Sunday, July 23, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday - July 23

Attack of the Baby Powder

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Showmance Mania:
  • Alex definitely had a point. Too many showmances going on in the house. They really need splitting up!
  • Too bad all of the power this week is in the hands of Jessica (and Cody).
  • Raven tried talking Matt (her showmance buddy) into flipping the vote to oust Ramses instead of Josh.
  • Matt wants to go with the group vote and not make waves.
  • I find it a bit peculiar that it was Raven who spread the rumors about Josh peeping at girls in the shower, now wants to rock the boat and keep him in the house?
  • Meanwhile, we know that Christmas has been molding and bonding with Josh for her own (nefarious?) purpose since a few days after the live feeds. She thinks he's someone who might be able to work for her? Hmm.
  • Plus, when Cody was gone and the Josh/Mark incident occurred, the talk of the main core of hamsters was that they wanted to keep Josh over Mark. They all seem to think that, while Josh is so emotional and immature, they can USE him. Mark, also emotional and immature, is more of a threat to their own games.
  • But they can't change the nominations because Jessica is both HoH and Veto winner.
  • She and Cody are vehement about getting Josh out this week.
  • Hmm.
  • And, not only that, but Cody and Mark made nicey-nice and are buds once again.
  • There is no indication that Paul will go up as a renom at all. He, Jessica and Cody are at least quasi-working together.
  • Paul wants Ramses out over Josh, too.
  • That dates back to him thinking Ramses is "sketchy." And, without a doubt, the veto that Ramses was supposed to throw and almost won.
  • BB did a rarity for this season and gave the hamsters alcohol.
  • Christmas tried to have some but was reprimanded by the BB voice.
  • The HoH has routinely been given some alcohol in their basket of goodies. But BB seems to have been holding back on giving enough for the house.
  • In other news, during a talk in the HoH room with Cody, Jessica, Elena, Mark and Kevin -- they were talking about some diner in Boston that both Kevin and Jessica know. Kevin said something about going there to collect money and pay out money. After he left the room, Jessica once again mentioned how Kevin must be a gangster. 
  • Hey, if they think he's Mafia, they can all back down and let him win this season! He's one of the few perks of the house this summer.
  • Ew. Also in the HoH room, Elena did an almost pornographic draining of all the beer bottles in the room. What is wrong with that woman?
  • In fun and frivolity notes -- Matt dumped Raven from the hammock and attacked her with baby powder. Paul scared Jason and now people are comparing Jason to a fainting goat. Christmas makes beeping noises when she backs up on her scooter. 
  • And, that's what's been happening.
  • It will be interesting if the house flips and votes out Ramses instead of Josh. If I were IN the house, I'd want to talk it over with Jessica and Cody so they're not blindsided.
  • But, then again, if they're blindsided, it might make the live feeds more interesting.
  • I don't care who ultimately wins. I just want to be entertained until the end of the season. And, you know me -- I'm always on board for a kerfuffle or a brouhaha! 

Can't imbibe due to pain meds.

Raven wants Ramses gone this week.

Cody is in love. Jessica? Hmm.

Through the fish tank


Delee said...

I re-read Jackie's Cast previews. Interesting to go back and refresh-who is who before they entered the house. Jessica was set on a Bromance, well she went for it!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!! You have a great Sunday

Beverly Yacovitch said...

Being from Boston, what Kevin may be talking about the diner in Boston is the numbers game. Before Massachusetts had the lottery,the Mafia ran the game out of small businesses.

uncartie said...

Kevin is a bookmaker or an agent of one. He's not a "gangster" but may be an "associate".That would explain how he never mentions a profession and it fits perfectly with the whole stay at home Dad persona. Don't ask me how I know.

Anonymous said...

This is the Paul House Show. What he says goes. They all follow the leader who is Paul.

Jody wants Josh out, but PAUL wants Ramses out, therefore it will be Ramses who will leave this week. Jody want Josh out, but Paul has the rest of the house so far up his butt, they will do whatever he wants, thus he has the numbers to undermine Jessica's wishes if he so pleases.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I wondered how a "stay at home dad" could support SEVEN!! kids.

Sounds like where he comes from, ALL THE GUYS have SOME connection to "The Con." He's probably not full on gangster, but has some small part.


Sharon N said...

I don't always agree on the 'likability' of some HGs, but uncartie has a rather uncanny ability to 'read' the majority fairly accurately.

Re Kevin.
Has anyone heard Kevin mention a wife? With 7 kids, I assume he is (or was) married at some point in time. :D If he is still married, it could be that she has the education/degree to support that large family. He certainly wouldn't be the first guy to be Mr. Mom because the wife is capable of the larger income... which would also leave him free to 'supplement' her income in any way he's willing to 'participate.'

Jackie said...

He often mentions his wife. She's a neonatal nurse at a hospital in the Boston area. They've been married for almost thirty years.

uncartie said...

Sharon,Kevin's bio says he's been married 31 years. While it's certainly possible that the wife earns a big income it's also a fact that she had 7 kids along the way. Wouldn't that take somewhat of a toll on career aspirations?

Now here's another thing I find strange about Kevin. Maybe I missed it but has anyone ever seen him cook anything of note? Wouldn't a "stay-at-home Dad" bringing up 7 kids have some sort of signature dish. A killer meatloaf? An unforgettable spaghetti sauce? Something?

On the plus side he does seem to know how to do laundry.

Anonymous said...

Do the producers of BB read the comments here? If so, why would they not realize Paul is not a fan favorite. I am sure the viewers could vote for their 5 favorites and they should take note, IF they insist on bringing back the repeats. Is there any other word Paul can say besides the F word? Please, it so low budget. He lives with his parents. I guess they approve or maybe talk like that too.

Nickelpeed said...

I'd rather see Josh go. I am not a Josh fan at all. Just me. Keeping Josh, I guess, would be a good game plan, he's very whiny and not winner material, but gosh, the guy grates on my nerves. Ramses is too easy of a vote.

Nickelpeed said...

The other thing is, I do not understand why they didn't put Paul up. Even though they made nicey, nice, Paul would turn on Cody in a flash. If he is HOH, he will probably put Cody back up. He doesn't like Ramsey; and has wanted to get rid of him for a long time. So, he is using Jessica to do that.

Buzzmaam said...

Thanks,Jackie, for your witty ability to make your updates more interesting than the often boring feeds. And thanks to the great group of posters who add color commentary. This has always been a fun blog to follow!

Buzzmaam said...

Thanks,Jackie, for your witty ability to make your updates more interesting than the often boring feeds. And thanks to the great group of posters who add color commentary. This has always been a fun blog to follow!