep James Plan is once again in effect.
  • Paul thinks that James is sure that he's going home and keeping him will rattle him and he'll do poorly in the HoH comp.
  • Hmm.
  • Nicole told Corey she wants the final three to be them ... and James.
  • Hmm.
  • Of course, this is all subject to change ... again.

Victor is a folding maniac

They finally got to play dominoes

James mingles during the night


Petals said...

I love BB waffles, YUM!

Joanie said...

You guys are making me hungry.

Cheryl in NC said...

I love waffles in the morning.

Cheryl in NC said...
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Anonymous said...

I really hope if James stays he teams up with Paul and Victor. I know that it a huge mistake for his game, but I really don't want Nicole or Corey anywhere near the final two. I know either way James isn't going to win, though. I would much rather see Paul/Victor win because I think they have both actually played the game. I also hope Paul doesn't stab Victor in the back and evict him before the end.

Sharon N said...

I would prefer James go with Victor/Paul also, and I'd prefer Victor/James for the F2.
Although Paul has played the game and probably deserves to win (or get $50k), I can't abide the guy. For James to reach F2, both Paul/Victor would have to become aware that the other was planning to evict their 'ride or die' BFF. Victor is unaware that Paul is jealous of him and, so far, Paul is the only one who has indicated the back-stab.

The way I see it...
If James stays and he goes with Nicole/Corey, they will keep each other for the F2.
If James goes with Paul/Victor, James 'could' have a chance at the $50k... because of Paul.

Judi Sweeney said...

It's a no brainier that Paul will back stab Victor.... He has already jokingly tried to team up with Nicole in getting Victor and Corey out but Nicole didn't bite! I just hope Paul doesn't get HOH at this point..., thanks Jackie!

Petals said...

All of them must be aware, at this point, that none can win against Victor in F2.

Petals said...

All of them must be aware, at this point, that none can win against Victor in F2.

Jackie H. from NC said...

Please keep James. I would love to see him and Nicole the F2. Natalie was acting like she was crazy about James last night. What's so bad is James believes it. Going with Paul and Victor would be the best to do. All Nicole and Corey did was play under the sheets. I don't think this counts as a Comp.

chrob61 said...

I know there's only so much the producers of this show can do, but geez, watching Sunday's episode was excruciating!!!

The writing is on the table and no big suspense, surprises.

Also, I find it sorta funny that the last two weeks shows have shown clips from "minutes before the live eviction" on the Sunday shows, I guess, to keep us glued on Thursday for the vote.

I'm still gonna root for my poolboy Paul, but I sorta want Victor to win out.

ceemurph said...

Sharon, Vic and P have been so close the whole game I never even considered a Vic/ James F2! That would be amazing!

Petals said...

I agree Ceemurph - a James/Victor F2 !

Petals said...

Yikes, Natalie is pretty much telling James that they will NOT be together after the show, but he just won't hear it. So sad.

Sharon N said...

Ha! There's a whole lot that's excruciating about BB anymore. Pretty hard to have surprises when almost everything is scripted now... from every word in DR, to every word that the general public hears on the Show. Heck, they tell everyone they are being evicted, so they don't even do a 'real' backdoor anymore.

Sharon N said...

If Paul has his way and is able to evict Victor soon, it's actually more feasible that it could end up Paul/James as F2.

Judi Sweeney said...

Bite your tongue Sharon! LOL.... Don't want to see Paul in the final two at all.