Sunday, July 09, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 9

He's surprised to still be in there

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:
  • The big worry on Paul's side and hope for Cody/Jessica is that there is some sort of Battle Back.
  • I think it's a valid worry.
  • I haven't really seen any gone besides Megan and Cameron out on the post-show interview circuit. Perhaps I just haven't looked since Jillian went.
  • But if they're being sequestered, we should be able to pick up on that sooner than the house hamsters will.
  • While Josh thinks he's the most picked-on disliked one in the house (and makes all those "victim noises" according to Cody), Ramses seems to take the prize for that.
  • Since Kevin lied to Cody and Jessica about his vote, they're sure it was Ramses betraying them.
  • And, Paul is ticked at him for almost winning veto when the deal was to throw it.
  • Ramses isn't playing a great game. He's like a kid in a candy store -- great for him, but annoying to the adults around him.
  • Watching Kevin, I think he's a huge observer kind of guy. The hamsters love his stories and his sense of humor, but dismiss gameplay. I dunno. I think his wheels are turning.
  • Hmm? Did Cody quit his real life job for this? He made a comment to Jessica about needing to figure out what he's going to do for work (after he goes).
  • Dang, I would have just asked for a personal unpaid leave of absence. Mind you, I'd never go on the show in the first place.
  • Cody complained about all the men on the show intimidated by women.
  • I'm surprised he hasn't started grunting like "Tim the Tool Man."
  • The ants are back in the kitchen once again.
  • Josh had a big conversation with the camera. He claims that he's really on the side of Alex and Jason, but had to stay in favor of the seven with his vote.
  • Um, kiddo. That's called playing both sides of the house.
  • Not long after that, Christmas worked more at molding her Josh puppet.
  • I don't see any other outcome this week than Cody going home.
  • I will cry no tears. I don't want him to think I'm making victim noises or being just a weak woman. 

Frogs take off their suits in the pool

Elena makes a point

Maybe the cat ears make her seem tall

Nope, not pin-up material

Tells stories, but listens intently, too.


Sharon N said...

re: Hamsters and their jobs.
JMO, but I think Cody is one of those who thought he might achieve fame & fortune though TV exposure. Amazing how many have quit their jobs for BB, with no thought about what they will do when it doesn't work out. That is, until it doesn't work out! lol

Every summer, quite a few talk about being 'between jobs' (unemployed), or they quit their job to come on the show, and the majority know absolutely nothing about the show. The one thing the they have in common: looking for that big ol' pie in the sky, whether it's winning the 'fortune' or getting 'discovered.' @@

David said...

Sharon, when I was in my 20's I would have quit my job if they had BB back then. Not for the fame, but for the chance at the money. I think the longest I ever went without a job was a week when I quit a job and moved across country with no job waiting for me because a High School enemy became a town deputy and decided he was going to make my life hell and in jail.

He would not have been able to get away with it now, but back then cops were not questioned and he lied about me more than once to a judge. I even had them come with a search warrant looking for drugs at my house. I was lucky he didn't plant any while they were there. I guess he thought there would be or he would have. I got the hint and left before he could as quickly as I could.

Anyway, if you really want to work there are jobs out there. The problem I see most often now is the kids don't want to work or don't want an entry level position. They think they should be supervisor from the day they are hired. They won't take direction or instructions from anyone thinking they already know it all.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!

Sharon N said...

David, you have led quite an interesting life!
I know what you are saying about young people willing and able to quit willy-nilly. Guess I just never felt I had the option to anything like that...even though decent jobs used to be a lot easier to find 30-plus years ago.

I went directly from high school, to housewife, and then became a mom before ever entering the working world. Then stuff happened and I had to find work, but had no work history, so I became a waitress. But it didn't take long to realize those jobs are low pay and unreliable, at best...and I needed reliability. So, after brushing up on office skills learned in school, I was very fortunate to be hired as a general clerk in the defense industry, with benefits and retirement. It took a few years, but by the time I retired, I had worked all the way up to Exec secretary. Not many employers offer good benefits anymore, so I'm glad to be old and retired now!

Jackie said...

I went back to see what I had written about Cody back in the pre-season Jeff interviews. I mentioned he came across as boring and hated his job. So, he already didn't like the job. He said he was roofing sales door to door and won't be doing it afterwards. But, if memory serves, he's about 32 or so and supposedly has a daughter to support. I just re-watched the Jeff interview -- "Showmances are dumb. If it makes me an outsider, I won't be in one."T

Oh. I also looked at what I wrote about Jessica before the show, too. This is a blurb I wrote about her -- "She wants to team up with a strong male competitor. She claims that, when she was young (!), showmances made the show for her. Yuck, I say. She isn't adverse to being in one. I'd be willing to bet she just might try her hardest to get in one. Next!"

monty924 said...

You had them dead to right beforehand, Jackie!!

chrob61 said...

Watching last nights show- Cody and Jessica were HORRIBLE to the rest of the house, especially Josh. Question for live feeders: was that just very good editing or are they just that horrible??? I want Cody gone!! Jessica next!!

uncartie said...

Chrob61,The editing showed Cody & Jess exactly as they acted. There was nothing good to show. As you could see everyone was having a good time viewing Paul's HOH room while Cody stood there with a scowl on his face. Jessica joined him,that wasn't shown,but she was just as miserable as him. Cody is one of,or the,most miserable HG of all time.