Friday, August 11, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday Dawn - August 11

She can go. She really can.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Odd Man Out:
  • Well, he's still in there.
  • But he's bound to be out. I think he feels defeated and won't even try at this point.
  • I don't really blame him.
  • Raven is all bent out of shape because Cody cast his vote to evict her.
  • Horrors! 
  • He had to vote for someone. It's understood by all that he wouldn't cast his vote for Jessica.
  • Elena was Jessica's friend and confidante. 
  • He, out of respect for that (apparently), wouldn't vote for her to go.
  • It was obvious that it would be a landslide. His vote wouldn't even matter.
  • Yet Raven is acting out, fussing that Cody promised her he'd never vote for her to go.
  • Josh is going around loudly gloating -- even though his original target was Elena.
  • Paul is going around retelling all of Jessica's bad decisions which inevitably led to last night's eviction.
  • Of course, he takes most of the credit, throwing in a "we" now and then.
  • Jessica had to interview herself via answering questions from an iPad. 
  • Jeff had tweeted that "due to scheduling issues" he wouldn't be able to continue interviewing the evicted houseguests.
  • Hmm. It has been odd timing how they've done it this season with rather impromptu interviews about a half-hour after eviction. Maybe that is it. Maybe he just wanted to wash his hands of this season. I don't know. I hope he's still involved in the backyard interviews at the finale. I like Jeff.
  • When it came time for Alex's HoH room reveal, Cody actually went. I know they are made to go, but I was surprised he didn't balk.
  • He actually mingled a bit and was quiet, but cordial enough.
  • The only one who's really talked with Cody since the show is Kevin.
  • The others talked about him a lot, though.
  • It's the consensus of the house that everybody (except perhaps Mark) wants Cody out this week.
  • Well, duh. I wouldn't expect anything else and I don't think Cody expects anything else.
  • They think they've backdoored him once, they'll do it again.
  • I personally think a lot of the fight is gone from Cody at this point. He's not going to be on his A Game for comps.
  • We'll see what happens.
  • In other news, Elena was once again all over Paul, then back to Mark.
  • Give me a break!
  • Cody is sleeping in the Have Not Room.  

Down, but at least Kevin is company

He needs to stop gloating

Jessica interviewing herself

Retelling all of Jessica's wrong moves

Who wants to see my HoH room?


Joe in NY said...

worst thing is that even if evicted, he goes to a lonely jury house rather than back to Jessica. He should have just followed her hinge and never looked back.

chrob61 said...

Looking back now, to week one or two, when Megan said that Jessica made that panda comment about Alex....I wonder did we see whether she really said that? Knowing how Jessica feels about Alex, it makes me wonder.

It will be awesome if this week Cody somehow stays alive and wins HOH in the 2nd half of the double eviction! Watch them hamsters scramble!

Stormy said...

As much as I dislike Cody I fine myself hoping they do not get him. Crazy year when you can not find one person that you want to really pull for.

Petals said...

Chrob61 - I never understood the Panda thing. Is "Panda" a new, derogatory slang for Asians? And pandas are cute...being called a panda is not a slam, it's almost a compliment (IMO).

Chacha said...

chrob61, Petals-

Jess never said "panda", she said "pau pau" who was in season 16.

As far as the interview with Jess answering questions they have done this with all houseguests, have they not? It was started in BBOTT which I really wasn't a big fan of.

DKNYNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DKNYNC said...

Jeff is a co-host on a new TV show called Daily Blast Live. He and Jordan just moved to Denver because of it. It premieres September 11 so I'm sure that's why he's no longer available to do the BB interviews.

The newly announced hosts include football commentator Erica Cobb (KUSA); actress Tracey Gold (“Growing Pains”); stand-up comic Al Jackson (Comedy Central, BBC’s “Officially Amazing”); journalist Sam Schacher (CNN, “Dr. Drew”); reality-TV contestant Jeff Schroeder (“Big Brother,” “Amazing Race”); comic and TV personality Ebony Steele (“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” “Dish Nation”); L.A. morning-show host Tory Shulman (“Sam in the Morning”); and fitness coach Jen Widerstrom (“The Biggest Loser”).

Jennasmom said...

With Jessica gone & if they get Cody this week, I'm done. They were the only two I could stand. I'm old and not politically correct, so unlike Cody I would have used no restraint & knocked Josh on his big ***. What a bunch of stupid sheep this season all following Paul. Everyone keeps referring to Cody's temper. Nothing compared to all of the others who sit and do nothing over the bullying & harassment Jessica & Cody received. Can't stand Alex, And the rest are stupid floaters. Not a fan of Paul, but he is a masterful manipulator. He deserves to win.

Petals said...

Thanks ChaCha.
Yes, Alex totally reminded me of PauPau, too! I would have said to Alex, that she is Pau Pau 2.0 and not meant anything bad by it. I guess it's all in the context; I didn't hear it. Must've been before feeds.

Apparently, SO much happened before feeds. For instance, Cody was going after Raven but she turned him down? Uhm...I seriously doubt that! HAHAHA

Petals said...

Agree Jenna's mom.

April said...

I'm so done with this season. I'm sure I'll continue to watch but after Cody goes, I'm sure I won't care as much. Or at all. Maybe it'll be nice to watch Maven and Marlena once they figure out they're at the bottom of the totem pole. I want to see Christmas get bitten in the ass for using that stupid ring spitefully instead of to save herself. And I like watching Josh cry like an overgrown baby now.

Petals said...

April - did you say you are in KC?

Terry is a Texan! said...

totally agree Jennasmom this season although seemsingly better comps (except Joshs HOH which was stupid, no brain power asked just luck) I just think the floaters will keep Paul in until he doesnt need them. yawn

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how many people wanted Jessica and now Cody to remain in the house. I do not understand why. There isn't anything likeable about either one. But I can't say anything positive about this cast at all. I am hoping for Cody to get evicted sooner rather than later.

Zoe in California

Judi Sweeney said...

Stormy, Jennasmom, and April.... I agree with all your comments!

It's pretty much going to be a dead show once Cody is gone. It won't matter who wins HOH because Paul will be the one pulling all the puppets strings... I can't even stand listening to Paul's "Show" voice in the DR. If Paul makes it to the final two, I won't be able to watch it, even though he will deserve to win! I will need to come here and read about it because I just can't stand watching or listening to Paul...

Chacha said...

I have to disagree with most of the Jess/Cody love.

As a feeder I have to say that they say just a vile things if not worse than anyone else in the house.

About Alex, Jess has stated she wanted to physically harm her, of course not to anyone but Cody.

The Fact that these houseguests are sheep to Paul, I really don't remember anyone saying this about Derrick in BB16.

uncartie said...

I totally disagree with Jackie and others that think Cody is just going to lay down. Guys like him never let go of a grudge and spend all their time thinking of ways to get even,hence the threat to Josh on the outside. Staying in the house,targeting others,and tormenting them would be his way of getting even.

Those that think that Christmas wasted her ring of replacement? I strongly disagree there too. Had she not used it Cody would have been playing for POV in the Otev competition. That comp was totally in his wheelhouse and he could have easily won it with his speed and quickness. Christmas's decision to use it was instrumental in getting Jess out.

Judi Sweeney said...

Zoe... if I were in Jessica and Cody's place in having the WHOLE house after me from day one... attacking and harassing me... I wouldn't be very likable either! Listening to Jessica talk with Julie last night, I actually got her! She got burned a number of times by those she and Cody trusted... thus, causing extreme mistrust in everyone except Cody. Which in turn caused much bitterness and isolation!

I would like to think I would handle things differently and I would be able to play the game better under the same situation... But, I am NOT in there so I can't say for sure how I would be! I am pretty sure I would have been grabbing at those pots and pans a lot sooner. This type of stuff went on much longer and more often than shown on TV. I personally was impressed when they did restrain themselves!

In real life we can get away from people who are harassing or bullying us. We can turn it off and escape a gang of psychological bullies.

Trust me, I'm not saying Jessica and Cody are great people! They aren't. There were times they were mean too! But, I have a tendency to cheer on the underdogs.

Again, we can all play "couch quarterback", but we aren't locked up with all that craziness.

Judi Sweeney said...

I said it about Derrick Chacha.... Difference is... I liked Derrick! Derrick didn't promote violence, get in people's face so they hit you and get kicked out! Paul wasn't throwing up his face at Cody to get hit, he was throwing up Josh's face... to me that's a cowards way. Derrick wasn't encouraging the whole house to harass and go after two people. Paul promoted violence and Derrick didn't...

Petals said...

I dunno Artie - I really think Cody/Jess won't give Josh a second thought when he is out of the house, much less try to seek revenge for any house nonsense. JMO

Joe in NY said...

Except getting Jess out doesn't really benefit Christmas directly, Artie. Christmas herself was in NO danger this week. If Cody had won POV and pulled Jess down there would be NO replacement nominee and either Mark or Elena would have gone home which would have personally benefited Christmas as much as Jess going home. It was simple spite.

Joe in NY said...

We saw the Pau Pau comment during the show, did we not? Frankly, you could argue Pau Pau is as racist as Panda, if you want to make the case. It's like "all Asians look alike", but I don't think Jess meant it that way.

Joe in NY said...

Artie, Artie, Artie. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

Cody did not antagonize anyone last night. In fact, the show was still live and Josh (your buddy) was running around antagonizing Cody by yelling that "Cody cost Jess $500,000". Cody just quietly went and moved his stuff into the Have Not room.

You don't have to like Cody. I'm not sure why you would like Josh. But let's stop pretending that Cody is running around antagonizing people all day long. In the last week, he antagonized exactly zero people. Jess actually is the one who started the fight with Josh and then Josh restarted it when ordered to by Paul. Cody mostly just tried to stay away, as he mostly has the last couple of weeks. Even during the whole pot/pan harrassment, Cody was trying to keep Jess from even going into the kitchen to confront Josh.

In fact, despite the fact that everyone in the House picked up Paul's refrain that Jess was only a target because of Cody, it was Jess who was in the middle of everything, not Cody. Cody seemed largely content to snuggle with Jess away from all the others.

It was JOSH, egged on by Paul who was trying to get Cody angry so he would self-evict. It was NOT Cody trying to get Josh angry.

Cody has far more restraint than he's given credit.

chrob61 said...


So what Jessics said was Pau Pau? OK, just wondered because that whole thing caused such a stink in week 1-2 that Megan just self-evicted. Knowing now how Jessica feels about Alex, it seemed like it was possible that she called her Pau Pau 2.0.

I disagree with those in here that are done with the show once Cody leaves. The fun will be seeing who flips on who. These are a bunch of blind sheep following Paul, and Jess said it right last night before eviction. That Paul is running things.

Petals said...

^5 BF Joe

Rita said...

There is no comparison between Derrick and Paul.. Derrick was extremely likable and humble. He played an amazing game without being mean or petty. For people saying Jess and Cody say mean things too.. I think anyone would if they were being bullied by a group of people continuously. I've watched Paul instigate bullying over and over and then call out Mark for not sticking up for Josh. Is he serious? Why didn't he ever stick up for Jess and Cody when they are constantly bullied?? Oh yeah, cause he's the one that ordered the bullring! And he's too much of a coward to do it himself. These house guest have to be the dumbest group I've ever seen. Now Paul is running around saying he thinks BB is editing the show to make him look like the villain.. um Paul? We see you on the live feeds. The rest of the hg says "oh no!, were not doing anything wrong! We're nice, we're just playing the game. Wrong. I can not wait for this show to be over so I can see their surprise when fans are bullying them on their social media accounts lol by the way.. I didn't like Jody at first.. liked none of them actually but watching their behavior forced me to the Jody side. There is a difference between being bullied and defending yourself against it. When you push people in a corner you have to expect they will lash out.

Rita said...

At this point I'd love to see Mark and Cody in a final 2 with Cody getting second place (best can hope for) although I realize this would take a miracle to happen. 😁

Ed in Ohio said...

^5 to Judi Sweeney, Joe in NY, & Rita. I agree with all your comments above & pretty much feel the same way.

Petals said...

I've been a fan of Cody since day one. Jess grew on me like she grew on him, lol.
Last night, Paul was instructing Josh & Maven to "make sure he (Cody) doesn't get any sleep."
Yet Paul himself had no intention of carrying-out the task himself. IN FACT, there was an hour-long drama between Josh & Paul because Josh refused to fetch Paul's water (at like 1am).
Paul is despicable, and Josh is pitiable, IMO

Chacha said...

It was either last night or early this morning where Kevin clued Paul in on what Cody said to him. I didn't actually see this Cody/kevin convo. Just Kevins retelling.
Cody stated to Kevin that He did what he did after POV meeting to go "after" Josh so they would be separated and Production would talk to Josh and reprimand him.

If that is the case, we all know you can't use production as strategy.

Derrick- he wasn't so innocent himself. He got Cody, Beastmode and Victoria to do tons of his dirty work.

Judi Sweeney said...

Joe, Petals, Rita and Ed... ^5! Obviously I agree with you too. Nice to know I'm not alone in my thoughts!

Chrob, I can watch the show after Cody goes out... I just will not be able to watch the final show if Paul is there in the final two... even though he would deserve to have won. I can't stand Paul! I felt the same way last season and wanted anyone but him to win. I dislike his personality, the character he is playing for the show, his cowardly ways, AND his voice.

I haven't forgotten his opinion of women from last season and how fowl and crude he is! I'm sure he learned to play that part of himself down for this season. I would rather read Jackie's witty blog than listen to Paul. That's all. Just plan don't respect or like the guy.

Joe in NY said...

Actually, the best thing that could happen for US is that Cody wins the Temptation. That would immediately force the rest of them to start scrambling at least a little bit. I mean, they can throw Mark and Elena up again, but then they can't pretend that Mark and Elena aren't on the outside looking in. I would guess that forces a few other people to look and see where they might rank on the "inside".

Anonymous said...

The real reality of the Paul show is that CBS had him on Candy Crush and is selling his shirts on CBS. Whatever. They like this jerk. BB has jumped the shark. Its over and out for me. I will be happy remembering the good ol days. Dr Will Kirby even had some negative things to say about these house guests. Paul has ruined this show all by himself.
GET YOUR OWN WATER PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Agreed Joe!

Anom 3:18.... Seriously!?! His shirts? Wow! I watch Candy Crush and was rooting against Paul then too! I rooted for Survivors! LOL....

Petals said...

Anon, yes. James Rhine, Evel Dick and Janelle have all come out against production and Paul. Janey loves Jody like me.
My favorite vets are seeing what I (we) are seeing, and they know the show as much as or better than Paul.

uncartie said...

Joe in NY, You or I don't know what would have eventually happened if Cody managed to win POV. Both would still be in the house and Jess quite possibly could have won HOH this week. In fact I believe Jess had already won a previous mental competition.

Jess was repeatedly warned that if she used the hex that the house would come after her. Christmas was simply doing her part to make that happen.

Regarding Paul manipulating people? That's part of the game of BB,manipulating others to do what you want. Comparing Paul to Derrick is ridiculous. Derrick for the most part had a bunch of idiots in the house and he merely stood back and let them eliminate themselves. Paul is far and beyond a smarter player.

While there is no shortage of idiots and floaters in this game,there are several that are very much aware. The focus again is going to be on Cody but I think we'll see some cracks appear.

Sharon N said...

With CBS selling Paul's shirts, along with having him on back-to-back BB shows and Candy Crush, it says to me that they must have worked out a beneficial financial contract for both CBS and Paul.

It also says... look for him to be on Amazing Race or Survivor (or both) next.
gag me with a spoon!

No doubt, he'd have to 'work' harder on AR, so that might not be quite as appealing.
But I believe he'd use the exact same kind of BB 'user' bully-tactics on Survivor.

Chacha said...

I must be missing something on the cbs website. I have never and went to check again,seen that they are selling Pauls items.

It seems everyone has forgotten Jessie Godderz of BB10 and BB11. He seems to have made appearances year after year.

Whether we like Pauls game or not, he is in the house. He is playing the game different this year. He couldn't play like last year.

I dont really want him to win this year but as of now he is playing a hell of a social game.

He seems to be running the game this year and its a part of BB. I don't think this cast would vote for him in the end if he is up against anyone but maybe cody or raven. I don't see either of those two in the final three.

Chacha said...

I have just read Jessica's exit interview with TV Guide-

She thinks everything was stacked against her and Cody.

From my perspective once Cody came back in the game she never tried to rebuild any allinaces.
They continually isolated themselves.

The BS that it took a half of season to get them out is horse crap.

They took Cody out. Just like the advantages for Paul coming in this season, BB gave that advantage when cody was allowed to pick the battle back game when he won.

This is BB, production will always try to slant the show in a way they want in the edited version. As I feeder I know that it is usually different then the edited version.
I was happy last night that they showed Jessica wasn't so innocent as she likes to proclaim.

She could have been a great player, Cody was her downfall.

Chacha said...

If anyone who isn't a feed watcher wants to become one, CBS all access is offering one month free.

I have had the feeds since superpass. I keep them all year long as I love watching different shows they have online, I love THe Good Fight, and my husband is looking forward to star trek.

Just wanted to put it out there. They are free for a month.

Judi Sweeney said...

Actually Chacha, it did take the gang a half a season to get one (Jessica or Cody) COMPLETELY out of the game! So that wasn't BS. Jessie has not returned to being a hamster on BB WHILE APPEARING on another CBS game show at the same time. So there's no comparison there between Paul and Jessie. While Paul was on BB... at the same time he was on CBS Candy Crush game show.

Jackie thank you for having this Blog where it is OK to see the same show through different eyes and opinions! I really mean that! No one is completely right or wrong here. I respect everyone's opinion and that actually feels good even if I don't agree. Kind of a safe place to be!

Sharon N said...


Agree, Jessica "could have been" a much better player w/o Cody, but their relationship and subsequent seclusion started pretty much from the 1st. When he was evicted, she was actually doing much better.

Something to ponder: we'll never know because nobody is willing to give Cody a chance now, but...
I do kind of wonder if Cody might have done better if he and Jess had never paired-up.
Odd personality traits aside, would he have been forced to socialize and make other alliances that might have been more beneficial... rather than holing himself up in a Rose Room or HN corner?

Cody really disliked Paul from last season. When he saw Paul enter the house, that HAD to have been a nasty shock that guaranteed he'd want Paul out first. I doubt Cody was able to keep the dislike off his face, and Paul is pretty good at reading people, so that would have guaranteed Paul's desire to get Cody out. Catch-22.

Carol C said...

I enjoy everyone sharing how they really feel, whether they like or dislike. Personally I hate confrontation - so obviously this season has been rough.
I wonder - how different would Cody's game be - if he didn't have to nominate so many people as first HOH. He really did have to make a lot of tough choices that week.
I dislike showmances; like Jackie mentioned it was much easier to watch Jeff/Jordan. I appreciate the chemistry, but would prefer they play the game individually rather than under the covers! LOL

Nickelpeed said...

Petals, according to Megan, Raven went after Cody. She'd go to his HOH and he kicked her out many times. I read that on line a couple of days ago. Raven can say he was after her all she wants, but when they interviewed Megan, she said, no, it was Raven doing the chasing. I'll look for the article again.

Nickelpeed said...

The biggest difference between Derrick and Cody is that Derrick never incited immature behavior with his minions. He didn't harass 2 people for 7 weeks. He didn't have his minions yell obscenities and bang pans for almost 2 hours at 2 people.

Nickelpeed said...

I am hoping Cody does not give up. I want to see him fight his way through this. I'd hate to see him defeated. I don't understand Alex, he actually liked her. He talked to her kindly and wanted an alliance with her. She just did not like him. He never said anything bad about her. He even rooted for her.

monty924 said...

Yes, ChaCha! I've been a feeder since S7. It is a totally different experience to see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears and not just what some updates say or some blog articles tell you. I have no qualms saying I've never really liked JODY from the get go. There were some moments that I liked something Cody said or did in the early days, but all of it in total isn't my idea of a good game player or anyone I'd ever root for in the game.

I also don't think Cody will just roll over and/or quite. Despite his relationship with Jessica, he does have a daughter (Cody has a daughter, lol) to think about also and if he's going to be stuck in jury no matter what, I think he'll try to play the game to win it. At least I hope so.

monty924 said...

*quit not quite

David said...

I expected CBS to offer the free month thing at the beginning of the season like they did last year, but they stuck to their one week free. I wonder what has changed to offer the one month free now half way through the season. Could it be that they are losing subscribers left and right because of the current cast? That would be my guess.

I get more than enough of the live feeds just watching BBAD, when I can stand to do it for more than 5 minutes. All we would need to make this any worse is for Frankie Grande to show up. I will not be taking advantage of the 1 month free unless something drastically changes in the house. With my lack of internet speed, watching shows is just not a realistic option on the CBS website with their player.

Paul has already been planting seeds of doubt about Raven and Matt so he does have a plan on how to keep his minions in line if they finally get Cody out or he wins his way further into the game. We already know they don't trust Mark or Elena.

T-Town Chick said...

I love reading your comments Chacha. We think a lot alike:)

monty924 said...

Matt's the third nominee and Mark won the final temptation comp, so plans are all screwy now. Elena is going up and Jason is the likely pawn...

Michelle Hepp said...

I agree nobody else holds any interest for me and Paul just keeps getting advantages thrown at him. Evident BB wants Paul to win

Michelle Hepp said...

Agreed done with BB and Paul isnt as good as people think what a jerk

Sharon N said...

So the 'noises' they heard this week was used and it's out of the way now.
Which means the next comp will most likely be physical, and Christmas will once again not be allowed to play.

Mark is once again SAFE. All of a sudden, he's becoming a comp beast?
Then Josh brings up that it doesn't "look good" targeting all girls, so will they vote out Matt... IF Cody wins POV?

Then comes POV. So assuming Cody wins...
We already know he would take Elena down, which they would start being forced to feed on their own young! Would the replacement be Josh? They are already ignoring/not talking game with him, but I wish replacement could be Raven.

uncartie said...

Nickel,That was my point. Derrick just stood back and did nothing while the rest of the house ate each other.

David,BB viewership has been declining all season. They still win the time slot but not by the same numbers. I think CBS is none too happy with this cast. Zero talent. I can't recall a season where the HGs didn't try to do something creative. The best we got this year was Dominique's lame talk shows. I also think that's behind the decision not to have a jury buyback. CBS wants the hamsters to interact and socialize,not hide out in a room like Jody did.

If anyone wants to know who ruined the season look no further than Jody. They set the tone early by nominating people with no input from others and then isolating themselves in the HOH room and degrading people with terms like "victim noises".

Strike II on Cody :)

Anonymous said...

Have the on the block nominations been made yet.

Judi Sweeney said...

Monty, Remember when I questioned Paul's winning his last HOH... That my husband brought to my attention how Paul was between Raven and Matt (the last 2 standing with him) constantly jumping and bumping into the sides of the true/false cubicle and how we thought there was a possibility that Paul might have been orchestrating how Mavin answered the questions?

During THIS last HOH competition (also narrow cubicles) BB had Paul all the way to the right and at the end. This time, Paul was hardly moving.

Of course it did make my husband and I wonder if maybe BB saw what we saw too and purposely put Paul at the end and possibly had told Paul their thoughts during a DR session. Who knows!

Obviously, that may not be the reason at all and most likely not. But, it was very interesting to see him go back to being very still and intense and placed at the end in the same type of cubicle situation... food for thought! always thinking! Smiling...