Wednesday, July 05, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 4

Spiffed mouse ears hair for the 4th

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Stars and Stripes:
  • As I get this typed up, the feeds are blocked and the hamsters are (probably) on an indoor lockdown.
  • Every 4th of July, CBS has big doings on its lot with amplified music and such. We get the shutdown. Hopefully they let the hamsters out to watch the fireworks while the feeds are Kitties!
  • Jason was the first one to wish America a Happy Birthday. I still can't get used to him without his hat on. He looks like an entirely different person!
  • BB apparently played patriotic songs for their wake-up music.
  • But not enough -- they wanted more.
  • I could sing for them. But that might make them all self-evict.
  • Kevin sang a song from 'Jersey Boys' until BB blocked that.
  • He sings better than I do.
  • Alex and Jillian talked about the votes to keep Jillian. They think they have Alex, Ranses, Kevin, Jessica, Jason and Josh.
  • Hmm. I'm not all that certain Josh, Jason or Kevin will go that way. Maybe.
  • Jason is getting irked about Dominque turning to the bible. Now, we know she's very into religion from various interviews and such. But the other hamsters don't know that. Jason thinks it's a new thing.
  • I personally don't know why a bible is always in the house.
  • I would suggest Cat Fancy magazines instead.
  • Alex, though "protected" by Cody, wants Jessica out.
  • Jessica would like Alex out.
  • And, so it goes on ...
  • Alex doesn't seem all that keen on Paul, but did share her Jessica thoughts with him. Paul thinks Jessica is a Mean Girl.
  • Cody gave Jessica a pep talk and props for rallying the troops and ensuring that Jillian will remain in the house.
  • Um.
  • Maybe.
  • I don't think so, though.
  • I could be wrong.
  • Josh Peeping Tom'd some of the girls in the shower. Not cool.
  • Christmas thinks the votes against her staying will be Ramses, Jessica, Alex and Jason. She just might lay a guilt trip on Jason for her injury.
  • Christmas is very worried about tomorrow's MRI. She doesn't want to get pulled from the game.
  • Christmas told Cody that she thinks he threw the PoV to Alex.
  • Paul is working on getting Jason to vote to keep Christmas.
  • Ohhh! Matt says he has information that could get Cody evicted. He didn't say what it is. But, for some reason, I believe him. Cody is a rather oddly evil kind of dude, methinks.
  • Jessica tried to convince Matt that to keep Christmas in is to hurt her (Jessica).
  • I think Matt has a mind of his own.
  • That's about it for now. At least tomorrow, we can judge whether Cody threw the PoV or not!

Yes, please

Who, me?

Lounging in the pool

Paul looks Fidel-ish in a patriotic cap


Sharon N said...

Jackie, I agree about always having the Bible in the house, but then again, it's in most motels/hotels, so...

As the summer wears on, there's less and less in the way of "Christian-like" behavior.
It doesn't seem to help change their behavior much....even with those regularly reading passages.

Judi Sweeney said...

It will be interesting to see how Matt handles Jessica and Cody.... will he go along with them!?!

Terry is a Texan! said...

I am always for having a bible available, but it gets maligned and tossed into the gameplay and that is not cool.
I had thought Jessica and Christmas were buds?

uncartie said...

RE:Matt alleges he has information that could get Cody evicted.

I'm always suspicious of claims like that. However I could see Cody smuggling in something that he shouldn't have,like a weapon or some sort of banned technology. After all,this is a wierdo that traveled to the Ferguson riots to see if he "could survive".

Anonymous said...

Jackie - I have been catching up on your blog this morning and saw that you removed Becky's address from one of the comment sections, but it is still up in two previous comment areas. They are from 7/3 - The Live Feeds into Monday Morning and Accident Bulletin posts. Just thought you might want to remove it everywhere and not just one place. Thanks for all you do!

Regular lurker

Petals said...

Sorry to Jackie & lurker - I'd forgotten about posting personal info. If anyone needs Becky's info, they can contact me personally. I think my info is on my Google/Blogger - feel free!

uncartie said...

Christmas is back. She broke 2 bones in her foot. She will not leave the game.

Sharon N said...

Several years ago, I broke bones in my left foot and right ankle (at the same time), so I know Christmas is going to be in a lot of pain for a minimum of 10 days, even with drugs. I have to give Christmas kudos for guts and determination, but broken bones take 6-8 weeks to heal properly. If Christmas tries to compete in the physical comps, she'll quickly learn that the pound-pressure coming down on her foot will lot... even with a cast. Personally, I think it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for her to compete in the more physical comps.

Jackie said...

I told you not to post it before you ever posted it, Petals.

I think I caught them all. I'm not happy about this, not at all.