Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday, Food Fight Kerfuffle - July 18


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Food Fights:
  • I got my feeds running late last night and immediately checked out the heated food kerfuffle that happened in the afternoon.
  • It all started over a disagreement on double-hitting a ball on the pool table.
  • Josh claimed he won the game despite double-hitting the ball because Mark always double hits the ball. The bet they had made was: if Mark lost, he'd drink a glass of hot sauce and pickle juice.
  • After much back and forth, Elena told Mark he should throw it on Josh. She immediately said she was joking and it was a bad idea.
  • Instead, Mark only listened to the suggestion -- he tossed the hot sauce and pickle juice combination right in Josh's face.
  • Ow! Rightfully, Josh was very upset. He ran to flush his burning eyes and they looked very inflamed on the feeds. He wasn't making up the pain.
  • How stupid is Mark to do this? It was a silly thing to do had he just thrown it on Josh's chest or something ... but in his face? 
  • Josh ended up squirting salad dressing and ketchup all over Mark ... but not aimed at his face.
  • Mark was chided by the others for the initial attack and agreed he would apologize. But he was a bit like a petulant child pouting about it.
  • Then Josh didn't want to accept his apology.
  • Thankfully, Josh's eyes seem okay. 
  • But now we have two huge little boys at war in the house.
  • Paul told Alex that Josh is such a loose cannon in these types of scenarios that they need to keep him in there a long time to do their dirty work.
  • Mark thinks that Josh over-reacted to the hot sauce and pickle juice. But I bet it really did burn in his eyes. I won't be experimenting to see how much it would burn!
  • Mark likens it to fooling around with friends and a baby powder fight they had a few days before.
  • But, before he did it, Mark steamed and steamed. I guess it was lucky he didn't do something more violent.
  • His own friends tried to tell him that he had gone too far. But he wasn't hearing them. After all, it was all in fun. Right? No! And, he just doesn't get it.
  • Now he wants Josh out next week.
  • But, as I mentioned before -- Paul thinks they need to keep Josh in for a while.
  • In actual tomfoolery, Matt accidentally poked Raven in the eye.
  • "They're never going to give us alcohol," claimed Alex.
  • Remember, it was tomfoolery which caused Christmas's injury! Tomfoolery can be dangerous!
  • Josh thinks Raven is always bad-talking him -- Dominique told him the shower peeping claims .
  • He had a long teary talk with Dominique ... who smiled all the way through his tears.
  • No, she wasn't being cruel. She just always has that condescending smile when dealing with small children. She was actually sympathetic.
  • Alex and Jason know it was Kevin with the hinky vote. They are not happy.
  • But it still will be Dominique paying the price.
  • Dominique also reached out to Mark, offering to be a shoulder to lean on after the rough day.
  • He turned her down, but was irked when Elena questioned him about why Dominique talked to him.
  • Oh, geez ... 


Smiles while talking to crying Josh

Not going anywhere this week

We need to keep Josh in here!


Petals said...

It was a kerfuffle! Thank you, Jackie. We weren't sure if it had escalated to a brouhaha.

There are grumblings against Kevin - oh no!

Paul is wily - he is keeping meat targets like Josh & Kevin safe. Knowing that he will win against them at the end. *smh*

Happy Tuesday!

Wintermute said...

Long time since I commented here, but just wanted to say thanks, Jackie, for keeping us all updated, especially those of us without the live feeds :)

Also, I initially disliked Paul last year. He's loud and obnoxious and thinks he's running things. But then I realized that he's mostly right. I certainly wouldn't want to compete against him if I were in there...

Jodie said...

Hi! I don't have the feeds so I appreciate the updates. Was wondering if it was planned for Jason not to use the veto? Last I heard he was removing Jessica. So sorry if I missed a previous post about this.

Chauncey said...

I hate Paul also. Didn't like him last year and even less this year but his game is damn near flawless. For him to get Alex to WANT to take him to the final is brilliant. He knows he will win against any of them in the final, so that was masterful or Ales is just an idiot or doesn't really watch the show and was flim flammed by the friendship voodoo

uncartie said...

Chauncey, It's easy to have a flawless game when you're guaranteed safety for 4 weeks and the first week you get "friendship bracelets" to give out to people who then automatically owe you.

I'm not sure if someone else mentioned this but Paul was made the host of the show. It's just his name doesn't appear in the credits as one.

Annabelle said...

I was appalled by how Mark acted after he threw the hot sauce/pickle juice in Josh's eyes. He had no remorse whatsoever for his actions. I don't care how annoying they think Josh is, that's unacceptable. Mark never sincerely apologized to him and even worse, no one ever really stood up to defend Josh and tell Mark what he did was wrong. I don't care if Josh went back on his word or bet or whatever, you don't get to hurt him. They know Josh is sensitive but they continue to bully him and push his buttons like mean kids. Then, when he reacts, he is the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

I have lost all respect for Paul. I agree he is playing the game harder than ever, but I think it's unfair he's even there.

First of all who know what type of coaching he's gotten after spending a year hanging around past winners and houseguests and certainly being groomed by BB production.

But besides that the way he's targeted Dom to me was just low, essentially turning the house against her and ostracizing her.

But what really was the last straw for me is that recently he's been going around the house trying to "mend fences" with Dom telling her it's just a game and he's just playing into the whole snake persona thing as a joke, even coming across as genuinine. But then he goes around and starts telling everyone about these conversations but spins them in a way that makes it seem like Dom totally crazy and he's the innocent one (keeping in mind he IS the snake and Dom is right about him all along). It just seems disgusting to me. I know it's big brother and that's how it's supposed to work but one of the things I like about BB is that it exposes all different sides of human nature and it's really unveiled his ugly side, IMO.


monty924 said...

But, Anon 2:42, that is 'playing' Big Brother. There's never been a winner yet that didn't play mind games, deceive or tell two different things to more than one person. The people who win the game are just better at playing both sides of the house. That's a good player. Maybe not a likeable player, but a good player.

I wonder if BB will give Mark some sort of penalty on the hot sauce laced pickle juice to the face? I mean Evel Dick poured iced tea over Jen's head, but that was hardly anything that harmed her. Hot sauce to the eyes is another matter. hmmmm

Ed in Ohio said...


I was taught if you do not have anything good to say then don't say anything at all.

'Nuff' said!!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally on all the Paul BS. CBS brought him back and is giving him his own show. I am sick of his voice and all his manners. Its ruining BB. He is not likable and no matter how you want to spin it... Game or no Game....HE SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Paul

tbc said...

Over Paul last year...

His 16 minutes have gone over board.

Petals said...

LOL TBC - agree!

Nickelpeed said...

I would think hot sauce and pickle juice burns when it hits the eyes. Mark is clueless.

Amanda Bosarge said...

I also do not get the live feeds, and I just happened to accidentally stumble across this feed. I'm so glad I did!

In the previous season, I initially liked Paul. That didn't last very long, and this season I just can't stand him. He is so loud and obnoxious, and can be a bully when he doesn't get his way. I've started fast-forwarding every single time he enters the diary room. I refuse to waste even one more second of my time listening to him refer to himself as the Puppet-master who pulls all the strings in the house. While that may be true, it says a lot more about the weak players this season than it does about his Highness' game play. He's an excellent player in this social-centric game (and will probably win this time), but a little humility would go a long way. My personal choice to win is either Kevin or Matt, but I really don't see either of them even making the final 3...

Amanda Bee said...

So true!!

Ed in Ohio said...

Well said Amanda!!