Friday, July 07, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - UPDATED - July 7

Sure to be a laugh riot at parties!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of a Kitty Kam Kinda Day:
  • Yes, there was more Kitty Cam than hamster action shown in the house today.
  • The first really really long blockage was the Den of Temptation. 
  • It had to do with voodoo dolls.
  • Apparently three people will be affected by the curse consequence.
  • The hamsters talked about that being the three wouldn't be allowed to vote.
  • But it seems that that idea was just something they thought could happen.
  • They don't really know.
  • And, of course, they are not allowed to talk about production.
  • In between the DoT feeds blockage and the nominations feeds blockage, Paul continued to work his plan.
  • What plan is that?
  • Why, he wants Cody out.
  • What to do? What to do?
  • Well, put TWO pawns up there. If Cody happens to get picked to play PoV and wins, then Jessica could go up.
  • But, then again, if he puts the right pawns up and Cody doesn't play, someone like Alex could win PoV and Cody goes up.
  • No one really wants to be put up as a pawn.
  • But Alex is seemingly more on board with Paul than with Cody even though she's definitely playing her own game.
  • Paul told Ramses this might be the best time for him to use his curse -- up on the block as a third nominee -- as the plan is to backdoor Cody.
  • Christmas told Jason that she thinks Ramses is a "superfan." 
  • Well, yeah. He thinks he is. But some of us have followed the show and the live feeds since BB1. These kids don't KNOW superfan.
  • Alex told Cody that people helped Paul win HoH because no one else wanted to look him in the eye and take him out.
  • So, in effect, she told him everyone wants him out. Heh.
  • Ohh ... Christmas got the Temptation. She can switch out with another hamster -- Cody, Jessica or Ramses -- in a PoV comp.
  • Actually, that falls right into Paul's scheme.
  • The nominations went down ... Alex and Josh.
  • Paul told Ramses to put himself in as the third, throw the veto comp and he'll be safe.
  • And the beat goes on ... 

Must be bright in the house



Jason, Cody and Jessica are FROGS. They must hop around and have lily pad safety spots and all. Heh. Jason is loving it. Jessican, not as much. Cody is complying. But that's about it.


IAgirlsmom said...

Does Paul get to nominate a replacement if Ramses wins POV and removes himself?

Sharon N said...

It doesn't sound like that option has been made clear yet.
But Paul isn't going to take any chances... he's told Ramses that he wants to throw the comp and he's safe.

Even if we don't want to, we gotta give Paul credit. He IS great at comps, so when he's unable to play (because of HOH or whatever), little by little, he will eliminate any players who show potential of winning. Just like last season.

Sharon N said...

What a way for Cody to be brought down to size.
Went from being the Head Honcho to.... a hopping frog.
Give it time, he'll be hopping mad! LOL

Anonymous said...

Still liking Cody! Watch him laughing with Kevin today! He is a Vet & I believe he suffers from PDSD!

Anonymous said...

& Paul is still a spoil brat with no job living with his parents!

Sharon N said...

Anon 12:45

A misconception. Paul actually owns his own clothing business.
Not stuff I would ever choose to wear, but to each his own.
At least he's self-employed.

Most people dislike Paul for various reasons.
He apparently likes living at home.
JMO, but I couldn't care less what he does or where he lives outside the BB house.

monty924 said...

I'm one of the few ones on here who does like Paul. I hated him at the beginning of last season, but he grew on me and anyone here can go back and read in the archives that I changed my opinion. Paul doesn't bother me one bit. He brings life to the party so to speak :)))

Nickelpeed said...

I have never been a Paul fan. He thinks too highly of himself. He was so sure he'd win last year; and that nobody would ever vote for a returnee. Now he's in the same vote; and he still believes it is owed to him.

Yes, Paul brings life to the party, but again, he was the one who wanted returnees gone and believed nobody would vote for Nicole. And, so, the beat goes on. LOL. However, right now, Cody and Jessica are not well liked. The house does prefer Paul over them. I'll still never forget the look on Cody's face when he found out that Paul was safe for 3 weeks. LOL.

Chacha said...

I couldn't stand paul last season in the beginning. Over time I saw his potential as a very good competitor.
I wasn't happy he was back this season and really didn't like that he got protection. We all knew he would get that.
I believe with him living at home its a cultural thing. He is Armenian and they are very family orientated.

Cody is my pool pick and I really don't like him. He really doesn't understand this game. He thinks he will not be wearing the costume when he is evicted Thursday(fingers crossed).

if Ramses wins there is no replacement for him.
Paul only nominates if Josh or Alex are taken off the block.

ready to get the POV played and see who wins.
I have to give it to paul, he wins when needed.
I don't buy for a minute that any of the players were throwing the HOH.
Jessica and Cody have made the comment that the others were cheating. It was made
clear that they could give tickets to other people.

Chacha said...

Last night when paul and co were talking about pov replacement it was said that paul
should say Cody- Hop over to that chair when he is nominated as replacement.

chrob61 said...

Cody has taken a hard fall from grace, but it's gonna be fun to watch. I am liking Jason's goofy persona and Christmas is growing on me. She's the competitor that Cody is, but more likable.

Petals said...

My friend in Cali told me that Paul is part of the Armenian clan that own a lot of Glendale. The Shahs of Sunset crowd & that ilk (and the Kardashians - you've heard of them, right?). Anyway - NONE of those kids have to 'work' for a living, but they all have those boutique kind of jobs - clothing designer, record producer, artists manager, etc. But they all live at home or close-to-home until they breed.
So, yeah - Paul is wealthy. That's not why I dislike him (I love wealth)

Cody is at least a decent sport. I know that no one else likes him, but there is just something about him that I admire. He's a tough nut, that one.

It's the CHICKS this season that are driving me the most bananas. Dead weight, do-nothings!
Elana walks around all hanging-out of her shirts, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, ordering Mark around like an errand boy. Grrr.
Christmas & Alex are the exceptions. I like Alex - little spitfire.

monty924 said...

Hop over there, LOL. Love it!!

uncartie said...

Petals,Cody is a decent sport? He's the poorest sport I've ever seen on the show. All he's done since the eviction that didn't go his way is sulk and steam.

Petals said...

SO the Candy Crush thing? It's ALL ex-Survivors & BBers. @@ Bor-ing. I won't be watching Candy Crush.

Chacha said...


I am not sure what you have seen... Cody has been a horrible sport. Once his fall from grace happened he has been a Bitter Banana(i loved Casey BB11)...

Maybe he will win the Battle Back or whatever they want to call it. Friday July 21 there is a special friday episode. I am sure thats what it is. Hopefully he will have a better attitude

IAgirlsmom said...

Not sure why Paul told Ramses to use his penalty nomination this week since he can't replacement him if Ramses wins/uses the POV. That seems like quite the mistake.

Petals said...

LOL = Paul's "wisdom"? He used the phrase "taken back". Well genius, that's NOT the phrase!
One of my pet peeves, right up there with irregardless and expescially, is "taken back".

Money can't buy brains, clearly.

Sharon N said...

Here's another one that bugs the heck out of me, and I'll bet it does you too.
How/why did it become ok to type "alot" as one word... instead of two?
One of those silly little things that make me crazy. LOL

Jackie said...

Years back when I was in college, I dated an older (27) Armenian guy whose family immigrated here from Syria. Both he and his older brother lived at home with their parents until marriage. The older brother owned and operated a successful diner while the one I dated owned and operated an auto body shop. No, I didn't marry him. But someone did!

Petals said...

^5 SHaron N

WTG Jackie!

Sharon N said...

Ok, this is funny...

Production: "Cody, please keep your head on at all times."

MikesGirl said...


Paul told Ramses to use his penalty nomination this week because they are planning to back door Cody. Ramses was told NOT to win POV and to just lay low this week and he would be fine. Thus using his penalty nomination without (ideally) putting himself in danger.

IAgirlsmom said...

Ah! Tku MikesGirl. That'd be a twist if Paul was trying to help him out and he wins, uses it and screws up the whole thing. Guess we'll know soon.

Tammy said...

I like Paul also

David said...

Paul won the Veto. Now to see if he will keep his word and backdoor Cody or not.

monty924 said...

Damn... five and half hours later. PAUL WON THE VETO

Sharon N said...

So far, it looks like Paul's plan is on schedule.
He's told Alex he'll be taking her off the block.
Between now and the VETO meeting, people on the block better not screw up! LOL

Sharon N said...

Jackie has a new post up.