Monday, July 10, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 10

Talk, talk, talk

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Redundant Rodents:
  • Not a heck of a lot going on due to the inevitability of the Backdoor Cody Plan.
  • In a conversation with Elena, Mark said his normal breakfast is ten eggs, a bowl of oatmeal and more.
  • Oh my.
  • No wonder he's such a big guy!
  • Kevin is worried because Alex is telling Jason that Kevin was the flip vote.
  • Paul told him he'd straighten things out with Jason and reminded Kevin of their $25,000 secret.
  • Alex complained that Matt was drinking diet soda while he's a Have Not.  He didn't know (he says). Then he put salad dressing on his slop, also not allowed, I guess.
  • Apparently salad dressing might be allowed. They have a list of no-nos and it's not on the list.
  • I find Alex's bathing suit almost akin to practically naked. It's not just me -- BB told her she can't be in the Diary Room wearing it. Heh. She complained that the guys can go in there shirtless.
  • Ramses kind of admitted to Christmas that he didn't throw the Veto comp (as he agreed with Paul he would do). He told her that he made a promise to himself that he would never throw a comp and kept that promise.
  • Paul and company aren't the only ones mad at Ramses over not throwing the comp and almost winning.
  • Alex told Jason how mad she is about it. After all, had Ramses won, she might have been the one going home this week.
  • Christmas's foot surgery will be happening Wednesday.
  • That's a scary thought. I can only hope she remains in the game. But she certainly would have a valid reason to back out if she needs to do so.
  • Cody smiled.
  • I almost fainted.
  • They're all sleeping as I get this posted. 

Playing pool

Too much whispering!

He smiled and his face didn't crack


Terry is a Texan! said...

Oh my word. He did Smile! He looks so much better!
Shame he will be leaving (not really)

Sharon N said...

So, the DoT this week is the "Halting Hex" ... whatever that is.
How about giving it to Ramses?
Would mess up Paul's game for a little while?

David said...

Going by HG ratings, since we don't know what future temptations will be, I say either Kevin or Alex gets this one. It's not that bad so I hope it is Alex. I don't know what Kevin will do with it, if anything.

Sharon N said...

Since Kevin took the $25 temptation, would he be eligible for one from The Den?

Petals said...

I'm voting for Jason, b/c I see Paul systematically targeting his biggest threats. Ramses & Jason are likable guys, so he has targeted them. Kevin will be next on his hit list. His minions do whatever he tells them, too.
I think it'd be funny for Jessica to get the next temptation, just to shake things up a bit.
Right now, it's the Paul Show.

David said...

Kevin is eligible for the temptation. I agree he probably should not be because he unleashed Paul on us. And yes, I feel that we are the ones being punished and suffering the consequences for him taking the 25k.

Jackie said...

Most of them pushed the button for the 25G -- Kevin just did it the quickest.

T-Town Chick said...

I'm not a Paul or Cody fan, but I do lean more towards Paul on the simple fact that Cody and Jessica are just mean. However, it does bother me that Cody's little minions jumped ship and now are Paul's little minions. I would like to see Alex, Kevin, Ramese, or Jason win HOH next week. On second thought, I hope Josh wins next week. What a sight that would be. He would probably self evicte because he wouldn't be able to handle the pressure.

Sharon N said...

^^ T-Town Chick

uncartie said...

David,I don't blame Kevin for pushing the button and taking the 25 grand. The fix was in from the start. Production knew that few could practically no one would refuse that amount of money. That's almost 3 time more than they would make in an entire season. In return Paul gets safety for the first week and bracelets he could use to start building his team of minions.