Friday, July 28, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Overnight into Friday - July 28

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Deceptive Drones:
  • There were no fisticuffs.
  • No brouhahas.
  • No real kerfuffles.
  • Despite all of what Josh said about getting in Cody's face, he (Josh) was on the live feeds very little and well-behaved.
  • It's evident that BB not only talked to them about language during the live show (remember someone saying no F-bombs during the aftermath of the HoH?), but they must have had warnings about possible fights.
  • That might make this season the most talked-to about possible physical altercations ever.
  • It's not Paul they've been warning about the physical stuff. (Although his language is ridiculously profane ...)
  • It's Josh, Mark and Cody I would guess. Cody's military background might give him a bit more restraint than others. But he will get right up in people's faces and would surely retaliate if fists were to fly!
  • The worst behaved of ALL was Elena -- slamming things around, saying she was talking to no one.
  • You figure, once she got that dropped jaw off her drooping chest when she was blindsided by Ramses getting evicted, she was the most shocked.
  • Just about everyone but Mark and her knew it was coming ... even Jessica and Cody. Heck, even Ramses knew.
  • Paul and the others had the story all set -- Ramses won the 25 grand, he was a superfan, you never knew where he stood, he flip-flopped sides with the wind, he could win comps while Josh can't, he had to go because he was a more dangerous player (for the win) than Josh, etc.
  • "It was nothing against you or Cody, Jessica." 
  • They made it all about the Power of Ramses and tried to take the targeting Jessica and Cody right out of the mix.
  • They said that the decision to evict Ramses was purely strategic while Jessica/Cody were targeting Josh as a personal vendetta.
  • After all, Josh can't win anything, right?
  • I don't think the story was totally bought, but each of them had the same story.
  • Elena claimed to be more upset because her own alliance didn't tell her what was going on.
  • They covered that base by telling her she didn't need to know -- they had enough votes and she would tell Mark, Mark might tell Jessica and Cody.
  • (Although Kevin told Jessica, but that's beside the point.)
  • Mark, with his cheeks that go red when he's upset, spent a lot of time saying he was sorry to Elena. He thinks everything is his fault.
  • He thinks he's an outsider.
  • Jessica and Cody talked about how they tried to socialize more.
  • BB might have warned Jessica to stop lying about the power of her Temptation.
  • But the thought is already in mind that she and Cody have some kind of protection for the next few weeks.
  • No real talk about who Paul might nominate. He told Elena that she might be a pawn if Jessica and Cody can't be nominated.
  • Elena told Paul that Mark is more into her than she is into him. Well, duh. It's been obvious she's just using him as her summer boy toy.
  • No feeds block yet for the Temptation Challenge yet. That's supposed to happen before nominations.
  • Jeff interviewed Ramses. I don't know why the kid likes Elena so much for the win. He said she and Paul will go far in the game. Well, Paul will.
  • I can only assume that Paul's peeps will turn on him before the end. 
  • But, whether he is obnoxious and annoying with a potty mouth or not, his social game has them all respecting his game, if not liking him. 

No one wants to play with me

Acted out the worst of all

Will the lies keep her and Cody safe?

Ramses thinks Elena will go far. Ha!

On the subways, that's man-spread, Alex

Paul reading his HoH letter


IAgirlsmom said...

So it was probably pretty darned smart for Jessica to out her temptation and to phrase it the way she did. Since Paul had 3 weeks free from eviction and she said hers is better they might think they shouldn't even put her on the block. For weeks. I wonder if anyone will figure out or take the chance that it's a one time and it's gone deal and go for it? (Essentially making their HOH useless). Very interesting to see how this plays out.

chrob61 said...

Jackie- thanks for the updates

IAgirlsmom- that is indeed a smart move by Jessica, it gives her and Cody a few weeks to allow for a crack to show up in the other side of the house. And, based on what we saw with last night's vote, it has started with Mark/Elena being blindsided. However, I can't help but think that these temptations should be sworn to secrecy before using, to enable the maximum shock value to the house (an us viewers).

Thinking about Paul's temptation, that he was free from nominations for 3 weeks, he was put up to it by Cody the first week, so he had to come out to the house with his temptation.

The Halting Hex is a great temptation that would have been better given with a condition of secrecy. Jessica's still being secret about the actual hex, but by lying to the house about what it is, that is her game play.

chrob61 said...

"and us viewers"

Anonymous said...

BB had better NOT be warning Jessica about lying about her temptation. It is called game play. #GimmeABreak

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

First, outing the temptation will backfire if Paul wins the HOH, since he is the only one of this cast that has half a brain on how to play. Oh look, Paul won. Now he will put them both on the block to 'flush' out the Temp, and call what he feels is a bluff on their part.

Now, IF, and its a very big IF, JODY has any sense of how to play this game, they should accept playing in the Curse competition. If one of them wins, then only one of them can be on the block, and they have a chance to win Veto, not to mention it will make Paul rethink his NOMS. I am not going to hold my breath, but that would be the move.

uncartie said...

Jackie,I agree with you and have no doubt that the HG's were warned about violence and Josh was told to tone down his rhetoric during the commercial break. Never can I recall them going to a commercial break immediately after the votes were official without telling the HG's the results first.

This pretty much sums up the season...
Fri 1:56 AM BBT Cam 3 After hours of Paul talking to HGs , everyone leaves. Paul picks up a beer, dances and says idiots. Cuts to fish

@@Lucy2 said...

Did Christmas ever use her temptation, or was that more about the punishment? Also, can someone please explain how the reset works? Does it really go back and replay the HoH comp and start over? Would that mean Paul can't compete or back to Jessica? Sorry--lots of questions, but you all are the most knowledgeable fans around!

Ed in Ohio said...

Fred aka TwoBlackAces, Good point! I was kind of thinking the same thing. If Jess & Cody are smart they should both play in this next temp. They could both end up safe (if one wins or neither are last). Plus it gives the impression to the house of "why are they playing" if Jess already told them her & Cody are safe.

Like you said too if one does come in last it still gives him/her a chance at the Veto. Worse case scenario she would have to use the hex. Best case scenario she keeps it one more week. Hope they are not too arrogant to just sit out.

I wonder if this temptation was a late addition to the game to shake things up because of such boring play & Pauls' dominance?

BB-Boy said...

Ready for a showmance to be broken up! If it's not MAVEN this week, I'll be happy with a MARLENA break up

Chacha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chacha said...

Paul's best option is putting Jess/Cody up.
He will of course find out from DR if he can put them up.
His backup plan of Elana/Mark is great also.
My only question is if Jess can Halt the eviction does this week get
a redo like in BB16 and Paul can compete?

As far as Jess lying about temptation- She can lie about it until it is used
but she Can't use Production as strategy.

I am sure that somehow some way Production will make it so Paul will not be evicted in the next two weeks.

monty924 said...

Chacha and @@Lucy2, that's my guess. When (if) she uses the hex, it will be like the reset button in BB16 and everyone will get to play in the HOH including the previous and outgoing HOH. Just my guess though.

chrob61 said...

At the moment I think "Maven" are on the right side of the house, which is another reason I think one or both will go pretty far.

I think Mark/Elena and Cody/Jessica will implode beforehand.

Chacha said...

After tweeting with hamsterwatch he believes this also. I forgot it also happened in BB14 as well.

CashCrateAggie said...

Cody and I. Cody and I. Cody and I.

Good god will someone tell Jess to use proper grammar.

Anonymous said...

CCA - Holy heck. I'm sick of her "This is a good move for Cody and I's game." Does she know she sounds illiterate? This was basic fourth grade phonics class.

Ed in Ohio said...

Looks like 'Production Paul' will not be eligible to play in the next HOH if the Halting Hex is used, according to an interview given by Grodner.

Pauls' new name 'Paulduction'

Matts' new name 'Mattress'

monty924 said...

Ed, do you have a link to the interview? Thx

Ed in Ohio said...

Monty, I didn't post the link because I'm not sure how Jackie would feel about that.
I'm not familiar with the site, it was forwarded to me by a friend. That's why in my post above I said "it looks like". Anyway here's the link;

monty924 said...

Thanks... I saw something similar on Hamsterwatch twitter. I'll check it out.

monty924 said...

Okay, got it. That page is safe according to my safe search, so anyone should feel okay reading it.

If Jess uses the hex the eviction is stopped. She is eligible to play in the HOH if she isn't currently the HOH. If she uses it this week, Paul will be ineligible as the current HOH.

Hex is separate from the HOH rules and the current HOH comp rules still apply. She uses it this week... she can play, Paul can't. There you go!

Thanks Homie!!

monty924 said...

Just read Mark won the comp... I'll look to see who lost. brb

Ed in Ohio said...

U R Welcome Homie!

monty924 said...

Mark and Raven are the only ones in comp costumes so I'm assuming she lost. Paul told Josh he might have to go up as a pawn. Then told him it's the same people you beat last vote. Looks like plan A to call JODY's bluff is still in play.

monty924 said...

Don't write that in stone. Sounds like Jason played too. I'm still listening to convos and don't know who lost.

monty924 said...

Yep!!! Jason lost and he will be on the block with Paul's nominees.

monty924 said...

It was the ballerina spinny comp. That will be hillarious to watch on the show, lol

Jackie said...

That Dingo -- Hamsterwatch -- is female, not a he.

David said...

Raven was probably the host was why also in costume.

Sharon N said...

I haven't seen anything about who 2 Paul nom'd yet, but he's talking to Josh about going up as the pawn... so maybe Paul hasn't made his 2 choices yet?

Looks like Jason lost the comp today and will be the 3rd nom.

monty924 said...

Sharon, noms haven't happened yet. The comp was just completed and Jason is the third nominee no matter who Paul nominates. The only person he can't nominate is Mark.

monty924 said...

Sounds like Paul is backing off plan A. He's skeeeerrrrred of the bluff. I guess they're buying that JODY is safe because they didn't play in the comp.

Sharon N said...

So, if he doesn't put up Jess/Cody...
With Jason is #3, I'm betting his choices will be Elena and Josh (as pawn).
Even with 2 of "his" people up, Paul would still have the #'s to oust Elena.
It appears that Idiot Mark thinks (because he won), he suddenly has something to say about Elena going up. Yeah, Paul would willingly put up 1 more of his own people. LOL

monty924 said...

He's still going with the backdoor Cody (Plan A). Throw Josh up as a pawn with another STRONG pawn. Sounds like it's up to Alex or Matt.

Oh, they don't believe Cody is safe with Jessica's power, lol. Technically he isn't but she can stop the eviction if he's up there. :)))

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

Plan A is a go... Jessica and Cody up as noms. If one wins, Plan B goes in. Elana and a strong pawn. Paul's calling her bluff, lol.

He'll be surprised if either Cody or Jessica is up there on eviction night, lol

monty924 said...

Plan B is IF Jessica and Cody stop the noms (the bluff). Not if one of them comes off in veto.

Ed in Ohio said...

If Jason doesn't win POV and JODY is on the block with him, he unknowingly will be saved by Jess.

Jackie has a new post up.