Thursday, September 01, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 31

I don't know how he even fits in there!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whatever, Dude:
  • Once again, I don't have much for you.
  • And, the not having much has nothing to do with my current condition of a sprained ankle.
  • It's not me.
  • It's them.
  • Again today, they pretty much divided into two camps - Corey, Nicole, Victor and Paul in one group; Natalie, James and Michelle in another.
  • Sure, they met up all together around the table in the kitchen for a while.
  • But, of course, that's not the time to talk game.
  • Paul reported to Victor/Nicole/Corey on his long late night talk with James, Natalie and Michelle.
  • He embellished it a little when he talked about James being resigned and wanting to leave.
  • But he did tell them the truth that he had held to his lie that he doesn't know how the vote will go down this week.
  • Now, Victor mingled with all. But James seriously needs to mingle with Nicole! 
  • Corey is still clueless what to do with his won bribe money.
  • Hopefully tomorrow night's eviction and HoH will liven these hamsters up some!

Communal mouthwash? Ew!

Victor's togetherness with Corey & Nicole


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I'm surprised that Vic swigs from the communal mouthwash with his anti-germ fetish???

I guess at this point, unless something shakes up between this BORING final seven and the final five, I'm going all in on my pool boy Victor. I still have a sick feeling that Nicole will be in the final two and sorry/not sorry, I will not like that. Yeah, she earned it by staying out of the drama with Corey, but I just don't respect that kind of game. I'm channeling Rachel here, lol. Floaters Grab a Life-Vest. At this point, they're all floaters in there including Vic. He would have gone to Jatalie in a heartbeat if it had been James that won that HOH. ugh

Barb said...

Thank you Jackie for your daily posts, I really enjoy them, and agree with all you write. I do watch some of BBAD. I am rooting for James, but think he's kind of doing himself in.

monty924 said...

Victor gets the 5K just to vote Meech out, lol. He is/was going to do it anyway. Good one CoCo!! I seriously see this season for those of us who still love James going sour. But he's done it to himself in a lot of ways. Nicole is the one sitting pretty here unless Corey wins HOH and he shouldn't. They (Nicorey) need the J/N and P/V taking each other out and if Corey wins the HOH he has to go after J/N. If either one of the other two wins HOH, they will go after the other. James is a wild card because he isn't afraid to straight up put Vic and Paul and that will be fun to watch, but then he can't play at Final Five. That's where this game gets interesting. If James wins the HOH then he needs to depend on Natalie winning the next one. Same goes for either of the other pairs. We haven't seen this since S11 and Pigpen and Kevin convinced Jeff to go against Michelle and Russell. ugh

I'm off to bed but curious to read your thoughts in the morning.

David said...

I can see why so many people in other country's hate Americans if Paul has been every where he claims he has been. He is the definition of the ugly American. He droned on and on and on about his escapades in other country's tonight.

Corey and Nichole talked about what to do going forward and realized they will probably have to win out to make it. Then WHY are you not getting out a strong player when you have the chance and focusing on a nobody like Michelle? Stupid girl. And Corey, the rocket scientist he is, thinks they will have no problem beating Victor and Paul in any competitions.

Everyone still thinks this week will be a double eviction and have been studying for a quick HOH, Veto competition. The best outcome I can see for a good shakeup is for James or Natalie to win HOH this week. Victor and Paul go up, one of them wins Veto, and Nichole or Corey go up as replacement and possibly out the door.

Petals said...

The optimistic side of me wants to believe that James is planning this entire thing - laying low, playing defeated, so that he can pitch, "there is no way any of us can win against VicPaul" to CoCo. You know what I mean? When Meech is gone, he can abandon Natalie, leaving her the odd-man out and easy target?
But then again, she is the odd man out. She is the easy target and ANYONE, even the wooden spoon, could win in the end against Natalie.

My husband was raised rather privileged and has traveled to Europe several times: yes, Amsterdam, too and all that it has to offer (a few times, LOL). He NEVER talks about it. I mean, we discussed it, but he'd rather discuss college football, you know? I don't know how or why Paul thinks he planted flags everywhere he's ever been. I think he is a Master Fish-Taler. He caught a trout "THIS <----------------------------> BIG", right?

He is an ugly example of an American, and now that I've seen his apparel store, I know that every single thing out of his mouth is an infomercial.

But i do still ♥ my Victor.

Anonymous said...

Boring season boring players I don't even care who wins as !long as it isn't Corey Nicole Natalie James or Michelle l

Teri said...

I hope ur ankle gets much better

Anonymous said...

Paul has ruin the show for me this season. All that LOUD, Bragging stuff that he has accomplished in his long 22 years of age. All the cursing he does makes my skin crawl. Had to stop watching BBAD because got tired of hearing the "F" word in every sentence. Why does CBS not stop some of that. Do they even watch??? I may be alone in this but looking forward to this getting over quickly.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anonymous. CBS needs to have some class and enforce ground rules. I will not watch the BBAD because of language.

Sharon N said...

In my family, we describe the difference between "old" and "new" money as: "old" doesn't brag. "New" does, and they truly do define the Ugly American. From your description, your husband sounds like he comes from "old money." :)

Michelle saw through the 'Paul is a Pawn" plot, pretty much from the start. The "plan" really is plain as day, but neither James or Natalie have allowed themselves to believe it... outwardly. I'd like to believe James displays a defeated demeanor to scam N/C/P/V. Unfortunately, I think he actually is depressed over the on again/off again treatment he receives from Natalie, and her desire to get out of the house now.

Judi Sweeney said...

Totally agree with you Petals... Someone needs to smack James put along side the head! Wake up... Go for the money, not Natalie! She has finished riding the wave with you. She draws him in when she needs to.