Monday, June 19, 2017

Big Brother 19: Meet the Cast, Part 1

Jillian Parker is 24, originally from Celebration, FL but is currently living in Las Vegas. According to her bio on, she's a timeshare sales rep. She says she's bubbly. Hmm. I'm not too keen on bubbly. One thing not in her bio online is that she told Jeff that she has lost 50 pounds since January with weight loss surgery. 

Her favorite BB hamster is Daniele Donato. She has this convoluted strategy of an alliance of guys and giving them information from the girls. We'll see how that works out. I say ... I doubt she'll win it all.
Josh Martinez is 23, originally from Miami, FL and now residing in Homestead, FL. According to his CBS bio, he's in hair care sales. My gosh, this guy is jumpy. I watched his Jeff interview and he couldn't keep still. Plus, he seems to have no control of his cussing in an interview like that! 

He's way too confident in his own bad little self. He might rub people the wrong way, I think. His favorite previous BB hamster was Evel Dick in BB8. I liked Evel Dick, but I'm not sure I like Josh.
Kevin Schlehuber is 55, from Boston and still residing there. According to his bio on, he's a stay at home father. Oh geez, BB did it again -- stick ONE person who's more than 20 years older than the rest of the cast! Gah! He likes Derrick, possibly because he met him. It sounded to me in the Jeff interview that his kids wanted him to try for the show. He has seven of them!

Huh. He was Mr. Massachusetts in 1986 and won a Hunk contest on Geraldo Rivera. Oh my. He came across as mellow. I think I'll like him, but I don't think I'll like him for the win.
Ramses Soto is the youngest hamster at 21. He's from Grand Rapids, MI and still resides there. According to his CBS bio, he's a cosplay artist. I watched his Jeff interview. He comes across as a bit Floyd-ish (TAR fans will get the reference). He's a comics fan. I like that! He calls himself a superfan, but he's only two years older than the show!

His favorite previous BB hamster is Dan Gheesling. Well that's a good choice. He has all these big strategical plans that I feel will all fall to the wayside once he's in the house. He thinks his social game will be strong. That I do believe. 

I will be following up with more tomorrow evening ... and at an earlier hour than this!


Cheryl in NC said...

Sooooo ready for my favorite summer guilty pleasure to be back! Thanks Jackie for letting us hang out with you all summer!!

Cheryl in NC said...

Oh...i think i will like Kevin..but why oh why do the powers that be not give us a few more grown-ups???

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie! This is going to be fun....

Chacha said...

Ready for the summer.
I haven't watched all the interviews yet.
I can't believe I booked a long weekend with my family the week of the premier..
Thank goodness for these updates.

Petals said...

I think this is a more diverse mix than the last 2 seasons. It seems less "perfect" people, more misfits. IMO, anyway.
I like Matt and one other guy...I forget...dark hair, from Texas.

Bring it on, whooohooo!

Terry is a Texan! said...

I am so excited and anxious for the show to begin!
Is Lifegyard Laurie doing the teams??

Jackie said...

Lifeguard Laurie does Survivor. ORKMommy usually does the BB pool. I'll have to ask her if she wants to do it again this season -- thanks for reminding me!

monty924 said...

Yay!!! We have hamsters and they're already in the house. Can't wait for next Wednesday... have to get my house in order and my pre-apologies to family and friends for my absence from their lives, LOL!

Thanks Jackie!