Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 18

Compact, but mighty.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Nuthin' Goin' On:
  • No brouhahas, no kerfuffles, no nuthin' going on today.
  • The most interesting news is the scrolling banner on top of the feeds window which says the feeds will be down "longer than usual" at the end of this week and touting the televised Battle Back on Friday.
  • Mark still thinks throwing the pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh's face (and eyes) is just a harmless prank.
  • Jason would like to win HoH and oust Christmas. He thinks she makes him feel guilty about her accident.
  • I really haven't seen that.
  • I think it might be his own conscience that's making him feel guilty.
  • Christmas went to the Diary Room and came out with a new black cast and optimistic news from the doctor, saying she's recovering extremely well.
  • It's more of a walking cast and she's getting around much better with it.
  • Ramses and Paul tried to befriend and catch a large moth in the yard.
  • It's like Dominique doesn't live there anymore already. I'll admit I didn't watch every moment of the live feeds -- I have to work for a living and this blog certainly doesn't pay my bills. But I always scout all over the feeds through flashback to get these reports posted and the screencaps up. I didn't see her but once on the feeds. I think she stayed sleeping/exiled herself all day.
  • Eek! Christmas's crutch slipped on something on the kitchen floor and she fell. She's fine, though. They don't really need any more injuries in the house.
  • I really don't have much more for you.
  • Hmm.
  • I've got something! At one point Kevin called Jason "Josh." Jason told him that he can remember every little thing but his name.
  • Now, that's exciting, right?
  • No?
  • Okay ... maybe tomorrow will bring a new kerfuffle ... 

Daily walking laps in the yard.

More gruel, please.

Picked at his shoulders last year, too.

Handling things quite well

And then her jaw dropped


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Jackie, you certainly put in more time than most on the feeds and updates are appreciated. I watch late at night and most of the day on the weekends. This is a boring crowd so far...except for the occaisonal kerfuffle here and there. Things will heat up in a few weeks, hopefully next week with the Battle Back returnee, so we have that to look forward to.

Appreciate all of your updates so I can catch what I've missed and look it up myself if I want to watch it.

Appreciate the time stamps from folks like uncartie, too!

The POOL rocks!

Petals said...

Jackie - i know this isn't your regular job but I am totally grateful for what you do and this blog! I'm so glad that I can use PayPal to at least try to give a little back to you, to help support the coolest BB blog on the net!

Are you wondering about my new avatar/pic? I AM ELENA'S MISSING BRASSIERE! (poor Elena- she suffers from NGS: National Geographic Syndrome. That happens when females think that their breasts are supposed to rest on their bellies. The only cure is a bra, which is apparently a rare commodity in some counties, like Texas. LOL - no offense to any Texans!)

Dom seems to have not just turned a corner,but gone completely around the bend! Whenever she appears, we get sent fishing! Dom, Dom, Dom - girl, we can all appreciate a Christian (hey- I'm one myself!) but to claim to have whispered conversations with spirits regarding who will be nominated for eviction on Big Brother? Girl!??)

An interesting week so far, people. Hope to see you all here tomorrow evening for some drinks & drama. xo♥xo♥

LA LA said...

That can't be a walking boot on Christmas already, it's barely been a week. I'm sure she had surgery and all but I've broken my ankle and wasn't allowed to use a walking boot until after 6 weeks. There's no way she's healed that fast.

Judi Sweeney said...

I really appreciate the work and time you put into this great Blog Jackie... Thank you! I really feel Mark (my pool guy) should have at least gotten a slap on the hand for his actions with Josh! I keep getting more and more impressed with Alex! Hope she doesn't mess it up!

Petals said...
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Jackie said...

LA LA - She's still on crutches, but the new cast allows her to straighten the leg. I don't think it's an actual walking cast, per se. But now her leg isn't bent and raised.

~~Silk said...

It's her foot, not her ankle, and her heel can still bear weight. Just the body of her foot needs immobilization. Different deal.

tbc said...

Methinks Jason's conscience is making him
feel guilty, too.. voting her out isn't going to change that.

Hopefully I will be at the pool parties with week. Our wifi has been real sketchy lately. Just the the HGs. lol

Terry is a Texan! said...

LA LA totally correct. I've had many breaks and the walking g cast never ever came that fast. I'm sure her break is horrible and complex. I just don't see letting her float till the end
It's a game, you can't compete. Go home

MikesGirl said...

Thanks Jackie for giving us our daily BB fix. We really do appreciate your efforts.

If I heard Julie correctly, the houseguests may be able to stop the Battle-Back returnee from entering the house. Does anyone have any thoughts on how that may play out?


chrob61 said...

MikesGirl- I think in this week's Den of Temptation, if the Temptation is taken, the BattleBack winner can come back to the house. That is just a guess on my part.

Question for the group- when Christmas took the Temptation "ring of replacement" is SHE the one that gets to switch into the veto comp?? Not a really good option for her now that she's disabled...or can she pick someone else to step into the challenge?

Chacha said...

I am hoping after the feeds fire back up friday night that we will have some more excitement. This has to be the most boring feeds/show in years.
I had high hopes for this cast of hamsters.
So far I am let down.

uncartie said...

Christmas can still compete in some comps. Quizzes,hand-eye co-ordination,upper body strength,etc. I'm in favor of her doing what she wants to do as long as her Drs clear it.

ChaCha,Yep,Like watching grass grow for the most part. Little or no imagination.

Paul said he expects he'll be in danger the next 2 weeks. Production givem the heads up?

Nickelpeed said...

Jackie, appreciate you taking your time to do this. I don't know how you do it. You have to be exhausted. Thank you so much! Not for being exhausted, but for doing this.

Petals said...

Do you think we will see the pickle/hot sauce incident on tonight's episode?

Chrob61 - good question!

uncartie said...

I believe Christmas can play in the veto comp of her choice. I would guess that when the group gathers for the competition she would just announce she's playing,
the same way Paul announced he had the who knows what that kept him safe for 3 weeks.

Petals,If they don't show the pickle/hot sauce being thrown in Josh's face expect a media brouhaha. Criticism will start building on social media and it will start trending immediately.

Susan in MA said...

Love Kevin

LA LA said...

Thanks guys for the further info and insight. I'm having to rely on Jackie (awesome as always) and hamsterwatch this year as I'm still paying off my family medical bills. The feeds were a luxury I just couldn't justify.