Thursday, July 20, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Thursday - July 20

Dysfunctional family

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dominique Who?:
  • Dominique is still self-exiled.
  • If she had sunglasses and a blanket, she could be Audrey.
  • She actually appeared in the wee hours and talked to Jessica. She also practiced her speech for tonight. Ramses was there in the bathroom but she paid him no mind.
  • She told Jessica that she didn't receive the temptation in the DoT.
  • Dominique told Jessica she's sure she (Dom) will be voted out. 
  • Well, duh. 
  • She also told Jessica her real job.
  • And, she told Jessica that Cody had the right idea with his strategy.
  • I took it that means to target the snake er ... Paul.
  • Jason agreed he'd throw the HoH to Josh if he can.
  • Hmm. I kind of doubt that will happen. But, of course, they know Josh would target Mark and that blood would be on his hands, not theirs.
  • So, maybe.
  • They're still trying to decide who took the initial 25 grand temptation. Now Alex and Jason think it was that rat Ramses.
  • Snakes and rats. All we need is Susan Hawk (Survivor 1) to come along with her snake and rat speech!
  • At least tonight's eviction, HoH and into the Battle Back tomorrow should liven things up a little.
  • Out of the Battle Back, I'd actually -- though I didn't really like him -- like to see Cameron come back in. I feel he was cheated out of his chance to be in the house and he's had plenty of time to think about strategy. I think it will be down to between Cody and Cameron. I feel Cody already had his shot, Cameron never did. I can't see either Jillian or Dominique winning. With her attitude of the past several days, I can't see Dominique even trying to get back in. I can see her running away as fast as she can!

Exciting times

On the radar

Their own show, sans Dominique

The stars?

Poor choice of facial masque


IAgirlsmom said...

Good morning,
Love having these updates to recap! Thank you Jackie!
Can anyone tell me, DID Mark and Dominique suggest Christmas as a nominee to Cody? Or was that something Cody made up on the way out to cause drama?
And was Dom's bathroom praying a legit language or "speaking in tongues"? I rewound it and didn't sound like Latin but I'd be no expert!
Excited for the DofT reveal and it how it works with the battle back.

ELynn said...

I can't and don't recall Cody ever mentioning names of potential nominees to Mark and Dom. To me, Dom is getting screwed big time! And yes, she was praying in tongues.

chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie!
Dominique may be getting screwed, but I am no big fan of hers.
I worry that Paul is going to play Alex and then stab her in the back at the end.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

If Gibberish counts as a tongue, then I am fluent!

Chacha said...

I would like to see Cameron back.
He would have a "fresh" start.
I really not into the show so far.
Hopefully it will get better after the battleback is done.
I need to see some actual game moves.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!

Reality is Paul is going to play everyone he can and then stab them in the back chrob! I think Alex is not stupid to this. It seems Alex is using Paul right now and keeping him close...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Jess has the temptation. She's the only one who's had a sudden change in attitude/behavior


MikesGirl said...

IAgirlsmom-I think I remember Cody saying at some point that he was not telling anyone who he was putting up until it actually happened. He said he didn't want someone to have the chance to warn Paul.

Petals said...

I gave my votes to Jason (maybe a couple of days/votes to Alex). I'm surprised so many people gave it to Jess (if she has it)

Dom's language had an Arabic or Hebrew flair to it, and she kept repeating a particular word...I like Roger DeNiro in Cape Fear - when his character spoke in tongues it was creepy!

See you guys tonight!

David said...

Just going by fan rankings, I suspect Kevin or Alex got the last temptation. Since Kevin seems to tell Paul all his secrets and hasn't said anything, I think Alex got it myself.

I remember something about Cody not wanting to tell anyone his plan for Paul. His mistake was not talking to everyone about nominations and who they wanted up so he had a back-up plan. He might not have caught so much heat if he had discussed Christmas nomination with the others. Still, if he put up anyone except Jason or Ramses he would have got heat so he dug his own grave there.

JimmyB said...
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Sharon N said...

So, it seems Paul has now decided it might be a better idea to get rid of Jessica instead of Dom. hmmmm....Matt seems to agree. IMO, Jessica would be the better eviction...especially if Cody returns. Maybe Paul has been thinking about that possibility?

In the meantime, feeds are now down until Friday night, 9pm Pacific. Prep for Thursday live eviction... plus the Battle Back. Which we know WILL happen, but won't know the result until the feeds return.

Sharon N said...

Jackie should be able to catch some ZZZZZ's tonight!! :)

Glenn said...

Christmas is so much happier since she got the scooter. if the house did flip to evict Jessica it would expose the temptation if Jessica got it. I voted for Raven to get the temptation.

BB-Boy said...

My dream world: the houseguests vote to evict Jessica......either Cody or Cameron win the battle back. Dominique (or Cameron) win HOH

Maybe Paul ends up going home? Or gets exposed to the other houseguests.

Also, raven finally gets kicked out! I can't stand her!

BB-Boy said...

Reason I don't like Raven: I am a professional dancer, and come from a family of dancers, dance teachers, etc. RAVEN has very bad training and knowledge of dance. I saw her "teaching" dance to Ramses and Dominique on two separate occasions...and it was absolutely cringeworthy! She was giving the wrong terminology to the steps she was teaching...and also her execution of the moves were completely wrong! She probably has 0 experience as a dancer...and ink learned from 2 teachers in her small town....and then just took over some classes. She says she is a ballet dancer, and dance teacher. I'm quoting Kevin " Raven is a fraud!"

Petals said...

BB-Boy - There are a string of anti-Raven sites and videos online. It's a whole huge issue going back to her tween-hood, with her mom & stuff. Something about her mom has the same disease and how they have a $200k GoFundMe page for the family, yet they go to Disneyland, etc.
I don't like Raven, either, so I enjoyed watching all the dirt on her. LOL

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lemonjello said...

I think Raven is beautiful, but I am suspicious of her, Arkansas girl, last name Walton, perhaps Walmart related! Just wondering! Does Elena make anyone else's skin crawl? What is her problem? She can't keep her hands to herself, she is continually trying to put her finger up Paul's A-hole, literally, grabs at the other girls V, and Rames P, her and Jessica are perverted. Paul has told her to stop it several times, and Alex told Jason if she try's to grab hers she will knock her out cold!

Anonymous said...

Vote for whom you want....but the temptation will probably go to whomever producers want to have it. Don't forget....Its the Paul Show!!!

Petals said...

Lemonjello -

Raven & her family have been doing GoFundMes for years, trying to get money for the mom's % Raven's surgery. But then they bought her (Raven) two dance studios, so there was some outcry in her community about what they were using the GoFundMe $$ for.
I doubt they are Walmart Waltons - no way LOL

I agree with you about Elena. See my other avatar? The bra? That's Elena's - since she doesnt seem to own one. She seems obsessed with 2 things: her reflection and sex.

Petals said...

Anon 6:59 - I wish I didn't, but I agree. I guess we are stuck with it. There are always conspiracy theories each season; there is no way we can look in to it or prove it, so we live with it.

Paul was on TMZ Wednesday, something about his blackface. TMZ reported it that he was making fun of Dom, but we know it was him trying to be a snake. But you know Paul will love knowing that he made a blurb on a talk show - it's what he wanted!

Jamie said...

The tongues thing creeped me out. I'm hoping all goes as planned and she goes home.

Petals said...

I'll be late too the party :( Dang real life.

BB-Boy said...

Wow! Very interesting! Hope Raven gets booted right before or after Paul

Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize Mark with his mouth closed.