Monday, July 31, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Dawn - July 31

Is it that cold in there?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Paul Plans:
  • Okay ... so Jessica's demands have been met. 
  • For the moment, at least.
  • She will not use the hex and will sacrifice Cody this week.
  • Paul will take Jason off the block during the veto meeting.
  • In return, they (Paul and company) will keep Jessica safe the next two weeks and Alex will be voted out next.
  • I mean ... what could go wrong here?
  • Well, Paul doesn't want Alex out.
  • But he doesn't tell Jessica that.
  • Elena thinks she needs to separate herself from Mark for her own game.
  • Honestly, I don't think that will help her much.
  • She obviously was never that into Mark in the first place. I think any convenient man would have sufficed her needs.
  • Mark, on the other hand, was smitten. He's often more of a teenager than a man and that includes how he is with women.
  • He's hurt.
  • Maybe he and Josh can work on a true bromance instead.
  • Paul, when not around certain hamsters, is beside himself with glee thinking this new plan might actually work.
  • He amazes himself.
  • Heh.
  • In between smooching sessions, Jessica and Cody had their relationship ups and downs talks.
  • I think Jessica's eyes are opening in regard to how Cody is and might also be on the outside.
  • "Maybe I'm supposed to be alone," says Cody.
  • Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! Well, unless you're miserable alone, that is.
  • There are other rifts going on in the house -- Josh is being a pain, Mark is irked that Josh gets away with it, etc.
  • Kevin told Jason that Cody told him he'd be willing to bow out of the game to give Jessica a chance in it.
  • Paul is being cautious. He doesn't want Jessica to feel threatened. After all, until the hex is not used on Thursday, there is room for changed minds.
  • Paul thinks he might pull Jessica off with the veto, put Alex up and let Jessica think Alex will be voted out.
  • Jessica herself is of two minds about the hex -- America gave it to her, so she should use it and Cody keeps changing his mind whether he should stay or go.
  • Mark is now forlorn and lovesick. Poor baby. Elena certainly isn't the woman for him anyway. He just doesn't see it that way.
  • Later! 

Not really a worldly dude

A man with a plan. And a Plan B.

No, I haven't won a comp yet!

Breaking up is hard to do

Sunday, July 30, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 30

Mark's one shoulder dwarfs both of them

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dealing Dilemmas:
  • Paul is thinking the temptation Jessica has might just save one person. He's considering pulling Jessica off the block.
  • His plan would be to put Elena up in her place, Cody would go home.
  • Kevin believes that if any girl is on the block, Christmas will vote that girl out. Hmm.
  • Paul talked to Jessica, once again reiterating that everyone likes her. It's just that, with Cody (Public Enemy #1) at her side, she will always remain on the outside, a target.
  • She ended up telling him that, using her hex, she can pull everyone off the block.
  • She tells him there would be no eviction at all.
  • In other words, his latest HoH reign would be all for nothing.
  • Jessica tells him she refuses to take part in any plan that will send Cody home.
  • Sigh. That would be a game-changing move for her. In my opinion, she has a decent sense of the game, better than most playing this season. If not for Cody, she'd be a contender for the win.
  • Paul pointed out that she'd definitely make jury if she doesn't use it and Cody goes home.
  • The person going home this week should be the last pre-jury.
  • She says she wants to be in jury with Cody if neither of them make it further down the line.
  • Paul kept trying to convince her that Cody is ruining her game and she has a chance without him in the picture.
  • Alas, to no avail.
  • Well ... maybe ...
  • Jessica laid down the rules if she doesn't use the hex to save herself and lets Cody go -- she wants safety for two weeks and Alex to be voted out the next HoH.
  • Um. Gee, isn't Paul in a secret alliance with Alex?
  • Shh. It's a secret.
  • Paul assured her he could fulfill her first demand. He's not as sure on the getting Alex out.
  • Jessica is adamant about the Alex bit. She says she feels like she's being bullied in the game and those are her demands. She would like them met.
  • Well, that sends Paul into a tailspin! He has to run around to all of his peeps, adjusting things a bit for each of them.
  • Cody and Jessica ended up in a kerfuffle without anyone mentioning she might be ready to throw him to the wolves!
  • Paul told Alex of the plan, telling her that they'll be faking the target on her and there will be another blindside.
  • Heh. Paul said that Cody has a "small man complex."
  • Takes one to know one!
  • Paul is the smallest guy in the house while Cody is shorter than most of the women.
  • Paul and his peeps decide to go with a Make Cody Miserable Plan.
  • Um. I think he's there already and has been for weeks with the exception of the Jessica benefits.
  • A meeting was held with Jessica (sans Cody) and a group. She agreed not to use the hex (and thus sacrifice Cody) if Alex goes out next.
  • Agreed.
  • Um, well, it is BB. I wouldn't trust any of them!
  • Jessica asked they be nice to Cody. After all, he has post-war stuff going on in his head.
  • I don't know. I watched as Jessica asked him the ranks he attained in both the Air Force and Marines.
  • Uh.
  • "Uh is not an answer," I say in my best Judge Judy voice.
  • Now, you KNOW the rank you attained on the military as well as you KNOW whether you graduated school or not. Why did he hesitate on both answers? Thinking up a lie?
  • Hmm.
  • Things are all convoluted in the house.
  • And, so is my mind.
  • Until tomorrow ... 

Pigs are flying! They're playing pool again.

A cowboy without a hat

Adding to repertoire - the sneer stare

Paul and Jessica talk game

BB19: Temptation Challenge, Nominations Show Blog Party - July 30

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

Recap, recap. 

After the recap, Paul thinks that Jessica is bluffing with her announcement that she has the power to keep her and Cody safe. Cody admits Jessica is much better at the game than he is. Well, heck ... ALL of them have a better social game. Elena is all upset that people lied to her. Josh thinks that he should irk Mark and starts banging pots and pans to wake him up.

He says he wants to bond with Mark. He runs around dancing to his circus theme. banging pots and pans claiming it's his last day. Mark tells us he's nauseous about having to deal with Josh for another week. 

Jessica tells Cody that she wants to convince Paul to nominate two other people so the hex could be used next week. 

Elena is shunning Mark and the world. Mark tries to make good with Cody. Cody tries to make good with Matt. Matt tells us voting Ramses out was best for his game. Cody tells us he doesn't like or trust Matt.

Paul thinks he should call Jessica's bluff and put both Jessica and Cody on the block. He gets his allies to back him up with the move. 

Cody talks to Paul and brings to light a new target -- Mark. That's because Mark is his buddy.

Paul is still in secret cahoots with Alex. He tells her that he's going to put up Jessica and Cody. If Jessica and Cody come down, he'll replace them with Mark and Elena. Of course, he doesn't have the power of the hex right. He plants seeds with Elena that Mark is ruining her game because Mark has reattached to Cody. 

Elena tells us she can't leave the house due to her showmance -- "I can't look that dumb."

Too bad. That dumb ship sailed long ago. 

She talks to Mark. Now Mark is upset. 

The Temptation Challenge is announced as the consequence of the acceptance of the final temptation. 

Cody wants to compete in it. Jessica thinks that would be foolish because she wants people to believe they're safe.  Elena thinks if she doesn't compete, it will show Paul she trusts him.  Alex thins it's exciting but will do what's best for the group. Paul thinks Matt should play, so he'll do it for Paul.

Jason, Matt, Alex, Mark compete in the comp. Paul isn't too happy about Mark competing -- he was the Plan B eviction.

Big Brother Bowlarina. They get tutus. It's the comp where BB makes them dizzy and then they try to bowl. This comp is always a hoot to watch! Jason has to keep spinning and spinning to get time to nail his four pins. 3.37 on the clock.

Alex is having trouble throwing the balls hard enough. Her time is 1.39. 

Mark spins slowly so he doesn't get as dizzy. It's working. He also has a lot of power. He takes the lead with 1.18.

Matt's up next. His time 2.34.

Jason will be on the block. Mark is safe for the week.

Cody tells Mark that Paul threw a fit when he saw Mark's time. They think it's Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark against the rest of the house.

Elena had earlier agreed that she would be a pawn for Paul.

Jessica is being vague about her temptation with Paul. She once again indicates she can keep herself and Cody safe for the next few weeks.

Paul says he needs a strong pawn against Elena. Alex volunteers. Matt reluctantly says he will do it if he must. Paul is thinking that if he nominates Jessica and Cody, they can't be nominated. He's wrong on that, we know. 

Paul and Jessica talk some more. He still thinks she's bluffing right before nominations. 

Time for the nominations!

Jason is already on as the third. Paul nominates Jessica and then Cody. Paul says that he nominated them because they were vague about the temptation. Elena is relieved. Jessica claims she's surrounded by idiots in the house and his HoH is ruined -- she tells us this.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 30, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic post taking a look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This weekly post is done year in, year out. Big Brother, the main draw for so many of you, only lasts about three months -- although sometimes it seems to be a lifetime. If you're here solely for the BB posts, please feel free to skip this post. You can find my latest BB19 posts by using this link.

I really don't have much for you this week. I spent the week working, blogging Big Brother shows and live feeds, slept when I could and entertained a certain cat named Vincent. I'm tired. 

The weather wasn't so bad this week here in the NJ/NYC Greater Metro Area -- we had some glorious temperature days during which it only got into the mid-70s! Sure, the beach crowd might not like that, but I love it! It's been nice to have my windows open and the air conditioner off.

Other than flowers, I really didn't get much in the way of photos this week.  Clicking on an image will open a larger version ...

Rose of Sharon

Pretty pinks on Berckman Street

Little crumbsnatcher!


BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 30

Drinks out of a gallon jug of water

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Weird Wackadoodles:
  • Going back to before the PoV comp yesterday, back to the Paul/Cody brouhaha ... Jessica talked with Cody afterwards.
  • She was livid.
  • She didn't puff herself up to look bigger like Cody did to Paul.
  • It was all verbal. Basically, she told him he was wrecking what little chance they have to get anywhere in the game. She called him a hothead. She ended up distancing herself from him. Paul was actually the only one to go to her to make sure she was okay and said he's willing to talk with her. He told her that she is liked -- it's just her relationship with Cody and the perception of it in the house that was keeping her apart.
  • Now, Paul might be faking any and all concern he has for others in the house. But, a good social game is such a huge part of gameplay in the BB house. If he makes it to the finals, the jury will remember his support, real or not, in the vote.
  • Meanwhile, Cody and Mark talked. Both were adamant that their showmances were over.
  • Cody claimed that Jessica would always blame him for anything that goes wrong in a future relationship, he'd be the default for blame. Mark said that when Josh was banging pots and pans at him, Elena didn't speak up to defend him at all -- as a matter of fact, she laughed.
  • All the love they both have to offer for nought.
  • Back to the latest ... Cody and Jessica are snuggling again and Mark is still agog with Elena.
  • Paul had a long talk with Mark when Mark asked him how he can save his game. Paul's advice could be wheedled down to back away from Cody.
  • The brouhaha between Paul and Cody solidified just about the entire house against Cody.
  • But Cody still can't see that his making lone wolf decisions as HoH, lone wolf actions by isolating himself from others, being physically threatening and moody, lying about his age ... nah, none of that stuff is his fault in regard to being a big target and alienation!
  • Jessica realizes all this ... and went back into his arms anyway.
  • Now Cody is all cynical about the game and is trying to give a "whatever" attitude.
  • The Weatherman Veto Comp should be interesting. Apparently Raven and Kevin tied for second to Paul, Jessica got third.
  • Most of them, sans Jessica, Cody, Raven ... stayed up all night preparing after BB put out the weather bulletins on the television screen.
  • Most of them are wondering how Raven did so well since she didn't study with them.
  • Both Cody and Jessica are shocked they did so well in the comp.
  • Cody had told Elena earlier in the day that he wanted to quit the game and Jessica won't let him. Hmm.
  • Mark is on his second week (bad pick) of Have Not and this week's Have Nots are Christmas, Alex and Elena. Elena had a bad pick this week and will face two weeks of slop. Aw, too bad, so sad for her.
  • Oh noes! Someone accidentally broke Alex's cat ears! Kevin was trying to fix them first, then told the cameras Jason broke them! I can see that friendship go on the rocks!
  •  Josh seems to be pining for Elena. Ew. Double ew even.
  • Paul told others he repeatedly asked every way he could in the Diary Room and found out that no one is guaranteed safety for a matter of weeks.
  • He said the rules say they can't lie about the temptation, but they can talk about it.
  • So far, we know Jessica lied about it when telling the others she and Cody were safe for at least a few weeks.
  • Back to after the brouhaha, Jessica told Paul that the hex would affect the HoH (Paul) more than anyone else. She was no longer claiming she and Cody were safe for a few weeks. She told him that she didn't want to use it bit this week she'd have to with both of them on the block and he would find out on Thursday.
  • Paul may or may not take Jason off the block with the veto.
  • We know it will make no difference. If Jessica and Cody remain on the block, she'll invoke the Halting Hex. 

Mark sits and makes duck faces

Jessica and Paul fist bump

Kevin makes a point

Public Enemy #1

Saturday, July 29, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Power of Veto Bulletin - July 29

After several hours of blocked live feeds, the storm reporter Power of Veto comp is over.

Paul won the PoV.

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Dawn, Brouhaha Afoot - July 29

Late night studying.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hotheaded Hamsters:
  • Oh my.
  • Paul, not quite believing that Jessica has some power to save both her and Cody for a few weeks, put both Jessica and Cody on the block.
  • They're on the block with Jason, the third nominee who lost the Temptation Challenge.
  • Mark won that challenge, so he can't be nominated this week.
  • Paul says if both Jessica and Cody are indeed safe, no harm no foul. He has back-up nominees and, in his worst case scenario -- Josh might go home.
  • But, of course, Paul thinks it's some kind of safety and doesn't realize that his entire HoH might go moot if Jessica uses the Halting Hex.
  • Paul told Jessica time and time again that she's safe. She's only in the mix because of Cody.
  • Cody (and Jessica) confronted Paul about the nominations.
  • Eep.
  • I thought there would be fisticuffs!
  • Not on either Paul or Jessica's part, mind you.
  • But Cody's rage was almost to that point.
  • He seemed to make himself bigger -- like you're supposed to do if you come upon a bear.
  • Seeing as Cody's only bigger than Paul as far as men go in the house, it wasn't really needed.
  • He got in Paul's face almost egging Paul to hit him.
  • Paul told him to leave the room.
  • "What are you going to do about it?!?!" -- Cody.
  • Paul called him emotional and just held his ground, telling Cody to leave the HoH room.
  • Jessica escorted Cody out.
  • Paul told Jessica he's willing to talk to her anytime.
  • Then, Paul's bravado returned and he shouted things that Cody had said in the room from the balcony and calling Cody out as an emotional baby.
  • Cody had claimed that Paul treated the others like dogs and bragged about how great he is in the game.
  • Paul yelled it to all the others, rallying them too against Cody.
  • Of course, the lesser than alpha males had to get into the fray, too.
  • Josh started yelling at Mark about how he mistreated him last week and how they will pay.
  • Oh my.
  • Out of the four guys involved in the shouting matches, only Paul came off as quasi-reasonable. He would not let himself be egged into something he'd regret.
  • Yet he would shout things after the threat of a punch in the face left the room.
  • Heck, this was better than TV!
  • Heh.
  • I love me a good brouhaha.
  • In other news, Elena told Mark that she cannot go home this week. She's counting BB as a career move and needs to stay in entertainment. She has no job to go back to, nor a home to return to come October. Her mother has her dogs. She told him BB is her job.
  • I say, she better learn how to flip burgers or something. She's not going to make it in Hollywood! 
  • They got BB Storm Watch bulletins on the video monitor. So, most of them studied through the night expecting that to be the veto comp. 

A cat and a cowboy.

For her, every day is Christmas.

I must stay. I have no job, no home.

Happiness is a tutu and lint roller.

Nobody likes Cody!

Posturing for a brouhaha.

Friday, July 28, 2017

BB19: Nominations Are In - July 28

This is just a quick update -- Paul went with his Plan A for nominations. Jessica and Cody are on the block.  Cody got angry, yelling at Paul. Paul yelled back at Cody. There were no fisticuffs and it didn't rise much about the level of a kerfuffle.

So, it's Jessica, Cody and Jason (due to the earlier comp) on the block. We still have to go through veto. If Jason saves himself, Paul cannot replace him. 

WE know that the Halting Hex will likely stop everything on Thursday.

But Paul doesn't.

BB19: Live Feeds Friday Daytime, Temptation Challenge - July 28

Keeping Kevin at arm's distance

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whirling Dervishes:
  • Most of the conversations of last night held into today.
  • Elena is all kinds of grumpy.
  • She blames Mark for their showmance and the perception that they are together.
  • Sure, she's just an innocent victim.
  • The feeds were blocked early so they could tell them about the Temptation Comp.
  • Jessica and Cody talked of the wisdom of Cody participating in the comp.
  • Neither Jessica nor Cody tried it.
  • The feeds were blocked for most of the afternoon (with puppy cam) as the comp played out.
  • Oh my ... Mark seems to have won!
  • Even though he's in a neon green tutu.
  • Jason was the last in the comp and is the third nominee.
  • What will Paul do now?
  • Paul is almost positive that Jessica and Cody are bluffing about her temptation. 
  • She is. She has the Halting Hex, but it's not something that will keep both her and Cody safe for two weeks as she's been telling them.
  • If Jason wins veto and pulls himself off the block, Paul can't replace him.
  • Josh has been warned that he might be used as a pawn.
  • Paul has serious thoughts of putting either Jessica or Cody up (or both) and seeing what happens.
  • Elena's name is getting tossed around as a backdoor.
  • All is up in the air now. 
  • His Plan A is Jessica and Cody.
  • Hmm.
  • More later. 

Puppy cam!

Blaming Mark for their showmance

Mind controlling the fruit?

Mark has a nice tutu

BB19: Live Feeds Overnight into Friday - July 28

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Deceptive Drones:
  • There were no fisticuffs.
  • No brouhahas.
  • No real kerfuffles.
  • Despite all of what Josh said about getting in Cody's face, he (Josh) was on the live feeds very little and well-behaved.
  • It's evident that BB not only talked to them about language during the live show (remember someone saying no F-bombs during the aftermath of the HoH?), but they must have had warnings about possible fights.
  • That might make this season the most talked-to about possible physical altercations ever.
  • It's not Paul they've been warning about the physical stuff. (Although his language is ridiculously profane ...)
  • It's Josh, Mark and Cody I would guess. Cody's military background might give him a bit more restraint than others. But he will get right up in people's faces and would surely retaliate if fists were to fly!
  • The worst behaved of ALL was Elena -- slamming things around, saying she was talking to no one.
  • You figure, once she got that dropped jaw off her drooping chest when she was blindsided by Ramses getting evicted, she was the most shocked.
  • Just about everyone but Mark and her knew it was coming ... even Jessica and Cody. Heck, even Ramses knew.
  • Paul and the others had the story all set -- Ramses won the 25 grand, he was a superfan, you never knew where he stood, he flip-flopped sides with the wind, he could win comps while Josh can't, he had to go because he was a more dangerous player (for the win) than Josh, etc.
  • "It was nothing against you or Cody, Jessica." 
  • They made it all about the Power of Ramses and tried to take the targeting Jessica and Cody right out of the mix.
  • They said that the decision to evict Ramses was purely strategic while Jessica/Cody were targeting Josh as a personal vendetta.
  • After all, Josh can't win anything, right?
  • I don't think the story was totally bought, but each of them had the same story.
  • Elena claimed to be more upset because her own alliance didn't tell her what was going on.
  • They covered that base by telling her she didn't need to know -- they had enough votes and she would tell Mark, Mark might tell Jessica and Cody.
  • (Although Kevin told Jessica, but that's beside the point.)
  • Mark, with his cheeks that go red when he's upset, spent a lot of time saying he was sorry to Elena. He thinks everything is his fault.
  • He thinks he's an outsider.
  • Jessica and Cody talked about how they tried to socialize more.
  • BB might have warned Jessica to stop lying about the power of her Temptation.
  • But the thought is already in mind that she and Cody have some kind of protection for the next few weeks.
  • No real talk about who Paul might nominate. He told Elena that she might be a pawn if Jessica and Cody can't be nominated.
  • Elena told Paul that Mark is more into her than she is into him. Well, duh. It's been obvious she's just using him as her summer boy toy.
  • No feeds block yet for the Temptation Challenge yet. That's supposed to happen before nominations.
  • Jeff interviewed Ramses. I don't know why the kid likes Elena so much for the win. He said she and Paul will go far in the game. Well, Paul will.
  • I can only assume that Paul's peeps will turn on him before the end. 
  • But, whether he is obnoxious and annoying with a potty mouth or not, his social game has them all respecting his game, if not liking him. 

No one wants to play with me

Acted out the worst of all

Will the lies keep her and Cody safe?

Ramses thinks Elena will go far. Ha!

On the subways, that's man-spread, Alex

Paul reading his HoH letter

Thursday, July 27, 2017

BB19: Live Eviction and HoH Episode Blog Party - July 27

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

Here are the blog pool match-ups for easy reference tonight (note that Cody's pool people are back in it) --

Alex Ow - jujufruit423, caela, Donna in FL, Nickelpeed
Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Cody Nickson - MikesGirl, Chacha, Donna in NY, Delee
Elena Davies - Uncartie, Fred aka TwoBlackAces. Sharon N, chrob61
Jason Dent - Donna in Alabama, Cheryl in NC, jo Chapman, Marthalight
Jessica Graf - zombiehospice, Jean in Tampa Bay, Merilee
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Kevin Schlehuber - elee86, aya, SueGee on the Left Coast
Mark Jansen - Buzzmaam, Judi Sweeney, Cheryl C, Sharon S
Matthew Clines - JonMD1267, T-Town Chick, Sharon C
Paul Abrahamian - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L
Ramses Soto - tbc, Pupis, Babs, Tammy
Raven Walton - Kristen from Ohio, David, Nora

Hamster watchers ready?

Last week Julie wore jeans. This week she's back to a dress. And ... we're in recap mode. 

Jessica hopes her decision not to use the veto won't come back and bite her in the butt. Paul tells us that he won't be letting Mark and Elena in on the save Josh plan. Josh plays up his sad game. He dances around when he's alone in a room.

Paul thinks that Mark and Elena are too chummy with Jess and Cody.  Cody tells us he's only pretending to work with Mark -- he doesn't trust him and Mark so quickly backstabbed him last week. Mark throws shade towards Raven and Matt to Paul. Now he distrusts him more. Paul goes to Raven and Matt with that information.

Cody tells Ramses he has a dream of Josh leaving to boos from the audience. Now, he didn't get boos when he played such a non-social game when he went. I doubt Josh will get boos. I also doubt Josh will walk out the door tonight, but that's another matter. 

After Jessic tells him it was her best week, Kevin asks about the Temptation, whether she won it or not. She said she won it and it was better than Paul's one -- her and Cody can't go anywhere for a while. He feels bad for her and tells her of the Ramses going home plan. She's livid. Cody and Jessica go around trying to get the votes to keep Ramses. Cody seems to alienate rather than convince. Jason thinks he's threatening him. Perhaps Cody should read the old book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People.' He has worse people skills than my cat.

Finally, to the living room for the live vote.
Ramses - Super fun, doesn't want it to end, can help a lot of people here. Please.
Josh - All for the family and housemates, except two meatballs, will go to war if I stay.

The votes to evict:
Cody - Josh
Jason - Ramses
Alex - Ramses
Mark - Josh
Elena - Josh
Kevin - Ramses
Matt - Ramses
Raven - Ramses
Christmas - Ramses
Paul - Ramses

As planned, 7-3, Ramses will go home tonight. Into commercial.Cody and Jessica look disgusted. Elena's jaw drops past her drooping chest. Josh acts like he didn't know and is all grateful.

Talking to Julie, Ramses says he knew he was leaving. 

Apparently, although Jessica hasn't used the Halting Hex, the consequence will be announced anyway. Hmm. 

Last night they studied photos of the three evicted hamsters on the Memory Wall. It will be a memory comp for HoH. It's fake magazine covers with tattoos.

Time for the comp. Inked and Evicted comp. They get true or false questions about the photos.

First question has Elena out.
Second question Mark, Alex, Cody, Josh and Kevin out.
Third question: All right
Fourth question: All right
Fifth question: Christmas and Jason out
Sixth question: Matt and Jessica out.

Paul wins HoH! 

Jessica lies to Julie about the Temptation and says it will keep her and Cody safe for the next few weeks.

Julie tells us that there's going to be a Temptation Comp each week. The winner will be safe, loser will go on the block as a third nominee.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 26

The happy couple

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bombastic Blindsides:
  • I really don't have much new and exciting to share with you.
  • Today was more of a repeat of yesterday -- Paul and others scheming to keep Josh in, Jessica worried that she will be blindsided and Ramses will be voted out, hamsters doing the "if I win HoH' scenarios, etc.
  • Cody is less worried about Ramses going home than is Jessica. Oh, he seems to be catching on that there is the chance. He thinks Ramses is a good kid, has done nothing wrong and deserves to be in the house while Josh deserves to go home.
  • However, Jessica is feeling real guilt about it. 
  • She should have listened to her gut feelings and saved him with the veto.
  • Josh is still acting all defeated and a broken man-boy.
  • But he promises a real show tomorrow.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Paul is concerned about the last Temptation -- who got it, what is it and what is the curse. Jessica told people she got it, but lied about its powers, claiming it gave her safety. 
  • They're worried about either a reset or a double eviction.
  • Jessica doesn't think Elena will stay loyal to Mark.
  • Well, duh.
  • Ramses is going around trying to secure votes.
  • So, they lie to him. I think he knows they're lying.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since around noon their time due to comp construction in the yard.
  • Something tells me it won't be the memory comp that Paul and Kevin have been studying for!
  • Yes, I lived dangerously and ended the above sentence with a preposition. I'm wild like that, y'know.
  • Jessica keeps talking to Elena about the possible blindside.
  • Well, that's the wrong person; Elena isn't in on the plan.
  • Matt really wants Mark out before the jury. He thinks Mark is a big bully.
  • A lot of them, once again this year, seem to have the goal of making jury rather than the dream of first place.
  • I never understand that.
  • Sure, they get paid the $1000 a week stipend. But that's not really riches, I wouldn't think.  
  • Jessica and Cody talked about her Halting Hex. 
  • She said she'll most likely use it to save him (Cody) because he'll probably be the target before her.
  • That's it. 

Very, very worried

At least she cooks.

Kevin reading the slop accompaniments

There's been a scooter theft

BB19: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - July 26

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

Recap City. 

Finally, the recap of nominations is done and over. Jessica once again tells us that Josh is her target, Ramses is just a pawn. 

Oh, geez. Josh is crying again in the bathroom and in the Diary Room. Christmas consoles him. Well, not in the Diary Room.

Jessica questions Elena about the certainty of Josh leaving. Elena says it will be Josh. Jessica asks Paul and he advises her to wait until after the veto comp. She doesn't like his "unsolicited advice" -- even though she did ask him! She doesn't want to be blindsided.

Paul thinks that Josh should stay, Ramses out. He thinks Josh will be loyal to him and the others. Paul advises Josh to lay low and stay cool. Of course, with a glimmer of hope, Josh will do it!

Christmas impresses Cody with her tale of being the first female on a pit crew at some NASCAR thing. Cody tells us he's trying to improve his social game.

PoV Players random pick time -- Jessica picks Houseguest's Choice (Cody, of course), Josh picks Jason, Ramses gets Christmas. 

Sigh. Now Jason is crying in the Diary Room. At least it's over missing his son, not the game. 

Veto Comp time -- Host Kevin is dressed as a bunch of grapes. The yard is done up in smoothie shops. It's the exploding stuff in your face comp. They have to memorize ingredients from a monitor and add the ingredient into their cup. 

Christmas out in the first round. Ramses, Josh and Jason all eliminated in the second round.  Only Cody and Jessica remain. Cody throws the last round to Jessica to save her hair.

Paul tells Josh to act like he's defeated so that Jessica will keep the nominations the same. Paul certainly doesn't want to be a renom! Josh goes to Jessica, telling her he wants to enjoy the few days he has left in the house.  But he goes wild in the Diary Room yelling she will be blindsided. 

Paul talks to his group about keeping Josh, citing Josh's loyalty. They can't depend on Ramses for the same loyalty. Plus, Josh will always be a bigger target.

Ramses is getting worried. He goes to Jessica to ask her to use the veto. She says she'll talk to people. Of course, they lie to her. Raven looked like a deer in headlights. Jessica is still worried.

She voices her worries and lays out what the other side of the house might be thinking to Cody. He pooh-poohs it and says she's being paranoid. She ponders putting up Alex and saving Ramses.

Time for the veto meeting!
Ramses - Praises her wins, consider options, please take me off the block if it's best for you.
Josh - Apologizes and plays the "I'm leaving" act.

Jessica does NOT use the veto.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Night - July 25

Don't get French toast in my ear!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tedious Toads:
  • Wow, it's boring in there today.
  • The plan to evict Ramses is still intact.
  • Rumblings about it have gotten back to Cody and Jessica.
  • But they can't do anything about it.
  • Cody says if they vote out Ramses he'll never trust any of them again.
  • Well, duh. They voted him out. He shouldn't trust them anyway.
  • Kevin told Christmas that Cody told him in three interviews while he was out they mentioned his lack of a social game. Kevin said he knows Cody is trying.
  • He's definitely trying to socialize a bit more than he did pre-eviction.
  • But the damage is already done.
  • In their morning Walk & Talk, Kevin and Jason can be a hoot. Kevin was saying this morning that they're actually in there for 30 years, not 90 days and no one ever leaves. If they do, they come back ... they're not really gone. Well, except for that one girl who ran away.
  • Heh.
  • Paul, Matt and Raven want Cody out, then Elena before Jessica.
  • That is, after Ramses goes this week.
  • Jessica has been counting the votes she thinks she thinks are for Ramses to stay. She thinks she has enough.
  • I don't think so.
  • Remember, they lie.
  • I can think of three votes for Josh to go -- Cody, Mark and Elena.
  • Josh is in love with Kevin.
  • Or, something to that effect.
  • He thinks Kevin is the "coolest cat on the block."
  • But, of course, Kevin isn't on the block and hasn't been on the block.
  • On the block are Ramses and Josh. Of the two, although a tad nerdy, I think Ramses is the coolest.
  • Jessica got ticked at Paul's "unsolicited advice" regarding her relationship with Cody.
  • Paul told her that it would be different outside the house.
  • Cody bristled, saying at least they met naturally while Paul stalked his ex online.
  • I don't know how "naturally" meeting in the BB house is. The whole situation is a bit unnatural to me.
  • Alex, Paul and Jason talked about Cody's lies and now wonder if he was even ever in the military.
  • I personally don't doubt that he was. But I do think he embellishes.
  • Jessica still seems a bit jealous about Cody and Alex.
  • Oh, give it a break.
  • Just lots of small talk happening today. 

Trying to think ahead

They wouldn't flip the vote, would they?

Morning Walk &Talk

Josh's new best friend, Orwell