Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 25

Mirrors my own reaction about the veto

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lousy Liars:
  • So, Jessica got bamboozled.
  • Or, more to the point ... Ramses got bamboozled.
  • She believed the lies and didn't use the veto.
  • That will pretty much seals the deal that Josh will stay and Ramses will be evicted this week. 
  • For me, that's good and bad. I enjoy Ramses -- he's like a kid in a candy shop living his dream to be on the show. For the most part, he's pleasant and upbeat. I enjoy the feeds when Kevin and Ramses are messing around together. That's the "bad" of it -- I'll miss the banter and the kid.
  • I guess the "good" is that Josh is so explosive. You know me; I like a good brouhaha and giggle at a heated kerfuffle. He's good for that. It will liven up the feeds at times. But, when he's down, he's fairly nonexistent. One thing to note about him -- he talks to the cameras. I wish they all did.
  • Jessica and Cody will once again be blindsided this week when the vote comes through.
  • That should perk the feeds up for a while.
  • In other news -- Kevin said something about having a BankAmericard. Um, hey Kevin ... it's probably been called a Visa card for most, if not all, the lifetime of your fellow hamsters. They probably had no clue what he meant.
  • Paul, Kevin and others have been doing a lot of studying the house and its stuff. Paul thinks they're due a memory comp.
  • Paul told Kevin they need to memorize the days and not to share with others.
  • But Paul won't advise Kevin who to put on the block if he (Kevin) wins HoH. Kevin is thinking both Jessica and Cody.
  • Alex suggested to Jason that they just say something like "I hate Josh" if Ramses asks them about their votes.
  • Aw, poor kid.
  • Heh. Alex says getting hit all the time by others when she was a kid because her last name is "Ow" toughened her up.
  • Ow!
  • Hmm. Jessica told Kevin about winning the temptation.
  • But she lies about it. Maybe she's learning.
  • She told Kevin it makes her ineligible to be nominated for four weeks and the punishment would to go to the person nominating her.
  • Oh my.
  • I don't know how that will play out.
  • Apparently Kevin was told in the Diary Room that he came in second for the Temptation.
  • Paul quizzed Raven about her disease(s) with others gathered around the hot tub.
  • I dunno. She's surely in better shape than I am!
  • Kevin went and told Jason about Jessica's Temptation. The lie she gave him, that is.
  • Jason told Alex and Christmas. They aren't as believing, though. They think it's too good and Paul probably got the best one this season already.
  • Cody caught onto the Save Josh Movement. 
  • Jessica said it was she was scared would happen.
  • Well, she could have saved Ramses with the veto, silly girl!
  • Cody thinks Paul is spearheading the movement.
  • Well, yeah. But it's not just Paul. It's Paul, Alex, Christmas ... need I go on?
  • Thursday's live show should be interesting, to say the least.

Smile while you can, Ramses

No, not a showmance

Wants a breakfast sandwich

At least he'll add kerfuffles to the mix

Listening to Raven talk diseases


Chauncey said...

I loved Cody getting back in just to see the faces of the other hamsters but its just a matter of time before they get him and Jessica out even if she had took Ramses off the block. Too many against them and they are little minions of Paul

JimmyB said...

I totally agree with Jackie's comments re. Ramses and Josh. Nice kid and it's a shame, but Josh has more entertainment value; and that's why we watch. Although I don't really understand why they want Ramses out in the 1st place. Because Paul still thinks he betrayed him? ...That's silly if true.

I am forced to call Jackie on something. Her comment about Kevin's BankAmericard made me chuckle; but I decided to look it up. They apparently still exist! (Sorry Jackie)


SusanS. said...

Saw Raven talking about her disease on BBAD. Found it strange that the man (Matt) that is supposed to care about her walked away. Maybe she's already told him, but if it was someone I cared about I would WANT to listen and learn.

MikesGirl said...

JimmyB - It's my understanding that they only want Ramses out to let Jessica and Cody know that they (Jessica and Cody) are not in control. J & C want Josh out.


IAgirlsmom said...

Does Jess halting hex have to be used before voting? I can't recall. I would love it if she wasted it on saving Ramses. I do think somehow this was stacked in her (Cody) favor and would love to really have something unexpected occur.

BB-Boy said...

Yes, I believe Julie said it must be used before the votes are cast

Brandi Lemons said...

SusanS I saw that too and wondered about him walking off. But my husband said he thinks because he cares it's hard for him to hear about it

chrob61 said...

Matt and Raven....who are they??
Talk about flying under the radar-one or both of these HGs could make it all the way to the end.

uncartie said...

I'm firmly on the keep Josh bandwagon for the drama.

Chrob61,I have the feeds and I doubt if I've watched more than a minute of Matt. Raven only when she's part of a larger conversation. In fact the only person I really watch is Kevin with Christmas to a lesser extent and Jessica,but only when she's not with Cody.

uncartie said...

July 25 2:07.45PM BBT Cam 1
Interesting Kevin blurb. He's talking about his brother getting thrown out of a High School game. Kevin is with him and he says "What are you doing? I got papers on me." Gambling records perhaps? Anyone else got any ideas?

monty924 said...

Omg, yes keep Josh because you know it will drive that house nuts. That's what we like, but I do feel bad for Ramses. Lesson Jessica may have known if she watched the show... the pawn often goes home.

Sara said...

Rolling papers??

monty924 said...

uncartie, with Kevin's age he could have had EZ Widers on him and then some other stuff. I'll have to go listen to the convo.

monty924 said...

That's what I'm thinking, Sara!

JimmyB said...

Kim - If that's their only reason; it's a weak one. I am always bothered by house guests who take their eye off of the ball. Poor game-play!

uncartie said...

Sara,Monty,I thought maybe rolling papers but we're talking about Boston,Mass. I just don't see rolling papers raising that level of concern in Kevin's voice. No one is getting arrested for just have rolling papers.