Friday, July 14, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday Morning - July 14

A cat talks to a frog
Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Who Rocked the Vote?:
  • If you haven't seen it, you need to check out my last post covering the HoH wall comp on the live feeds.
  • I'll wait until you come back.
  • Hmmm... hmmm
  • Okay! Alex is the new HoH, a well-deserved win. 
  • The big buzz overnight is about the votes.
  • They know they can dismiss one as Jessica's.
  • What about the other two?
  • Elena is trying to convince Alex it must have been Christmas, maybe Kevin.
  • Alex previously said she would aim her target at couples in the house.
  • Is that changing?
  • It seems that it almost goes without saying that Jessica will go on the block just due to the fact that she's alienated all.
  • Jessica was actually quite strong in that comp last night.
  • Elena's anti-Christmas thing might just be to protect Mark ... or herself. After all, they're one of the couples.
  • Paul is trying the anti-Ramses angle, telling Alex that Ramses was asking people to create chaos.
  • Um, no. That didn't happen, Paul. A kid who can't really throw a comp isn't going to tell people to vote to evict him!
  • As it stands, it's not clear other than Jessica for the block.
  • But, who knows?
  • Maybe that's not even clear.
  • We'll know tonight! 
 UPDATE: Just before turning in for the night, Alex just told us she is going to make a power move -- Dominque out.

Still cold

Should Mark worry?


Petals said...

I hope Alex doesn't drink the Paul Kool-Aid and sticks to her gut with her nominations!

Overnight, Paul & Co. were in force to try to hi-jack Alex's HOH, but she stayed strong (I think, hope).

chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie- nominating Dominique isn't a big power move, if you ask me....and just how long do we think Christmas is going to hang in this house?? I think she'll be lucky to make the jury.

Kristen from Ohio said...

Her HOH and nominations don't really matter, whomever is voted out this week will get the chance to battle back next week. I would hate to be HOH this week. I think Cameron will do whatever it takes to get back into the house, Cody or no Cody.

Sharon N said...

Dom? A big move?
What's she smokin'?

Chacha said...

Dom is no big move.
I think Alex was referencing her big move being that suitcase she was pulling behind her....LOL

I am liking Mark and Matt more and more. I know it is unpopular. I voted Mark for DOT.

It would be funny if Jess is voted out and there is no way that her and Cody spend the summer together.

I want Cameron to win Battle Back

TAMI said...

I am puzzled by what Julie said last night regarding the battle back...that the HG will determine if the winner comes back..obviously they would block it.they evicted these people they would not vote them back in.

David said...

The big move would be getting Dom to close her mouth when chewing. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine. She needs to go on slop this week at least to bring her down off her high horse. I agree getting her out would not be much of a move though. She is worthless to me as far as entertainment.

I am not sure who alex should put up. I know she has a beef with Jessica because Cody admired Alex game play. But Jessica is a non-entity now. Since she can't go after Paul, she should probably try to back door Mark or Matt if she wants to make a big move.

IAgirlsmom said...

Maybe Julie meant that the HGs also play somehow in either the battle back itself or for the new HOH position and they could essentially knock out the potential returnee(s)?

Annabelle said...

My theory is that DoT curse will be to bring back the HG that wins battle back. Makes sense with the timeline and having the battle back on a special show on Friday after DoT winner is chosen

Chacha said...

From what I have read about the DOT-
The winner will be able to do a reset for the week. Kind of like BB16 when Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick hit the golden button.

Alex will nominate Jess and Dom- that isn't making a big move, she also said Christmas would be the replacement if needed.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is pointless right now. I'm not sure if she should get evicted because she isn't going to be able to do much as far as competing in most HOH or POV competitions. Or if they should keep her because she is really not much of a threat. I find this cast boring and really do not have anyone that I am truly rooting for. But I will continue watching. I always do.

chrob61 said...

Annabelle- you may be on to something. This week's upcoming DoT will make that as the curse- that if you take the temptation (whatever it will be) the curse will be the Battle Back winner can return to the house.

Chacha said...

The talk going around the house now is Paul and ALex are leading the charge of it being BS that Christmas can come back in the game.

Ed in Ohio said...

I agree with Annabelle (@ 1:02) & chrob61 ^. The curse will probably be to let the BOB winner back in if the temptation is accepted.

I do find this cast very boring. It's no wonder they brought Paul back. Much to my dismay I might add because now it looks like Paul will be there for the foreseeable future. :-((

Judi Sweeney said...

For the life of me... I don't understand how Alex thinks getting Dom out is a BIG move... Breaking up those couples is a big move! Trying to understand her thought process!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!

Petals said...

Watch Dom grill little Ram - supported by Paul & Mark - at around 1:18ish pm. Ram never backs down - he held his own! Dom-the-Recruit is a sanctimonious Oprah wanna-be who has somehow mesmerized Mark & Paul. @@

She goes on & on about truth, in her cheap wig.

Petals said...

How awesome would it be if Alex & Jessica made a secret alliance????

Petals said...

SO there is a phrase that has been added to Raven's name: I'm Raven with two terminal diseases.
I've heard it thrice this afternoon alone!
I am aware of the digestive disorder, for which she - thankfully - has a gastric pacemaker to correct. So is it still 'terminal'? And what is the 2nd terminal disease?
Does anyone know?

David said...

I just went to the temptation vote page and cast my votes for Alex to get it. But while there I also noted that the voting will not end for another 5 days. With what Julie said last night, that makes this the final Temptation of the season. This whole thing has been a total scam in my opinion as a way to get Paul in there and give him safety. Only 3 DoT's total, 4 if you include the 25k one that unleashed Paul on the house and us.

So looking at the HG's rankings, it looks like Alex or Kevin will probably decide to take it our not. As someone mentioned this will probably be the decision that determines whether the Battle Back happens or not. Since BB has already scheduled a show for it, I would say they expect it to be accepted, just like everything from the beginning of BB time has been.

Alex was saying last night that they must not take the temptation depending on what it was. It would be cool if she won it and turned it down upsetting CBS's apple cart.

monty924 said...

I don't get why she nominated Dominique???

Anonymous said...

So this is interesting. My DVR for Sunday says "The two heads of households move into their rooms and nominate two guests for elimination". So do you think that means who ever comes back is co-HoH with Alex?

I don't think it will be apart of the DofT because that vote closes on Wednesday after the battle.

I like the power of the halting hex. Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night. Can you just imagine the craziness when this goes down!

I do not understand why Dom is a power move. She may be annoying to them or something but others have bigger social games than she does.

I finally just watched the last episode. Am I the only one who started to like Cody now. I feel like I owe him an appology. Lol.

I must say this has been one of the most interesting seasons. They are really turning things up this year with these temptations and consequences. The only one I did not like is 3 weeks of safety because let's just be real we knew (and so did BB) knew it would go to Paul.

Thanks Jackie for all of you updates. Following your blog is my favorite part of the summer. #yourock