Monday, July 24, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 24

He grew up on Darling Street

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Capricious Cats:
  • Ramses is very worried.
  • As he should be.
  • He went to Jessica, telling her he knew he was Plan B when he was on the block before and thinks the majority will vote him out.
  • Jessica told him to talk to people, see where they stand.
  • Um. Okay. But they do LIE. It's Big Brother. They're gonna lie, silly girl!
  • She said she would also talk to people.
  • Remember, Jessica, they will LIE!
  • She assured Ramses that he will not go home this week and told him that she has her own Plan B that will keep him in the house. 
  • She told him she doesn't want to blow his game and won't do it.
  • Now, of course, we know she has Plan B and a Plan C.
  • Plan B is that she holds the PoV -- she could save him and put someone else up on the block with Josh. 
  • Plan C is that she has the Halting Hex power. 
  • Josh is still "not talking" or even acknowledging Jessica and Cody. If they enter the kitchen when he's there, he walks out without a word said.
  • Kevin has the initials of all of his brothers tattooed on one arm. But not his sisters. Hmm.
  • Jessica didn't realize live feeders have audio, not just video. Now, if all we had was video it would be either (A) really, really more boring than it actually is or (B) more exciting because we could use our own imagination with the dialogue!
  • Josh talked at length to the camera (us). He's sure he's staying this week and is planning on being nice because everybody will be jury votes.
  • Ha! Like he's going to make it to the end. No way, Joshay! They don't LIKE you. They're using you and often mock you behind your back!
  • Well, not really Kevin. He kind of defends Josh a bit saying he's a kid.
  • Josh doesn't want to be nice to Mark or Cody.
  • Well, I don't think they want to be nice to him, either.
  • Josh says he's going to keep pretending to be miserable so that Jessica and Cody will be sure he's the one going home.
  • Of course, if Jessica doesn't step in and do something to save Ramses, Josh will be staying. 
  • But, under no circumstances will he ever win this game. He won't make it to the Final Two and, if pigs fly and he does -- no jury would vote for him to win pretty much no matter who's at the end with him.
  • That's it for now.
  • The PoV Meeting will be today. Hopefully Jessica will save Ramses. I think he's the one I'd rather see in the house over Josh.
  • Oh, Josh is good for kerfuffles and even a brouhaha, but in his down time he's practically non-existent. 

No one gets between me and my cat ears!

They deserve each other

Definitely the better player than Cody

Is very concerned he will go home


Terry is a Texan! said...

Jessica, save Ramses, put up Paul, let "the house" get blood on their hands and make the choice, if they are smart, GET RID OF PAUL

Jackie said...

I think they'd vote out Josh over Paul right now. They don't seem to realize leaving Paul in the house is dangerous to their own games.

BB-Boy said...

If Jessica wants josh to stay, she should put up Raven.............although I would much rather vote out Raven. Can't stand that fraud

Jackie said...

She wants Josh to go and Ramses to stay. Josh is her target.

David said...

Cody and Jessica need to talk to Matt without Raven there. He knows whats going on re: the eviction vote but they can't talk to him without Raven being there. He really needs to get away from her if he wants to make a play to win the game. She is a good meat shield at the moment but he is just background noise so far and is just floating by.

Joe in NY said...

The only way to guarantee Josh goes home, IMHO, is to put up Paul as the pawn. Paul is kind of calling the shots. Since Paul can use Josh, and has, I'm not sure there's anyone else that works as a pawn. Maybe Kevin because Paul seems to like Kevin. But I think Paul considers pretty much everyone expendable...except himself, of course.

Chacha said...

I agree with you Joe-

Paul has stated that he knows there is no way he wins this game.
These followers just agree with everything he says and does.
Alex who I thought may actually have a brain as a fan of the show,
has now shown me she is just as stupid as the rest.

Last night Josh talking to cameras admits he knows what he is doing. To
me it seemed he is more of a fan than letting on.

It will be interesting that after the POV and there are no changes to noms-
If Jess gets wind of Josh staying does she use the hex? She has said no but I
would imagine she may get intel from DR

Judi Sweeney said...

She needs to take Ramses down... put up a pawn against Josh if she wants Josh out! That is just what she needs to do! I hope she doesn't waste her Hex, she is going to need it later... Thanks Jackie!

Cheryl in NC said...

No way she waste the hex this week.Hopefully she pulls Ramses down and puts up Paul.I would say put up Mark,because who cares if he or Josh go,plus you get the added benefit of breaking up a couple,but she promised hm safety so I I doubt she will do that.

Chacha said...

POV ceremony is underway-
I don't see Jess using the POV.
Like I said earlier, I hope she ends up using the HEX, not that she will use it

T-Town Chick said...

She didn't use the Veto......silly girl.

Petals said...

wow - did NOT use the veto? So if she wants Ramses to stay, she has to use the Hex. Hmmm

tbc said...

Ramses will be voted out. The pawn often does! Next week Paul will win HoH and put Cody or Jess up. She'll need and use her hex then. We're going to be stuck with Josh and Paul for way too long!!

Petals said...

Oh, I hope not TBC


tbc said...

I know! It will be unbearable having Josh and Paul for so long. *sigh*

Judi Sweeney said...

Should have used the POV.... I don't see her wasting her precious Hex on Ramses Petals. That would be insane since she knows she will need to use it on herself or Cody in the next coming weeks! Too big of a gamble... and then going against the house AGAIN too soon only puts another bullseye on her back.... just my thoughts.

uncartie said...

Petals.No way is she using the hex to save Ramses. She has to keep that to save herself or Cody.

Cody admitted that during the 1st week in the house he had a 3 1/2 hr DR session.@@ Yikes! I guess I'm not the only one who thinks he's a ticking time bomb that can be prone to violence.

uncartie said...

Good news for all of us that hate Frankie and are sick of Paul :)

"CBS game show Candy Crush was pulverized Sunday according to early ratings. The 9 PM broadcast (0.5, 2.4 million viewers) plunged 38% in the demo and 17% in overall audience relative to the previous Sunday.

Crush also looked pretty chewed up when you consider its Big Brother lead-in crowd of 6.1 million and 1.8 rating in the 18-49 age bracket. Big Brother’s Sunday edition was the night’s No. 1 broadcast in all key demos."

Petals said...

Candy Crush TV show @@

Anonymous said...

Jackie this show is so fixed. First the jerk Cody comes back then America votes to give Jessica special powers. No one in America would have granted psycho codys girlfriend special powers Now we are stuck with creepy eyed Cody for a whole season.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The fix is in. It started with Paul. I feel that Frankie's season was fixed too...for him! This show. What is wrong with letting things happen organically.

uncartie said...

Even Kevin threw the BB Battle Back show under the bus during yesterday's walk around the BY with Jason.
July 23 12:20 PM BBT Cam 3

monty924 said...

uncartie, Kevin is my bright spot in this season. Thanks (btw) for the timestamp on the other thread. I look for Kevin moments in there. His bromance with Jason is hilarious. If you didn't see it, go back to 7/18 1:26 cam 3 and watch him describing taking the family to the beach, lol. Hysterical.

Kevin almost has Jessica's power figured out. He's sure she has it because her and Cody are acting too confident and he's close to what the power is.

Love me some Kevin!!!

uncartie said...

Monty,Thanks so much for that timestamp. Hilarious..First the beach stories and then he goes on about zoos,monkeys,and how people act there. Priceless! Those backyard walks with Kev & Jason are the best part of the feeds.