Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 26

The happy couple

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bombastic Blindsides:
  • I really don't have much new and exciting to share with you.
  • Today was more of a repeat of yesterday -- Paul and others scheming to keep Josh in, Jessica worried that she will be blindsided and Ramses will be voted out, hamsters doing the "if I win HoH' scenarios, etc.
  • Cody is less worried about Ramses going home than is Jessica. Oh, he seems to be catching on that there is the chance. He thinks Ramses is a good kid, has done nothing wrong and deserves to be in the house while Josh deserves to go home.
  • However, Jessica is feeling real guilt about it. 
  • She should have listened to her gut feelings and saved him with the veto.
  • Josh is still acting all defeated and a broken man-boy.
  • But he promises a real show tomorrow.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Paul is concerned about the last Temptation -- who got it, what is it and what is the curse. Jessica told people she got it, but lied about its powers, claiming it gave her safety. 
  • They're worried about either a reset or a double eviction.
  • Jessica doesn't think Elena will stay loyal to Mark.
  • Well, duh.
  • Ramses is going around trying to secure votes.
  • So, they lie to him. I think he knows they're lying.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since around noon their time due to comp construction in the yard.
  • Something tells me it won't be the memory comp that Paul and Kevin have been studying for!
  • Yes, I lived dangerously and ended the above sentence with a preposition. I'm wild like that, y'know.
  • Jessica keeps talking to Elena about the possible blindside.
  • Well, that's the wrong person; Elena isn't in on the plan.
  • Matt really wants Mark out before the jury. He thinks Mark is a big bully.
  • A lot of them, once again this year, seem to have the goal of making jury rather than the dream of first place.
  • I never understand that.
  • Sure, they get paid the $1000 a week stipend. But that's not really riches, I wouldn't think.  
  • Jessica and Cody talked about her Halting Hex. 
  • She said she'll most likely use it to save him (Cody) because he'll probably be the target before her.
  • That's it. 

Very, very worried

At least she cooks.

Kevin reading the slop accompaniments

There's been a scooter theft

BB19: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - July 26

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

Recap City. 

Finally, the recap of nominations is done and over. Jessica once again tells us that Josh is her target, Ramses is just a pawn. 

Oh, geez. Josh is crying again in the bathroom and in the Diary Room. Christmas consoles him. Well, not in the Diary Room.

Jessica questions Elena about the certainty of Josh leaving. Elena says it will be Josh. Jessica asks Paul and he advises her to wait until after the veto comp. She doesn't like his "unsolicited advice" -- even though she did ask him! She doesn't want to be blindsided.

Paul thinks that Josh should stay, Ramses out. He thinks Josh will be loyal to him and the others. Paul advises Josh to lay low and stay cool. Of course, with a glimmer of hope, Josh will do it!

Christmas impresses Cody with her tale of being the first female on a pit crew at some NASCAR thing. Cody tells us he's trying to improve his social game.

PoV Players random pick time -- Jessica picks Houseguest's Choice (Cody, of course), Josh picks Jason, Ramses gets Christmas. 

Sigh. Now Jason is crying in the Diary Room. At least it's over missing his son, not the game. 

Veto Comp time -- Host Kevin is dressed as a bunch of grapes. The yard is done up in smoothie shops. It's the exploding stuff in your face comp. They have to memorize ingredients from a monitor and add the ingredient into their cup. 

Christmas out in the first round. Ramses, Josh and Jason all eliminated in the second round.  Only Cody and Jessica remain. Cody throws the last round to Jessica to save her hair.

Paul tells Josh to act like he's defeated so that Jessica will keep the nominations the same. Paul certainly doesn't want to be a renom! Josh goes to Jessica, telling her he wants to enjoy the few days he has left in the house.  But he goes wild in the Diary Room yelling she will be blindsided. 

Paul talks to his group about keeping Josh, citing Josh's loyalty. They can't depend on Ramses for the same loyalty. Plus, Josh will always be a bigger target.

Ramses is getting worried. He goes to Jessica to ask her to use the veto. She says she'll talk to people. Of course, they lie to her. Raven looked like a deer in headlights. Jessica is still worried.

She voices her worries and lays out what the other side of the house might be thinking to Cody. He pooh-poohs it and says she's being paranoid. She ponders putting up Alex and saving Ramses.

Time for the veto meeting!
Ramses - Praises her wins, consider options, please take me off the block if it's best for you.
Josh - Apologizes and plays the "I'm leaving" act.

Jessica does NOT use the veto.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Night - July 25

Don't get French toast in my ear!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tedious Toads:
  • Wow, it's boring in there today.
  • The plan to evict Ramses is still intact.
  • Rumblings about it have gotten back to Cody and Jessica.
  • But they can't do anything about it.
  • Cody says if they vote out Ramses he'll never trust any of them again.
  • Well, duh. They voted him out. He shouldn't trust them anyway.
  • Kevin told Christmas that Cody told him in three interviews while he was out they mentioned his lack of a social game. Kevin said he knows Cody is trying.
  • He's definitely trying to socialize a bit more than he did pre-eviction.
  • But the damage is already done.
  • In their morning Walk & Talk, Kevin and Jason can be a hoot. Kevin was saying this morning that they're actually in there for 30 years, not 90 days and no one ever leaves. If they do, they come back ... they're not really gone. Well, except for that one girl who ran away.
  • Heh.
  • Paul, Matt and Raven want Cody out, then Elena before Jessica.
  • That is, after Ramses goes this week.
  • Jessica has been counting the votes she thinks she thinks are for Ramses to stay. She thinks she has enough.
  • I don't think so.
  • Remember, they lie.
  • I can think of three votes for Josh to go -- Cody, Mark and Elena.
  • Josh is in love with Kevin.
  • Or, something to that effect.
  • He thinks Kevin is the "coolest cat on the block."
  • But, of course, Kevin isn't on the block and hasn't been on the block.
  • On the block are Ramses and Josh. Of the two, although a tad nerdy, I think Ramses is the coolest.
  • Jessica got ticked at Paul's "unsolicited advice" regarding her relationship with Cody.
  • Paul told her that it would be different outside the house.
  • Cody bristled, saying at least they met naturally while Paul stalked his ex online.
  • I don't know how "naturally" meeting in the BB house is. The whole situation is a bit unnatural to me.
  • Alex, Paul and Jason talked about Cody's lies and now wonder if he was even ever in the military.
  • I personally don't doubt that he was. But I do think he embellishes.
  • Jessica still seems a bit jealous about Cody and Alex.
  • Oh, give it a break.
  • Just lots of small talk happening today. 

Trying to think ahead

They wouldn't flip the vote, would they?

Morning Walk &Talk

Josh's new best friend, Orwell

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 25

Mirrors my own reaction about the veto

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lousy Liars:
  • So, Jessica got bamboozled.
  • Or, more to the point ... Ramses got bamboozled.
  • She believed the lies and didn't use the veto.
  • That will pretty much seals the deal that Josh will stay and Ramses will be evicted this week. 
  • For me, that's good and bad. I enjoy Ramses -- he's like a kid in a candy shop living his dream to be on the show. For the most part, he's pleasant and upbeat. I enjoy the feeds when Kevin and Ramses are messing around together. That's the "bad" of it -- I'll miss the banter and the kid.
  • I guess the "good" is that Josh is so explosive. You know me; I like a good brouhaha and giggle at a heated kerfuffle. He's good for that. It will liven up the feeds at times. But, when he's down, he's fairly nonexistent. One thing to note about him -- he talks to the cameras. I wish they all did.
  • Jessica and Cody will once again be blindsided this week when the vote comes through.
  • That should perk the feeds up for a while.
  • In other news -- Kevin said something about having a BankAmericard. Um, hey Kevin ... it's probably been called a Visa card for most, if not all, the lifetime of your fellow hamsters. They probably had no clue what he meant.
  • Paul, Kevin and others have been doing a lot of studying the house and its stuff. Paul thinks they're due a memory comp.
  • Paul told Kevin they need to memorize the days and not to share with others.
  • But Paul won't advise Kevin who to put on the block if he (Kevin) wins HoH. Kevin is thinking both Jessica and Cody.
  • Alex suggested to Jason that they just say something like "I hate Josh" if Ramses asks them about their votes.
  • Aw, poor kid.
  • Heh. Alex says getting hit all the time by others when she was a kid because her last name is "Ow" toughened her up.
  • Ow!
  • Hmm. Jessica told Kevin about winning the temptation.
  • But she lies about it. Maybe she's learning.
  • She told Kevin it makes her ineligible to be nominated for four weeks and the punishment would to go to the person nominating her.
  • Oh my.
  • I don't know how that will play out.
  • Apparently Kevin was told in the Diary Room that he came in second for the Temptation.
  • Paul quizzed Raven about her disease(s) with others gathered around the hot tub.
  • I dunno. She's surely in better shape than I am!
  • Kevin went and told Jason about Jessica's Temptation. The lie she gave him, that is.
  • Jason told Alex and Christmas. They aren't as believing, though. They think it's too good and Paul probably got the best one this season already.
  • Cody caught onto the Save Josh Movement. 
  • Jessica said it was she was scared would happen.
  • Well, she could have saved Ramses with the veto, silly girl!
  • Cody thinks Paul is spearheading the movement.
  • Well, yeah. But it's not just Paul. It's Paul, Alex, Christmas ... need I go on?
  • Thursday's live show should be interesting, to say the least.

Smile while you can, Ramses

No, not a showmance

Wants a breakfast sandwich

At least he'll add kerfuffles to the mix

Listening to Raven talk diseases

Monday, July 24, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds PoV Meeting Quick Blurb - July 24

Just a real quick update --

Jessica did NOT use the power of veto.

Ramses and Josh are still on the block together. She and Cody are unaware that the majority plan to send Ramses packing. The veto would have saved him. She does have the Halting Hex. But I can't see her using that to save anyone other than herself or Cody.

It will probably be bye-bye Ramses on Thursday. The pawn often goes home. He knows it. But apparently Jessica doesn't. I said she needs to realize they LIE!

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 24

He grew up on Darling Street

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Capricious Cats:
  • Ramses is very worried.
  • As he should be.
  • He went to Jessica, telling her he knew he was Plan B when he was on the block before and thinks the majority will vote him out.
  • Jessica told him to talk to people, see where they stand.
  • Um. Okay. But they do LIE. It's Big Brother. They're gonna lie, silly girl!
  • She said she would also talk to people.
  • Remember, Jessica, they will LIE!
  • She assured Ramses that he will not go home this week and told him that she has her own Plan B that will keep him in the house. 
  • She told him she doesn't want to blow his game and won't do it.
  • Now, of course, we know she has Plan B and a Plan C.
  • Plan B is that she holds the PoV -- she could save him and put someone else up on the block with Josh. 
  • Plan C is that she has the Halting Hex power. 
  • Josh is still "not talking" or even acknowledging Jessica and Cody. If they enter the kitchen when he's there, he walks out without a word said.
  • Kevin has the initials of all of his brothers tattooed on one arm. But not his sisters. Hmm.
  • Jessica didn't realize live feeders have audio, not just video. Now, if all we had was video it would be either (A) really, really more boring than it actually is or (B) more exciting because we could use our own imagination with the dialogue!
  • Josh talked at length to the camera (us). He's sure he's staying this week and is planning on being nice because everybody will be jury votes.
  • Ha! Like he's going to make it to the end. No way, Joshay! They don't LIKE you. They're using you and often mock you behind your back!
  • Well, not really Kevin. He kind of defends Josh a bit saying he's a kid.
  • Josh doesn't want to be nice to Mark or Cody.
  • Well, I don't think they want to be nice to him, either.
  • Josh says he's going to keep pretending to be miserable so that Jessica and Cody will be sure he's the one going home.
  • Of course, if Jessica doesn't step in and do something to save Ramses, Josh will be staying. 
  • But, under no circumstances will he ever win this game. He won't make it to the Final Two and, if pigs fly and he does -- no jury would vote for him to win pretty much no matter who's at the end with him.
  • That's it for now.
  • The PoV Meeting will be today. Hopefully Jessica will save Ramses. I think he's the one I'd rather see in the house over Josh.
  • Oh, Josh is good for kerfuffles and even a brouhaha, but in his down time he's practically non-existent. 

No one gets between me and my cat ears!

They deserve each other

Definitely the better player than Cody

Is very concerned he will go home

Sunday, July 23, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 23

Jason and Kevin do walking laps and lifts

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Revolting Rodents:
  • Kevin and Jason think that Cody is lying a lot to them. They know the age lie because he admitted it. Kevin still can't understand why he'd lie about that.
  • The latest is that Cody was telling them some kind of mission he was on and was trapped. He couldn't remember how he was rescued, then said others came for him.
  • Kevin and Jason picked up two things on that story -- first, it identically matched a movie they both had seen. Second, as Kevin pointed out, in a situation like that which supposedly happened four years ago, you might forget how you got into it. But you'd surely remember how you got out.
  • In other Cody war stories news of the day, Jessica told him she'd prefer he stop mentioning that he's killed people.
  • I know a lot of people who fought in wars myself. In the decades (and scores) I've known them, rarely is it mentioned that they killed people. One has a Silver Star, a combat award. He was in Vietnam and killed many. To this day, he rarely mentions it. It haunts him. 
  • Cody told Jessica they were "bad people." I'm sure they were. But it still bugs me (and apparently Jessica) that he brags about killing people.
  • Back to Kevin and Jason -- they also mentioned Cody's staring. It's not just us noticing it!
  • Ramses has been deemed the best slop cook.
  • But this week it's Paul, Mark and Mark chosen along with Josh who has a second week of it.
  • Raven seems to be the cook of the house with chicken dishes a specialty.
  • Raven eats and talks with her mouth full of food and it annoys me.
  • The movement is afoot to take Ramses out this week instead of Josh.
  • Elena isn't privy to said movement.
  • Jessica, obviously the more astute of Cody and Jessica, is worried and is thinking that she might have to use the veto. Or even the Hex.
  • She doesn't want the guilt of Ramses going home on her HoH nomination.
  • On the other hand, Cody thinks she's just being paranoid. How could they vote out Ramses when Josh is such a "psychopath"?
  • Jessica can understand why the others would want to keep Josh over Ramses. She knows they can use him while Ramses is unpredictable.
  • Cody doesn't see it. 
  • There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
  • She would like Paul out but feels that would totally alienate them at this time.
  • She's asking around a bit to get the feel of the vibe.
  • She talks to Elena. Um, not the best choice as she's one of the few not in on the Keep Josh Movement.
  • Oh. They got new foodstuffs today. They complained about getting roast beef.
  • "Who eats roast beef?" they ask.
  • I do.
  • FedEx it here, please. 

Resting B-Face?

Josh prepares his slop breakfast

Maybe he and Jessie will become buds

Inhaling his slop pasta

Kevin will talk to anyone

BB19: HoH and Nominations Show Blog Party - July 23

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging and constantly updating this entry -- refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun! 

The recap begins with the Josh/Mark fiasco. Recap through the Battle Back. 

Cody tells us this time around he'll listen to Jessica. Oh, geez, the showmance goes on. She tells him that Kevin has her back and Josh has promised to send her home. She tells him of the Halting Hex. Jessica tells us they need to play as a team, Cody can't go rogue again. 

The rest of the house thinks Cody will play a more social game. They want him to leave again.

HoH comp time! They all have neon construction vests on in Evictionville. They have to keep their traffic light in place by holding up the red disk eith a skinny long stick. Who's Ready for a Hold-Up? Even Christmas can play this one. 

Kevin then Mark then Paul go down. Kevin punishes Cody (as per the rules to punish someone) by calling the trash man. Cody gets trash all over. Mark also chooses Cody. Road rage dude yelling at Cody to distract him. Paul also punishes Cody. He gets goop cement poured on his back. 

Then Jason is out. He decides to punish Jessica. She gets graffiti spray painted on her back to distract her. Elena out -- ketchup and mustard all over Cody.

Matt out, also chooses to punish Cody. More garbage. Raven out, the Road Rage dude is back at Cody. Josh out, chooses Jessica. black goo all over her back. Josh heckles them.

Jessica and Cody tell Christmas she's not their target. She won't promise them the same because they are her targets.

Oops! Cody is eliminated! He punishes Ramses with the graffiti artists. 

Ramses out. He chooses Jessica -- mustard and ketchup again.

Christmas out -- Jessica is the new HoH! It turns out that her father passed away three years ago on the date of the comp. He's the one who got her into BB -- they used to watch it together.

Josh thinks he'll be the target. Kevin says they'll probably put up Josh and Josh. Paul is worried. Jessica tells Christmas she meant the safety deal. Cody says he'll shut up and listen to Jess. 

Josh goes to the HoH room to talk. She doesn't let him right in. Cody arrives there. He thinks she should send him away. Cody tells Josh neither one of them wants to talk to him. He wanted them to put a bigger target on the block.

Jessica does talk to Matt and Raven. She implies she's not after them. She doesn't want herself and Cody to be their targets. Mark talks to them He loves them after all. Elena is playing nice just to stay in the game. Cody tells us that he trusts Mark the least in the house. 

Paul and Cody talk. Lovefest time? Eep. Cody thinks they could go far if they work together. He tells us that he doesn't trust him. Paul tells us he doesn't trust Cody. So, they'll work together until they don't. 

Heh. A segment on Kevin wrapping himself in Saran wrap to lose weight.

Jess and Cody talk about the nominations. She says Josh is a definite. Cody suggests putting Ramses up. Jessica doesn't think it's time to take out Paul. They feel they need to gain numbers.

Nominations Ceremony --
Jessica nominates Ramses, then Josh. She tells Ramses he's just a pawn. She calls out Josh for being a dirty player in the game. 

Josh cries in the Diary Room. Too bad, so sad.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 23, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic post taking a look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This weekly post is done year in, year out. Big Brother, the main draw for so many of you, only lasts about three months -- although sometimes it seems to be a lifetime. If you're here solely for the BB posts, please feel free to skip this post. You can find my latest BB19 posts by using this link.

We had another heat wave this past week here in the NJ/NYC Greater Metro Area. I don't like heat. I don't like humidity. No one should sweat merely standing. For those who say I'll miss it come winter ... no. I actually don't mind cold temperatures. I'm not too keen on ice and snow as I'm pedestrian and public transportation based. But the cold itself? Not really a problem. 

Heat is included in my apartment rent. Air conditioning (electricity) is not. So I pay more in the summers. Plus, if outside, you can bundle up against the cold. In sweltering heat and humidity, even taking off your clothes wouldn't help. You'd still be all sweaty and people would point and laugh before the police hauled you away!

Give me autumn any day!

My apartment building is going through fixes needed as per the NJ Five Year Inspection last month. I got a notice entirely in Spanish to move my car away from the building Friday and Saturday as they would be painting the fire escapes. They tried a few weeks ago to do that but got rained out. Now, I don't speak Spanish much at all. But I do find it odd that I can read it. Yet, I don't have a car, so I didn't care about the notice.

I did care that on my day off on Wednesday some maintenance dude knocked on my door at 8:05am. I was awake, but not dressed. He said he was here to replace the ceiling tiles in my bathroom. I asked him to come back in fifteen minutes so I could get dressed. He never came back that day. I wasted most of the day not daring to take my shower or go anywhere because I expected him back. Grr. 

On Thursday, I had to go to work. I left Vincent's litter box in the living room -- it's usually in the bathroom -- in case they came back to do the bathroom ceiling tiles. I worried about Vincent all day while I was at work. I don't like people in my apartment when I'm not home. And, if I know for sure someone is coming, I confine Vincent to the bedroom. But I didn't know for sure and he gets stressed being trapped in there for hours on end.

Well, they came. Vincent is fine. However, they made my bathroom into a nightmare. They spray-painted the frames for the new ceiling tiles getting white spray mist all over my (relatively) new sink and vanity and my new toilet! Apparently, they got white spray paint on the walls (which were a light peach and didn't need painting) and then they painted my bathroom (above the tiles) a blinding white. They did that painting with a brush. Thankfully they moved my towels to the living room. But paint drops are all over the floor, the tub, my cheap shower curtain liner, my big bottle of foam bath, etc. There are even a few drops of white paint on the hardwood floor leading into the bathroom!

Why, I don't doubt they got paint drops on Vincent and I just can't see them because he's already white!

I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night Friday night. I was almost blinded by the white. Eek. I think I need to get a dimmer bulb in there! At least the bathroom ceiling tiles were the only thing brought up during the inspection. Although my kitchen cabinets are ancient, I don't want them tearing them out while I'm trying to live here. I don't like outside intrusions.

That's the big news of the week. It's onto the photos now ...

Please strike a pose, pigeon.

Ah, that's a good one. Um, no. I'm not paying you. Don't be like the costumed characters in Times Square! Bridgewater Train Station.

Teensy bee on the chicory blossom

The bee is very tiny. For reference, the chicory blossoms are only about an inch, perhaps a tad more. Plainfield Train Station.

Photogenic fungi

Growing on a fallen tree near the Bridgewater Train Station.


BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday - July 23

Attack of the Baby Powder

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Showmance Mania:
  • Alex definitely had a point. Too many showmances going on in the house. They really need splitting up!
  • Too bad all of the power this week is in the hands of Jessica (and Cody).
  • Raven tried talking Matt (her showmance buddy) into flipping the vote to oust Ramses instead of Josh.
  • Matt wants to go with the group vote and not make waves.
  • I find it a bit peculiar that it was Raven who spread the rumors about Josh peeping at girls in the shower, now wants to rock the boat and keep him in the house?
  • Meanwhile, we know that Christmas has been molding and bonding with Josh for her own (nefarious?) purpose since a few days after the live feeds. She thinks he's someone who might be able to work for her? Hmm.
  • Plus, when Cody was gone and the Josh/Mark incident occurred, the talk of the main core of hamsters was that they wanted to keep Josh over Mark. They all seem to think that, while Josh is so emotional and immature, they can USE him. Mark, also emotional and immature, is more of a threat to their own games.
  • But they can't change the nominations because Jessica is both HoH and Veto winner.
  • She and Cody are vehement about getting Josh out this week.
  • Hmm.
  • And, not only that, but Cody and Mark made nicey-nice and are buds once again.
  • There is no indication that Paul will go up as a renom at all. He, Jessica and Cody are at least quasi-working together.
  • Paul wants Ramses out over Josh, too.
  • That dates back to him thinking Ramses is "sketchy." And, without a doubt, the veto that Ramses was supposed to throw and almost won.
  • BB did a rarity for this season and gave the hamsters alcohol.
  • Christmas tried to have some but was reprimanded by the BB voice.
  • The HoH has routinely been given some alcohol in their basket of goodies. But BB seems to have been holding back on giving enough for the house.
  • In other news, during a talk in the HoH room with Cody, Jessica, Elena, Mark and Kevin -- they were talking about some diner in Boston that both Kevin and Jessica know. Kevin said something about going there to collect money and pay out money. After he left the room, Jessica once again mentioned how Kevin must be a gangster. 
  • Hey, if they think he's Mafia, they can all back down and let him win this season! He's one of the few perks of the house this summer.
  • Ew. Also in the HoH room, Elena did an almost pornographic draining of all the beer bottles in the room. What is wrong with that woman?
  • In fun and frivolity notes -- Matt dumped Raven from the hammock and attacked her with baby powder. Paul scared Jason and now people are comparing Jason to a fainting goat. Christmas makes beeping noises when she backs up on her scooter. 
  • And, that's what's been happening.
  • It will be interesting if the house flips and votes out Ramses instead of Josh. If I were IN the house, I'd want to talk it over with Jessica and Cody so they're not blindsided.
  • But, then again, if they're blindsided, it might make the live feeds more interesting.
  • I don't care who ultimately wins. I just want to be entertained until the end of the season. And, you know me -- I'm always on board for a kerfuffle or a brouhaha! 

Can't imbibe due to pain meds.

Raven wants Ramses gone this week.

Cody is in love. Jessica? Hmm.

Through the fish tank

Saturday, July 22, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Early Evening, PoV - July 22

Bunny Cam!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of a New Power of Veto Winner:
  • I'm really liking the animals for adoption they're using when the feeds are blocked! Smart thinking on the part of someone.
  • The veto players were picked this morning. In addition to Josh, Ramses and Jessica we have Christmas, Cody and Jason.
  • Believe it or not, Cody did NOT win the PoV!
  • Ha!
  • A girl beat him.
  • JESSICA holds the Power of Veto and is the HoH who made the nominations of Josh and Ramses.
  • Is it a Backdoor Plan in motion?
  • Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be.
  • Cody and Jessica talked about how Josh needs to go, dating back to the rumored peeping at the girls in the shower incident.
  • Cody told Mark he's safe.
  • Jessica says she's not going to change the nominations.
  • Perhaps they're thinking this one through and realize that they might not have the votes to oust Paul.
  • If I were in the house, I'd want to work to get Paul out. Cody screwed up by not working with people before.
  • Of course, things can change between now and when the Veto Meeting goes down on Monday.
  • We'll have to see. But it does look like we'll probably be bidding adieu to Man-Child Josh.

I just don't get indoor sunglasses

Oh my gosh. Is he guffawing?

Kevin isn't a target ... for now.

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 22

What am I doing in this handbasket?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Recycled Hamsters:
  • From my last brief update, you know: Jessica won HoH, Ramses and Josh are on the block.
  • Blocked to the live feeds, Christmas played in the HoH comp and apparently actually did quite well.
  • Not as well as Jessica, mind you.
  • Paul might not be the backdoor plan -- it just might be Mark.
  • Cody says he wasn't shown his goodbye messages but Alex and Christmas are concerned. 
  • I doubt they showed them to the Sequestered Four as it would affect the game if they went back in.
  • Paul held a Friendship Chat.
  • Gah.
  • They gathered and talked romance, love, dates, biggest fears, etc.
  • Ramses hasn't found the one and doubts he ever will.
  • Kevin told him he was still young.
  • Yep, 21 is barely out of childhood.
  • Even Cody and Jessica participated in the Chat.
  • For a few moments, Cody had a personality. Then it went away again and he sat quietly staring.
  • Later in the HoH room, Jessica told Cody they shouldn't isolate themselves this time around.
  • Cody balked saying that he didn't want others to run his game.
  • Hasn't he learned a lesson?
  • Cody was telling Jessica about his mother referring to his father as "Daddy" and treating him like a child. He must have said, "I've killed people." at least three times. Is he proud of that? Hmm.
  • Raven claims that she's a MENSA member. @@
  • Josh and Jason were thrilled when midnight came along and they could chow down. Two weeks on slop is rough!
  • A side note: I wish they'd bring back the old food comps they used to have where the entire house has to win the food for the week. It's better than slop and that was a comp they used to air on the live feeds! Are you hearing me, Allison Grodner? Food comps rock!
  • Mark thinks that Jessica has made it clear that she wants Josh to go home this week.
  • I didn't see her really indicate that. I know others want to keep him.
  • The dude does have issues, but so does Mark.
  • So there you go. It SOUNDS like Mark might be the replacement if one of the nominees comes off the block. It SOUNDS like Paul is getting along with Jessica and Cody.
  • But I won't be making any wagers. 

Dancing for the camera

Mr. Personality is back

Ramses hasn't found love

Sharing a moment

Scooting around the house

BB19: Live Feeds - HoH and Nominations Blurb - July 22

Kitty Cam

This is going to be quite brief as I have to get up for work in the morning. Here's what's happening in the Big Brother House of Showmance Reunions:
  • Jessica won the HoH.
  • So, she and Cody have the room once again.
  • Blech.
  • Josh is on the block. According to what Paul told Jessica and Cody, he's in his room crying.
  • Paul thanked Cody and Jessica for their honesty and commented it was like his HoH.
  • Hmm. Backdoor plan?
  • Everyone seems to be getting along fine.
  • Ah, Ramses is the second nomination.
  • Christmas is talking to Matt about keeping Josh and getting rid of Ramses.
  • Of course, we know that she's been working Josh.
  • Now, nothing will be certain until after the veto comp.

Backdoor plan?

Gag me now is back

Not taking his nomination well.