Monday, August 07, 2017

BB19 Live Feeds into Monday Morning - August 7

Paul gets a make-up job

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of People You Don't Invite to Your House:
  • Mark and Elena are over.
  • Mark and Elena are back together.
  • Mark and Elena are over.
  • Elena is hitting on both Matt and Paul.
  • Yet Mark is still lovesick.
  • Christmas continued to plant the anti-Elena seeds in Josh's mind.
  • Kevin told Josh that Jessica needs to go this week.
  • That was it. Too much data and confusion. Josh's head blew up and he's out for the count.
  • Okay, I made up the last part.
  • But Josh's HoH reign that he claims is his own is actually a tug of war with Paul and Christmas both in his ear.
  • He recognizes the Paul part and claims Paul's game is Paul's, not his own.
  • But, what about Christmas? I don't think Josh thinks of her influence on him like he does about Paul.
  • Aww, Josh offered Kevin his HoH room to sleep in alone. Kevin was touched, but declined.
  • In a more lighthearted note -- the make-up lessons with Paul had everyone giggling ... even Jessica.
  • Kevin's birthday was at midnight. Treats all around!
  • Elena is the only Have Not this week because of her bad key pick last week.
  • Kevin said all he wanted for his birthday was for everyone to sit and eat together.
  • Aww. His children probably never prepared him for this house of fools!
  • Now Mark once again wants to use his veto to save Elena.
  • Yikes! Paul couldn't believe it and lectured Mark about why he shouldn't use it on her. Use it on yourself, but not on another person!
  • Mark told Paul that Elena convinced him to use it on her.
  • @@
  • After all, she has so much she'd have to pack if she remains on the block and he doesn't have that much stuff!
  • Oh, geez. 
  • After a disbelieving Paul left the room, Elena was threatening Mark that if he didn't save her, their plans for after the show is over date are off.
  • Now, that's just mean!
  • She then claimed she was joking.
  • But she was also "joking" when she egged him on to throw pickle juice mixed with hot sauce in Josh's face.
  • To be honest, I think out of all involved, I'd rather Elena go home this week.
  • But I do think it will be Jessica. 

Their last week ... or not.

Does she have to caress his feet?

Comp beast in hiding?

Pressure of the veto on his shoulders


Anonymous said...

If he uses the veto on Elena, I would vote him out. I mean, you don't deserve to be in the game if you are that dumb. I think most of these people confuse this game with the Bachelor/Bachelorette or the Dating Game or some other show.

Also, I've realized I could never be on this show because they never wear clothes. What is up with that? I wear more clothes in my house, all alone, than they do.

Rita said...

My husband says if he was in the house he'd call Christmas "xmas" just to get on her nerves lol. - If Josh and the rest were smart rheyd back door Paul.. would be so fun to see his face..

Stormy said...

I know Mark is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but if he lets Elena talk him into using the POV on her and not himself, he need to be voted out so he can go home to be under some parental supervision. Unbelievable is he falls for that.

IAgirlsmom said...

If Christmas really wants Elena out instead of Jessica, why did she take Cody's POV opportunity? It just doesn't make sense to me. I mean I get Paul wanted all the temptations played and had a hand in getting her to use it but I just don't see how it benefited Christmas' game at all. *shrug* She wasted it when she could have used it later to safe herself and essentially saved Elena who she was targeting? I dunno.

Chacha said...

I no more believe that Mark will use the VETO on Elana than I am the man on the moon.

Paul as much as we are irritated with him is the only one really playing the game.

Josh has seemed to get a little bit of HOH-ITIS. Once Veto is played today he has no power at all. He needs to remember this. He is the HOH he is not a vote this week. There will not be a tie vote that will change the outcome of the eviction.

Whether Matt or Raven are on the block today after the POV ceremony the votes to evict Jess are still there. I don't think that Mark will be dumb enough to vote for Jess to stay. It will be interesting to see if Paul gets anyone to pull a kinky vote.

Anonymous said...

I am getting grossed out by the way Christmas has to run her fingers up and down everyone's arms, legs and now feet, when she's sitting or lying next to them. She's a person I'd like to see go home. In any case, because these people are all drinking the Paul Kool-Aid except for Jessica and Cody, they may as well just write the check out to him right now. I'm getting very bored with this season. I've already stopped watch BB After Dark.

Anonymous said...

If Mark and Elena had a baby, it would be Baby Huey with her duck bill mouth and his oafishness.


Chacha said...

anon- 11:49

I am no huge fan of Paul but he is the one pulling the strings because no one else is playing. They are all following his lead. Right or wrong it really isn't his fault. He has flushed out all the temptations, getting out the players he knows he will have problems with and doing a good job at it.

I don't want him to win this year, not to happy he is in the house.
I thought he should have won last year over nicole.

I wanted an all new cast. If we would have had that I still wouldn't have liked Cody. I can take Jess without him but too bad too sad...

STORMY said...


Chacha said...


I agree with that. I just can't believe these hamsters are that week. For Example- Christmas in one sentence said to Josh they need to Get Elana out but then in the next she says Paul is right we need Jess out. Not one of the houseguests are thinking long term. They all agree with Paul because his logic is actually correct.

I dont' think they know how to play the game at times without Paul telling them.

I do like listening to his private conversations with us.
I don't want him to win but at this point I really don't see anyone else smart enough to win.

He is doing great Jury management, kind of Like Derrick did in BB16

Anonymous said...

This show needs to do a total change. It should be a show with TRUE GAMERS.
Everyone at basically the same level. You know.....everyone uses their brains.
What a concept. It would be such a treat to see people actually thinking and playing the game. These people seem to be on vacation...not to mention they are not the smartest.

Sharon N said...

Chacha is exactly right. We don't have to like Paul, but he IS playing the best far. Heck, Alex has come right out and said they "need" Paul because 'he knows the game.' You'd think that would be the first HUGE clue that he actually needs to go, but... nope. Ignorance abounds.

Anon 1:56
What I'd like to see happen is for BB to go back to basics. Bring BB back to the way it was the 1st season... before anybody knew anything about BB. I doubt that will ever happen though because too many people know about BB to some extent now.

There will always be floaters and irritating people, but having NO VETS would mean everyone would have to figure things out for themselves. It would force each to play their own game. Nobody to tell them how each step would be, and what comps would be like.

Nickelpeed said...

When I heard Alex say that they needed Paul because he knows the game, my jaw dropped. She needs to repeat that a couple times. It eventually might sink in that the guy needs to go. Paul is great for comic relief; and his make up session was funny; but he is the only one playing the game.

I do believe Cody and Jessica are trying to play the game, but they have the house so against them, they can't get far. The only way Jody can move ahead, is by winning competitions every week. I'd like to see them stay in the house and Elena go home. I don't think that will happen.

I keep on hearing all of them say (a Paul regurgitation) they're happy because they made it to the jury, that's what they wanted. Really? Make a big move. Get the biggest threat out. So far, the only thing they have done is be a puppet for Paul.

If Mark uses the veto on Elena, he really is a meatball. I really want her to go home. She's so full of herself.

Chacha said...

you are correct about going back to basics.
My husband and I are dying for the days of the food comps. They were so much fun to watch.
He wants PB&J back.

I would be interesting to have all gamers or superfans in the game. Although it would remind me of how aggressive out the gate BB15 was. I hated the people and that horrible season. I bitch everytime i jump on the feeds and have to wait for the AARYN waiver from CBS.

Chacha said...

As expected Raven is the replacement after Mark used POV

Chacha said...


I do think that the saying they just want to make jury is partial strategy. Though we have heard it more and more over the past through seasons.

The part about Cody and Jess- They aren't playing the game except for the comps.
They have no social game at all and Big Brother is comp wins but also Social Game.

Mark wouldn't have used it on Elana. they were joking about it.

Sharon N said...

If Mark and Elena had been talking to Josh (instead of Paul) about Mark using the Veto on Elena, the reaction would have been MUCH more vocal. So far, Mark hasn't been good at much of anything, including lying for personal benefit. lol

Sharon N said...

It's a toss-up for me... Elena or Raven. Both are nauseating.
I know it will be Jess evicted, but one can hope...

Sharon N said...

Ok, now that's funny...
Apparently Cody/Jess were in the midst of shagging and BB played a baby crying! LMAO

uncartie said...

There are many people coasting and playing in the backround because the battle between Paul & Jody has sucked all the air out of the game. Why win HOH or POV and risk putting a target on your back unless it's absolutely necessary (being on the block)? Instead just stay in the shadows build up a good social game and just wait until one takes out the other.

Once Jess is gone that could open the playing field. Those low on the totem pole with
Paul could join up with Cody if he manages to survive next week.

The ones I do think that are just here for an all expense paid summer vacation are Elena,Raven,and some guy named Matt.

Sharon N said...

It's certainly not a vacation I'd ever want to have, that's for dang sure!
All that stress from fighting with people you don't even like, much less the stinky, messy house... for 3 months!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I know Sharon these are lazy nasty people how can they live and act like this esp knowing they are on TV? No shame at all I have not been able to watch the BBAD can not stand to watch idiots

Judi Sweeney said...

I don't believe Elena was joking in wanting Mark to use the POV on her... she just backed with saying she was joking.

What a waste of an HOH for Josh! His goal was to get Elena out... that's not happening! An excellent blindside power play could have happened.... Josh would have been the BB hero. I think if Paul was up for replacement eviction, they would have all jumped at the opportunity to get rid of Paul AND NOT have him in the jury! Blinded by the light... great song!

uncartie said...

Judi,The Elena going home is just a script production that I believe was fed to Josh.
Josh loves to play up to the camera. I saw for myself one of Josh's DR rants totally scripted and Josh smiling,looking to the side,and looking for approval when it was finished.

Now the the job is done. CBS has the footage for Wednesday's show that will make it appear as if there's a real chance Elena is going home and that eviction is anything but settled.

I can hear it now..."Can Elena save herself or will the couple be broken up.....Find out Thursday on Biggggggg Brother"

monty924 said...

uncartie, you have the shows 'tease' summed up perfectly. That is exactly what they will do at the end of Wednesday's show.

Sharon N said...

Maybe we should have a DRINK "phrase" ... before moving on to the DRINK word???? LOL

uncartie said...

Drink phrase,Sharon?

"Previously on Bigggggg Brother". Lol

Sharon N said...

Well, there's always 'but first..." lol

monty924 said...

Agree with Chacha about the lack of social game by JODY. Jess has some social game. Cody really doesn't have any at all.

Case in point. Kevin wanted them to all sit down to dinner together today for his birthday. Where is JODY??? Outside on the hammock and everyone else is eating dinner together.

Judi Sweeney said...

You are right uncartie! Dahhhhh, I feel so foolish! Josh does like to perform in this fashion!

Also, just throwing out something my husband noticed during Paul's last HOH competition win. In these true/false slender cubicles Paul is between Matt and Raven (his biggest followers). During past HOH competitions Paul is usually in a complete concentration mode... barely any type of movement.

In this particular competition, Paul is moving and shaking all over the place! My husband had me watching it numerous times and said "watch, it's almost as if he is moving all over the place (side to side and jumping) and signaling 1 or 2 bumps on each side of his cubicle to Matt and Raven of which ways to answer... true or false!"

I had to admit that it was very interesting... especially since the last 3 standing there were Matt, Paul and Raven!!! I was blown away that my husband was even that tuned into watching so closely that he would notice something like that... But, I wouldn't put it past Paul to coordinate something like that either!

Monty, you are great at going back and checking things out. I now am hoping they have another cubicle type game to see if it happens again. I am just very curious! Smiling....

monty924 said...

Don't think so Judi, but I'd have to go back to see it. I'll have to do it online because I delete the shows off my DVR every week. I guess I could check, but I don't recall them ever discussing that strategy on the feeds and highly doubt that he did that.

monty924 said...

*and really if anything, it was more likely that one or both of Maven knew the answer and threw the comp to Paul. Neither of them want to be in power right now so let Paul take it sort of thing.

Sharon N said...

Jackie has a new thread up.