Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Big Brother 19: Meet the Cast, Part 3

Mark Jansen is 26, from and still residing in Grand Island, NY. His CBS bio lists him as a personal trainer. Being originally from New York myself, I had to look up exactly where Grand Island is -- it's in Erie County in western New York. Y'know, I honestly LIKE this guy. He seems like such a nice, well-balanced good guy. Alas, that isn't always the best candidate to win the show.

His favorite previous hamster is Brandon. I'm not all that keen on that choice, but Brandon too had a lot of nice guy kind of qualities. I do understand his choice. While Mark comes across as a nice guy, he also seemed interesting and intelligent enough that he won't bore me. But he just might be too nice a guy to win it all. He will need to throw some sneak in there. 
Raven Walton is  23, from and still living in DaValls Bluff, AR.  As per her CBS bio, she's a dance instructor. I need to get this out of my system -- I'm not a fan of Mickey Mouse ears hairstyles with bows. I'm just not. That said, I kind of like this gal.

Mentioned in the Jeff interview, but not her online bio, Raven has a pacemaker and takes life on as a second chance to live. Very admirable! Yet, she did turn me off with mentioning Frankie as her favorite previous hamster. It makes me wonder if she'll treat this opportunity as some kind of audition much as Frankie did. Gah! I'll have to play a wait and see game whether I'll enjoy her on the feeds or not.

Dominque (the Dominator) Cooper is 30, originally from Tuskegee, AL, currently residing in Woodbridge, VA. Her CBS bio lists her has a government engineer. While she claims in that bio that her hair and skin mean everything to her (and she's very pretty), this young lady is anything but shallow!

She boasts advanced degrees, likes to write and is definitely a very intelligent woman. What is she doing on the show, I ask? Well, she's a fan. Hopefully her people skills and intelligence will keep her in there for some time to come. I'm a bit tired of vapid folks in the house.
Cody Nickson is 32, from Lake Mills, IA, but currently residing in Plano, TX. I actually liked a lot of things in his CBS online bio -- he knows the show, he has never taken a selfie shot, his favorite previous hamster is Evel Dick, he's a show fan, he will never allow himself to be put up as a pawn, like Cameron (to be delved into in my last installment) he's into Rubik's cubes, etc. 

But his Jeff interview was disappointing -- he came across as boring, hating his job and rather distant. Some of the things he mentioned in one or the other is that he never cries, never wore a suit, never wore cologne. Hmm. Will the real Cody please stand up? 

More to come! You can catch all my Big Brother 19 posts at this link right here.


Chacha said...

the summer theme has come---

Summer of Temptation.

David said...

I am glad they didn't put the Jeff interviews behind the pay wall. But it also reminded me how much I hate CBS's video player. There are a couple of people I like and a few I don't from the interviews, but most of them will be a wait and see.

I wonder how many times that tree at the bottom of the stairs will be knocked over. I hope they secured it to the floor because that thing is top heavy with a small base. Sorry, I notice things like structural details because of the work I do. They also showed only one of the downstairs bedrooms. I wonder what the others are like.

Two keys to open the safe boxes and immunity, safety, and money as temptations. I can guess where this is heading but will wait and see how it plays out. I would be looking hard for hidden items right off the bat, especially after the hidden room thing last season.

Only ONE week to go until the 2 hour premier. It's getting close. =)

Judi Sweeney said...

Man, I would be searching the house and yard like crazy! Only a couple of personalities stand out right now.... we shall see! Ready for some BB!!

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying when they first introduced this show in 2000 I enjoyed it it was different and interesting and family-friendly. But, as the years have progressed in his gotten progressively worse . Starting with the year evil dick was the contestant, I stopped watching because I didn't like the way he treated women. But I do have to say that evil dick is an angel compared to the sheep that Paul is master of . I feel that this season was manipulated in order for Paul to
win. This whole game was rigged for him from the beginning. Why put people through all the heartbreak, when you already know how you want it to end, I don't get it, just hand him the check and let everyone go home. This season has been a lesson in the finer art of bullying, with Paul, Alex,Jason and Josh (although I don't think Josh has any idea that he was being a bully, mostly, because he just doesn't seem to have the mental capacity of knowing right from wrong). This group talks viciously about each other like none I have ever seen,with Paul at the helm. I have stopped watching the show, and will no longer invest time and effort into it, because I fixed my remote control and have learned to change the channel.Hope for those of you who continue to watch it, may it still have the entertainment value you seek. God Bless.