Saturday, July 29, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Dawn, Brouhaha Afoot - July 29

Late night studying.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hotheaded Hamsters:
  • Oh my.
  • Paul, not quite believing that Jessica has some power to save both her and Cody for a few weeks, put both Jessica and Cody on the block.
  • They're on the block with Jason, the third nominee who lost the Temptation Challenge.
  • Mark won that challenge, so he can't be nominated this week.
  • Paul says if both Jessica and Cody are indeed safe, no harm no foul. He has back-up nominees and, in his worst case scenario -- Josh might go home.
  • But, of course, Paul thinks it's some kind of safety and doesn't realize that his entire HoH might go moot if Jessica uses the Halting Hex.
  • Paul told Jessica time and time again that she's safe. She's only in the mix because of Cody.
  • Cody (and Jessica) confronted Paul about the nominations.
  • Eep.
  • I thought there would be fisticuffs!
  • Not on either Paul or Jessica's part, mind you.
  • But Cody's rage was almost to that point.
  • He seemed to make himself bigger -- like you're supposed to do if you come upon a bear.
  • Seeing as Cody's only bigger than Paul as far as men go in the house, it wasn't really needed.
  • He got in Paul's face almost egging Paul to hit him.
  • Paul told him to leave the room.
  • "What are you going to do about it?!?!" -- Cody.
  • Paul called him emotional and just held his ground, telling Cody to leave the HoH room.
  • Jessica escorted Cody out.
  • Paul told Jessica he's willing to talk to her anytime.
  • Then, Paul's bravado returned and he shouted things that Cody had said in the room from the balcony and calling Cody out as an emotional baby.
  • Cody had claimed that Paul treated the others like dogs and bragged about how great he is in the game.
  • Paul yelled it to all the others, rallying them too against Cody.
  • Of course, the lesser than alpha males had to get into the fray, too.
  • Josh started yelling at Mark about how he mistreated him last week and how they will pay.
  • Oh my.
  • Out of the four guys involved in the shouting matches, only Paul came off as quasi-reasonable. He would not let himself be egged into something he'd regret.
  • Yet he would shout things after the threat of a punch in the face left the room.
  • Heck, this was better than TV!
  • Heh.
  • I love me a good brouhaha.
  • In other news, Elena told Mark that she cannot go home this week. She's counting BB as a career move and needs to stay in entertainment. She has no job to go back to, nor a home to return to come October. Her mother has her dogs. She told him BB is her job.
  • I say, she better learn how to flip burgers or something. She's not going to make it in Hollywood! 
  • They got BB Storm Watch bulletins on the video monitor. So, most of them studied through the night expecting that to be the veto comp. 

A cat and a cowboy.

For her, every day is Christmas.

I must stay. I have no job, no home.

Happiness is a tutu and lint roller.

Nobody likes Cody!

Posturing for a brouhaha.


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie.

Paul, being the tiniest man in the house, acted afraid in front of Cody, then when he was surrounded by this minions in the kitchen, he put on a full (yes) bravado-filled tirade.
Cody was right - Paul is a boastful, arrogant little man who DOES brag about his vet status & DOES brag about controlling the rest of the HGs like dogs.

Josh really acted-out. He is ridiculous. Always. And I am SHOCKED that production continued to allow Josh to bang those pots all day, all night. Obviously, they knew Mark would blow and he did. I'm disappointed in many ways with this season, especially with production.

How can Paul think Josh will get America's Fave? No way, Kevin has it locked-up.
How can Alex & Xmas continue to praise Josh's bad behavior? WTH?

The Elena part was amusing. She is convinced that this is her career. She may get an offer from Vivid Entertainment, but that's about it. I had no idea she was angling for a career in entertainment. *smh* But aren't they all, right? How many times have we seen these girls who're convinced there will be job offers flooding in? LOL

Meanwhile, Raven Make-a-Wish & that dude she hangs with are nearly invisible, and will likely skate to F4. UGH!

So Jackie - would you call last night a "brou-fuffle?" ☺

Anonymous said...

Petals your post was excellent !

First, I am so pleased to hear your comment on Kevin being a shoe in for America's favorite! It would please me so much to actually see him WIN, but that might be but doubt it. Darn! But, favorite YES! Love to see him get the cash, MORE cash for making this season fun to watch.

Paul is the mouth that just loves to hear himself talk.....endlessly. Production is so behind him to keep in around...........sad group this year..........mindless, with the exception of Alex.

I did enjoy Jessica seeing Cody for what would be in store for her outside the house with Cody. And, shocked somewhat that he told her that this is HIM" inside or out!
He has very few friends and not close to his family even ,what you see here is it. He doesn't look for confrontation, but doesn't back down either. Long stares , then she hugged him and he her! UGH. But, she won't last outside, she will dump him. Not a desperate girl......but also, she showed some pretty ugly sides of herself, but is very hot. She can dump him and move on..........and should. He is a mental MESS. She can just be a bitch at times, but not mental messed up.

What can be said about Elena, you said it all. Make a career in words......................!!! Sad.......awakening comin'. Vivid Ent., so funny!

Sharon N said...

The only possible entertainment "job" Elena might get is what she's been

Of the "men"...
Matt is nearly invisible.
Actually, Mark isn't much better.
Josh is more boy than man.
Cody is a head-case.
Paul is exactly the same as he was last year, obnoxious. BUT, there's no getting around matter what we think of him, he DOES read people quite well and plays them accordingly.

Joe in NY said...

Sharon N. wrote; "Joe, but doesn't Jess have 1 or 2 more evictions where she can choose to use the hex? If that's correct, she doesn't have to use it this this time. Boy, that would really throw Paul if she didn't.. and then sprung it on them later!! "

No, Sharon. If Jess is on the block and doesn't use the Hex, she's going home. Paul would not leave her in the house with the future power to save herself. If Jess wins veto, she can choose to not save Cody. But if she's on the block against ANYONE, including Satan and Hitler, Paul will send her home to remove the power.

Joe in NY said...

Honestly, that stare of Cody's is pretty common in vets I know. I think in Nam they called it "open grave stare" or "open grave eyes" or something like that, meaning you have looked into your open grave. I think the House is probably the worst place for Cody. Too much quiet time with your thoughts. When he's talking to people, he can be downright charming. When he's quiet for too long, he gets to brooding.

I also think that maybe his references to "killing people" is less bragging and more a call for help. Vets who have adjusted to life and the return home never mention it.

So, again, after Megan (? I forget her name?) self-evicted and Cody, you have to wonder whether CBS needs a better psych team or they are just that heartless that they constantly put people in the House who SHOULDN'T be in the House.

Joe in NY said...

Geez, why do people think that you can just go into "Entertainment" because you want to be in "Entertainment"? You need to have some kind of marketable skill. Even people like the Kardashians or Paris Hilton, while not exactly "talented" in the traditional sense, have business/communication skill and good marketing heads and knew how to leverage their exposure.

[Note: While not really a fan of either the Kardashians or Hilton, I think they are underappreciated for the skills they have...and I don't mean Kim's butt.]

Petals said...

Aww BFJoeinNY - you are so right about Cody. Thank you. What you wrote was less reproachful, but more insightful and I really appreciate it. That is what I see in Cody; I think he is a normal dude with a good heart, just not putting it (his ♥) on display for the public.

Also agree about your remark re the psych evals. Exactly WHO is evaluating the houseguests, because they really dropped the ball this year.
Most people immediately think of Cody as "psycho", just because he stares off in to space. That's silly. The freakiest people in the house are Megan (who bolted, hello!), Mark & Josh. Josh is truly frightening.
♥ Joe

Judi Sweeney said...

Petals.... you nailed it completely! Personally I am glad Cody let everyone know how boastful Paul is and how he is leading them like dogs!

I am also disappointed in production for allowing the pots and pans behavior! Production should have been talking to Paul about his encouraging Josh to get in Cody's face (literally) that encourages violence... such a coweredly move by Paul at the expense of Josh, not himself! If someone does get hurt due to productions encouragement and allowing... I have a great lawyer contact because BB would be liable! Wow, what a night! Thanks Jackie!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree with you too Joe.... Those military men/women who survived seeing death around them come back different and tune out a lot as a self survival. That is another reason why there is a higher risk of Suicide among Vets! My s-I-l just retired from the Marine Corp.... many have a hard time adjusting to civilian life! Some of his friends have made it... but too many didn't. Loud banging (like pots and pans AND fireworks) can set them back to the trenches and battle of kicking in doors... that's why I am so surprised production allowed that type of behavior knowing Cody's background! It really is serious and not a joke!

Terry is a Texan! said...

So the Halting Hex, with Jess in charge of it, can take her, Cody off the block, then Paul renominates or there is NO eviction?????

Nickelpeed said...

This is what I believe about military, being one myself for 12 years; and having a husband who retired after 26: For the most part, many people are the same as they are before military as they are in the military.

I've met a lot of veterans. I've known many of them before they went in to the military and after they were military. There is not much of a difference. PTSD affects many people, even those not in the military. The effects on war solidifies a person who is agitated even before the military. Meaning, if a person is anxious before war, it'll just worsen in war or in a stressful situation.

I hosted wounded veterans at the baseball park where I work. I was talking to one man who lost both legs in Afghanastan. He was explosive ordinance. Someone stepped on a mine while the team was sweeping an area. 5 people were killed.

I asked how it changed him. He says it didn't. He had always been a risk taker. He got out of the military when they would not let him stay in EOD. They wanted to give him a desk job. He didn't want that. He is a strong advocate for the military today. He said he is just as gun ho as he was out of the military as he was in.

I think what's going on with Cody is he thinks he's losing control. Many Marines are very proud, gun ho people. When you think you are losing control, you act out. Cody thinks he losing control, so he lashes out. Josh, on the other hand, is an emotionally unstable man-child. He has probably been a whiny person all his life to get his own way. LOL

Nickelpeed said...

Terry is a Texan - I think the Halting Hex stops the eviction altogether. No eviction at all and no nominations.

tbc said...

Yes, I agree with many of you on this thread who feels the psych team needs to do a better job when evaluating these hamsters. Josh is down right scary and Mark is not too far behind. We all make fun of Matt the Friendly Ghost, but he isn't camera worthy because he's not crying for help like the others.

As far as production goes, the whole season seems set up to me even this passed week with Paul winning HoH. Maybe he did tell people, if you're not sure of an answer, just vote one way or the other. Why did he know all the answers and so sure he would win just as Jess is holding the power to reset the game? To me, production wanted it to happen. I sure thought Kevin would have won that temptation... I've never felt that production has manipulated this game so much until this season. I wish they would let the chips fall where they may... *sigh*

tbc said...

Oh, and Elena stating the BB is her job and she must stay in entertainment is just sad. She should work at In-N-Out Burger in LA... that may be as far as she gets.

Nickelpeed said...

Judy Sweeney. I just read your comment. You are very right about trying to adjust to civilian life after military. Both my husband and I did have a hard time adjusting to civilian life after retirement. Civilian life is SO different than military.

Not every war veteran reacts the same, though. I have a few friends who have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan. One is EOD and one is a Seal, and two are medical. I've known the EOD guy (Achiel) since he was 16. Very serious kid before and while in the military. He's a very serious guy. Same with the Navy Seal. It forced them to grow up a lot. The Navy Seal kid (Eric) changed a lot. Only because he had to in order to make it through Navy Seal school. It is the most strenuous and mind altering school in all the military. They have to be able to withstand anything. To make it through this school, you have to already be a strong person. You have to be emotionally stable.

I think medical have it hard because they see the results of war. I know many medical who have gotten out of the military after experiencing the after affects of war. I've lost 3 military doctors because they did not want to go temporary duty ever again after serving overseas for war zones.

There is no doubt war effects military members. I can't imagine ever being in Iraq or Afghanistan. You really do not know who is your friend and who isn't. You are ALWAYS on guard. You can't relax at all. That to me, is enough to change anyone.

One of the problems with the military is that they have a habit of sending the same people all the time. They are so limited on who they can send, it's always the same people. That drives me nuts. Instead of sending a different squadron, they'll reassign the same group who has been there for a year. My friend who is EOD, has spent 2 tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. With Eric, the Navy Seal, he can't tell where he is at all. This effects people.

Another problem for military is their importance. In the military, every person affects the outcome. They are important. It's not like that in the civilian sector. You are just another person. Believe it or not, that really does affect people. I think Cody just feels unimportant. He feels threatened.

Nickelpeed said...

Wait until Paul hears that it was Kevin, not Ramses, who took the $25,000. LOL

Nickelpeed said...

tcb: Look how Jeff Probst influences Survivor. He never shuts up.

Jonsey said...

Did xmas replace anyone in a veto comp yet? Did I miss it? I think that was her temptation.

lemonjello said...

Paul knows that Kevin took the 25.000, he has known that from the beginning!

Nickelpeed said...

Really, Paul has known for weeks? He just wanted to blame Ramses for something. UGH.

uncartie said...

Here's what actually happened in the HOH room
July 28th 7:22:30 PM BBT Cam 3

Paul explains to Cody & Jess why he nominated them and the genius psycho Cody says "You do what 9 people in the tell you to do"? (Me:Uh yeah. That's how you play the game by listening to others). Cody then launches into a tirade about Paul. Paul tells themn to leave the room and of course the house psycho says "What the *&^% you gonna do about it. Paul tells Cody "You're an emotional *&^$% (kitty) and Cody and Jess leave the room. Cody then ends up in the HN room crying

Sharon N said...

yes, Paul has known about the 25k from the beginning.
As I recall, Kevin told him. @@

Nickelpeed said...

uncartie: I wish Cody would take control of his emotions. According to videos, he's not like this out of the house. I think he is so darn frustrated with Paul, he can't control his feelings. He had control in the beginning; and it gets his goat that they all turned to Paul. Really, if they do not watch it, Paul will win. They are only hurting their own game. They are going to think just like Paul did in his season, who is going to vote for a Returnee? Everyone. They are clueless.

monty924 said...

Paul has known from the beginning and has been protecting Kevin since trying to put the seed in other hamster's minds that it was Ramses who go the 25K. Pinning it on Ramses was brilliant because Kevin is out of suspicion and Ramses is gone so it can't be spoiled. Another reason Paul wanted Ramses out. There is a method to what he does and it's fun to watch. Playing the game all the way in every aspect.

Petals said...

TBC: Funniest line ever - Matt the Friendly Ghost! BWHAHAHAHAHA

Petals said...

Penny - you nailed it! That is exactly why Paul returned. He saw a returnee (Nicole) take the big prize, and he plans to do the same.
The thing is, Nicole was sweeter than Paul, IMO. Sure, she was in a gooey showmance, but ultimately was not the snake (yes, snake) that Paul is. {his Frankenstein-molding of Josh, his goading of Cody}

I wonder how Paul will use the Kevin-25k info to his advantage? I see a blackmail in our future...

Terry is a Texan! said...

In survivor they always want the veterans of former games out...what are they thinking letting him run the show?
AND CHRISTMAS, Sheesh are they going to let her just ride 9n her Injury?
Thanks nickel for the clarificationz.

Sharon N said...

Petals, not only blackmail, but Paul could decide to take Kevin to F2. So far, Kevin hasn't done anything other than entertain us... and take the $25k.

Only problem with that theory: so far, Kevin is pretty well-liked by the other HGs.
Although Paul is on tap to mess-everyone-over, just like last year, but he could end up over-playing his hand and lose anyway [to someone who's done less than Nicole did].... just like last year. Wouldn't that just frost his cookies!! LOL

Joe in NY said...

Like it or not - and I don't - at this point no one but Paul deserves to win. He's running the whole House. Jess and Cody are the only ones who have tried to do anything about it, but Cody's "artlessness" has hurt them. It would be fascinating to see what would happen if Paul were evicted. With the possible exception of Alex who seemed to have a strategy, the rest of the Cultists really don't have any strategy. Take the Puppetmaster away and they would all be scrambling.

Jessica is smart BUT she did not realize soon enough that there was no coming back from the Cody ouster. She let herself think that by being nice, socializing and "not upsetting the House" she could reset her game. There was no way that was ever going to happen. Even now, it sounds like she's letting Paul suggest to her that if Cody goes all will be okay with Jess. That's just a lie. If Cody goes out, they will do their best to make sure Jess isn't far behind, probably right after Mark.

Petals said...

LOL Sharon - LOL @ frost his cookies.

Joe - yes. You are correct - like it or not, Paul may win. But he isn't the only one playing. I think Jess is playing, so is Alex. Jason WANTS to play, so does Kevin.

Paul saw Nicole return and win the game (over him). He wants to do the same, but I hope it doesn't happen.


tbc said...

Nickelpeed you are right about Survivor. I love Probst, but he does lead them to water doesn't he?

Annabelle said...

Cody is just mad because Paul is doing what he wanted to do - run the house. Unfortunately for him, this is a social game and Paul is playing better than anyone in there. Cody has zero social skills. The rare times he actually looks happy include talking about his amazing breeding skills and how many people he's killed. Cody initially picked his team based mostly on superficial reasons and shunned the rest of the house. Paul at least treats people with respect (genuine or not) but how people want to be treated. Cody's personality sucks and he doesn't seem to me like a nice person. Plus, I don't trust people who don't like dogs.

That said, I'm rooting for Jason, Alex and Kevin and hope they're smart and stay together and team up to get Paul out when the time is right.

Petals said...

OK - I have a nasty little aside about Cody & Jess: Isn't it funny that he keeps talking about he & Jessica having "genetically superior" children, but BOTH of them have a slightly wonky eye? LOL Right? I can't be the only one to have seen it, on both of them. *giggle*

Jackie said...

Uncartie succinctly described the events of the HoH brouhaha. Paul didn't act scared. He told him to leave. Yeah, once Cody left, Paul did get mouthy. But I don't think I'd risk a Cody fist in my face, either.

People dead-set against Paul seem to embellish things a bit because every breath he takes bothers them. I don't like Paul. I don't want him in my life. But, can he play the game of Big Brother? He sure can!

I'm not in favor of returning players. But had Paul not come back this season, the feeds would be like watching paint dry. The cast, other than perhaps Cody, is rather namby-pamby.

I also condone NO conspiracy theories. I know people who have worked on the show. They don't care who wins as long as people watch and they get renewed.

Petals said...

Jackie - Good point! We are absolutely watching this season, waiting to see who goes crazy first. My money is on Mark, although Josh has kind of been around the bend for a coupla weeks now.
Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date on all the craziness in the house. This latest brouhaha (broufuffle? LOL) was good feeding.

uncartie said...

Annabelle,You nailed it. Cody does not have a clue as to how to play. You can't win every competition. Cody nominated people and then locked the door to the HOH to be with Jess. It was his way or the highway. You can't do that and expect people to blindly follow you.

Paul,Otoh,nurtures each and every HG with a sweet flowing dialogue. He doesn't over react or try to intimidate. He's like a honey bee pollenating his flowers.

Besides the initial help he received at the beginning of the game the one thing that is helping him the most is that he was the only veteran. If there was another Vet able to lay out a different side he wouldn't have anything like the power he has now.

As Jackie said he sure can play the game of Big Brother.

Sharon N said...

So Paul apparently won POV. Not that it will do him any good.
He'll be happy and party-hearty... until his world comes crashing down via Jessica.

David said...

I wonder if Paul will pull Jason down and leave just Jessica and Cody OTB just to drive his point home, and make some points with Jason. I do hope Jessica keeps her true power secret until Thursday just to see Pauls and Joshes faces.

Nickelpeed said...

It's like I said, if they keep Paul in the game, he is going to win. I'm not a fan of the Paul, but he is playing to win. Cody wants to be in power. He tried to play a hard line, it doesn't work with most people. I think he over reacts because he wants to be in power. Since he can't, he lets his anger take over. Paul has a calm demeanor, he's been allowed to stay in power, whether or not he's in charge. That's smart.

Sharon N said...

Paul mentioned taking Jason down.
I wonder if BB will let that happen before Jessica uses her hex and ruins Paul's day. LOL

Jackie has a new POV thread up.

Nickelpeed said...

Paul won POV??? Oh, this going going to be really good on Thursday night. LOL

Nickelpeed said...

Petals, Jessica and Cody actually talked about having superior children? I hate when people talk like that.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Production care, and have reason to manage, who wins (or succeeds at any given time) if it increases interest in the show, attracts higher ratings, and, ultimately, strengthens the show's chances of renewal? To that end, wouldn't Big Brother rather stir the pot than cover paint drying?

For example, anyone could have predicted that Paul, the only HG then familiar to viewers, would win the first temptation. Knowing that, Production found a way to protect him long enough for him to secure his stature in the house, which in turn would help keep viewers. And, from the results of each successive vote, Big Brother gained a good sense of the probable winner of the upcoming temptation, and could tweak each of them according to the next expected winner. For the current situation, it was foreseeable that (1) Jessica would probably win the temptation and (2) that she and Cody would both be on the block in the near future. How interesting that her powers will completely nullify both noms.

uncartie said...

Anon 6:12,BB wins almost every one of their time slots. This has gone on for years so
they have little to worry about regarding cancellation. It also helps that Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves,chairman and CEO of CBS.

Judi Sweeney said...

Penny, you are right the military Iraq/Afghanistan War affects people in different ways. My S-I-L just retired from the Marines in October. He had 4 deployments to that region. His first deployment in Iraq he was a Sgt. fighting in the Battle of Fallujah towards the end of 2004. It was brutal kick in the door face to face battle. He lost many friends and one in his arms. He was proud that all of his men survived and returned home "that time" to their families. My step-son was a Medic in the Army and fought in Afghanistan. Both are affected by loud banging (pots and pans would do it) and fireworks. They have to leave Disneyland and ballparks before the fireworks because it sometimes mindsets them back to battles. Many return with this.

Last night we were all together for a birthday gathering, talking about Cody and both said Cody is a classic example of someone who has been in the streets of combat. In Iraq and Afghanistan you couldn't tell who the enemy was because they didn't have uniforms. It could be a man, a woman and even a child walking by you. Cody's stare down is due to analyzing who is the enemy... who can be trusted... it is psychological intimidation and is very common it those who have served over there! Trust does not come easy! Trust has cost some of their brother's lives. So I am starting to look at Cody a little differently.

Anonymous said...

True, BB has lasted because it gets nice ratings and eats up a lot of primetime hours for a cheap summer show. And Julie herself should have a place at the network, especially as long her shows perform and while Moonves (now age 67 and worth $300 mil) is still around. Nevertheless, if ratings slip, ad rates will too. And Moonves or no, if BB ratings should tank, so will the show. Production still has a massive incentive to assure the show's success.