Friday, July 07, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Overnight into Friday - July 7

The Happy Couple

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of No Nose-to-Nose:
  • I would guess it was due to Cody's body language -- glowering, arms crossed, looking like he wanted to kill -- throughout the HoH comp last night, we heard the first warning ever (that I've seen) not to get into each other's faces or fight from BB.
  • The edit and/or music they do for his expressions should be interesting Sunday night. If you ever want an image of hate, he was it.
  • As you know if you read my HoH comp update post, Paul is the new HoH.
  • Now, I'm not a big Paul fan -- I find him annoying, overbearing and extremely self-important on the live feeds. But, to give him credit, he's not a mean guy and if the current hamsters are falling for his shtick, all the more power to him.
  • He's also in a good spot, winning HoH, he will be protected next week when he can't play HoH (due to his last week of the Pendant of Protection).
  • Cody, on the other hand, I find rather scary. He told Jessica he's not like this outside the house, but I would still steer clear of the dude. He's a sore loser. He seems full of hate. He tries to stare through people. He definitely jumped into the game full-force much too quickly. That I could forgive him for, but the glowering, posturing and such really turn me off. Plus, his Ferguson comments (going there during the riots to see if he'd live) and another comment about trans-folks are disturbing. 
  • So, if I had the druthers between the two, I'd rather Paul than Cody. 
  • Not that I want Paul to win, mind you. (Even though I have him in the blog pool now.) I honestly believe that the current hamsters won't let the "friendship" go that far.
  • Oh ... Jessica? Yeah, she's pretty. And, pretty mean, too. I do feel sorry for her a bit in that I know Cody never told her what he would do with noms. But, then again, she chose him and she has chosen to stick with him. Whose fault is that?
  • After the comp last night, Jessica and Cody pretty much exiled themselves from the rest of the house, sulking, hating and feeling so sorry for themselves.
  • At one point, Mark and Elena were concerned that Jessica would self-evict.
  • Cody is sure he's going home.
  • There is a big kerfuffle over who flipped.
  • Kevin says he voted for Jillian to stay. That's his story and he's sticking to it.
  • Thus, the suspicion goes to Josh or Ramses.
  • Ramses called Kevin out as the flip and found out that the others believe Kevin over him.
  • Kerfuffle ensued and now Ramses himself has a bigger target on his back.
  • Paul knows Kevin flipped and advised him, since he has already denied it, stick with the story and he (Paul) won't tell anyone.
  • Lots of discussion about who will be put on the block -- by both Cody/Jessica and Paul's group.
  • Everyone on Paul's side want Cody out.
  • But the consensus seems to be that Cody cannot have the opportunity to play PoV and save himself.
  • Put two of "theirs" up? Josh, Jessica, Jason?
  • Put up a pawn from Paul's side?
  • Mark made it clear that he NEVER wants to go up as a pawn.
  • Jessica thinks the others will want her to stay in the game without Cody just to make her miserable.
  • Lots of Jessica tears.
  • Lots of Cody stares into nowhere.
  • Alex told the cameras that Josh is a disgrace to his family and a crybaby.
  • Oh my.
  • The doctor told Christmas it will take a good six months for her foot to totally heal. I personally say a lifetime. I broke my foot when I was 19 and some days it still hurts now decades later. She'll probably get a decent paycheck from CBS no matter how long she stays in the house even though it was due to tomfoolery.
  • I've always said tomfoolery could poke someone's eye out. It can also break a foot.
  • Alex told others about the curse Ramses has -- so they know he has to put himself up on the block before long.
  • Jessica yelled at Josh, throwing him into another crying jag.
  • Kevin told Josh not to fight anyone since that would get him kicked out.
  • Kevin also told him that he will be loyal to Josh and Jason from now on.
  • Hmm.
  • Jessica didn't show up for the beginning of Paul's HoH reveal. Cody was there, throwing daggers with his eyes. Once Jessica showed up, they both re-exiled themselves from the rest of the house.
  • Paul says that his end goal (after veto) is to have Cody and Raven on the block. He thinks Raven would be totally safe and Cody would go home.
  • Of course, getting there is the problem.
  • Mark thinks he should put up Jason and Alex.
  • Hmm.
  • We won't know until later tonight.
  • And, then we won't know until after the veto.
  • In the meantime, hamsters, don't save your drama for yo' mama -- let it all out. It makes for more interesting live feeds! 

"I voted to keep Jillian" - HA!


I don't want to be a pawn ... ever

Definitely here to play the game


MikesGirl said...

Paul is not my favorite to win and Cody is my pool pick, but I am SO happy that Paul won HOH and I agree with him that Cody needs to go. I don't remember ever having such negative feelings for a hamster. And it's not any one thing that I dislike. It's everything about him. GO PAUL!!!

Chacha said...


That is exactly as I feel as Cody is my pool pick also. I have never in all the years being in the pool hoped my person would be evicted.

Paul isn't my favorite person, I hoped he would have won last year as I couldn't take Nasal Nicole.

I don't think Paul will make any "friends" with what he is doing this week but I also think in two weeks when he can be nominated or evicted it will be long ago history what he did this week. These hamsters have a short memory while in the house. I guess it is true one week equals a month on the outside.

I am ready to see what will happen with the Noms and POV. I do hope that Paul wins POV and puts Cody up.

I hate pawns going up. They go home often. Last year though Pawns rarely went home.....
Paul was always on the block

Traci said...

Did jason only bring 2 shirts?

uncartie said...

As you all know I love a good CBS/Grodner conspiracy theory ;)

So did BB production deliberately look for the most miserable person (Cody) they could find in order to make Paul look better? It sure seems to be working.

Chacha said...

here is a gem I found over on jokersupdates on the facebook page.

I don't get how CBS allows her to stay in the game- seems like a huge liability

#BB19 Christmas tells Dominique and Paul that she
is going to have surgery on her foot Monday. The doctors
told Christmas that she has the worst possible break, most
painful and biggest recovery. Game plan is surgery Monday
and back Monday night. Christmas said that the way that
the foot is, there's the toes and then it connects....two of the
bones are broken and the rest are dislocated and pushed
over. She told them that the origin of the discovery of the
break is that a couple hundred years ago people would be
horseback riding, get bucked off the horse, their foot would
stay in the saddle and break. She asked the doctors if she
has a horseback riding break from riding a fking cowboy.
They said yes. They are going to have to do pins and screws
because they usually fuse the bones together but since she
is an athlete they need some flexibility in the foot. It's a
four month casting and then she has to have surgery to get
the pins taken out. It's a six month recovery. 9:50 PM BBT

Terry is a Texan! said...

Thanks that is interesting and scary at the same time.
She probably has such sympathy she wont ever be put up for eviction. Sweet deal.

Laura said...

I still don't have all the names down yet. This season is moving way too fast. But....not fast enough to get Cody out. What a creeper.

Chacha said...


I went out of town on Thursday evening. Watched the show on the flight. I was out of pocket until Tuesday evening when I was able to watch sundays show on the flight.
It was hard reading all the info here and over at jokers without really knowing the faces.
Until last night, when I would read jason I had no clue who it was. Kept having to look up the cast photos.

Last night was the first night I was able to feed watch. What a great night to do that for the first time this season...

Chacha said...


Seems Grodners people got punked this season with a few of the hamsters.
IMO- Josh, Cody, Megan, are all dealing with some form of PTSD.

I actually really like Christmas and have a feeling we will see her back in the future.

Sharon N said...

Somehow, I don't see how Christmas will be able to compete in much of anything, except maybe mental comps. After surgery, her foot is going to be extremely swollen and she's going to be in a lot of pain for 1-2 weeks, even with drugs.

From that 'cowboy break' description, it sounds very much like the one my daughter had...but called a "lisfrank" break.
The bones on each side of the arch break and, in turn, cause the toes to separate. Most of the time, a plate is used to pull the bones/arch together, but my daughter got lucky and 'only' needed 7 screws. It does allow more flexibility, but the screws will never be removed.

With that said, IF Christmas has the same kind of break, she might be walking ok within 6 months, but it 'might' be a full year to completely heal. The only difference I see in the description for Christmas... IF the pins can actually come out.

Judi Sweeney said...

Glad Cody is digging his own grave.... I don't think he is capable of the BSing ability! I think the only thing that will save him is being able to play and win POV... I have no problem waving bye, bye... Thanks Jackie! Smiling....

chrob61 said...

This may sound strange but at the beginning I kinda liked Cody and his fresh non-emotional approach to the game. It was a nice change of pace. Well that change of pace lasted all of a week and I'm ready to see him gone!

Ooops, Ramses better think about putting himself up on the block a different week, if he has a lot of the hamsters accusing him of flipping the vote on Christmas/Jillian.

chrob61 said...

One more thing, I think the evicted hamsters are being sequestered somewhere- with Cody being a "beast" he's almost assured of winning and getting back in the house, so he'll still have some life after this week, methinks.

Petals said...

chrob - I still like Cody, for the reason you mentioned - he is playing his own game, just for himself. And that's allowed. Not everyone needs an alliance.

Paul is still annoying. His catchphrases are tired, his quest for his 16th minute is boring to me.

SusanS. said...

Go home Cody!
Question: I watched Big Brother after dark. Couldn't hear a lot. Is Kevin playing both sides?

Michelle Tremblay said...

Cody is such an ass. Can we stop seeing him brush his teeth, I can't watch lol

Anonymous said...

Susan I don't know WHAT kevin thinks he's doing. It makes no sense. The power has shifted so why would he lie about voting in favor of the side that doesn't have the power??? LOL


Petals said...

Kevin had better WATCH OUT! He doesn't know the game well enough to be double-agenting. Not sure if he is doing it intentionally or if he really can't decide who to follow.
I barely look at Xmas, so I didn't realize she had so many tattoos. She bores me, too. @@
Alex is a little spitfire, but the cameras don't show her very often. Too bad.

uncartie said...

Cam 4 11:17.55 BB Time Kevin is explaining how he coached T-Ball,and basketball for his kids and others. Absolutely hilarious! It was so funny even Cody and Jess were in stitches. He could be a stand-up comic.

Petals said...

Wouldn't it be great to see a winner that has NO agenda for fame? Just a dude who wants to make his kids happy?

T-Town Chick said...

Exactly Petals. I would love to see Kevin or Alex win right now.

Petals said...

Xmas got the Temptation - something involving stealing POV plays from 3 other HGs.

Paul is pulling her strings. @@ Another "pairing".

monty924 said...

I loved the audio staying live at the end of the competition last night. My exact words to friends that I have in a message thread were:

"This was so cool for me. The feeds went to fish cam but the audio was still live. I could hear the BB voice telling them to basically go in the house and play nice, lol. He/it said they didn't want to see any of them face to face or nose to nose. Must be more tension in there than what I see on the feeds, lol. Sweet happening for me. I've had the feeds since S7 and I've never heard any BB voice at the end of an endurance comp. Thanks BB button boy for messing up this one time"

I'm happy Paul didn't nominate Matt and Raven like he was talking last night. Matt's a big reason he's still in there.

monty924 said...

Chacha, I don't believe that post from facebook is legit/true/factual. I don't doubt the post is there, but open reduction and internal fixation of a fracture is not same-day surgery (traditionally).

Susan B said...

I was angry when Paul was talking about nominating Matt and Raven last night on BBAD...if he stuck with that plan, I was hoping Matt would make sure Paul knew that he was instrumental in getting the vote the way Paul wanted it! It could have gone wrong in so many different ways.

I'm feeling like BB is doing everything possible to favor Paul....his temptation was three weeks of not being voted out? But the next temptation is the ability to switch out someone in a POV game? And now that Christmas and Paul are working together, they allow her to stay in the house under these circumstances? How much is she really going to be able to play? She's just going to be there to help Paul now.

And, what is the likelihood that Cody and Jessica were both randomly selected for the curse? Paul's biggest targets and now they are hampered by the curse?

Too many coincidences too early in the game that favor Paul. I thought it was going to be a good season until now.

Anonymous said...

Petals still like Cody too! I saw him laughing today with Kevin stories! He is a Vet & I think he has PDST!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Susan, these are my thoughts on the questions you raised. America voted for Paul to get that first temptation. So Paul has the three weeks. He isn't eligible for any other ones the rest of the season so he could and will probably be the brunt of some consequences/penalties in the future. He will also miss out on something that may be more powerful. All of these things are planned out ahead of the season (conspiracy theories are crazy). America voted to give Christmas the second temptation. So she gets to choose to play in any one veto comp this season... BB doesn't even know yet how long she will be there. If the foot thing doesn't work out in her favor she's gone. From what I understand, she was allowed to pick the people to get the curse. No surprise that she would pick people who voted to evict her and are on the opposite side of her. We don't know yet and it doesn't sound like it was random like Paul's pick. It sounds like she picked them personally. Twists are what they are. Great players win despite the twists.

Beth64 said...

My son had the same injury. The pain was horrible and he slept sitting up for two weeks. No weight bearing for 3 months. He has a permanent plate. I can't see Christmas staying in this and think it would be unfair to everyone else.