Tuesday, July 04, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 4

He wants everyone to just have fun

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • Christmas has to go for her MRI tomorrow. There is no break as per x-rays, but there are torn/pulled ligaments. They just want to make sure there's not more damage. BB left her ice packs, ace bandages and Tylenol in the storage room. She said the hospital gave her stronger drugs. 
  • She insists she'll be fine in a couple of days.
  • Kevin too has to take a medical trip out tomorrow. He broke a tooth and, due to today's holiday, it can't be treated until Wednesday. He said they're going to pull it -- obviously not a front tooth! BB gave him Anbesol. (sp?)
  • New this year: The BB voice announced that the houseguests must be awake from 9am to 10pm.
  • Good. They can't just nap the day away.
  • Alex, Ramses and Jason talked about Paul's gameplay, wondering exactly what he's up to.
  • But, then again, Alex isn't sure what Ramses is up to, either.
  • To me, just observing, I'm not sure Ramses knows what Ramses is up to. He's trying to mingle all over and basically stay below the radar it seems.
  • Jessica and Cody still think they have enough votes to vote out Christmas. Jessica thinks Kevin will vote to keep her because of her injury.
  • Jason is on board with voting out Jillian. At least that's what he told Paul.
  • Interesting ... Jessica said she failed the initial drug test to get on the show. I would guess prescription drugs maybe -- we know that for the last several seasons, we've had a ton of young hamsters on daily meds.
  • They were also all tested for STDs. With the way some jump right into beds, that's a good thing. And, yeah, there are always condoms in the storage room.
  • Christmas likened Cody's game to psychological warfare in a talk with Elena.
  • She has his number.
  • Jessica really wants Christmas out -- maybe some of it due to Christmas telling her she's guilty by association for Cody putting her on the block.
  • Mark, one of the few who actually kind of sort of seems loyal to his buddy Cody, is drifting away. Dominique told him he needs to distance himself.
  • Then, later in the evening, Mark broke down totally, crying to Christmas.
  • Mark, most likely a nice guy at heart, says he's not having fun in the house now.
  • Well, put on those big boy pants, Mark! You went into a house known for deceit and backstabbing! 
  • While Christmas and Mark talked, both shed some tears.
  • Mark says he needs to separate his gameplay and friendship with Cody. That's not the person he is, he says.
  • He says at heart he's a Momma's boy and too emotional. He told Christmas that choosing between supporting two friends, he chose the wrong one (Cody) and apologizes. 
  • Yet Jessica and Cody still think they have the majority vote.
  • Oh my.
  • Elena and Matt find it odd that Mark cried to Christmas when he wanted to vote her out yesterday.
  • Hmm.
  • No one really trusts anyone.
  • As it should be in the BB House of Madness. 

She insists she's fine

Talking about Cody and Jessica

Tears of friendship


uncartie said...

Jessica said that she failed due to MDMA (Extasy) in her system. After all,she is one of those fancy schmancy VIP concierges,although back in my day she was called something else.

Christmas turned Mark AKA Shrek into an emotional mess via what turned into a long drawn out therapy like session. The only thing missing was Dr Phil or Maury Povich to host it. When Christmas gets on a roll like this it's like an old time religious revival seance just short of laying on hands.

Last but not least,Josh being Josh...
Mon 10:59 PM BBT: Paul just instructed Josh on what a dental dam is. Josh opened one from the cabinet, took it out, touched it & put it back in! @@

Chacha said...

I have been out of town since Thursday evening... it's great to be able to catch up here.
Ready for the eviction to see what happens!
I like Christmas so far but haven't seen her in action. Ready to get home and watch some feeds

~~Silk said...

Wil Heuser (remember him?) has Big Brother 19: The Saga EP. 1 up at https://youtu.be/8FJYJbT_dLM
Apparently Cody frightens him, too. His take on Jessica is funny.

Petals said...

LOL, thanks Silk. Wil's recaps are always funny!

Poor Mark as hitched his "showmance cart" to an old nag-in-heat, Elena. She is bad for him. Hope he gives that up soon, to save his soul.

Yeah - Uncartie, it could be Ecstasy in Jessica's system or, more likely, plain old pot. It's legal where she works. But who really knows?
Based on Meghan getting in the house, I question ANY of the medical testing done on the HGs. Seems sketchy at best.

So the super-tight-crazy-hard-core group of 9 that called themselves "the pretty people" are dissolving!

Sorry than Kev has to get an extraction while in the house. Hope they at least give him a good script. He can get an implant or bridge when he gets out.

Weird season! I hope Cody can hang on, I mean stay inside the house. His groupies are revolting (pun intended!) Matt is a blind sycophant, like Jess, who is trying to stay true to her "boyfriend". The other "couples" seem lost without a leader, which makes weak & disgusting to me.

If nothing else, CBS chose a good group of crazies for us to watch. LOL

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Enjoy a safe & happy holiday!

Petals said...


It can't be just me - Jillian can't be in her 20s. She just can't. She looks mid-30s, at best.
Am I wrong? Is it just me?

carry on...

Sharon N said...

Silk, thanks for the Wil link.
One of his best! LMAO

Judi Sweeney said...

Happy 4th everyone! Very disappointed in Cody! His being a veteran had me wanting him to go far. But, some of the things he says are very hurtful and unnecessary! Personally, I see Cody and Jessica are truly meant for each other.... I find them to be very mean and self centered! Won't bother me to see either of them go soooooooooon!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie.... hope you are enjoying your 4th!!!

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Petals for Becky's address! I appreciate it....

Cherry Pie said...

Once again can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put in to these blogs for us. You're a real gem Jackie!

uncartie said...


Jackie said...

I removed Becky's address -- that cannot be posted on the internet. This isn't like a closed group of friends here as I previously told Petals - the live feeds reports get thousands of visitors. It's dangerous to out that on here. If someone wants her address, please contact Petals.

Judi Sweeney said...

I understand Jackie! Petals I hadn't written the address as yet. Not sure how you can get it to... I would appreciate it. Thanks!