Saturday, March 04, 2017

Survivor: Game Changers - Casting Part 3

Who's ready for the two-hour premiere Wednesday night? Be there or be square! 

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Ciera - Game changer or not? Hmm. If memory serves, she's the one who voted her own mother out in Blood vs. Water. Now, that was something a bit game changing. This is her third time trying for a win. Y'know, if all the people who say they're going to ride a bit under the radar at the start (or, as Ciera says, stay in the middle), the first half of the season will be a snooze-fest as everybody gathers together to oust Sandra or Cirie! Sorry, can't see her winning this season. The competition is too varied and tough, both strategically and physically.

Brad - Game changer or not? Commonly referred to by Jeff as "Culpepper," I think Brad is someone to watch this season. I notice in the video, he's definitely leaning more towards working with the women than the men. Interesting. He obviously has no love lost and seems bitter about dear little Cierra. And, he's right in thinking he needs to be more attuned to how is own alliance is feeling towards him. Then again, we all do love a good blindside! He might be a contender this season.

Ozzy - Game changer or not? Well, for a three time loser at the game, he actually has been a game changer. Just his ability to climb trees more adeptly than a howler monkey in search of food is amazing. I believe his plan to get to know people and build friendships is spot on. However, I worry that others might target him merely for his threat in physical competitions. There are others like Malcolm who might give him a run for the money in that arena, though. Ozzy just might have a chance to be the sole Survivor.

Sarah - Game changer or not? Gosh, I have to say not. I hope she does indeed show us why she was asked to play again. Otherwise, I will have to think it's because they needed another body. I barely remember her from her original season. That said, she does have a lot of good points made in the video. But I doubt very much that she'll be changing this game this season.

Anyone have any thoughts on this group?


Petals said...

I'm so excited to see Ozzy again! I hope he & Malcolm work together and not against one another. They could run this game until the end!

3 days!!!!!!

Jackie - Thank you so much for being the best blog-writer and hostess. This place is like home, and I've had a longer (and healthier) relationship with the people here than I have with my past 2 husbands {sad but true}. I'm always so appreciative that you maintain this awesome place for all of us to meet, comment and enjoy the show(s).
I am making my donation to our party fund today, because I am sure I'll be too excited to remember by Wednesday.

Jackie said...

Thank you, Petals.