Tuesday, July 25, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Tuesday Night - July 25

Don't get French toast in my ear!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tedious Toads:
  • Wow, it's boring in there today.
  • The plan to evict Ramses is still intact.
  • Rumblings about it have gotten back to Cody and Jessica.
  • But they can't do anything about it.
  • Cody says if they vote out Ramses he'll never trust any of them again.
  • Well, duh. They voted him out. He shouldn't trust them anyway.
  • Kevin told Christmas that Cody told him in three interviews while he was out they mentioned his lack of a social game. Kevin said he knows Cody is trying.
  • He's definitely trying to socialize a bit more than he did pre-eviction.
  • But the damage is already done.
  • In their morning Walk & Talk, Kevin and Jason can be a hoot. Kevin was saying this morning that they're actually in there for 30 years, not 90 days and no one ever leaves. If they do, they come back ... they're not really gone. Well, except for that one girl who ran away.
  • Heh.
  • Paul, Matt and Raven want Cody out, then Elena before Jessica.
  • That is, after Ramses goes this week.
  • Jessica has been counting the votes she thinks she thinks are for Ramses to stay. She thinks she has enough.
  • I don't think so.
  • Remember, they lie.
  • I can think of three votes for Josh to go -- Cody, Mark and Elena.
  • Josh is in love with Kevin.
  • Or, something to that effect.
  • He thinks Kevin is the "coolest cat on the block."
  • But, of course, Kevin isn't on the block and hasn't been on the block.
  • On the block are Ramses and Josh. Of the two, although a tad nerdy, I think Ramses is the coolest.
  • Jessica got ticked at Paul's "unsolicited advice" regarding her relationship with Cody.
  • Paul told her that it would be different outside the house.
  • Cody bristled, saying at least they met naturally while Paul stalked his ex online.
  • I don't know how "naturally" meeting in the BB house is. The whole situation is a bit unnatural to me.
  • Alex, Paul and Jason talked about Cody's lies and now wonder if he was even ever in the military.
  • I personally don't doubt that he was. But I do think he embellishes.
  • Jessica still seems a bit jealous about Cody and Alex.
  • Oh, give it a break.
  • Just lots of small talk happening today. 

Trying to think ahead

They wouldn't flip the vote, would they?

Morning Walk &Talk

Josh's new best friend, Orwell


Anonymous said...

Jackie just to warn you I have been getting virus warings when reading some of your posts

Jackie said...

You shouldn't be. My own anti-virus is up to date. No one else has reported anything. What kind of virus warnings?

David said...

It Jessica could talk to Matt without Raven there, he might be willing to vote Josh out as he was not willing to go along with the vote Ramses out thing to begin with. So they would only need one more, possibly Kevin. But that is a long shot with Paul running the joint so it will be Ramses out unless Josh does Josh stuff and turns the house against him again.

Watching Mark and Elena interact, it is obvious she is just not that into him. She would jump ship in a heart beat if there was somewhere else to go. No one else wants anything to do with her.

TAMI said...

I have also gotten virus warnings on occasion. I can't remember the wording though.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie.

Kevin & Jason are the house entertainment - LOVE watching them. Jason with Alex is fun, too.
The rest? Not so much.
Cody & Jessica are honeymooning.
Elena is already in a very intense relationship - with herself! Sadly, she seems to need constant reassurance from the opposite sex, so she parades around in too-small clothing, bending & preening. Then, when starved for affection & compliments, in the wee hours she allows Mark to tell her she is beautiful. He is like an extension of her mirror. "Self Esteem Issues? Table for ONE!!!"
There is so much back-lash on Raven outside the house, even if she wins, she loses.
Disease schmisease! Stop begging for money 24/7. Why don't you & your mama use your Mensa-IQs and GET JOBS? Ever consider THAT for a way to earn a living? Hmm?

Happy Wednesday!
See you all later xoxox

Jackie said...

If something is setting off virus warnings, it has to be Blogger or Google related. My computer is clean -- I only post text and images I do with screen captures, crop and store on my system, nothing wonky.

Ed in Ohio said...

Jackie, I've been following you for a number of years and have never had a virus warning.

As far as the show goes; for me only 3 people are really playing the game, Paul, Jessica, & Cody. The rest are all just 'sheep' being led to Paul's slaughter.

Kevin is somewhat entertaining as the 'senior' houseguest.

chrob61 said...

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am coming around to liking Jessica and her gameplay. Sure she may be clueless about the Ramses vote, but I see her making an effort with the rest of the house. Now I don't have the feeds, and wonder how many different HGs besides Cody have been up to her HOH room.

uncartie said...

Petals,Hahaha. You're killing it!

Cody:Besides being one of the dumbest players in BB history his war stories seem to come from scenes in movies that some other HGs have seen.

Jackie,No virus warnings here ever

Sharon N said...

Petals does it again!! LMAO

I have old and new computers and use them both. In all the years I've been following your blog, I've never had a virus warning either.

Annabelle said...

Spot on, Petals. I don't know how much longer I can stand watching Elena. I cringe almost evertime she's on camera.

I've liked Jason, Kevin, and Alex since the start. Alex can irritate me with her know it all attitude (she's often wrong, too) but overall I think she is playing the game pretty well. People think she is blindly following Paul, but I think she knows what she's doing. She'll go against him when the time is right.

Now that cody is back, he needs to go back out asap. Funny that he called Josh a psychopath, but he is the definition of a psychopath. Josh may be unstable but definitely not a psychopath. He's just immature and tries too hard but he seems like a decent person. The TV edit made him look like a jerk.

Judi Sweeney said...

I cringe with Elena too! Jessica is starting to play the game, but but be too late to gain the trust of others... thanks Jackie! PS... I would love to see Josh gone!!!

Petals said...

PS - Never a virus warning in umpteen seasons with Jackie.