Sunday, July 30, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 30

Drinks out of a gallon jug of water

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Weird Wackadoodles:
  • Going back to before the PoV comp yesterday, back to the Paul/Cody brouhaha ... Jessica talked with Cody afterwards.
  • She was livid.
  • She didn't puff herself up to look bigger like Cody did to Paul.
  • It was all verbal. Basically, she told him he was wrecking what little chance they have to get anywhere in the game. She called him a hothead. She ended up distancing herself from him. Paul was actually the only one to go to her to make sure she was okay and said he's willing to talk with her. He told her that she is liked -- it's just her relationship with Cody and the perception of it in the house that was keeping her apart.
  • Now, Paul might be faking any and all concern he has for others in the house. But, a good social game is such a huge part of gameplay in the BB house. If he makes it to the finals, the jury will remember his support, real or not, in the vote.
  • Meanwhile, Cody and Mark talked. Both were adamant that their showmances were over.
  • Cody claimed that Jessica would always blame him for anything that goes wrong in a future relationship, he'd be the default for blame. Mark said that when Josh was banging pots and pans at him, Elena didn't speak up to defend him at all -- as a matter of fact, she laughed.
  • All the love they both have to offer for nought.
  • Back to the latest ... Cody and Jessica are snuggling again and Mark is still agog with Elena.
  • Paul had a long talk with Mark when Mark asked him how he can save his game. Paul's advice could be wheedled down to back away from Cody.
  • The brouhaha between Paul and Cody solidified just about the entire house against Cody.
  • But Cody still can't see that his making lone wolf decisions as HoH, lone wolf actions by isolating himself from others, being physically threatening and moody, lying about his age ... nah, none of that stuff is his fault in regard to being a big target and alienation!
  • Jessica realizes all this ... and went back into his arms anyway.
  • Now Cody is all cynical about the game and is trying to give a "whatever" attitude.
  • The Weatherman Veto Comp should be interesting. Apparently Raven and Kevin tied for second to Paul, Jessica got third.
  • Most of them, sans Jessica, Cody, Raven ... stayed up all night preparing after BB put out the weather bulletins on the television screen.
  • Most of them are wondering how Raven did so well since she didn't study with them.
  • Both Cody and Jessica are shocked they did so well in the comp.
  • Cody had told Elena earlier in the day that he wanted to quit the game and Jessica won't let him. Hmm.
  • Mark is on his second week (bad pick) of Have Not and this week's Have Nots are Christmas, Alex and Elena. Elena had a bad pick this week and will face two weeks of slop. Aw, too bad, so sad for her.
  • Oh noes! Someone accidentally broke Alex's cat ears! Kevin was trying to fix them first, then told the cameras Jason broke them! I can see that friendship go on the rocks!
  •  Josh seems to be pining for Elena. Ew. Double ew even.
  • Paul told others he repeatedly asked every way he could in the Diary Room and found out that no one is guaranteed safety for a matter of weeks.
  • He said the rules say they can't lie about the temptation, but they can talk about it.
  • So far, we know Jessica lied about it when telling the others she and Cody were safe for at least a few weeks.
  • Back to after the brouhaha, Jessica told Paul that the hex would affect the HoH (Paul) more than anyone else. She was no longer claiming she and Cody were safe for a few weeks. She told him that she didn't want to use it bit this week she'd have to with both of them on the block and he would find out on Thursday.
  • Paul may or may not take Jason off the block with the veto.
  • We know it will make no difference. If Jessica and Cody remain on the block, she'll invoke the Halting Hex. 

Mark sits and makes duck faces

Jessica and Paul fist bump

Kevin makes a point

Public Enemy #1


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!

Anonymous said...

How did Jessica lie? Did she stretch the truth? Sure. She told them that she and Cody were safe for a "few" weeks. We all know that the halting hex protected them either this week and/or next. That is NOT a lie. Obviously They will be safe this week only. Big Brother is all about game play or at least it should be. Production needs to say out of it. They won't and that's why the conspiracy theories will always be there. They bring it on themselves.

Anonymous said...

Jessica needs to shed Cody. I think she could go far!
Dolores in Hollywood

Jackie said...

Technically, she did lie. She told them that the temptation would keep her (and Cody) safe for either three or four weeks (I can't remember which) on the live feeds. That's not what it will do. But that doesn't really matter. They didn't believe her anyway.

Grassy knolls continue to always exist when people either vehemently dislike a hamster who's doing well or love one who's doing poorly. Me? I don't care who wins. I go for good gameplay. Yes, Jessica has a bit of that in her. But her relationship with Cody (who has no sense of gameplay in the house) has tainted her opportunities. Her embellishment of the Hex was a good move on her part. If not for Cody ...

ITCHY said...

Not sure when the hex is to be played and is it good for just one person. Paul was saying if she plays it before vote is announced for Cody that they will all vote to evict Jessica. Would be nice if WE understood more about it.

Jodie said...

The way I understood it, she can actually halt the eviction and nobody goes home. So, if the three of them remain on the block, they will all be safe and there will be no vote. They will then play for a new HOH and begin another week. Also, she doesn't have to be on the block, she can use it to save anyone. I honestly think she should not use it and let them vote out Cody, but I know that's not going to happen.

ITCHY said...

Thanks Jodie!!

Petals said...

Weird seeing "Jodie" on here (that's my name,but that isn't me, LOL)

Paul & his minions are orchestrating a "attack Cody" game? Trying to "break him"?
Switching the coffee to decaf, putting Vaseline on the handle of the coffee pot, etc?
So what is this - Home Alone for amateurs? What's next - will they put a can of paint above the door jamb & then blow feathers on him when he comes through the door? Throw marbles on the floor? *laughs*
And THIS is Paul's grand plan? *smh*
I'm still a a fan of Jessica & Cody, so it's frustrating to watch. I'm still unclear on the Hex & the powers it carries, but I also know it won't matter, since there is no way Cody can win this game (not that he wants to win, at this point).

And since all of the minions are vying for only a place in the Jury House, it looks like everyone wins! *yawn* Way to shoot for the stars, kids!

On that note - can we all agree that Matt & Raven are the deadest weight that have ever appeared on a reality show? Boring & mean-spirited, they deserve each other, AND last place. Sadly, some viewers have bought her "terminally ill" story and have donated to a few of her many FundMe accounts.

One funny thing this week will be Elena on slop. LOL Kevin already pointed out that she is hiding food under her *chest* and nibbling it later. bwhahahaha Bet it's true, too! Mark is correct, she will not last on slop. Good thing her chest can hide 4-6 pickles.

Chacha said...

According to CBS the temptation that Jess won IMO means that the eviction is halted.
Nowhere does it state that Paul will not be able to participate in the next HOH.
If this is anything like BB14 or BB16 the eviction is halted and the week is replayed.
If that is the case Paul will be able to participate in HOH.

I am no fans of Matt and Raven but they are flying under the radar. This is how
people win BB.

I have to say Friday night I really enjoyed Josh acting a fool. It was memories
of the old days of BB.

I do hope that the HG get Jess to not use her temptation, but we all know that
production will not let that happen.

Nickelpeed said...

I'm angry Cody is playing so stupid. How can he be so different outside the house than inside. Or is it a fake appearance when he's outside the house? One is not real. I hate watching Josh, his crying drives me crazy, but the house loves him. But with Cody, they can't stand him. He's so confrontational. He knows that his social game sucks, but he continues being a jerk. It's so irritating.

On one hand I like that he's confronting Paul all the time; but on the other, he brings all this on himself. I don't like the fact that Paul uses everyone in the house to attack Cody. It's like high school on steroids. I know they're trying to break Jessica and Cody, but I think it's horrible.

Since everyone hates Cody, it seems to be okay. I just don't like it. I don't understand how people can hate Cody so much as to not see how much Paul is running the show. He's going to win this. They'll all wonder how. All they need to do is watch the feeds and show.

SueGee said...

I'm guessing that if she uses the hex this week, then next week could very well be a double eviction??? Not evicting someone after bringing someone back into the game has the schedule off, and they are going to need a double eviction sooner than later!

SueGee from the LeftCoast

ITCHY said...

They just seem to all want to make it to jury where the cameras are not on them 24/7. I guess it will be a vacation. Cody has been a jerk and recluse since day one. Even his DR appearences he is a dullard. Paul is at least entertaining I think the coffee switch is a hoot. This is the first time in all seasons that I truly don't have a favorite in this game. I am just here for the entertainment and sometimes it is really good.

uncartie said...

Chacha,Your explanation of the hex is spot on. It is good for 3 weeks so that kinda covers her claim that they would be safe all that time but she forgot to mention that she can only use it once and then it expires. If the hex is used it will be announced _Before_ any vote takes place.

RE:Josh acting like a fool? Brings back the memories of Amanda torturing Elissa (Rachel Reilly’s sister) in season 15,doesn't it?

All you Cody fans....Here essentially is his problem. He thinks and acts like he's the commander of a platoon in the military and the HG's are his soldiers@@ That is the worst way to play this game ever! As a result the whole house hates him with the exception of Jess.

Anonymous said...

Make it to jury.....they make more $$$ a week........ once voted off...end of $$$ and they make less until they get to J U R Y. "Making it to jury" is great for the m o n e y is why this group is praying they make it is my feeling for this group. They don't see winning,or never did even think they ever would! As I said, they were full of being a winner by JUST being on the show. Most making more $$$ per week than they have ever made in their life before jury even.

If you ask me they are all winners just to get to their almighty BIG BROTHER show! Their dream, and all the tv coverage for whatever their personal reasons. Few get some major advantage but, , others must need mental help after for all the horrible comments they get during and after they leave. no doubt! Most most fools of themselves and maybe see themselves for the first time vs how they SEE or think they actually are.......can be cruel wake up!

IAgirlsmom said...

I think it was an interview with that Allison G who said Jessica using the hex this week meant Paul can't play in the reset HOH. I'm not the most tech savvy but think this is the link to what I read. (I could be misunderstanding it though)
So, technically Jessica is telling Paul that it makes his HOH totally ineffectual AND puts him at a disadvantage to not play in the next HOH when both she and Cody will still be there to compete.

Annabelle said...

Cody is so serious.... lighten up buddy! You're on Big Brother! Like, seriously, have you seen the show before? People act stupid and prank every season, not just Paul. I'm sorry but it's especially funny when directed at someone w no sense of humor. I do worry a bit for Paul's safety, though....

I don't think Paul can compete for HOH (if hex is used) since it only seems to affect noms. I agree if they do use it, next week will likely be a double eviction.

I'm starting to enjoy this season more. Seeing more gameplay out of some low lying HGs and alliances getting shaken up. People say it's predictable but I don't think so. Even if they do vote Jess and Cody out, the house will reshuffle again. I agree with Jackie, I like anyone who's playing the game well and right now it's Paul all the way.

I honestly think Jess has a decent shot moving forward if she drops Cody this week. I believe she would've been in a better position if she said nothing at all about the Hex. The house was talking about putting up Mark and Elena w/ possible Cody backdoor if one of noms won veto. Once Jess threw that info out there, people got understandably nervous and they went up.

BB-Boy said...

You are right on!!

T-Town Chick said...

Thank you Jackie for everything you do. I've looked forward to your BB blog every summer since Season 5. I love your wit and your take on the game. Big Brother wouldn't be the same without you.

tbc said...

Quoting Petals: One funny thing this week will be Elena on slop. LOL Kevin already pointed out that she is hiding food under her *chest* and nibbling it later. bwhahahaha Bet it's true, too! Mark is correct, she will not last on slop. Good thing her chest can hide 4-6 pickles.

Mark has been playing "find the pickle" for weeks with Elena, too. Now, he'll have an assortment this week...

monty924 said...

Agree, IAgirlsmom! According to Allison Grodner, the hex is separate from the HOH rules and the HOH rules say the outgoing HOH is ineligible to play in the HOH. So from what Jessica has told Christmas, Elana and Paul that does appear to be how they are playing "it" this season. The confusion comes in from how they handled it in BB14 and 16. Those years they called it a 'Reset' so technically they could just redo the week over and allow the outgoing HOH to play in the comp. It's their rules and as long as they specify beforehand as they have here, they're covered from the conspiracy theories.

So, in this case, production isn't protecting Paul.

The other thing some are griping about is production getting involved (i.e. answering Paul's questions about the power). It has always been in the BB rules that you cannot use production as strategy, so they will at times tell a hamster they have to correct a lie they've told the other houseguests. It's happened before in other seasons.

RE: Josh acting a fool. Another one that was funny... Russell tormenting Ronnie in S11 then sneaking him food up to the HOH, lol.

monty924 said...

*a lie that involves production

uncartie said...

Those without the feeds can watch the entire Paul/Cody/Jessica Brouhaha and the rest of the antics that followed.

Nickelpeed said...

TY Uncartie

Sharon N said...

Thanks uncartie. Crazy stuff.
In that whole thing, it's actually Josh who goes off the rails the most. LOL

Nickelpeed said...

Okay, I went and listened to the link above. Paul wants to know what the condition was to Jessica's temptation. Why? He didn't tell anyone about his. He made sure nobody knew.

He can not handle the fact that Jessica will not tell him what her temptation entails. So, Cody gets mad because Paul wants to know. They're mad because he put them on the block. Didn't he tell them they were safe?

Cody gets mad and tells Paul to f-up a few hundred times. Paul calls him a pu***. Then Paul goes down to the kitchen and tells everyone Cody is this, Cody is that and he thinks what they're say is not true, etc., etc.

Then Josh gets going with his mouth. Over and over again. Sure, Cody is a hothead, but Paul includes EVERYONE in on this. Paul and Josh never stop. It's on and on and on.

Then Josh starts with Mark. ANYONE who has any connection with Cody is treated horrible. Josh yells at Mark. Yet he calls him names....he doesn't stop. Paul gets him going so badly. He wants them to treat people really bad. Mark crossed the line by throwing pickle juice in his face. They just do not stop. What is wrong with these people???

Josh tell Mark he's a follower. WHAT??? Every one of them follow Paul. But Mark is a follower because they hate Cody? What a tirade. Wow.

I don't respect that. I think it's sad.

Nickelpeed said...

Then the pans. How old is Josh????? UGH

monty924 said...

Okay, to lighten up the mood here...

I just emptied the dishwasher and totally by accident clanged a pot with a skillet. I'm thinking, 'I'm not trying to do that' and I hear from the back of the house... "Okay, Josh!!"

See funny :)))

Lighten up folks.

Nickelpeed said...

Okay, I've been going through the you tube video's. At the beginning of the game, did Cody tell Matt that he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game because they would take out Jessica and Raven?

Paul told Jessica that. He also said Cody has always been a target. They like Jessica, but never liked Cody. Some of these videos are soooooo interesting.

Nickelpeed said...

That is so funny, Monty. Someone has a good sense of humor! LOLOLOLOLOL

Nickelpeed said...

Is the secret Matt said he knew about Cody, what Cody said in the beginning? That he wanted to keep Alex and Jason because they would go after Jessica and Raven? But that was the first few days in the first week.

Does anyone know what the curse is from accepting the Halting Hex?

Jackie said...

I thought the curse was the Temptation Challenges. Wasn't it?

Nickelpeed said...

That's what I thought, too, Jackie. But they're talking as if they have not done anything yet.

Paul's saying that he thinks it's going to be really bad. They don't realize that the temptation challenges are the curse.

Paul told Jess, he didn't care that she took the temptation, because he did, too, but he's really worried about the curse. If the temptation is as big as she says it is (he still doesn't believe it's what she says), the curse is going to be huge and cause a lot of hurt.

I think he's trying to get her to not use it. He believes the curse will unleash once she uses it and it will be really bad. However, all of those who have accepted temptations have had their curse go in to affect immediately. They just do not see the temptation challenges as horrible. So now they wait, while encouraging Jessie to not use the hex and driving Cody nuts. LOL

Sharon N said...

Monty, you better not be banging those pans!!!
BB will start knocking on your door asking you to be on BB20. LOL

It would drive me to the funny farm to be in the house with any of these hamsters... with the exception (maybe) of Kevin.

Speaking of Kevin, he's in good shape and keep up his strength with exercising.
I have to wonder if maybe there's more to him than meets the eye, and he's been putting on an act. Could he be waiting for a time when he actually feels threatened, and then pull out the stops and begin to win comps? I can't help feel there's more to him than simply being that 'nice funny guy' that nobody worries about. His age and having 7 kids, I assume some are in the same age-range as these kids, so he'd also know how to get around [handle] them.

uncartie said...

Sharon,Kevin is playing a fantastic game. He's on good terms with everyone,even Cody. He doesn't make it too obvious that he's throwing comps.Kevin's story that his kids made him do it and he doesn't know anything is BS,IMO. He's too sharp a guy to go into anything blindfolded. He's the type of guy that always looks for the angles and would do some research before jumping in.

He's actually in better shape in the game than Paul. If and when Cody goes people are going to get restless and start thinking about getting rid of Paul because he's too big of a threat. Meanwhile Kevin will coast along untouched.

Nickelpeed said...

I love Kevin. I think he's smarter than anyone gives him credit.