Sunday, July 02, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 2

Paul is livid

It's time we got some kerfuffles and brouhahas going in the BB19 house! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Turmoil and Tension:
  • All was going rather peachy keen until today's Veto Ceremony.
  • Then all heck broke loose.
  • Of course, the ceremony itself was blocked to the live feeds.
  • But we saw the aftermath.
  • Alex saved herself. We knew she would.
  • True to what he's said in DR sessions on the show, Cody tried to backdoor Paul.
  • Heh. I don't care that much for Paul and I personally would have preferred all newbies this season.
  • But Cody creeps me out and it's good to see some comeuppance.
  • Paul revealed his taking of the Temptation - the Pendant of Protection. So, now all know he has three weeks of safety.
  • Instead of putting Jason up like there were hints, Cody put Christmas on the block with Jillian.
  • Totally unexpected by all.
  • After all, we know Cody told NO ONE who he would nominate.
  • In the verbal brouhahas that ensued, Cody tried to back out and tell Paul that "many" people brought him (Paul) up as a source of turmoil in the house.
  • Paul ranted on and on that this was the same thing that happened last season -- people he thought he could trust, he couldn't.
  • Meanwhile, Christmas was ready for blood!
  • I swear, if there had been fisticuffs at that time between Christmas and Cody, my money would have been on Christmas for the win.
  • Even Jessica feels blindsided by Cody's actions.
  • It turns out that several of the hamsters actually like Paul and want him in the game. Christmas is close to Paul, so they plan to support her.
  • They also realize that Alex seems to be being protected by Cody and many believe he threw the PoV comp to her.
  • Matt seems to be stuck in the middle. He won't say anything bad about Cody because of their friendship. But he seems to be being drawn by Elena and Raven to support Christmas.
  • Cody wants Christmas out over Jillian. He got Mark and Jason to agree with him.
  • But that's subject to change.
  • It's looking like Christmas has more people wanting her to stay than Jillian.
  • It's definitely a house divided though.
  • And Cody Creepy Eyes better watch his back. He's put a huge target on t and I don't think his friends will stay on the sinking ship. 

Christmas is livid

Cody is pacing like a pent-up animal

Bystanders are dazed and confused


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until Cody, Jessica, Alex and Cry Baby are gone! KEVIN for the WIN!

Anonymous said...

Kevin and his fake, trying to be funny expressions? God no.

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow.... it's not boring now! Looks like there will be a war between Paul and Cody! It's sad that Cody's social skills are non-existent! A lot happens within a few days!

monty924 said...

I left a longer comment about the entire Megan thing back on the pool party/show post, but will say here that I already love this cast and this season, lol. My standouts (from just the Sunday show) are Kevin, Mark and Whistlenut/Jason. It's going to be a wild summer.

David said...

What an almost worthless temptation this week compared to 3 weeks of satety. The temptaions are supposed to get better as they did last year. They knew Paul would get the first one is why they offered 3 weeks of safety first. I voted Kevin but this is such a bad one, just to replace someone in a veto competition, that I really had no preference on who to give it to.

I am really liking Alex. I hope she gets HOH this coming week and takes out Jessica or my pool pick Raven.

Cheryl C said...

Wow I seriously dislike Cody. What happens when I dislike someone? They usually make it quite a ways in the game lol. Hopefully not this time. Anyone else think Jessica is a mean girl? She didn't call Alex a panda but she is name calling.

Anonymouse said...

Best cast in eons.

Jodie said...

I definitely think Jessica is a mean girl. She sure didn't mention what she actually said, just kept denying she said anything. I also hated that little smirk she did when Alex was nominated. Would love to see Alex win HOH and put up Jessica and Cody.

I'm not a huge fan of Paul, thankfully he doesn't come off as obnoxious on the show as he does on After Dark and I'm sure the feeds. I'm just thankful they brought him back and not someone more annoying, like Jessie or Frankie.

Petals said...

With equally large egos, it's no surprise that Cody & Jessica hooked-up, but I will be surprised if they last beyond the next few weeks.

What's with all the showmances? It's like producers encouraged it or something. Weird.

And Raven seems to be untouchable. Is she terminally ill? Because even (heartless) Cody said he'd never touch her (nom-wise). If she is that fragile, why is she on this show? And if everyone feels like that, hasn't she already won?