Saturday, July 22, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds - HoH and Nominations Blurb - July 22

Kitty Cam

This is going to be quite brief as I have to get up for work in the morning. Here's what's happening in the Big Brother House of Showmance Reunions:
  • Jessica won the HoH.
  • So, she and Cody have the room once again.
  • Blech.
  • Josh is on the block. According to what Paul told Jessica and Cody, he's in his room crying.
  • Paul thanked Cody and Jessica for their honesty and commented it was like his HoH.
  • Hmm. Backdoor plan?
  • Everyone seems to be getting along fine.
  • Ah, Ramses is the second nomination.
  • Christmas is talking to Matt about keeping Josh and getting rid of Ramses.
  • Of course, we know that she's been working Josh.
  • Now, nothing will be certain until after the veto comp.

Backdoor plan?

Gag me now is back

Not taking his nomination well.


Jackie Hardin said...

I don't want either of them to go home. Send Mark and Elana home. Raven needs to go so Matt and Christmas can get together. OMG! Paul for sure to go.

Sharon N said...

Listening to Josh rambling on and on earlier...
Holy moley, he's a head-case! We've had some real off the wall people over the years, but this guy needs serious therapy.

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you, Jackie. Appreciate this. Not a Josh fan, so it won't bother me if he goes home. Am so tired of his whiny butt. LOL

chrob61 said...

Thanks Jackie for the updates!
I gotta say, the twists have come full circle and it looks as if Paul's days may be numbered. I wonder if Jessica can tell Cody about her hex power?

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