Saturday, July 01, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds Overnight into Saturday - July 1

No changes at the pool/hot tub

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hungry Hamsters:
  • Heh. Apparently (blocked to the live feeds), Kevin was a mermaid host for the PoV comp. 
  • I was wondering the thinking behind putting him in this cast, but now I definitely get it. His kids got him to apply. He doesn't know the show. He's old enough to be the father of his fellow hamsters. The guy IS funny. Plus, in a way, he's a breath of fresh air being so unfamiliar with the show and actually admitting it. We've seen so many recruits come in oblivious and pretend they're experts. I am entertained by him. He's very different from what we see most seasons.
  • Just to bring you up to snuff if you've been living under a BB fake rock -- Megan and Jillian were the nominees. Megan exited the house on her own volition. Alex was put on the block in her place. Alex won PoV. Jessica and Cody are the first showmance of the season.
  • Although she'll be safe this week with the PoV, Jessica and Raven want to target Alex next. They think she's too good at comps and also believe that Cody has a soft spot or wants to protect her.
  • Christmas also doesn't care for Alex -- she thinks Alex is too aggressive with everyone in the house.
  • Now, I myself am surprised by Alex. I had the impression of "bimbo" in her Jeff interview and she's turning into anything but a bimbo. She's truly a competitor. I like that. But, of course, if I were a house hamster, I'd think of her as a threat to my game.
  • Meanwhile, Cody told Mark that his loyalty to Alex is just a ploy to show the others that he can be loyal to anyone.
  • Um. Okay. 
  • We know Josh is weird, but so is Cody.
  • Just a different kind of weird.
  • Cody's bro-alliance doesn't seem like they're going to stay all that loyal to him.
  • He seems to have a fixation with his combat days in the service. Hmm.
  • Jason knows he's being considered for the replacement nom.
  • Even those closest to Cody aren't sure what he's going to do. He's very tight-lipped.
  • Cody is odd. He told a story about going to Ferguson during the riots "just to see if I would survive." Say what? 
  • Plus, he sits there like a robot half the time. He creeps me out more and more.
  • A staring robot.
  • A lot of them are sporting bruises, pains and scrapes from the veto comp.
  • They all went to bed early last night.
  • While I haven't heard the exact words from his mouth -- I had to skip all around the flashbacks to catch up on the feeds -- I do think Paul has the three weeks of safety. Someone was talking about it, but didn't exactly come out and say "Paul." but that seemed the case in context.
  • More later! 

If I go, do I get paid for two weeks?

Social game bonding

Looking somber, turned to hijinks

Picture him as a mermaid


Petals said...

Thank you Ms J.

Cody is a Cyborg, but I am still rooting for him (so far). Stressica is riding him a little too hard (NO pun intended), acting like a jealous girlfriend. Cody DOES seem to have an admiration for Alex, and SO DO I.
Like you, Jackie, I dismissed Alex as PowPow 2.0, but she isn't. She is just a fun little girl, what you see is what you get kinda thing. I like that she doesn't need extensions, lashes, etc. She is just herself. Maybe Cody likes that, as well?

Elena is a vulgar, nasty broad. Yes, I use that term because it fits (IMO). In the CBS live feed chatroom, we made a drinking game - drink whenever Elena said "d*ick". Within 15 minutes, she said it over 10 times. She is OBSESSED with penii. It's just too much. I can't watch her.

LOVE KEVIN! He is so unusual, all tanned & tatted, a Bostonian fop with that long, streaked hair on top. He just sits back and takes it all in...I hope he goes far.
Not sure how Paul learned that he (Kev) was the $25k winner.

Jackie said...

That's one of the reasons I don't hang out in the CBS chatroom ...

MikesGirl said...

I'm with the majority...Cody is one weird dude! And he's my pool pick :/

Thanks Jackie!

jessica UNderwood said...

I take it all dude is not a fan of BB. He did not even know who Nicole was ... I can't go for recruits I just can't do it !

Jackie said...

Jessica - Kevin isn't a recruit. He's the father of seven. His daughters are big fans of BB and bet him he couldn't do the show. With that urging, he applied in an open casting call.

jessica UNderwood said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not a knowledgeable Fan this season.... oh and Jackie you need your own app!

uncartie said...

Who in their right mind attends a riot as if it's Lollapalooza or some type of sporting event? @@

Cody is what FBI Profilers call an Un Sub. He'd be perfect for an episode of Criminal Minds.He wouldn't even have to act.

Judi Sweeney said...

It still bothers me that Paul is safe for three weeks! Ugh... I don't think Cody will last long!!! Thanks Jackie

Dr_Celine said...

Cody is seriously disturbed. He has acute accuracy with regard to reading most people but his intensity is piercing, like serial-killer piercing. His obsession with combat and how he looks at people make me seriously worried. Not sure how he passed the psych evaluation to get on the show to be honest.

Carol C said...

I have my doubts of the mental stability of both Josh and Cody. I don't know much, but I do see some disturbed people through my work. They both seem to have issues that concern - or they are great actors?

Sharon N said...

So far, I've been content reading Jackie's daily posts, so I haven't been reading Jokers, and haven't spent time on BBAD either.... so I'm not familiar with how the hamsters talk, behave or interact with each other yet.

Petals... RATS,I had hopes for Elena (my pool girl) until she entered the house.
In one of Jackie's posts, she mentioned Elena had a breast reduction (most young women want an increase), so I thought maybe she wouldn't have misplaced ego issues. Unfortunately.

Just from watching the show, my take:
Why do the girls have to scream and squeal like 3 yr old little girls?
Christmas is ok and should be good on comps -- Elena is a serious disappointment
Jessica > pretty, but ick -- Megan is no loss == Minnie-Mouse Raven is annoying
Haven't bothered checking out the remaining squealers yet.

Of the guys:
Cameron > annoying little dude (glad he's gone)... Paul > no words needed
Cody is too weird for words (agree with Uncartie. There's something not 'right' in his head)
Matt seems ok -- Mark seems laid-back/ok -- Jason is strange/odd
Josh needs to go asap -- Ramses is an Urkel look-alike and can go any time
Kevin is likable, but certainly hope he wasn't the one who decided to trust Paul re the $25k.

Petals said...

LOL Sharon N!

I didn't read the part about Elena's breast reduction, but they are HUGE. If she reduced them, then she must've been monstrous before. Not making a joke - her breasts are VERY large.

Sharon N said...

Elena must have been mammoth before her surgery, or she just wanted to have enough removed for shoulder/neck stress... and maybe headaches. Who knows. Most people don't realize the amount of pain some women suffer just to haul around those 5-10 lbs extra... on EACH breast.

One of my daughters found an online support group and did a lot of research before deciding to have reduction surgery done several years ago. About the same time, the TV show "Inside Edition" had decided to do a special on women having reductions...she was 1 of the 2 selected for the show. With cameras rolling, they talked to her as she was going into surgery. Later, they went with her to the $$$$$ specialty shop where she previously had to buy all her bras. Cracked them all up when she plunked one of those 'cups' on her head and said, "See, fits just like a beanie!" Best thing she ever did for herself.

monty924 said...

I get so confused the first week of the feeds. You think you have the alliances figured out and then they go and mess with that, lol. I'm not paying a lot of attention yet. I'll wait until after the first eviction to really get into watching them and believing what they all say. Will agree with others here and say that I didn't like Cody night one and I still don't like him. He's a creep.

I'll miss the pool party tomorrow night. Family in from Texas and will watch the show later on DVR. I might comment with SueGee and any other left coast folks. :)))

Judi Sweeney said...

Sharon, you pretty much nailed my thoughts about the hamsters! Monte, enjoy your family from Texas... this left coast girl will be hanging around

Petals said...

Sharon - WOW!!! Good for your daughter! I also had a reduction in 2008; but mine have grown back. Doctor says I have a form of gigantomastia, so that my breasts will always continue to grow.
Insurance paid for my first surgery, but i am uninsured now. As soon as I am again, I will have them cut-off, again.