Thursday, October 20, 2016

BBOTT: New HOH! - October 20

Paul and Pablo hosted

I didn't think I'd still be up, but I am.

KRYSSIE is the new HoH! 

Searching the balls

Alex disadvantage goggles

The comp itself

Well, it will be her first week not on the block!


David said...

Cool. Should be nice to see the other side squirm for once. lol I am about to watch the episode and HOH comp now. This should be interesting.

Now, who do we vote to give the safety servant ACP to this week. Would be funny to give it to Scott or Alex, but I am thinking Whitney myself. Don't really want to give it to Danielle, but since she is probably safe this week anyway, it might be a good time to give it to her.

Unknown said...

Booooo!!!! It's going to be hard to watch this week. Really didnt want Kryssie or n e 1 from that side to win.

Petals said...

Wow - so Danielle's babydaddy is Steven Nelson, he plays for KC Chiefs. She said she "loves and misses him soooo much?" Right in front of Shane? What a playa. I hate her.

Chacha said...

Didn't watch episode last night. Going to watch on replay.
I am surprised Kryssie got HOH.
Have no clue who should get ACP.
I wouldn't make Danielle safe with it.

Nick said...

I'm voting Shelby for ACP this week. They said last night they would be going after Alex and Scott most likely, so that wouldn't be taking away someone Kryssie wants to nominate. Plus, it will just be hilarious to watch Shelby have to be Kryssie's servant all week!

BB-Boy said...

We should vote SHELBY for CAREPACKAGE!! Now that would be very interesting to watch her be Kryssie'S servant!

BB-Boy said...

We should vote Whitney, Scott and Justin for Have Nots

And Scott for NOMINEE

Petals said...

YEAH! Shelby for ACP, because she has been treated so horribly by the LNC.

Petals said...

Danielle will still be my nom for Have Nots and for Eviction.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why everyone loves the LNJ so much. All they do is sit around and complain and talk negatively all the time. Except Justin. He's a cool cat. The ball smashers don't seem catty to me. They just enjoy being around each other. Hopefully America wise up.

BB-Boy said...

Both sides of the house talk crap about each other....nobody is exempt from that....I wouldn't say I love the LNJ more than the ball smashers....but on a regular version of BB the ball smashers would still have cornbread and Monte on their side...and the LNJ would already be non existent.....I love the fact that this BB:OTT version is giving America a voice...and the game is already going way different than it would have/could have gone!

Petals said...

I agree, Anon. I am not an LNJ fan. I like Jason (b/c he's a vet, but that's wearing thin). I love Justin. The rest of the "LNJ", meh.
I like Shelby.
I can take or leave the sisters.
Whitney's accent drives me bananas, so she can leave anytime.

Danielle? Ick. Nasty girl. Typical money-grubber with baby daddy drama @@

Anonymous said...

Personally I like Alex. She's there to play and is getting my vote for ACP and Neely is getting my vote for Americas nom.

Judi Sweeney said...

So glad Kryssie won... Both sides talk trash! I love a little squirming going on! No one should be over confident!!!

Nick said...

The LNJ is mostly made up of more relatable people in my opinion...people you rarely see cast on regular seasons of Big Brother. I enjoy their conversations a lot more as well. They talk game, but a lot of life talk as well. I certainly enjoy the scheming and plotting and being able to watch that unfold, but I like to get to know the houseguests as well on a personal level.

The other girls and Scott haven't really allowed for that so much, at least from what I've seen, although I do honestly like Whitney. Alex has gotten a little catty, but she's into the game and there to play, so I enjoy her being there as well. Shelby has her moments, but overall not a huge fan, and I can't say I know Morgan much at all. She's kinda just there hanging out, which I can't really blame her because she's not seen as threatening by anyone.