Thursday, September 08, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - September 8

Make her go away. Please.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Monotonous Mice:
  • Oh, wait. They're hamsters.
  • Hmm ... there might even be a rat or two in there.
  • Rodents!
  • It's almost painful to watch the feeds.
  • After sleeping away half the day, Natalie is keeping James up all night talking.
  • Doesn't she realize that he needs some sleep so he can compete in the HoH comp?
  • Not that the others provided any late night amusement for us.
  • Now, I watch the live feeds. My TV cable company dropped POP, so I don't watch BBAD at all. During other seasons since BBAD it bothered me that the house hamsters acted like the BBAD airing time was the only time they were being watched and did all kinds of stuff during those hours. 
  • This bunch? Not so much. I can just imagine someone channel surfing wondering why one channel has people sleeping via night vision cameras.
  • They sleep away a good portion of the day, too.
  • Well, they should be well-rested to return to the real work-a-day world.
  • Not that many will, of course.
  • They all talk globe-trotting or, at least visiting each other in various states. I guess money grows on trees somewhere. Of the ones left, I think all still live at home with parents except James, maybe Natalie.
  • I'm very tired of hearing Natalie blow her own horn. I had to listen to how she is what makes one charity and she is the best at this, best at that.
  • I don't go around doing that. Even when I think I'm good at something, I just let the results speak. At least I hope so.
  • (I do have the best bunch of people hanging out on this blog ... but that's not just me!)
  • Let's see ... what else happened?
  • Um. They played poker with Starburst candies as poker chips.
  • That was exciting.
  • Not.
  • I think BB took away their dominoes when they gave them the cards.
  • What would have been better would have been BB giving them tons of dominoes and challenging them to create falling dominoes stuff around the house to see who can make the most fall.
  • You know what I mean.
  • In other news, it seems extremely likely that James will be staying. Nicole and Corey want to work with him and they're two of the three votes.
  • Paul and Victor even think they might get him to work with them. That's the third vote.
  • Nobody has told Natalie that she's no longer a pawn, but a target.
  • Yet, her erratic behavior, her constant talk of going to jury and her speech ... she knows.
  • James keeps being patient with her.
  • One thing has changed, though -- James is no longer trying to convince her that he's the target.
  • She needs to let him go to sleep! 
  • He is a much kinder person than I would ever be in those circumstances.

Late night PB&J cravings

Talking about the PoV comp with James

If he goes next week, we never cared

This SHOULD be his response to Natalie


Petals said...

What? No gratuitous Vic-Pic? ♥

chrob61 said...

Jackie- you're a real trooper sitting through all this "nothingness"

Natalie is starting to get on my nerves! Hope she goes!

I want James to turn the tables on Nicole/Corey. Fingers crossed that he will win the next HOH.

Petals said...

James & Vic for Final 2 !

Sharon N said...

Agree Petals, Vic & James for F2.

IMO, James might not deserve the $500k (because he slept the summer away with Natalie), but he should at least get $50k.. just for all the push/pull aggravation. James is a special guy; a real gentleman. Any woman who ends up in a 'real' relationship with him will be a very lucky lady.

Judi Sweeney said...

Bless your heart Jackie! Lots of dead time hours in trying to find some entertainment value for us! Natalie has always thought what she thinks and feels is the most important... Up until now James has fed into it and making Natalie feel extremely important. Now with realizing her lack of importance, her answer is to tear people down in order to feel important again. Even though Paulie disgusted me, he wasn't that far off from his opinion of Natalie....

Petals said...

Paulie & Natalie run in the same NY/NJ club-scene circles. He knows her, or OF her, outside the house.

Nickelpeed said...

I always thought Nat and James were so cute together and hoped they'd stay together after the show; but after hearing about all her antics, I want her to leave. James is such a good man. He deserves better.

T-Town Chick said...

Yes, yes, yes! James and Victor final two!

Sharon N said...

Natalie is still playing head-games on James. Not very nice making him feel even worse by making everything sound like it's all his fault and guilting him out for staying. :(
It's that weary routine... "It's ok that you stay, I don't mind that it's ALL your fault I'm leaving"

James thought he was the target when they went OTB together (he was), but knows that has changed and Nat is being evicted now. Unlike Natalie, James threw himself on his own sword and asked them to evict him instead of her.... so it's not like he can do anything about the situation she's in now.

monty924 said...

Endurance tonight. Miss Cleo is also saying it's the slip and slide. Corey has the advantage in that one with his long legs.

Sharon N said...

Could be an advantage for Corey. But I'd think it would work for shorter stature/closer to the ground too. Not as far to fall!!! LOL

monty924 said...

Yeah, but I just remember Zach smoking Evel Dick and all the others with that comp in S8. Zach and Dick were the only two even close. I think most of the other winners of that comp was a tall male. Victor would be good at it but he can't play. :((

monty924 said...

I'd also love a James and Victor F2, but I can't imagine a scenario where that would happen. hmmm

Have to think on that.

tbc said...

Yes, that F2 with James/Victor would be great.
I agree, Monty, I can't imagine the scenario!

Hopefully, some excitement tonight. Ho-hum.

Sharon N said...

James telling Natalie that he plans to throw this next HOH... so he can play for the more important 1 after.

Sharon N said...

Do you remember if James played in the slipping comp last time, or was he already gone?
I wonder if someone who ice skates would have an advantage also? lol
That might sound silly, but... balance.

Becky said...


Petals said...

LOL. Natalie says she is, "a social media mongol". Yes, she said Mongol. LMAO

David said...

Did you pass or fail the test Becky? =)

James is still not thinking correctly if he is going to throw the HOH tonight. This is one of the most important HOH's to win. The veto is the most important for 2 next evictions I think.

Petals said...

I'm getting so tired, not sure I can make it until the show. :(

monty924 said...

LOL... love the new look there, Petals. Stay awake with me. I'm nodding off too, but don't want to miss the show. :)))

monty924 said...

You are 100& correct David. James can't afford to throw ANYTHING from here on out. This has been his entire game philosophy this season and it's why he is where he is now. He should have never gave that HOH to Nicole and he should have never got so deep into a NOMANCE with Natalie. Sad but true.