Wednesday, September 07, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - September 7

Breakfast cooking at 1:15pm their time

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of a Pernicious Pom-Pom Pal:
  • Yes, breakfast was being cooked there well into the afternoon here ... almost early evening!
  • These are the sleepingest (yeah, that's not a word, but I never cared) bunch of hamsters ever.
  • BB gave them a deck of cards.
  • Goody goody. Now we can watch them play cards, play dominoes or play chess.
  • I'd rather puppet shows by Victor with Baldwin!
  • James is still just lurking around with Natalie.
  • Hasn't he been hurt enough?
  • For the most part, those two remain segregated from the rest.
  • Natalie has been acting weird ... almost like she's high on something although that is improbable, to say the least.
  • Paul is all antsy.
  • At one point he kept running around peeking in the windows until the BB voice shut that down with a "Stop that!"
  • I really wish James wouldn't mumble so much. I turn up the feeds volume to hear him and then the others shout.
  • Supposedly, Natalie and James agreed to be just friends.
  • I still think he's hurting. She pulled off some rather mean moves and he has been nothing but thoughtful and considerate to her.
  • Yet he remains patient and kind to her.
  • It still looks like James will stay out of the two.
  • I need for her to go.
  • She's irking me.

James packs

Paul is acting up a lot today. "Stop that!"

Lost in thought? Or, just lost?

Oh boy! We can watch them play cards!

Yet James still hangs with her


Jackie H. from NC said...

Natalie has to go. She has turned into a total bitch. I wish James wasn't so blind. I think He knows how she is, but is so crazy about her he just can't see throw her. If it wasn't for James she wouldn't be where she is. Wake up James.

T-Town Chick said...

I'm glad you said that Jackie H. Natalie is upset with herself for listening to James. The one time it doesn't work out in her favor she turns on him and her inner bitch comes out. I love James. If Natalie didn't pair up with James when she did, she would have gone home a long time ago. Poor James:(

Sharon N said...

Actually, I believe James did wake up last night. It's all been a bit too much for James to handle right now, maybe because he feels like she's his only friend in the house.

Victor/Paul told James what Natalie's exact words were as she threw him UTB, and they weren't being unkind or snide. Natalie said some really awful things to James last night. She's a master at being Passive-Aggressive and keeping James in turmoil.

It's unfortunate that James is such a romantic (at heart) that he put a lot of himself into this non-relationship... to the exclusion of every one else and his own game. Maybe when the game is over, he'll be able to step away and see it all for what it was.... a big zero.

monty924 said...

I wouldn't go that far. I think Natalie could have got through this game without James, but she would have latched on to someone. For whatever I'm feeling about the way she's acted since Friday, she has been really perceptive this summer and usually was spot on with her read of people. She was lucky that she had James in her corner though and he kept her safe with different groups in the house when they were in power. I think she could have played on her own in any other season and been okay. The problem is, she WOULD have always hooked up with someone when HER girls were gone like she did when Bronte left. That's when she went after James hardcore. I guess if that's the game you're willing to play, it works. I'd love to see a Nakomis type player again who wasn't interested in a showmance, or even another Vanessa (without the crying and up and down emotions) play the game smart. I'm beginning to think we'll never see another female win unless Nicole does this season, and that is not far from reality. :))

Sharon N said...

Ditto Monty.
BB needs to start having a LOT more diversity in ages, nationalities, personalities, and education. Having an education isn't a guarantee.... sometimes street smarts and 'old dog tricks' will win the game!

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm ready for Natalie to go too Jackie! I think if James had not been there she would have stuck with the girls and the way she went after Paulie, Natalie would have been gone a lot sooner... She said it herself, she checked out the guys first and when she got to James she decided to team up (attach herself) with him because he was the nicest (loyal/gullible?).

SusanS. said...

Agree with all of you. What happened to I LOVE JAMES AND JAMES IS MY SOULMATE!!!! I hurt so much for James.
I'm liking Nicole a little better since watching her cry about James and how good of a person he is. I really hope they take him to final 3.

Sharon N said...

If they actually do keep James, I'm inclined to think both sides may decide they want to take him to F3 (Nicole has already said this)... maybe even F2. Both sides could rightfully say he hid in a room with Natalie and slept the summer away... while they were socializing, playing the game, and winning comps.

monty924 said...
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Bizaro22 said...

Jackie, you mentioned Natalie acting weird today. She did mention that she did not take her medicine today (Ritalin). Not that that excuses her behavior.

Nickelpeed said...

I wonder if James ever thought this Shomance would go further outside the game? Poor guy, but he walked right in to it. I'm hoping he goes further, even though my pool pick is Nicole. Come on James, pull out of it, you're there to win the game!

Nickelpeed said...

Am I missing something on why Natalie and those in the Jury House dislike Nicole? It is a game and you play any way to win; but they blame Nicole on every thing. Nicole does not want to target James nor Natalie, but Natalie told James she will never speak to him again if he sides with Nicole and Corey. What did I miss?

Judi Sweeney said...

Penny, you are right, it is a game and everyone has their own way of playing and staying in the game. This is only how I see it and I can't speak for the others... But, to me it is mainly the girls that dislike Nicole... And that my dear is where some petty jealousies come into play. Those girls wanted her to team up with them and play THEIR game. The guys get along with Nicole. The girls screaming foul the most are those that were also trying to do Nicole/Corey in.

There are those who expected Nicole to play harder this time round and have been disappointed that she got into another Showmance and hasn't been playing gung-ho... But, the same can be said for James.

I have gone back and forth with my thoughts... Than I have to remind myself how Jordan won her season. I personally would like to see Victor, James and Nicole in the final three...