Sunday, July 30, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 30

Mark's one shoulder dwarfs both of them

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dealing Dilemmas:
  • Paul is thinking the temptation Jessica has might just save one person. He's considering pulling Jessica off the block.
  • His plan would be to put Elena up in her place, Cody would go home.
  • Kevin believes that if any girl is on the block, Christmas will vote that girl out. Hmm.
  • Paul talked to Jessica, once again reiterating that everyone likes her. It's just that, with Cody (Public Enemy #1) at her side, she will always remain on the outside, a target.
  • She ended up telling him that, using her hex, she can pull everyone off the block.
  • She tells him there would be no eviction at all.
  • In other words, his latest HoH reign would be all for nothing.
  • Jessica tells him she refuses to take part in any plan that will send Cody home.
  • Sigh. That would be a game-changing move for her. In my opinion, she has a decent sense of the game, better than most playing this season. If not for Cody, she'd be a contender for the win.
  • Paul pointed out that she'd definitely make jury if she doesn't use it and Cody goes home.
  • The person going home this week should be the last pre-jury.
  • She says she wants to be in jury with Cody if neither of them make it further down the line.
  • Paul kept trying to convince her that Cody is ruining her game and she has a chance without him in the picture.
  • Alas, to no avail.
  • Well ... maybe ...
  • Jessica laid down the rules if she doesn't use the hex to save herself and lets Cody go -- she wants safety for two weeks and Alex to be voted out the next HoH.
  • Um. Gee, isn't Paul in a secret alliance with Alex?
  • Shh. It's a secret.
  • Paul assured her he could fulfill her first demand. He's not as sure on the getting Alex out.
  • Jessica is adamant about the Alex bit. She says she feels like she's being bullied in the game and those are her demands. She would like them met.
  • Well, that sends Paul into a tailspin! He has to run around to all of his peeps, adjusting things a bit for each of them.
  • Cody and Jessica ended up in a kerfuffle without anyone mentioning she might be ready to throw him to the wolves!
  • Paul told Alex of the plan, telling her that they'll be faking the target on her and there will be another blindside.
  • Heh. Paul said that Cody has a "small man complex."
  • Takes one to know one!
  • Paul is the smallest guy in the house while Cody is shorter than most of the women.
  • Paul and his peeps decide to go with a Make Cody Miserable Plan.
  • Um. I think he's there already and has been for weeks with the exception of the Jessica benefits.
  • A meeting was held with Jessica (sans Cody) and a group. She agreed not to use the hex (and thus sacrifice Cody) if Alex goes out next.
  • Agreed.
  • Um, well, it is BB. I wouldn't trust any of them!
  • Jessica asked they be nice to Cody. After all, he has post-war stuff going on in his head.
  • I don't know. I watched as Jessica asked him the ranks he attained in both the Air Force and Marines.
  • Uh.
  • "Uh is not an answer," I say in my best Judge Judy voice.
  • Now, you KNOW the rank you attained on the military as well as you KNOW whether you graduated school or not. Why did he hesitate on both answers? Thinking up a lie?
  • Hmm.
  • Things are all convoluted in the house.
  • And, so is my mind.
  • Until tomorrow ... 

Pigs are flying! They're playing pool again.

A cowboy without a hat

Adding to repertoire - the sneer stare

Paul and Jessica talk game


Cheryl in NC said...

Why oh why did she tell Paul about the hex power...silly girl..HE can Not be trusted. Ruins the whole eviction show now!

David said...

Is there not one person who can keep thier mouth shut in there? Even Kevin told paul about the 25k which was stupid sicne no one thought it was him. Now Paul has dirt on him.

I still think Jessica should use the Hex. Since Paul can't play for HOH they have a great chance of Jessica, Paul, or Mark winning it.

Glenn said...

Jackie you are correct about a Veteran would know their rank. I was a Specialist 4 as a medic in the North Carolina Army national Guard from 1981 to 1987. You remember all of your schools and training you receive in the military. I have many family members who also served in the Army and retired. It is a major red flag that Cody hesitated on his rank

As others have also mentioned before The family members that fought in combat plus my fellow veterans in the American Legion also do not keep mentioning killing people etc.

I know several Vets who have PTSD or get Jittery with loud noises. None of them act like Cody.

Nickelpeed said...

Why in the world did Jessica tell Paul about the Hex??? My gosh, these people are so stupid. She just irritates the heck out of me! Now, there's no surprise Thursday. I hope she does it anyway. Play Paul at his own game. If she doesn't use it, it will be the dumbest move ever.

Yes, military do remember their rank. I don't know what's Cody's problem. Maybe Jessica should get rid of him. She's playing right in to Paul's hands. I was afraid he'd wear her down; and he did. Just a disappointment. It appears Paul is the only one who can keep a secret.

These people amaze me. They are giving this win to Paul. And, right now, he deserves the win.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

This isn't the real world where we would all deal with these things differently. In the game of big brother, you have to work a numbers game and play mind tricks on people when and where you can. Paul is doing that. Jessica and Cody are not. Jessica has always been the better game player in there. That is evident (if you've seen the footage of the nom aftermath) when Cody was going off on Paul in the HOH after noms. If you've seen it, you can surely see she's holding (or trying to) Cody off at every point. She would have been better off to go up there without Cody and then maybe it would have been hashed out what her power was. It really doesn't matter. She didn't tell Paul the true consequence and he called her bluff. If she didn't want him to do that, she should have been straight up with him and he would have nominated Mark and Elena (and he had a second or third pawn in plan if one of them weren't an option). Jessica made a bad move. Period. Now one of JODY is going home unless she uses the Hex on Thursday. She could have worked a deal with Paul and use the hex to a better advantage in the next week or two. She chose not to be that smart.

And like Jackie says, too bad... so sad

Sharon N said...

Other than the information Cody has chosen to impart, there seems to be quite a few thoughts and questions cropping up about his military experience.

Back before Viet Nam, I don't think the military recognized there was such a thing as PTSD. Guys who came home with obvious 'issues' were pretty much told to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get on with their lives.

My only reference to military personnel talking about their war-time service is thought my mother, with a Cousin who served in WW-2 (I was a baby then). Many times over the years, mom talked about when David came home and said he was never the same man as before. These days, we know he would have been diagnosed with PTSD and received treatment. He had the shakes, nightmares, and reaction to loud noises, etc. If asked, all David would say was, "it was bad." For as long as he lived, he never talked about his time in that war, much less about killing anyone.

Nickelpeed said...

Yes, it is a numbers game. However, she did have to tell him the truth. She didn't have to say anything. It wasn't required. Paul knows how to manipulate people. He did the same last year. She NEVER had to tell him. He didn't tell anyone what his power was because he kept it quiet that he took the temptation. Nobody knew until he was nominated.

Jessica should have kept it all quiet. Paul was the one who wanted to know. He was the one who kept on digging because he just couldn't help himself. She didn't have to make a deal with Paul. He's not that entitled. He pushes because he can't stand not being in control. I didn't like it when Jessica and Cody bullied people; and I certainly don't like it when 9 people are bullying 3.

I hope she uses the hex. Cody is right to not trust Paul. He may be a hothead, but he knows Paul is a manipulator.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be Paul in the final 2 and the jury will give the win to the other person because they will be mad at Paul for manipulating them. Same thing that happened to Dan. Dan should have won but came in second cause the jury was spiteful.

monty924 said...

I know, Sharon. I'm the daughter of a WWII (greatest generation) veteran and I know that my dad, uncles and friends now of that generation just didn't talk about it. They came home and went about their family life. My ex-husband (RIP) was a purple heart veteran from the VietNam war and even he didn't talk about it that much. He did have some issues when he first got home and got help for it. I'm not saying Cody doesn't have issues, he may well or very well may not, but if he does then he's in the wrong place. The BB house isn't for him and probably would be better off out of there.

Anyway, I'm just looking forward to next week. I don't know any of these people so I don't have a personal connection and I believe if my ex-husband were alive, he would say just have fun and don't worry about the small stuff. Bombs, mortars and Chinese hand grenades (which he was hit by) are things to stress over. Not a TV show.

~Peace out

monty924 said...

*one other thing to add. The military had other terms for it before PTSD. It was known as shell-shock before PTSD. After VN, PTSD became the acceptable term.

Nickelpeed said...

Sharon N., you are right. I have never met a WWII vet who has ever talked about his/her experience in the war. They would never discuss it. I had an Uncle who fought in the Korean War who never discussed it. However, loud sounds scared the daylights out of him.

I have a friend who fought in Vietnam. Sounds really bothered him. He has a pretty bad temper. When he's sweet, he's sweet, but when he's angry, you stay out of his way.

War affects people in so many different ways. I can't imagine seeing death all the time. I just can't. It's no wonder vets who have been in war, have a hard time surviving back home.

I still think the problem with Cody is all about control. He doesn't react well when he's not in control. When a person loses control, they can lose it. They become depressed and wary. And, there is no doubt that Cody's back is up against the wall. That's a hard thing to handle. Look at how the house treats him. It's not pretty. 9 against 1. Pretty crappy if you ask me. I don't care if he started it, it's petty to treat anyone that bad.

He doesn't like Paul. He makes not bones about it. He believes if Paul is not stopped, Paul will win. He's right.

Cody says everybody in the house is afraid to go after Paul because Paul has a large following and if they go after him, they will not be liked. They want to be liked. This could very well be true because fans do not like him. All I know, is if someone doesn't stop Paul, he will win this game. He's the only one actually playing the game.

monty924 said...

Penny, even Kevin and Jason have said Paul needs to be stopped. The game isn't even half way over. Paul may be in the driver's seat but the game isn't over. imo

T-Town Chick said...
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T-Town Chick said...

Jackie I agree with the comment about "making Cody miserable" and how he's already miserable besides having Jessica around. I also think that Cody is miserable outside the house as well. When your a happy person, you don't lose your temper as fast as he does. Also reguarding Cody and his military tales. Paul questions if he even WAS in the military. I believe he was. I also believe he exaggerates what he has done during his time serving. I grew up in a military town and I've know many people that have served. I also know a very well known, famous Navy Seal. What I have learned from him is that those who serve in the military and go on those missions that they make movies about, don't brag about it. EVER. They don't even really talk about it. Especially while on a reality tv show. So my question is, is that his strategy? Is he exaggerating to get a mental edge on everyone? Or, is he just one of those guys who lie about what they did so they can feel "cool" so to speak. I'm leaning for the latter.

Nickelpeed said...

I think you're spot on T-town. Cody was very unhappy in his job. He was not a happy guy. He had no control of his life. He's miserable. He needs to get help with that.

I will agree with the fact that military who have special forces jobs never brag. The never talk about their missions. Most are secret, so they can't.

However, it doesn't mean others can't brag; and they usually do. I had this boss in Germany who was a Captain. He bragged about himself all the time. Drove me batty. Not one of his conversations didn't include a brag.

Years later when my husband and I got stationed in Ohio, I was hosting a large local company at the ballpark. I over heard a familiar story. I turned around; and low and behold it was my old boss from Germany telling someone else the same brag he told a zillion times before. LOL

uncartie said...

David,Paul has no dirt on Kevin any more. As part of his excuse to vote out Ramses he claimed that Ramses got the $25,000.

Cody not coming forth on his rank is a huge red flag. Would any of us not know what our job title was? It's the same thing. He relates war stories that others have seen as plot lines in movies. He also claimed that he saved a woman from jumping off a bridge @@

Monty 12:51 perspective. Excellent!