Sunday, July 09, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 9

The man with the bling ... this week

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hopping Hamsters:
  • If you missed my brief update yesterday -- Paul won PoV. 
  • Mark and Elena were picked to play in the random pick.
  • Jason hosted.
  • Paul had told Ramses to throw the comp, not to worry because there was a backdoor plan for Cody and he (Ramses) would be safe.
  • Of course, the comp was blocked to the live feeds for hours and hours.
  • And hours.
  • Apparently Ramses either almost won or definitely did not throw the comp as there was a kerfuffle after the feeds return.
  • The Paul group already didn't trust Ramses.
  • Now, even more so.
  • As the Paul group gathered talking about Ramses in the comp, who knocks and comes in?
  • Ramses. He was there to tell them it looked sketchy, but he really wasn't trying to win.
  • Nope, they were nice enough to him, but they're not buying it.
  • Cody knows he's a dead frog hopping.
  • So, Jessica can sink or swim. She's trying to swim, having a long talk with Paul.
  • Paul, no matter what folks may think of him, can be very concerned and caring (seemingly) in a talk like that.
  • The comp had them going through airport security, five terminals, answer question, get delayed or right, red door or green pathway for answers, the delays were puzzle math things, punch and kick through, etc. Another delay was eating nasty stuff like liver pate and escargot while a fat sweaty man sat almost on top of you, and an icy dive.
  • Thank you, Paul, for explaining the comp to Jessica as the other talks about the comp were all bits of excited bits and pieces!
  • See, sometimes Paul's loquaciousness comes in handy!
  • Kevin and Alex want to work together -- let the power players pick each other off.
  • Alex is now trusted by the Elena, Paul and Mark crowd.
  • For now, anyway.
  • Alex is willing to remain on the block against Cody.
  • Kevin remains the house entertainment.
  • I personally doubt he'll win it all, but the dude should get a special monetary award for being the feeds entertainment hit of the season. 

Oh, go get a room!

Talks to Paul

Kevin, casting brilliance in motion


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!

fourpatch said...

I don't understand why Ramses is in trouble for trying to win the veto and Alex is not. Paul is really being a bully about the whole thing. Ugh

Anonymous said...

Paul is too much of a vet to REALLY beleive he's going to get rid of Cody.

Between Cameron and Megan, and Christmas' broken foot there is BOUND to be a Battle Back comp and putting Cody in that mix is DUMB. He will crush Cameron, Jillian and if they are really gunning for Ramses, Ramses.


Susan in MA said...

Older players usually try too hard to fit in. What I like about Kevin is that he is so natural - just being himself.

Jackie said...

I don't see the Ramses bit as bullying on Paul's part. Paul told him this would be a week he's guaranteed safety and to throw the comp due to his Backdoor Cody Plan. Ramses agreed. In the Alex situation, I didn't mention it in my report, but Paul actually wanted her to win. The others were talking for a while about doing nothing and letting her win.

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree Anonymous... BB is not done with Cody! But sometimes Paul gets too wrapped up in himself to think that deep! I find it very interesting that the two that BB fans have hated the most these last two seasons are bitter BB enemies! They could have been a powerful duel... I'm very glad they weren't! Smiling... Thanks Jackie!

Petals said...

Agree with Anon & Judi

My take is - obviously, CBS has brought Paul back, so he is guaranteed *blank* amount of weeks in the house, privileges, etc. Will he win? Not unless the rigging goes all the way to the end, IMO

Cody may be surly, sullen, a "weird starer", etc - but he is playing a unique game. I like it, it's different. He's not doing it for fame or for BBAD (which the rest of the house seem to be). Still hoping for a Cody salvation.

Meanwhile - I mention this nearly every post, and no one seems to see or agree with me that the REAL problems in the house are the lazy chicks. Raven with her "disease" (which has been remedied and she is in apparent fine health!, Elena with her low-self-esteem simpering, Dom with her "I'm the next Oprah" rhetoric...why doesn't anyone want them gone!?
Why are they allowed a pass?
Is ANYONE playing this game besides Paul & Cody?

Jackie said...

No one seems to agree with your views about Cody, for sure. You know I don't/won't support the conspiracy theories. I'll agree that the first temptation, 25 grand, to do the swap -- yeah, they knew it would be taken ... as will every other temptation this season. Remember the "don't push the button" with Caleb? Of course, someone will take temptation -- it's a given. And, I'll go as far to say that probably the Pendant of Protection being voted by America to give to Paul was also a sure bet. But I think he's got to play his game and he is good at it ... unlike Cody. The social game is as much key as anything else. Cody has no social game.

As for the women? (I cringe when I hear them called "chicks.") Alex is definitely playing. So is Christmas. Raven's "disease" has her wearing pacemaker inside her chest. I wouldn't really dismiss that as fine health. I'm not all that keen on the other women beside Christmas and Alex. Nor am I all that keen on the guys. But we'll see how it all plays out.

Petals said...

Her pacemaker is in her stomach, a gastric pacemaker. I looked it up. I also looked-up her disease & longevity & pregnancy, etc. It's not like terminal cancer or anything. Like people with heart pacemakers that run marathons and continue to work regular jobs to a ripe old age.

I know you hate the word "chicks", but ... that is just how I talk. They aren't girls, they aren't women, for sure aren't ladies. I suppose they can be called females?

Paul, Cody, Alex - they are the only ones playing this game. There are more people to DISliek than like this season IMO.
LOVE Kevin! And poor Ramses has a target on his back for some reason. I like it when fans play.
By contrast, Dom admitted she was recruited. No thanks.

Sharon N said...

We all have to look at Paul realistically. He actually IS smart, conniving, and athletic enough to save himself without Production's help. We saw that over and over again last year. However, without safety, it's obvious Cody would have had Paul gone, no problem.

But also keep in mind, other than Kevin (big surprise), there are no other 'personalities' in the house to keep things interesting for TV. I don't know why the hamsters think showmances are the way to go... most viewers aren't impressed. So, hate Paul or not, Production "needs" him (and now Kevin) for any kind of action and viewership. With that said, receiving 1 'safety' should have been sufficient... 3 is too much of an advantage, especially considering Paul's capabilities.

Petals said...

Yes, Sharon - so true! I only watch feeds when it is Kevin, Jason, Alex or Cody. Sometimes Josh, but mostly he is kicked to the curb.
Speaking of which - who remembers Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket"? The character Leonard -a soldier who messed-up a lot. Leonard (brilliantly portrayed by Vincent D'Onfrio),oafish, somewhat slow-witted, kind of overweight, was bulled by his platoon. Beaten-up, teased, etc. At the end, he killed himself.
Josh reminds me of Leonard, so much.
I feel sorry for Josh - he's this season's punching bag. I've been the punching bag, it's not fun. It makes you want to die.

Jackie said...

I would never judge another person's health. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. The show must have felt Raven is healthy enough to do the comps. I'm actually not seeing all the special treatment you seem to read into things with her.

And, yes. They are women. Perhaps young women, immature women, silly women, not too bright women, floozy women ... but one cannot say they aren't women.

As for Josh ... like with Megan, I think he has a lot of issues. He came in with all kinds of bravado. I don't necessarily feel sorry for him. Like Cody, he's kind of put himself in the position he's in. I wouldn't really call it "punching bag."

Sharon N said...

Josh is attempting to get his act together, but I have to wonder if it's a bit too late. Maybe not since they seem to be leaving him alone more and concentrating their efforts on Ramses, and Jason (to some extent). Somehow, Ramses managed to botch things up for himself, even before the POV comp... which pretty much clinched it.

I'll never understand why anyone would choose to place so much 'trust' in any other person in that house. The whole idea is to out-think, out-connive, and out-last the rest. There will always be 1 or 2 sneakier/smarter, will have no problem axing their BB BFF... and that poor gimme always ends up the fool. That brings to mind Derrick and that idiot girl (can't remember her name).