Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 11

Gag me with a spoon, please

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamster Hijinks:
  • I want to warn you all right now -- there will be NO victim noises allowed in the comments here. None! I don't want to hear it! Buck up, buckos! You've been warned.
  • Ahem.
  • Not a heck of a lot has happened since I last reported.
  • Cody and Jessica have exiled themselves from all of the activities that everyone else enjoyed.
  • The rest had a pool tournament.
  • Then they all celebrated Dominque's birthday at midnight.
  • About the most tense moment of the night was when Dominque confronted Mark about being a personal trainer -- she counted the cookies and Reese's cups he ate in one sitting.
  • He pretty much just kept smiling.
  • Now, Mark could never make it on Survivor -- what he eats in one day would last the show cast for a week on that show.
  • Kevin and Ramses are funny to watch when they go at each other. Nothing mean, mind you. Just funny.
  • Oh. Kevin won the pool tournament. He has a pool table and probably has been playing pool longer than some of the others have been alive.
  • Hmm. Christmas says her surgery (on Wednesday) will take four to six hours. I think she might me she'll be gone that long. I've had knee replacements that took less time than that!
  • The BB voice kept reprimanding Josh for both singing and playing with his microphone.
  • The BB voice also spoke to all of them who were complaining about the air conditioning.
  • Beside the yearly ants, the AC always seems to be an issue.
  • They need to stop making victim noises about the AC and deal with it like hamsters!
  • Later! 

What? No cat ears?

Pool tournament

The crowd of spectators

Birthday girl

Ate 18 cookies and 25 Reese's cups


chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie!

Caela said...

18 cookies and 25 Reese's cups!!!! WOW!!

chrob61 said...

Caela- yes that is A LOT! (notice how I typed 2 words)

I don't see many screen caps of them exercising, but I would think Mark would be fine as long as he works out like he did before he got in the house. I mean, he's got all day so why not??

CashCrateAggie said...

I want to gag every time I hear Jessica say "Cody and I." It's CODY AND ME WOMAN! My skin crawls with bad grammar. If you remove "Cody" and just use I, it's not correct. "This week could not get worse for Cody and I." No, it's "This week could not get worse for Cody and me." "This week could not get worse for I" doesn't make sense but "this week could not get worse for me" does.

Someone send Jessica a copy of Hooked on Phonics.

Marlo Lee said...

Does anyone know when the next temptation is suppose to be unleashed. I voted yesterday and saw Cody and Kevin were neck and neck. I would love for Cody to get it just to see the look on his face if his master planned failed.

Marlo Lee said...

Paul face that is

tbc said...

That is my pet peeve, too

Anonymous said...


Petals said...

Marlo -

Where can you see who is leading? How FUN would that be to see Cody get the Temptation? LOL!

Sharon N said...

Looking at the voting site...
To me, it looks like if there are any votes for Cody (to mess up Paul), they would be wasted. Cody will be gone. Scroll down below the hamster pictures and the site shows there's only 1 winner per week.
1st week was Paul.
2nd week was Christmas.

Susan in MA said...

Yes, Aggie, but it's "Cody and I want to go home", lol.

Does anyone else have trouble signing on to this blog?

Sharon N said...

I stay logged in for posting, but it's kind of weird.
Sometimes I just get the "I'm not a robot" thing that needs to be checked, and that's what I'm getting tonight.
Other times, a picture will pop up that wants me to pick out all the things listed, like... store front, cars, signs, etc. The picture thing is kind of a PITA, but it doesn't happen all the time. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what you get and when. lol

CashCrateAggie said...

Susan in MA I know it's "Cody and I want to go home" but she keeps using I at the end of the sentence (this has been a tough week for Cody and I) which is not correct and it is like fingernails on a chalkboard.