Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening, Another Injury - July 12

The curse of the stairs

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Racking Up the Injuries:
  • It was a fairly boring doldrums day in the house until ...
  • Raven fell down the stairs.
  • She caught her toe and "split it" on the railing while also hitting her head and elbow.
  • Blood and the drink she was carrying went everywhere.
  • A doctor stitched her toe/foot up. The doctor came to the house. They didn't let us watch.
  • Five stitches. Ouch.
  • She doesn't have to leave. She won't be allowed to participate in any comps which immerse the foot in water for a while.
  • So, we have Mark with a broken/jammed/whatever finger in a splint from early on. Christmas is away having surgery on her foot.
  • And now Raven.
  • Forget the curses doled out in the Den of Temptation! I think the house is cursed!
  • Heh.
  • Or, just clumsy.
  • In other news, Kevin just can't get over the fact that Cody lied about his age -- saying he was younger than his actual age of 32.
  • It doesn't make any sense to Kevin (nor me, really). It's a stupid lie. Kevin easily figured out he was older and is befuddled why anyone would bother with such a stupid lie.
  • Oh, by the way ... Paul shirks at blood.
  • Kevin, Cody and Mark were the ones who rushed to the rescue of Raven.
  • Cody offered to carry her down the stairs.
  • She ended up hopping with help instead.
  • While I'll admit it was gallant of Cody to offer, it probably would have been dangerous as the blood, broken glass and whatever she was drinking made it slick.
  • Oh, well.
  • That's how the hamster tumbles.
  • They've been on an indoor lockdown while tomorrow's endurance comp is being set up.
  • Yes, I plan to cover that as it airs on the live feeds tomorrow.
  • Cody is still going home tomorrow night.

Pride goes before the fall

Ramses trims the back

Paul feeds the fish

Paul frightens the fish

I won't miss this, not at all

Lots of blood


ITCHY said...

Thanks for the laughs!! Had a crappy day this cheered me up

Sharon N said...

Big Brother is turning into The House of the Walking Wounded!!

SueGee said...

And Kevin and his broken tooth!! My advice to him (speaking from experience) if it isn't hurting - LEAVE IT ALONE!! They are going to need a full time Doctor on the set if this keeps up!

Sharon N said...

It actually sounds like the tooth is bothering Kevin, but he doesn't want to complain.
If he doesn't get it handled, he could end up with an infection and worse off than just having it taken care of now. It's a molar, so it's not like having it removed (or crowned) would show on tv.

T-Town Chick said...

So I just watched tonight episode and every time Cody and Jessica are on the screen I become completely irratated. The amount of narcissism and pouting between the two is overwhelming. My Cody, how soon we forget that last week at this time you were bragging about how much power you have and how everything was going your way. Now that you are on the opposite end, you feel that it's not fair and think everyone should be ashamed of themselves for how they are treating you. Gah! And then we have the classic mean girl Jessica. Everytime she talks I'm reminded of Katlin (not sure if I spelled her name right) from that terrible season a few years ago where about half the cast lost their jobs. I LOVE how you think Christmas is such a bully. I'm not s huge fan of Christmas but I do respect her for the simple fact that she doesn't let Jessica boss her around. I think Ms. Karma is making you pay for how you treated Megan and the "Outsiders" as you called them. Oh what a disappointment you are.

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