Sunday, September 24, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 24, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, it's time for my off television topic reflection of the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're not interesting in either, please feel free to check out my previous and newer posts I will put up after this -- they will be television related!

If you want to be in on the blog pool for the upcoming Survivor season, you need to head to this linked post and sign up only there by Tuesday! Every season we get folks trying to sign up after the cut-off, including some of the very regular blog commenters. PLEASE! C'mon, you know the show is coming. If you want in on the blog pool, PLEASE sign up on time! Laurie is kind enough to be running the pool and really does have the right to say no to stragglers after the cut-off!

I'm so thankful the latest season of Big Brother is over. Several of the long standing BB fan communities have given up -- even Hamsterwatch is about ready to throw in the towel. I don't think she will, but you never know. She certainly earns more money off the show than I do. I don't have the capability to sell CBS Access with a cut for myself. There was a time when, with the paying writing gig, BB paid my rent all summer. Not so these days and this season was more headache than fun for me. Because of the issues this summer, I will be implementing a few ground rules for posting comments on future show posts.

In other stuff, my week back to work from vacation was about what I expected -- chaos, disorganization and more. For decades I had planned to retire on my most recent birthday. I just don't dare do it due to the cost of health insurance. While I would have my pension, my 401K, Social Security and a great discount on life insurance from my company ... the group health insurance would vanish and Medicare wouldn't kick in for three years. It all feels so defeating.


Oh, well. Onto the photos I took this past week -- at least I didn't accidentally delete them from my memory card like I did last week. 

I met a praying mantis

Oh, well. Maybe it's a preying mantis. Either way, it was HUGE -- longer than my entire hand. While I fear its days may be numbered, it was alert enough to follow my camera and my movements with its eyes. This was on the fence netting by the TD Ball Park in Bridgewater adjacent to the train station. When I walked through after work, it was gone.

Hanging in there

While there were dozens of flower of an hour blossoms a month ago, only a few still blossom today.

Let there be lights

One morning at the Plainfield Train Station, I saw all the lamps lighted on the eastbound platform. An NJ Transit dude was (finally) replacing the burnt out bulbs. I used to be enthralled taking photos of the lamps. But, the neglect in replacing knocked-down poles and bulbs over the last several years, plus the influx of ne'er-do-wells hanging out at the station, have inhibited my photos of the station.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Survivor: Heroes-Healers-Hustlers Blog Pool OPENS!

Come one, come all! The blog pool is OPEN for Survivor 35! I'll be looking more into the cast between now and the show's season premiere next Wednesday night. 


The Lovely Lifeguard Laurie has once again graciously offered to run the blog pool for the show. She, but of course, rocks!

I want in! What do I do?
If you want in to the blog pool, you need to sign up in the comments of this post and this post only! Please don't try signing up on any other posts -- we might miss your comment.

Is there money involved in this?
Of course not! You needn't pay anything to get into the pool. You don't need to buy a pool pass or anything! Mind you, you don't win any money either. What you do win is bragging rights until the next season and the smugness that goes with it.

How does it work?
Lifeguard Laurie makes random picks for the castaways and the blog folks. You cheer on that castaway all season until they either win or get their torch snuffed along the way.

When is the cut-off for entering?
All pool requests must be in comments to this here post and submitted by Tuesday, September 26, 3pm ET. Be there or be square.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BB19: Season Finale Blog Party - September 20

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

It's a relief to finally be at the end of this season. While it's apparently been great ratings for the show, not so much fun for at the online fan community. 

The remaining blog pool peeps --

Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Paul Abrahamian - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L

Cody Nickson
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen
Matthew Clines
Jason Dent
Raven Walton
Alex Ow 
Kevin Schlehuber

Hamster watchers ready? Let's have a longer recap than usual ... 

Magical unicorn wonderland? I dunno. It looks to me like the unicorns have serious digestive issues. The final three are hanging onto the tails for dear life. 

And, now Josh is having second thoughts about a final two with Christmas.

Of course, they all have their reasons for wanting to win this final HoH, part one. 

Josh is down first at 40 minutes in. Christmas was up around 54 minutes. Paul wins. He's loud. Of course. 

HoH Part Two has all the previous hamster faces dressed in medieval garb, they have to attack and knock down those with whom they're not aligned as per a scroll. Josh and Christmas go for the win to compete against Paul in the live part three. They have three different weapons to knock down the targets.

I think we saw too much of this comp.  1 hour 39 minutes for Christmas, 1 hour 32 minutes for Josh. It feels like we spent that amount of time watching them. Josh will go up against Paul in Part Three.

Paul thinks he has the best chance of winning at the end with Josh. Christmas is crestfallen, going on about playing with the broken foot in the Diary Room.

Eek. Dr. Will has grey in his hair! He's leading the round table for the jury. Matt and Raven still think they're puppetmasters in the game. Mark argues with them. Kevin finally gets to speak.

Most of the jury think that Josh was poorly behaved, no respect, Cody and Mark admit that Josh took action and Paul didn't. When asked why Christmas deserved to win, they all seem to think it's all because of her broken foot. Then Will asks about Paul -- manipulation, outsmarting, everybody else did his dirty work. Elena is a self-admitted bitter jury member. It looks like they all think Paul played the best game but no one likes the way he did it. 

Finally, we're getting to the final part of the HoH comp -- Josh versus Paul. It's the typical Scales of Just Us comps with how well they know the jury. 

1. Paul scores, not Josh
2. Josh scores, not Paul
3. Both right
4. Josh scores, not Paul
5. Both wrong
6. Both wrong
7. Josh right, Paul wrong.

JOSH wins the final HoH Part Three! He both cries and screams.

It's time for Josh to decide who goes with him to the final two.
Paul - Worked with you, had your back, etc.
Christmas - My meatball, love both of you, amazing summer. (Obviously conceding to Paul.)

As we know from the live feeds, he chooses to take Paul to the final two. Silly boy. 

Christmas's Julie interview is all teary. She thinks Josh stands a better chance to win against Paul than against her.

I personally disagree. 

The jury comes out. They think Christmas will join them. And, yes, she does. 

Three questions for each.

Elena - Paul, orchestrated and participated in bully tactics. He denies it. 
Matt - Josh, no strategy? Biggest game move. Says he's a superfan since age of six, social game, aligned himself with so many. Got rid of Alex.
Alex - Paul, last season friendship, this year destroyed it. Paul denies, got people as far as he could, but had to play for himself.
Cody - Josh, played Paul's game, not his own. Josh says he played his own game.
Jason - Paul -- moves made to avoid jury issues. Paul denies that reasoning, again blames house.
Mark - Josh -- Altercations, crying and apologetic, then happens again. Josh expose people's games. 
Christmas - A joke question.

Josh was a lot more articulate than I expected. And Paul seemed to try to shift the blame for everything on others. Hmm.

Speech time:
Paul - His rehearsed all week speech. Set house targets, put himself in with others, pretty much voicing his strategy for the season (sans bullying). Wins he made. Never on the block. Played the hell out of BB.

Josh - Expose people's shady games, aligned myself strategically, put my targets on the block, played fearlessly ... loses his train of thought ... gave it everything he got, no friendship bracelet, made sure I was underestimated. 

Cody - stay true to my word
Elena - no jury management
Mark - Congrats both
Matt - More in all aspects of game
Jason - Both aligned with me
Raven - Best game
Alex - Just a game, person who stabbed in front, not back
Kevin - Congrats
Christmas - Love you both, game move. 

A bit of time for the evicted prior to jury hamsters. Jess tells them Paul played them all and they all let him. Into Diary Room Paul clips. Jess says she would have voted Paul to win if she was in jury.  Heh -- they show Josh blowing up Paul's game in his goodbye messages.

The votes are revealed:
Christmas - Paul
Kevin - Paul
Alex - Josh
Raven - Paul
Jason - Josh
Matt - Paul
Mark - Josh
Elena - Josh
Cody - Josh

JOSH WINS THE SEASON! Paul loses by one vote again.

AFP -- Top three were Kevin, Cody and Jason.

Cody wins. When asked if he had anything to say, he said, "It doesn't make sense." It does. America can be a bitter jury as well as the BB jury can.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday - September 19

Josh dressed the stuffed owls

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet:
  • The stuffed owls, Theodore and Orwell, were dressed up by Josh to watch them play cards.
  • Nobody else wants to watch them play cards.
  • There was a minor earthquake which got Josh all excited.
  • Nothing serious, mind you.
  • But it doesn't take much to excite Josh.
  • Other than that, nothing has changed -- it will still be Josh and Paul as the final two and they believe Christmas will win America's Favorite Player.
  • Thank goodness this train wreck of a season ends tomorrow. 

After the earthquake

Monday, September 18, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday - September 18

May his 15 minutes be up soon

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Prolonging My Agony:
  • Boring.
  • Boring.
  • More boring.
  • They've sat around trashing other hamsters.
  • Christmas has given up her game, conceding that Paul and Josh will be the final two with her blessings.
  • Ack.
  • Remember, Paul won Part 1; Josh won Part 2. The final live round of the HoH comp will be Paul versus Josh. The winner will pick who goes with him to the final two.
  • Paul has been practicing his speech.
  • They actually think Christmas will probably be voted America's Favorite Player.
  • Bwahaha! 
  • I doubt she's even in the running. Well, she is in the running as she's a hamster, but she's a least likely.
  • I think people would be more likely to vote for her scooter to win.
  • In order for them to have a BBAD show, they answered questions submitted by BBAD viewers.
  • Um, okay.
  • What fun will come next?
  • Oh.
  • None.
  • And on it goes ... 

Who woulda thunk it?

Has thrown her game away

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 17, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic post taking a look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This weekly post is done year in, year out. Big Brother, the main draw for so many of you, only lasts about three months -- although sometimes it seems to be a lifetime. If you're here solely for the BB posts, please feel free to skip this post. You can find my latest BB19 posts by using this link.

Well, normally I have photographs. Not so much so this week. As a matter of fact, not at all this week. I did take a few, not many as I took the week off and really didn't go anywhere. But I had some great shots of a bee on a flower and Vincent in an Amazon box.

Then I accidentally deleted them from the memory card this morning before uploading them to my computer. Unlike the computer itself with its Recycle Bin, I can't find any method of recovery.

That seems to be how life is going lately for me.

I've decided not to enter the local photography contest this year. The photos I've taken within the last two years aren't all that conducive to the theme of History, Art and Culture. Plus, a change in the criteria for judging seems to more into people posing for photos and even more candid type photos than the photography I do. I think of photography as art and the contest seems to be going in another direction.

Tomorrow I get to go back to work. Sigh.

Here's a shot of Vincent I took a few years ago ... 


BB19: Live Feeds, HoH Part Two - September 17

That comp was so hard!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Watching Paint Dry:
  • Well, with these three, it's definitely boring. 
  • They won't fight.
  • They have nothing to fight about -- it's the Dos Amigos and Una Amiga.
  • About the only thing worth reporting before the feeds were blocked for the second part of the HoH comp was that now Josh is waffling. 
  • The only real hope for a Paul shut-out of the final two would be a Josh win of HoH and Josh taking Christmas with him instead of Paul.
  • If he pulled a move like that, Josh could possibly win it all.
  • And, he keeps saying he wants to make that big move.
  • Now?
  • I guess he's having second thoughts.
  • The feeds were blocked for hours for the second part of the final HoH comp.
  • It was something to do with three different shooting manners (slingshot, arrow, etc.) and they had to knock down the hamsters who weren't part of the answer for different scenarios.
  • Raven was Christmas's target problem -- she kept hitting her and the "so-and-so just wouldn't fall!"
  • Josh had the same problem with Jillian.
  • Of course, it wasn't the real hamsters in real life.
  • Josh won it, apparently by five minutes over Christmas.
  • Oh, yay ... as planned, he'll go against Paul in the live final round on finale night.
  • He's still talking the silly talk about taking Paul instead of Christmas.
  • Meanwhile, Paul plans to take Josh along with him.
  • Either way, Josh would end up in the final two.
  • But only one way would Josh stand a chance of the win. 

Raven just wouldn't die!

Still manipulating

Friday, September 15, 2017

BB19: Clips and HoH Part 1 Show Blog Party - September 15

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest. As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

I probably won't be commenting blow by blow on the clips. And, I'm not sure if we will see the completion of the first part of the final HoH comp or just the start.

Please be respectful of others and PG-rated in the comments. Thank you.

We get a recap before the recap clips. Josh cries again, this time because he's in the final three. Once again Josh tells us that if he has the opportunity, he has to take that shot at Paul.

Now they have the feast and the "reminiscing" starts.

Ah, the Kevin/Raven/Alex fight that was blocked to the feeds.  

Most of the clips are mentioned in the comments.

We're only going to get the start of the HoH comp first part, pretty much as I suspected. 

Giant unicorns on clouds in the backyard. It's kind of like water-skiing. They have to hang onto their unicorn's tail while balancing on a cloud. They are getting hit with some kind of unicorn flatulence dust. 

And, so it ends until shown on Wednesday's finale show.

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday, HoH Part 1 Winner - Sept. 15

Floated under the radar to the end

First off -- my apologies for turning off Anonymous comments to the blog. I've had too many problems this season from the start of the season ... even at times with the regulars. I can definitely see why Dingo at Hamsterwatch doesn't allow comments on her entries. While I like the sense of community and feel community makes this blog the place it is, I put too much work in this place for too little return to be trolled and constantly have to babysit the comments. I honestly don't need the headaches -- I have enough of my own without this. I may turn the anonymous back on again for showtime. I don't know. I certainly hope the upcoming season of Survivor isn't as polarizing and hateful as BB has been this summer.

Anyway, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It Can't End Soon Enough:
  • The live feeds were blocked for hours after the live show ended.
  • In previous years, we've been able to watch the first part (usually endurance) play out on the feeds.
  • Not so this season.
  • We had a brief respite when Kevin answered his fan questions. He was the gentleman that Julie sees each week and holds no grudges against any of his fellow hamsters.
  • I would guess that we'll see a taste of the start of the HoH tonight at the end of a whole lotta clips.
  • Paul won it.
  • They were all covered with colored dust and looked beat.
  • Josh was out first. He needs to get his act together!
  • It's the first really physical comp that Christmas got the doctor's clearance to compete in.
  • She thanked her doctor.
  • Yes, if Paul wins it all, he's most likely to take Josh. He once again mentioned that to us. While you can't trust what he says to his fellow hamsters, we usually know his plans. He thinks he can win over Josh, but perhaps not over Christmas.
  • But ... if Josh wins the final HoH, he's likely to take Christmas.
  • Now, THAT could be interesting and be the only real game-changer move in weeks.
  • Josh and Christmas will compete against each other in the second round.
  • The winner of that round goes against Paul in the final round.
  • Whether the house is just so empty or they were just so beat from the comp, all was quite subdued. 
  • You know it's subdued when Josh, Paul and Christmas are all in a room talking and I had to turn up the volume to full just to hear the discussion!
  • Thankfully Raven isn't there to occasionally scream and wake up my neighbors. 
  • Paul told us he's the "black sheep" of his family.
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • He's probably going to be known as the "black sheep" of BB even if he wins this season. 

Get it together, Josh!

Kevin's, not Paul's

Must compete with Josh next.

Actually being soft-spoken. Very odd.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

BB19: Live Eviction Show Blog Party - September 14

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun!

Here are the blog pool match-ups for easy reference tonight --

Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Kevin Schlehuber - elee86, aya, SueGee on the Left Coast
Paul Abrahamian - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L

Cody Nickson
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen
Matthew Clines
Jason Dent
Raven Walton
Alex Ow

Hamster watchers ready? Let's have a recap first!

That was no sympathy vote Paul gave for Alex! It was purely strategy to get no "blood on his hands."

Ah, we get a jury house peek tonight.

We see the nominations ceremony from Paul's Tuesday HoH win. He nominates Josh, then Kevin.  

Jury house time. Matt enters. Cody is his usual jovial self. He wants no part of any discussion. Then Jason arrives. He only lightens up when he sees Jason's exit. 

Raven arrives. Jason finds out that Alex did NOT take part in his eviction. Raven still thinks she and Matt had the only true alliance with Paul. Not so bright, I say. Alex arrives in her superhero costume. Now Raven is screaming at the rest because she played such a great game. Matt is even laughing.

Power of Veto comp time! Artificial Intelligence, events in BB house, dates. Several rounds.

1st round, Christmas blows it and "loses power" -- two more times and out.
2nd round, Kevin blows it.
3rd round, Kevin last/wrong again.
4th round, Kevin is out of the comp
5th round, Christmas too slow
6th round, Christmas is out of the comp
7th round, Josh too slow
8th round, Josh too slow
9th round, Josh is out of the comp

Paul wins the Power of Veto. 

Paul gives his word to Kevin that he's safe and the final three will be himself, Kevin and Christmas. We know how good his word is, right? Too bad no one else does. 

Live veto meeting and eviction time. 
Josh -- Loyalty and love
Kevin -- will respect decision

Paul does NOT use the Power of Veto.

Christmas is the sole vote to evict. They can address Christmas.
Josh - Loves all, man of his word to Christmas, etc., etc. Talks about his comp wins.
Kevin - Great time, whatever decision made I'll respect.

Christmas votes to evict ... Kevin, citing his lack of comp wins.

The crowd goes wild cheering for him. Paul lies again in his goodbye message to get the jury vote. Josh tells of Josh's final three with Christmas and Paul.

BB19: Live Feeds into Thursday - Sept. 14


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of The Boring Four:
  • Man, these live feeds are just about shot for the season.
  • We missed the nominations and PoV, but found out the results -- Josh and Kevin are on the block and Paul won the Power of Veto. 
  • When the feeds came back on at 9pm their time, midnight my time, most were napping.
  • Well, Kevin was staring into space blinking a lot, much as he's been forced to do a lot of the summer because he was shunned.
  • About the most interesting thing that happened was that Paul had a "Friendship Chat" with us.
  • As I suspected, his intention is to take Josh to the final two. That would be the wisest choice for him as he's made sure Josh has bloodied his hands with almost every eviction.
  • If he chose Christmas, many don't really know her cruel streak, and they might feel sympathy for her due to her broken foot. Plus, he lost to a woman last season when he deserved the win. He won't let that happen again! He didn't say this to us, but I'm just being a bit psychic here.
  • I imagine she'll be getting a big enough payday for that foot from CBS anyway even though it was broken due to tomfoolery.
  • He won't bring Kevin to the final two because (1.) He would think it a Victoria move as Kevin has won no comps and (B.) Kevin just might take a bitter jury's votes for the win.
  • But Josh ... he has done his best to make Josh look like an enraged monster emotionally and physically.
  • Only we know that Josh, although too little and too late, was the one who most wanted to get out Paul towards the end.
  • I found it interesting in Paul's talk that he went on about not wanting to let his parents down again -- his sister became a doctor while he was inside the BB house this summer.
  • Why do I think his parents probably had higher dreams than him winning a TV reality game show? I'm not even talking about his twisted evil ways of going for the win. I'm talking goals in life.
  • I can only think they expected something much different from him.
  • If all goes like I expect tonight, Kevin will be voted out by Christmas.
Just a note -- I see a lot of talk about voting Cody as a favorite just to "get back" at Paul for the game he played. I personally can't condone voting solely for those reasons. Memories are short, I see. I realize Cody had a few fans from the beginning. But his BB game truly sucked. He betrayed his own alliance, refused to talk to people, holed himself up with Jessica, bullied others and sat around staring a lot. I can't see how that all comes across as a "favorite player."

Meanwhile, I was actually entertained by Kevin until they shunned him so much that he spent time just sitting alone with no one to talk to. He tried to get along with everyone and got shunned because of it. No, he didn't play a great game. Yet he was a breath of fresh air -- an older dude (for BB) who kept taking the punishment from the younger cast without breaking down. He's the one with my votes for "Favorite Player." That's because I'm using the vote for what it should be used -- my favorite in this cast, not a revenge motive.  

Plenty of time to think this summer

Most likely to be chosen final two

Some fish survived the summer

Offed by the toxic environment?

"I'm probably a psychopath."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BB19: PoV and (not live) Eviction Show Blog Party - Sept. 13

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

The live feeds have been down since the hamsters woke up Tuesday morning. For those who worried about me, I just took a little rest of BB because I could. The live feeds won't return until midnight ET tonight.

Here are the blog pool match-ups for easy reference tonight --

Alex Ow - jujufruit423, caela, Donna in FL, Nickelpeed
Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Kevin Schlehuber - elee86, aya, SueGee on the Left Coast
Paul Abrahamian - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L

Cody Nickson
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen
Matthew Clines
Jason Dent
Raven Walton

Hamster watchers ready? 

Julie gathers them in the living room to the couches, She tells them one of them will be evicted tonight early. Of course, this was taped last night, but ...! 

Then we go into the recap.

Alex cries about being nominated. Josh tries to talk to her. Okay, she's faking. So then Josh real cries. Of course. Paul and Christmas try to console him. Josh wants Alex to win veto so he stands a chance to backdoor Paul. Paul and Christmas tell him Alex has to lose the veto -- she must go home. 

Christmas won't commit to Josh when he asks for a final two with her. Hmm.

Josh cries some more. 

Paul tells Josh that Alex can cry on command. He says her last ditch effort will be to get sympathy from Josh. 

It's veto comp time! And, as we knew it was coming, it's the BB comic book cover zipline comp we've seen before. Christmas is not cleared to play. The time limit is 45 minutes. 

Pottymouth is perfect for Paul. He can't say a single sentence without cursing. Mind you, all of them have pottymouths this season ... even Kevin. 

Kevin timed out. Alex thinks that Paul is still her hero. Gag. She thinks that either she or Paul need to win. 

Alex - 14.34
Kevin - 45.0
Josh - 24.36
Paul - 12.10

Paul wins the Power of Veto! He plans not to use it. Alex thinks he'll save her.

Ah, Paul has to tell Alex he won't use the veto. He tells his truth to her -- that he can't use the veto on her because it would blow his own game. He tries to be oh-so-nice to her as he puts the knife in her back. 

She goes to the bathroom alone crying while he goes crying on Christmas's shoulder. And then he cries to us in the Diary Room. Oh, so sad. Yeah, right.

Veto meeting time --
Although he has no intention of using it, he lets them talk.
Alex -- You were the only one I trust
Kevin -- You make the decision.

He doesn't use the veto. 

Eviction time!
Kevin -- Says hi to all. Third time on the block, fighting, thank you all want to keep on fighting.
Alex -- Thanks and hi. She's in tears. It's been a struggle. She failed Jason, sorry.

The votes to evict:
Christmas -- Alex
Paul -- Kevin

He's even shedding the bloody hands to Josh on this one. Josh has to cast the tiebreaker. Tears are welling in his eyes. He tearfully evicts Alex. 

HoH Comp, What the Bleep? The traditional statements from previous hamsters, one word bleeped out, they must guess true or false when Julie says the word.

1. All right
2. Paul right, other two wrong
3. All right
4. Paul only one right
5. Paul right again.

Paul wins HoH and is guaranteed a spot in the final three.