Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 26

The happy couple

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bombastic Blindsides:
  • I really don't have much new and exciting to share with you.
  • Today was more of a repeat of yesterday -- Paul and others scheming to keep Josh in, Jessica worried that she will be blindsided and Ramses will be voted out, hamsters doing the "if I win HoH' scenarios, etc.
  • Cody is less worried about Ramses going home than is Jessica. Oh, he seems to be catching on that there is the chance. He thinks Ramses is a good kid, has done nothing wrong and deserves to be in the house while Josh deserves to go home.
  • However, Jessica is feeling real guilt about it. 
  • She should have listened to her gut feelings and saved him with the veto.
  • Josh is still acting all defeated and a broken man-boy.
  • But he promises a real show tomorrow.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Paul is concerned about the last Temptation -- who got it, what is it and what is the curse. Jessica told people she got it, but lied about its powers, claiming it gave her safety. 
  • They're worried about either a reset or a double eviction.
  • Jessica doesn't think Elena will stay loyal to Mark.
  • Well, duh.
  • Ramses is going around trying to secure votes.
  • So, they lie to him. I think he knows they're lying.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since around noon their time due to comp construction in the yard.
  • Something tells me it won't be the memory comp that Paul and Kevin have been studying for!
  • Yes, I lived dangerously and ended the above sentence with a preposition. I'm wild like that, y'know.
  • Jessica keeps talking to Elena about the possible blindside.
  • Well, that's the wrong person; Elena isn't in on the plan.
  • Matt really wants Mark out before the jury. He thinks Mark is a big bully.
  • A lot of them, once again this year, seem to have the goal of making jury rather than the dream of first place.
  • I never understand that.
  • Sure, they get paid the $1000 a week stipend. But that's not really riches, I wouldn't think.  
  • Jessica and Cody talked about her Halting Hex. 
  • She said she'll most likely use it to save him (Cody) because he'll probably be the target before her.
  • That's it. 

Very, very worried

At least she cooks.

Kevin reading the slop accompaniments

There's been a scooter theft


Judi Sweeney said...

Yah, Jessica is going to be blindsided and shocked! Thanks Jackie! Good night Vincent

ITCHY said...

Not going to be such a shock since Kevin told her about it. What is wrong with that guy?

T-Town Chick said...

I was so upset that Kevin told Jessica tonight. I love a good blindside especially when Creepy Cody's involved.

monty924 said...

Kevin was covering his bases. He told her so he's okay if he votes Ramses out with the house. Problem will be if she ever gives it up that it was Kevin who told her.

Anonymous said...

I want Josh gone especially after hearing how he gave Jessica a hard time on the anniversary of hers father death.

David said...

Petals, what was the lot is happening in the house you mentioned on the show thread?

Petals said...

David - Right before the show last night, Kevin took Jessica in to the bathroom & told her about the house plan to keep Josh. He asked to keep her cool, and that he told her because and that he wants to work with her down the line, and they are both from Boston, etc.

She did keep her cool. She went back to eat with Cody and whispered it quickly to him, then she left to confront people. She never mentioned that Kevin disclosed the plan, tho.

She wants to tell Ramses so he isn't blindsided; she is totally owning her mistake.

But I tell you - Paul is really winding-up Josh. He is encouraging, nay INSISTING that Josh go crazy on the show tonight. He told him America loves it when people act-up. And Josh is already a loose cannon. Paul told Josh he needs to scream in Cody's face, call him p***y, etc.
Tonight will be veeeeryyy interesting to watch.

Petals said...
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Jackie said...

Sorry, even with the asterisks, that last comment goes way beyond PG here.

Yes, Kevin did tell Jessica. But she already had the feeling it was happening. I guess I'm a bit less excitable about the telling. She's pretty much known since veto.

David said...

OK, I was wondering. lol. Yea, I am with Jackie on that one was why I was wondwering if there was something she missed. =)

I half watch BBAD and am glad I did not get the feeds this year. I can only take so much of Paul and BBAD seems to follow him around the house. uggggggggg

Petals said...

Sorry Jackie.
Paul is setting-up Josh & Cody/Mark for some big scene tonight (it will be good TV, if it happens).

The point of it all? Paul is running the show, literally.

Nickelpeed said...

I wish something would happen to save Ramses. Josh is literally a loose Cannon. I hate the fact that Josh is staying.

Jackie said...

Well, they're letting Paul run the house. If they're that foolish, more power to him. As for Josh, he does make the live feeds more interesting than Ramses. But I feel sorry for Ramses. He's such a kid and it's been his dream to be in the house. He's just kind of caught in the crossfire of good gameplay and a stupid decision.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Call me silly, but this cast is so bad, I would not be one bit surprised that Paul is getting aid from Allison Grodner and her minions. Paul on his own doesn't need any winding up to play this game, but it sure seems like he's getting intel, and I know some will say it's from the DR questions they are asked, but bottom line is, Grodner is once again meddling and influencing this game we all love. I wish she would just get fired, and have Les Moonves bring in someone like Mark Burnett, who would inject a good dose of innovation to BB USA.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Cody will win HOH tonight and he puts up Josh and someone else, then backdoors Paul. Then at least one of the two people he dislikes the most will go home.

I hate what is happening to Ramses, but I get why they are keeping Josh. He will do whatever they say and will cause all the drama, therefore making himself a bigger target than the rest of them. Cody isn't stupid though, he will hold Paul responsible for the whole situation.

uncartie said...

I believe Josh's actions are mostly an act and scripted. If you have last night's veto show DVR'd,On Demand,or with the feeds,watch his last DR session right before the show ends and you'll see him looking off to the side and smiling towards someone who is obviously coaching him.

I'm going to go back over it later and look at the rest of his DR's.

Why do so many of the hamsters just want to make jury? Because they're lazy. None of them with the exception of Dominique have even tried to do anything remotely entertaining. Yeah,Kevin is funny but that's just him being himself. He's not going out of his way to do anything.

Chacha said...

The hamsters are sometimes coached on what to say if they do not give good DR sessions.
I think josh is a horrible player but he does make me laugh.
I have no doubt he will not win but he keeps me entertained as most of the sheep in the house have no clue what they are doing.

As far as Jury goes, I am not one who likes people playing for jury.
I do believe though this may be a step towards them actually winning.
If you make jury you know you have a chance to possibly win.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of the houseguests are there "just" to go to jury.
Only one person wins the big $$$... they are being realistic!
I find Josh hard to watch, I wish he was leaving!
I didn't enjoy Paul last year and find him even less so
this season. Not thrilled at his amount of airtime and DRs .

RBennie said...

Paul was hard to take last season and is even worse this season. I was so hoping that Jessica would use that veto and put Paul up. Josh is such a tool. Doing all the dirty work for the cool kids. Cody is actually starting to grow on me and I think Jessica is pretty smart, with the exception of not using that veto! The rest of the bunch are pretty much a herd of sheep.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of them, once again this year, seem to have the goal of making jury rather than the dream of first place.
I never understand that."

The HGs have said that doing the mat, being in jury adds up to playing and coming into third place. The way they see it, if they make it to jury, it's like making it to 3rd place, financially speaking and apparently jury is pretty much luxury. So why stay in the game and play under its stressful conditions when you can get paid the same amount to luxuriate in jury." Also some are lying and using that as strategy, like Paulie did last year.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

And many are recruits, career reality contestants, with no true respect for the game.

monty924 said...

Anon 5:06 (~~~), I agree totally. I think some mean it honestly and others are just using it as strategy.

I'm one of the few ones here who doesn't mind Paul. Couldn't stand him last season early on when Josea (sp?) was still in there but he grew on me. I'm entertained by his game play and DRs so I hope he goes a long way. Everyone has their own reasons for watching this show and entertainment, drama and gameplay are at the top of mine. Most of the regular folks here don't like Paul's gameplay but I'm not one of them. :)))

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks for filling us in on Keven telling Jessica about the house voting against her and keeping Josh! Even though she suspected, it is different actually hearing it WILL happen so they can be ready AND let it be known to the others that they know they lied to them! It takes out the element of total trust and surprise!

Paul completely discusses me.... putting Josh in a situation of possible violence is very cowardly! It's not his face and body that may get hit... I didn't think I could possibly dislike him any more than I did last year.... but, I was wrong! Ugh....

tbc said...

I don't have the feeds. I watch the tv shows and read this blog daily. I do have to wonder how those of you who have feeds, how can you stand Paul and Josh all day!! I mean, Josh's voice alone grates on my nerves, and I am so over Paul (since this time last year!!), that I can't even imagine being in the same house with them 24/7!! So, for me, I just think the hamsters are cutting off their noses to spite their faces in voting out Ramses.

Petals said...

I agree Judi! Paul getting Josh all revved-up just for "good" TV? And I'll tell you - it won't be Cody that blows-up on Josh, it will be Mark. That kid is a ticking time bomb.

PS - I'm bringing Bang Bang Shrimp tonight, LOL!

monty924 said...

Shrimp sounds awesome... I'll bring corn on the cob grilled in the husk. Only need one hand to eat it. :)))

Sharon N said...

I'm with tbc re Josh's voice... grates on me too.
But I'm kind of with Monty re Paul. IMO, he's loud and not likable, but at least he plays the game.
hmmmm.... possible violence (not cool) and Bang-bang Shrimp (cool).
I think you got this nailed Petals! LOL

tbc said...

Yummy goodies for later. I'll bring Sangria and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Oh, and the s'mores were a hit, so I'll bring those again. See everyone tonight!

Petals said...

Awwww, Cody tells Mark that he has a daughter, but that he can't let people know because they use it against you. Smart. He's right - they DO use your personal stuff against you.

Judi Sweeney said...

What makes Paul EVEN think there may be tattoo type questions for HOH where he has his team studying different people's? I don't understand why he would even go in that direction. What did I miss? Did BB hint at that?