Monday, July 03, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 3

Kevin tells stories to the crowd

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bamboozlement:
  • If you're not up to snuff -- Alex took herself off the block. Cody, after supposedly "working with" Paul and Christmas, tried to put Paul up. Paul brought out his Pendant of Protection. So, Cody put Christmas on the block after he previously told her he'd be loyal and they'd make it to jury.
  • Fireworks before the 4th ensued!
  • A shot rang out!
  • The maid screamed!
  • Er. Ahem.
  • It's not looking too good for Jillian right now.
  • Even Cody's "people" were blindsided by his choice.
  • Even his best buddy Mark, talked with Christmas and is willing to work with her.
  • Cody's bunch thinks it makes them ALL look bad like they were in on the decision.
  • And, they weren't.
  • It definitely looks like most of Cody's group will defect and vote Jillian out.
  • Jessica remains loyal-ish to Cody. Even she was upset about being totally blindsided and Cody telling Paul that "many" people said he was causing issues.
  • Alex still wants to split up the couples.
  • Josh has calmed down. His loyalty will also be to Christmas because she consoled him when he was down.
  • Kevin is still the entertainment in the house -- he's no threat to any of them in physical comps. But, if he makes it to the end game, he just might win socially.
  • Cody's "people" Matt and Raven have already committed their vote to keep Christmas.
  • The Christmas people want to make sure they have the votes. They don't want a tie because Cody would vote out Christmas.
  • Cody thinks he still has the majority of the votes backing his decision.
  • I guess we'll see. 

I'm either the best or worst BB player

I love to snag bad screen shots

Has calmed down a lot


Petals said...

It appears Xmas has broken her foot. She & Jason were running around the yard and one of the slipped. Apparently she barked at one of the nurses, too.

Paul, cody, Jessica & Jason all on outdoor furniture, lamenting.

Petals said...

8:47am, BB time, Cam 4.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is pretty much out of the game. Cody will have to put up yet ANOTHER replacement lol. Or maybe they will bring back Cameron to balance things out.

I don't blame Christmas for yelling at the nurses. Once she broke her foot the production team let her lie there for WAY TOO LONG before finally intervening. She had to beg them to come out.


Petals said...

yes, she was lying there for quite a while ... I feel for her.

chrob61 said...

This is one hot-mess of a cast of hamsters this season!!
Which means that the viewing will be very good.

Jackie- that screencap is of Mark- and you say he has calmed down, did you mean to put up a picture of Josh??

Petals said...

Chrob - yeah, I think she meant it to be a pic of Josh.

Glenn said...

The House guests said that the reason it took so long for the nurses to help was because one nurse did not want to be on camera, They said Christmas said then "Why are you working on Big Brother if not willing to be on Camera." Production said stop talking about production. the reply was we are not talking production techinaclly we are quoteing Christmas.

Jackie said...

That IS Josh in the screen cap. I was watching the conversation. Look at the flab ...

uncartie said...

Damn! I was really starting to like Xmas. Don't dare bring back any more veterans to replace her.

Sharon N said...

And on another note....the intelligence of some of our youth is excruciatingly revealing:
Raven & Alex were talking about Kevin who was talking about emaciated.
Jess said she thought it meant freedom. Raven said it's starving.
God help us...

Petals said...

flab, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

""Why are you working on Big Brother if not willing to be on Camera." "

HAHAHA. This is hilarious. I'm on Christmas' side on this one.


Petals said...

sorry Jackie - you have this.

Sharon - God Help us is correct! The millenials now barely know the basics to function in this country.

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jackie said...

Do NOT post personal information such as addresses of others in comments. That can be very dangerous. I asked you not to do so.