Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 11

Not a typical "stay at home dad"

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Not So Trendy Toads:
  • I still insist those costumes are FROGS not toads, BB! And, since lily pads are used, they're FROGS. Toads are often more brown, some with spots, many with lumps and their skin is rough. Toads are not usually connected to lily pads.
  • I had to get that out of my system.
  • The house is in the doldrums today with down time.
  • It's even more mundane than the doldrums usually are because this week's eviction is just about set in stone and everybody knows it.
  • The most exciting thing I saw on the feeds today was another scrolling banner above them which indicates Thursday will be another late night -- the comp will once again finish out on the live feeds.
  • Jessica cried about Cody leaving. He comforted her instead of saying she was making victim noises. That must be one of his reserved for men things.
  • Kevin mentioned that he feels sorry for Jessica, but she's done nothing to help her own situation by not interacting with anyone by Cody.
  • Others agree.
  • Raven comforted her.
  • No one is planning on being cruel to her after Cody goes.
  • They're just planning on putting her on the eviction list.
  • It's been Cody and Jessica with the mean streak -- for example, the laughing about Josh and his crying, thinking of ways to tease him about it when it's obviously a sensitive issue.
  • Matt told Christmas that he'd like to make it to jury, but doesn't expect to win. He thinks Raven or Paul have the best chance of winning this season. Of those two, he'd prefer Raven.
  • Hmm. He'd prefer his showmance girl (although not AS bad as Cody/Jessica) over Paul? Shocking!
  • Kevin's tooth didn't get pulled yet.
  • Dang, they're kind of entertaining themselves.
  • But they're boring to watch right now.
  • I don't anticipate things to get much better tomorrow.
  • But Thursday will bring new life into the game. 

Does anyone wear sunglasses indoors?

Toad time

Fitting in better

All that and a bag of chips


Laura said...

What's up with Kevin's tooth? I must have missed that.

Jackie said...

He broke a tooth (a back one) eating something. He was supposed to go have it pulled the same day Christmas went for her MRI.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie! I think it is amazing that Jessica can't hear all the things she says as being mean!! Her and Cody are total bullies together! They find those with the weakest self image of themselves and constantly push buttons and attack... I hope they read every negative thing that is said about them! I hope the audience gives Cody very little applause when he walks out the door to meet up with Julie! They have absolutely no social game! I refuse to feel sorry for Jessica once Cody leaves... She is a truly mean girl... no class! How she has a VIP Concierge job I don't understand. She can't blame her meanness on Cody. I have seen HER set the tone for how Cody acts at times! OK... I feel better getting all this out! Smiling....

monty924 said...

Been out of the BB loop since Friday pretty much and I found the most hilarious feed highlight of Kevin explaining T-ball to a room of hamsters. He says if you want to drink, coach T-ball. I've watched it four times in two days and smile/laugh every time. It doesn't get old. I love Kevin, his stories and quirky isms. I think he'll go far. He reminds me of a male version of Renny. Much better than Jerry the Colonel!! :)))

jade cole said...

Hi everyone! So late to the party, but I've been peeking in here when I can in order to catch up. However- I'm missing a few things... What is it about Raven and a dietary issue/disease??? It must be not be too bad if living on slop is OK, right? Also- I friggin LOVE KEVIN!!! I mean... I want to know him in real life, and I am hoping for a series of Kevin clips at the end of this. Other than Cody and Jessica just being straight up stupid and mean- why did they both give up so easily????? It doesn't even make sense, I can't wrap my head around it. They both just gave up and decided to pout and stomp. There was plenty of game opportunity to be had! Ugh. Whatever- I'm obviously wrong or else I'd be in the house and winning.....

T-Town Chick said...

Monty92. Gah!!!! Jerry! Don't remind me. I watched a little bit of that season the other day and I remembered rather quickly why I didn't like it the first time. There were only a handful of cast members I could stomach. What a crass season. Wasn't that the first time we were introduced to Jesse the Douche?

Terry is a Texan! said...

Jackie I'm holding up my hand here....a VIP Concierge? Is that like a top level Escort or Call GIRL?
I can't imagine her in any kind of quick thinking multi tasking congenial host

Terry is a Texan! said...

Jackie I'm holding up my hand here....a VIP Concierge? Is that like a top level Escort or Call GIRL?
I can't imagine her in any kind of quick thinking multi tasking congenial host position.

Jackie said...

U have no idea what a VIP concierge does. I guess it's not in my social circles.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...


uncartie said...

Jackie,Cody comforts Jessica instead claiming she's making victim noises is because he's a misogynist that believes women are the weaker sex. I base this on things he's said but I can't recall exactly what they were.

Monty,Kevin's T-ball story alone is worth him getting the AFP award. It could hold it's own on SNL or any late night show. If you're feeder it's listed in the highlights.

VIP Concierge? Based on her physical add on's I'm guessing Jessica works at places called The Candy Store or Gentlemans Club

monty924 said...

Yes T-Town, that was Jessie's first season. I just loved S10 because of Renny... I still watch episodes and youtube clips of that season. One of my favorites. :)))

monty924 said...

And, yes uncartie his t-ball story could. So hilarious and so true!! :)))