Saturday, July 22, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 22

What am I doing in this handbasket?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Recycled Hamsters:
  • From my last brief update, you know: Jessica won HoH, Ramses and Josh are on the block.
  • Blocked to the live feeds, Christmas played in the HoH comp and apparently actually did quite well.
  • Not as well as Jessica, mind you.
  • Paul might not be the backdoor plan -- it just might be Mark.
  • Cody says he wasn't shown his goodbye messages but Alex and Christmas are concerned. 
  • I doubt they showed them to the Sequestered Four as it would affect the game if they went back in.
  • Paul held a Friendship Chat.
  • Gah.
  • They gathered and talked romance, love, dates, biggest fears, etc.
  • Ramses hasn't found the one and doubts he ever will.
  • Kevin told him he was still young.
  • Yep, 21 is barely out of childhood.
  • Even Cody and Jessica participated in the Chat.
  • For a few moments, Cody had a personality. Then it went away again and he sat quietly staring.
  • Later in the HoH room, Jessica told Cody they shouldn't isolate themselves this time around.
  • Cody balked saying that he didn't want others to run his game.
  • Hasn't he learned a lesson?
  • Cody was telling Jessica about his mother referring to his father as "Daddy" and treating him like a child. He must have said, "I've killed people." at least three times. Is he proud of that? Hmm.
  • Raven claims that she's a MENSA member. @@
  • Josh and Jason were thrilled when midnight came along and they could chow down. Two weeks on slop is rough!
  • A side note: I wish they'd bring back the old food comps they used to have where the entire house has to win the food for the week. It's better than slop and that was a comp they used to air on the live feeds! Are you hearing me, Allison Grodner? Food comps rock!
  • Mark thinks that Jessica has made it clear that she wants Josh to go home this week.
  • I didn't see her really indicate that. I know others want to keep him.
  • The dude does have issues, but so does Mark.
  • So there you go. It SOUNDS like Mark might be the replacement if one of the nominees comes off the block. It SOUNDS like Paul is getting along with Jessica and Cody.
  • But I won't be making any wagers. 

Dancing for the camera

Mr. Personality is back

Ramses hasn't found love

Sharing a moment

Scooting around the house


Judi Sweeney said...

You would think Cody would listen to Jessica since his plans weren't working! At some point the couples need to be broken up! Thanks Jackie!

Chacha said...

Cody has the attitude that he is better than all in the house.
Jessica looks to have fallen back into old habits even though she said they need to not isolate themselves.
Give those two a day or so and they will be isolated.

TAMI said...

Cody has apparently not learned a thing. He is going to alienate the house once again. So much for making the best of his second chance.

~~Silk said...

Re Raven: Any card-carrying Mensan can go to the membership database and verify whether someone is a member or not. They've changed the logon and navigation procedures since the last time I visited the site, and although I'm a life member I haven't been active since moving to NJ. I don't have the time right now to figure it out, but if there are any other members out there, maybe you'd like to take a shot at it?

Anonymous said...

The house needs to get PAUL out NOW.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe they are not sure of his protection period. It very well may still be in effect.

Petals said...

Silk - my mom was a Mensan for a while, but dropped b/c she didn't want to pay the $dues. I wish I had her log-in info, so I could debunk Raven's claims. But really, who cares? Raven is ... what she is. IMO, a joke, a fraud.
She will be a blip in the BB memory bank. LOL

Sharon N said...

Paul's 3-weeks of protection has ended and he's fair game now. But will any of them has the nerve to go after him again? If Cody was HOH, I'm sure he'd do it again because he has a huge ego and would like the credit for ultimately booting Paul.

Too many are after the Ramses/Josh, although it's more because they aren't liked very much (or at all). So excuses have been created that they are some kind of a threat. @@ Although I'd love to see Josh gone (strange guy), he's not the threat they should be looking at!!

One of the Anons posted they think Cody has PTSD. It actually wouldn't surprise me with the weird/blank stare and talking about how many people he's killed. That's not normal, I don't care how anyone tries to slice it. That young man has got some real issues IMO.

~~Silk said...

Petals - Mensa keeps raising the annual dues, and most Mensans tend to be, um, underemployed or unemployable, so they keep losing members and can't seem to be able to figure out why. I went for life membership back in the 80s when I was very active and the one-time lump sum was low. Now, 2 years' dues is about equal to what I paid then for, so far, thirty-plus. My late husband qualified, but never applied because he was eligible to attend everything under my membership so there was no point. (Other members had some difficulty understanding that. In many ways, Mensans are not very smart.) Since they redesigned the logon, your late mother's password may no longer work.